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en/r^B/rji^?"* of t'he cirr^ sournifARK:, xontBMXs 

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^ s.titief sketch of the origin and fire sent state of the City of 



der^ ■ __----_------—-. 

By J> 



'^/?^-— or Revela- 



evul . 

)| in the 


' J 




p. ^HE Clfr OF 



-.' , ~ 

I'* ^ JHILADELPHIA is the capital of Pennsylvania, ar 
, ^ the chief city of the United States, in point of si: 
anc';c- - 


d splendour ; though it now fills but the second rank in 
jpect to commercial importance : the trade of America 
ving latterly flowed more freely into the open channels 
of ^■, the bay of Xew-York. It must also yield metropolitan 
pre'L cedence to the doubtful policy of a seat ofgrivernment^ 
itra 'v^, removed from the chief reaort of vjealth and fiop.idaiion^ 
pendulum of national activity, which must long vibrate 
rhaps for ever) between Baltimore, Philadelphia, and 
w-York ; a chain of commercial cities, unparalleled in 
tory, whose vigorous impulse is already accelerated 
the bold ramification of turnpikes and canals. 

Philadelphia is situated about 40 degrees north of the 
iiator, and 75 west of London ; being in the same paral- 
^ VJof latitude with Spain, Italy, and Greece ; climates, 
^ .AB^ose happy temperature had already indicated for 
Pe; {(Mnsylvania a milder wiiuer, before the original fi^osts 
o^ ^I'JNovember and December, by vrhich the first adven- 
tui'.'i Jei^ were sometimes frozen up in the Delaware, had 
►jor ^^ ^^"^^y yielded to the qualifying effects of exposing 
^\ ..j't: surface of the earth to the kvs of the sun. 

,ii,l| Its founder, the benevolent and pacific Wilfiam Penn, 
Ve'l nominated it Philadelphia, or the city of brotherly 
Tit'i/ Z,^' from a town in ancient Greece, so named in honour 
of ' 1^ '-iie fi^temal attachment of Attalus and Eumenes ; and 
bu" J- -rward famous in the Christian World, for one of the 
der^'l -en Churches to which St. John addressed his prophe- 
hu^AjV visions, so sublimely delivered in the book of Revela- 

for^V^s. A name methinks of auspicious omen: " Be- 

■Jbld," says the inspired Apostle, to the Angel of tb- 

( * ) 

in Philadelphia, " I have setbefore *ee an ope 
,nrt no man can simt it." Religious liberty is he 
.ered right, the PoHcy, as weU a, the equity 
n to sav nothing ot its consistency with the spu 
hat rel 'fon Nvhich breathes /.-..« on earth, and go. 
■i ,f jt'Ts hapBiiy confirmed in these latter ages _ 
4cb H , bv the ilrmony and feUo-f ;'P^\" ^^'^'^^ *'^ 
v-^iou" rroft ssors of the modem PhUadelphia, so pec ^ 

liariy fraternize. , r vrjf 

PENN had been concerned in the ^f k'^^"' of ^ 
Jersey, some years before he obtained from <-_'^' ^sj 
Sant of the terrritory on the western ^d^of the D 
laware. The Dutch and Swedes w-ere then i™meio 
Tup and (now Chester) at New-Cast!e, and a t 
Scerld Is (now Lewis-Town) and a number of 1 is b. 
Sem in reUgious profession, had already establish - 

bowsprit among the trees which l^ed ^he^^^h 

wViPv*- the citv now stands, ana tne i^cw 

board, bound for Burlington, then remarked to e. 

The roval ernmt passed the great seal on the 4.h 
M^rch, I68l! and in August the following year 
vLTerable Legislator of Pennsylvania set sail from L 

ror^ntie%\ipw^^^^^^^ ^ ^ 

The Proprietor was accompanied by a hundred of 
fJ^/aiT fellow professors, contemptuously cal, 
fnends and .ellow p ^^^^, ,,en ; because, 

QuiJkers, by tneir naui^ii ;' v.,;thfnl of every a 

their religious meetings, hke the ^f^^f^^ ^"^"^ 
t ey son^etimes trembled at the word of God. 

A prosperous gale wafted the Patriarchs of Penns 

Aprospeioubg friendly coast of Ameru 

vania, m six weeks, to the "^.^^^J^^^ _^^3,i ^,^ the % 

tle,^, ,vho accompanied h'™ *" \'P'^™;„ ^^^P^^y 
' wis uaanimously recognised and 

^ ',^0 It \vas here that tlie Father of his country made a trea- 

^^""Juith the harmless Natives, which was to last, in the 

^ jlurative style of those nervous Aborigines, who have 

'''Jice been so grossly misrepresented by European Theo- 

• Its, as long as the trees should grow, or the waters run.— 

*P treaty that was faithfully observed by both parties 

''^' "t the' Potentates of Europe blush) through a happy 

-*'(! riod of eighty successive years ; and that has since 

^4 in consigned to historic immortality by the patriotic 

^V; icil of a Descendant of one of the peaceful Assistants, 

!j^.)i kv the first painter of the age. 

J- The founder of Pennsylvania was not long in fixing 
on a situation that seemed prepared by nature, perhaps 
Providence, for the sudden growth of his future capital, 
le spot was then covered with timber, its foundation 

an ( , 

Jja r'«e SpUt was LUCH V^UV»^n-va »vii.n tixm/wx, iv^ *w^w^..v^.w.. 

of\/'"s a stratum of potter's clay, the harbour furnished a 

i^AM of sand, the nearest hills contained quarries of stone, 
F'e I- I - ' ' ' 1,1. 



,, , vicinity yielded limestone and marble, and the pene- 
'>'4.ion of intelligent Observers, discovered mines of coal 
'^^^*"i:^| iron, upon the navigable branches of the Delaware, 
'«wi ,^fj before the new settlement afforded hands to work 

; j ' t IS an extensive plain, five 
'^P^^:e of two navigable rivers, 
eq- j" luylkill ; the former, though 120 miles from the sea, 
^'e^' H"g tiie^^ ^ "^i'^ ^^ width, and deep enough for vessels 

miles above the conflu- 
the Delaware and the 


., 1200 tons ; the latter, half as wide as the Thames at 
Pel Adon, being also navigable as high as the scite of the 


tui'^ii'^j Some families of Swedes and Fins had obtained by 
" V II dement, the right of possession. They willingly sold, 
^•^^'..y!^ 'exchanged, their claim ; and by the end of the year 
'^'ijj'b, the ground plot of the future city was regularly 
Y^\\ 1 out. Nine streets two miles in length, run east and' 
2 ^,djjst, from river to river, and twenty-three, of a mile, 
,^V(r -^sect them at right angles, from north to south. None 
, /\^ these are less than fifty feet wide, and th«y distri- 
1 ^t li^ ^^'^^ P^^" "^^^ squares, the interior of which was 
Jj^'^,^^ igned for yards and gardens. Two main streets of a 
J?"j^Hidred feet wide, cross each other in the centre, and 
InP ^^^ ^P^" ^^^^^ ^^ Public square, of which four more 

A. 2 

( 6 ) 


were laid out in the different quarters of the city ; anda 
rani^e oi houses for the principal Inhal)itants was intende* 
to open upon the water, in the manner of the celebrate 
Bomb Quai at Rotterdam ; for which purpose the ware 
Iwuses, Sec. along the river, were intended to have beej 
kept from risin;:^ above the bank. But cupidity (pel 
haps convenience) has crouded the platforms betweei 
the streets with narrow alleys ; the Public Squares, es 
cept only that in the centre, have been otherwise appn 
priated, and the bank of the river has been built up wit 
a row of houses that now intei'cepts from the City tl 
intended view of the Port. 

Four score houses and cottages Nvere erected with 
the year, one of which is now occupied as a Taver 
the sign of the Boatswain and Call, at the comer of Fmi 
and Dock streets ; and another that was the City re; 
dence of William Penn, is yet standing in Black-hor 
alley directly back of L^titia court, which was so nam 
froTu one of the daughters otthe Proprietary. Opposite 
the latter, in the middle of Market-street, there stood f 
many yeai-s a monument of primitive simplicity, a wood 
Jail, 'that was seldom mhabited by anybody but t 

The first child bom in the new city, by name Jol 
Key, lived to his 85th year; one Edward Drink< 
who was born in a cave under the bank of Dclawai 
sun^ived 'till the declaration of Independence, when tJ 
capital of the United States was estimated to conta 
6.(X)0 houses, and 40.000 People ; and there is a wide 
Lady yet living, whose motl»er arrived from England wh« 
there were but three houses in Philadelphia 

The State House or Town Hall, a substantial edifi 
r>f 200 feet front, including the wings, was erected wit 
in half a centuiy after the woods were cleared away fro 
its scite ; the first Episcopal church was soon afterwai 
ornamented with a steeple that may vie in point of el 
gance, with any spire in Europe ; and, while Pennsy 
vania was still a dependant colony, scarcely distinguish* 
on the other side of the Atlantic among twelve adjace 
provinces of the British empire in America, a new Pns 
was erected, sufficiently capacious for the future mt, 
auction of the philanthropic reform that has since cti 


( 7 ) 


) !rted our jails into manufactories, and our criminals 
^1 to miJiufacturers. 

^ During the revolutionary \^ar, the capital of the strug- 

Vig colonies remained stationary, or rather retrograded, 

iider the occupation of the royal Army, by whom how- 

*i^-er, the houses w-re first numbered, and a floating bridge 

IS thrown across the ISchuylkill. 

[The western improvements then scarcely extended 
llf a mile from the Delaware, and it was a country 
Ik for the citizens to go to the Hospital, the Swedes 

1' ^Lirch, or the ship-yards at Kensington. 
,:,'Smce the Revolution, so happily teiininated by the 
^J^:]-iependence of the United States, under the disin- 
r^^ isted co-operation of a Franklin, in counsel, a Morris, 
p^ ui^nance, and a \yashington in the field, Philadelphia 
^ ^. -ic increased with astonishing i-apidity, notwithstanding 
^J^hyi repeated ravages of a mortal fever, introduced from 



pestilential atmosphere of the western Archipelago, 
.,ve?re it has been excited to unusual virulence by the 
rdon'j^jl wars of St. Domingo. In the year 1793 it swept 
onhe A Ly 5,000 people. 

\^^ ■ ^i i superb edifice of the Corinthian order, with a majes- 

\ »»< ^ [x>rtico of six fluted columns of white marble, was then 

I:'iUding for the reception of the Bank of the United 

•^f^iVces, a vigorous offspring of tlie Federal Constitution, 

o- .'♦^ t bad been fi-amed in 1788, and organised in the fol- 

p ••■*[{ing vear. bv the patriotic Washington, on being vo- 

r^'.'Jtaiily ratified by two thii-ds of the Thirteen Indepen- 

° jJ^Jt States that then formed the American Union— Thus 

f'^ibiting to the expecting world, a first example of a 

yxt Nation reforming a defective system of govem- 

*i at, without unsheathing the sword. 

\lie City has since been beautified with an elegant 

^cture, executed in white marble, fix)m the design 

lonick Temple, for the offices of the Bank of Penn- 

lania; and the intersection of the two principal 

Jets is now occupied bv a marble Rotunda, for the re- 

^ T^3ion and distribution of the Schuylkill water, raised by 

•'ViTu.: 4. — i^T-^i ^f tKJrtv or fortv fcct aboTC the 

^^'H^hinen- to a level of thirty 
^^^ )jiest gix)und in the Citj 


( 8 ) 

The streets of Philadelphia are paved with pebble 
stones, and bordered with ample footways of brick, i-aiset 
one foot above the carriage way, for the ease and safetj 
of passengers. They are kept cleaner than those of anj 
city in Europe, excepting tlie towns of Holland, when 
trade is carried on by canals ; and London is the onl) 
capital in the world that is better lighted at night. 

The private buildings are generally three stories hig^ 
They are built of a clear red brick, and generally om^ 
mented in the new streets, with facings, key stone 
and flights of steps, in white marble. 

Ever since the operation of the Federal Constitution, fo' 
or five hundred houses have been annually erected, no smi 
proportion of which (it is said, not less than two hundre. 
have been built, or caused to be built, by a smgle Citize 
whose well laid plans have greatly improved the Cit 
paiticularly in Walnut street ; in Sansom street, t] 
first that has been built in America Mith a stiict att^ 
tion to uniformity ; and in Second street, where it cross- 
a moi-ass that had long foi-med an inconvenient sei 
ration between tlie City and the northern Suburbs. 

Philadelphia, including Southwark and the North e 
Liberties, now extends near three miles along tiie De 
ware, and about a mile east and west ; and is suppos 
to contain thirteen thousand houses, and eighty thousa 

There are in it upwards of thirty churches, or meeti 
houses; in which the various Denominations of Believj 
perform the homage of public worship, to the comnii 
Father of IVIankind, according to their peculiar foniis r 
persuasions, under the happy system of toleration, secui 
to all professions, without a legal establishment lor ai 
Three large Meeting houses are now building in c 
ferent parts of the Citv,' and stone piers have been erec: 
in the river Schuylkill, for a permanent bridge of th) 
arches, whose gigantic span would have been thouj 
ir,ipracticable in Europe, long after the fii^st settlem< 
of Pennsylvania. 

The market of Philadelphia, for beef, veal, and mutt 
is jiecond only to that of Leadenhall ; and its pork.pou] 
and game, are not inferior to those of the finest chmj 


' I ( 9 ) 

^ *'^ the world : though it is excelled by New-York in 
^y^Ji articles offish and fruit. 

^ J The Cit}^ was first incorporated in 1701, before which 
''Djriod it was called the town of Philadelphia ; but the 
' Irporation was self elective, and not accountable to the 
^P.izens. according to the arbitrary systems of the mo- 
'^' r country. 

)n the late auspicious revolution, this Charter was 

ulled, and its powei-s were variously distributed, un- 

in 1789, a Corporation wasagciin regularly organised, 

barter, constituting a Mayor, Recorder, fifteen Al- 

nen, a Common Council, Sec. 8cc. Sec. The latter to 

[innually chosen by the taxable Inhabitants. 

ref^yhe public Institutions of Philadelphia, are peculiarly 

ha^' lerous and beneficial. They include a University, 

of ^"^ell as a competent number of public, private, and 

P'"e''U Schools, a Philosophical Society, a Museum, a pub- 

dti-a 'o^^t)rary, a Hospital, a Dispensary, -one public and 

.^j^(.'H private Alms-houses, a College of Physicians, soci- 

L-elon''!^^ fo^ promoting Agriculture, for the encouragement 

Uhe v^^^^ and Manufactures, for the AboUtion of Negra 

/ /tier)' (a stain of Colonial dcpendance that still tarnishes 

'•^'{fair escutcheon of American freedom) and for ale- 

■^''. Jng the miseries of Public prisons, to whose benevo- 

eq. • ?j exertions is chiefly owing the improvement of the 

^'e^'lVl code, and the present safety of the inhabitants from 

^ ■'In depredations of the unprincipled part of the commu- 

of ^^iljeside these benevolent associations, there are now in 

^*^^''ltv!adelphia, three chartered Banks, six marine Insurance 

l^Jnpanies, two for insuring against fire, and forty-one 

^"^^j 1'Jiting offices, five of which, publish daily papers, that 

•jj Jin a few days circulated, gratis, from Georgia to Xew- 

\?^,j^npshire, by means of the Post-office, which originated 

!^^!,.^U|775, in the then capital of the British Colonics, under 

' f ; Krt^auspices of the venerable Franklin, so long the bene- 

u -Cfjor of his country. 

der^ 1^'he Mint of the United States is still kept at Phila- 

hu^^^^p hia ; a Type Foundery has been long estabiislied, 

for* W.printing, coachmaking, cabinet work, and shipbuild- 

'-ni^-e carried to a degree of perfection umivalled in 


( 10 ) 

America, and litle excelled in Europe. ^^^^^^ ^^^P 
commodity of Philadelphia is flom', of which 400,0. 
barrels have been exported m a year. 

Such is the salubrity of the air of Philadelphia th. 
the'b-Shramiually excJed the deaths in the pi.portion, 
five to three; yet the excessive heat of ^he summ 
months, during which th. thermometev^^^^^^^^^^ a a? 
at 72, and sometimes rises to 9o, is so "eaiiy 
the atmosphere of the burning zone, as ^^addy^^^^^ 
and propagate the Yellow Fever of the West Indies, 
kte so friquently introduced into the Ignited Stai 
through pe?petuaHntercourse, feebly restrained by 
inadequate operations of local and temporary health la 
Within the memory of a Gentleman of observat 
there were but three coaches kept among the ^^^^^^^^ 
Philadelphia ; not more than two, or at mostthiee si 
™d once a year with the u^r.^raalled manufac ure 
Great Britain'; nor were petty sloops fitted out to 
change American flour for West Incha pix)duce bu 
shares of one third, one sixth, or even one mdft^^^ 
the then principal ^lerchants of the place. W itl ou. 
ceedinethe bounds of ordinary longevity he has live 
see twelve or fifteen hundred Sail annually expedited 
every quarter of the Globe, of which fifteen or twe 
double the southern Promontory of Africa, and exp 
the Antipodes for the most costly productions ot 
East ; while at home three hundred coaches occasion 
display the ease of opulence, or the elegance of luxu 
Such an encrease of wealth and splendor, withir 
recollection of a single -Man, admits of but one comj 
son in the history of the Worid ; and, if Petersburg i 
iustly boast superior numbers, and a more recent on 
it has been created among the mai^hes of the ^eva 1 
succession of absolute princes, commanding the resou 
of a mio-hty empire ; while Philadelphia at first onl) 
chief town of a dependant colony, and now no more 
the capital of a single Province of an mfant^atlon, 
risen upon the banks of the Delaware, from the hi 
institutes of a PRIVATE Founder, seconded only b> 
energy of principle, and the efforts of mtelhgence, 
distinguished i-ank among the Capitals ot Nations. 






' t* hfeets. 


Br. Fr. 


iv c 

owhill St. 

^' 'Jt street 
r'^* ^afras st. 

-|. .)■ I'lberryst. 
I- :i:rry st. 

Ai ; j^lbert St. 

^^^^.. irch alley- 
rep" \h St. 

ha^ ■ *^^nut St. 

of c-Xom St. 
..^(-is alley 

P'^e '^..nut St. 
dtra 'j^-,,ie st. 
»ranc.,.^-ist st. 

oTthe^'^ St. 
vCV ] '.ijibard st. 

•,n( • <y^ 


ar St. 






























Br. Fr. 

8 6 

3 1 


7 1 



2 2 





9 6 



10 1 

6 3 



Water st. 
Front St. 
Second st. 
Third st. 
Fourth St. 
Fifth St. 
Sixth St. 
Seventh st. 
Eighth St. 
Ninth St. 
Tenth st. 
Eleventh st. 
Twelfth St. 
Bank st. 
Branners alley 

Br. Fr. 















Br. Fr. 










of ill 



144 29 121 20 
west of Twelfth street 
them Liberties, to the first mile stone 
^nwark, including all the built part 

106 11 
144 29 

88 4 
121 20 

250 40 

6 15 

59 53 

23 18 

209 24 
15 20 
44 35 
15 23 









that there were in lS02—'Four Hundred and Sixty -four, and 
Oo— Three Hundred and Eighty -f,vt houses erected in the 
and Liberties. 


( 12 ) 


ARMROYD GEO. merchant, 154 Mulberry, 95 

\A"ater street 
Armstrong Thos. attorney at law, near 100 S Fourth 
Ashbridge Joseph, biscuit baker, 2 1 Church alley 

Barclay Sc Hart, gi*ocers, 226 N Third street 
Burrows Jesse, carpenter, 278 High street 
Brooks Robert, surveyor, opposite 311 N Third 

Campbell 8c Watt, grocers, 20 George street 
Cook John, china store 3 1 1 N Second 
Cluley John, wire worker, 34 S Third street 

Davy Wm. 8c Son, merchants, 1 12 Spruce street 
De La Croix Lewis, confectioner, 6 1 S Second str 
Dunkin Robert H. attorney at law, 206 S Front stjf 

Haskins Thomas, merchant, 126 Spruce street '* 

M'Cauley John, coppersmith, 1 1 9 S Front street 
MCorkle Wm. publisher of the Evening Post, 2 1 W 
M*Cutcheon Ebenezer, merchant, next 48 N Third? 
M'Eacharn Sc Primrose, sadlers, 87 S Second stree 
MaoKie Peter £c Co. soap and candle manufactur 

comer of Tenth and Philbert 
Miller & VanBeuren, merchants, 109 S Front stix 

Nice James, boot and shoemaker, 47 S Third stre 

Robb James, letter carrier, 4 Elbow lane 

Slesman John, grocer, 65 S Water street 
Smallwood Charles, taylor and grocer, 1 1 2 Cedar 


ia yi 




^V FOR 1804. 


of ^l; 

pr -'I 

r ^./, ARON, widow Boarding-House 1 1 Norris's Alley 

'*^^^'^v)'ott Eve, widow 185 Sassafras 

cranc,j.v,|.^ George, hair-dresser 9 Chesnut 

>^'^^")6tt George, druggist and apothecary 85 High 

o^^"^fiStt Henry, blacksmith 4 Chancery Lane 

^^ 3j-^itt David, taylor Frankford Road 

:n( ;4)tt John, labourer 13 Gillis alley 

);i'ott & Barnes, curriers 20 South Third street 

^^ij^ptt Timothy, currier 57 Dock street 

^^ ><|)tt Henry William, carver & gilder 30 Elizabeth 

^'\''^ George, shoemaker 205 North Front 

r\^ Peter, shoemaker 435 N Second 

°\'T Daniel, carter 138 Lombard 

^^^ I't John, carpenter 10 Brown 

' jor ,^J John, grave digger Cypress alley 

" ■ 5;;!!' Peter, shoemaker near 17 Apppletree alley 

,:^jfi' 'crombie Rev. J. 101 Pine 

\-^\ ,|'crombie Thomas B. printer 19 Chesnut 

:fj^i;Ygton Susannah, gentlewoman 93 N Sixth 

^J£;Kham, widow of Benedict, 126 Brown 

jjyiA ham Thomas, teacher 103 Cedar 

^I^aV^s James, mariner 17 Queen 

hu^'V^s Y. carpenter, 24 Catharine 

fQj.lVey Abraham, cedar cooper 110 Vine 

y D. shopkeeper 53 N Front & 6 Carter*s alley 


( 1'^ ) 

Ackley J. B. chair maker loO N Front 

Adams John, biscuit-baker 293 St. John*s 

Adams John, printer corner Walnut & 11th 

Adams Daniel, sea-captain near 207 N Water 

Adams Peter, hair-ckesser 64 Shippen 

Adams John, attorney at law 87 S Fifth 

Adams J. Sc R. merchants 129 Walnut 

Adams Tiiomas, boardin.^-house.llo S Vv'ater 

Adams Rcbeit, porter ISO Shippen 

Adams Robert, carpenter, 15 Fine 

Adams Mary, washer, 146 N Eighth 

Adams Closes, sshipv.nght 53 Queen 

Adams St. LaAvrence, shoemaker 77 S Front 

Adams Martha, widow, 259 S Fourth 

Adams Wilnam, carpenter 110 Vvalnut 

Adam Francis, hatter 89 N Front 

Adcock Wiliiani, gentleman, 30 N Eighth 

Addino'ton Stephen, teacher of Young ladies, 96 Up' 

Addis J. carpenter Sc wheel-wrightGeniiantown roa( 

Adgate Daniel, accomptant 89 New 

Adlcr Christian, cabinet maker 300 Vine 

Adolph John, carpenter 363 N Tliird 

Ager George, rope-maker, Frankford road 

A.gnew Giles, v/idow 302 S Front 

Agnew 3-Iargaret, grocer 342 N Front 

Aiel George, sail-maker 1S4 S Eighth 

Aid Sc Fenton, sail m?vkers Vine street wharf 

Aikin B. grocer 1 10 Cedar ^^ 

Aitken Jane, successor to Robt. sen. printer Sc sfaf? 

20 X Third 
Aiiken Robert, jun. printer Pearson's court 3 

Aitktns John, silversmith 33 S second I 

Akerman Samuel, printer Richurdson's court i 

Al-in J;Ames, engraver 143 Wahuit 4 

Al'-x-rger J. victualler Lawrence st. Sc 14 3d st. sham 
AibergerP. victualler Lawrence st. Sc 16 3d §t shan 
Alberger Adam, victualler 185 Cherry .f 

Albc-rger Henry, victu.iller, 46 Old shambles 
Alberger Joim, victualler 165 N Second 
^|!>er.son R. lumber merchant 101 Swans(;n 
/^lijert Joseph, saw-sharper 157 Lombard 
/^Ibert Casper, tavern keeper comer of 3d ajid^n^' 
^^loert Henry, plain maker 148 Lombard 



1 ' 1, 10 

'v^5jjjcrtus Lewis, iun-keepcr corner Dock 

>'^)Jright John, mariner 6 Callowhill 

? jjjright Frederick, cedar cooper 8 1 Bi-own 

'i 3 Jright Charles, miisicaK instrument maker 25 Mn^ 

' )-^jrig-ht Michael, cedar cooper 36 X. Sixth 

*Pji'i?ht John, carpenter James st 

'i' "right Elizabeth, widow 29 Callowiiill 


■ight Conrad, shoemaker 22 High street 
:le Charles, hair dresser 73 X. Front 

w^^ >rn Georg-e, leather cutter 1 67 S. Third 
y J, ^j)m ?vlichael, sea captain 55 Spruce 
T ;J)ck William, stamp cutter 21 Coates street 
-L. ,>,^ander Archibald, mariner 3S German 
^4-1^^'^^^"^'^^*^^ Catherine, widow M'Cullou^h's court 
^i\ ^jjcancler Jolm, printer Cauffman's court 
fV-lr'^"*^'^^' •^°'^"' P- grocer 482 Sassafras 
oi^ vj,:ander John, cabinet maker corner of Locust & 11 ih 
Pre'b-j,:ander EIiz:ibeth, Beech near Maiden street 
tdt^a■'j^-,;:ander Elizabeth, tayloress Shepherd's court 
eranc.jVd^nder James, A. merchant 27 N. Second 
I'don'pjj^ander James, shoeniAktr 14 7 Walnut 

^^.i^„ T5-„u_...i o ,. Riaker 85 Penn 

j^i..jcander Margaret, mantua maker 1 9 1 Lombard 
cvjj^-iander ^L-s. grocer 284 S Second 
le: "^Kander William, laborer 132 S Xinth 
wi,,u7dice Peter, siik dyer 181 S Second 
Pei »«^iii'ger S Sc E. manlua makers 1 12 N Fouith 


-Ct'P^l.YLi ^W, boarding house 215 X Second 
V .j/i ^ Chamless, merchant 23 Lombard 
^^jb Charles, druggist S^c. 160 S Second 
/e 4n Charles, 245 S Second 
TJ^tJiAn David, shoemaker 34 Christian 
^^ hi ^Fargaret, 117 X Sixth 
^^u^if.n Enoch, taylor 54 S Water 
jj^' An Edward, hatter Tenth near Arch 
f J V^ Jo^i"? E. gentleman 59 S Seventh 
ior}-\ Joseph, mariner 27 Christian 
?'i John, merchant 120 Spruce 

( 16 ) 

Allen Joseph, sen. inspector 88 Union 
Allen Joseph, jun. carpenter 60 Spruce 
* Allen James, shopkeeper 294 S Third 
Allen Samuel, mariner 360 S Second 
Alien John, W. printer 69 S Fifth 
Allen John, oak cooper black horse alley 
Allen Lewis, boarding- house 30 Cedar 
Ailtrn }lobert, innkeeper 317 S Third 
Alien Richard, Rev. 150 Spruce 
.Mleii Ivlary, widow 124 S Sixth 
Alien Samuel, merchant 29 Mulberry 
Allen Thomas, livery stable keeper 46 N 6th 
All-n Thomas, labourer Locust above 9th 
.\n_'n Tiiomas, sweep 26 Dock 
A Hen Sc Watson, mercliants 69 S Water 
Allen Vv'illiam, health officer 2 1 Keys alley 
A'l^n William, painter, glazier 8c imikeeper 6 Dock 
Ailibone Thos. and Son, corner Sassafras Sc Water 
Ailibone Thomas, merchant 53 N Fourth 
Aillbone William, sen. currier 216 N Second 
A>.llibone William, jun. merchant 98 N Fourth 
Allij^ood Thomas, mariner Queen 
Allison James, labourer 571 S Front 
Alirjzer William, tanner 469 N Tliird 
AUmindinger Jacob, baker 1 30 N 4th 
Alloways Samuel, porter 86 Budd 
Alhvine Laurence, oil and colourman 258 N Seconc 
AUwine Peter, carter Charlotte 
Alsop John, china merchant 233 N Second 
Alsop Othniel, merchant 30 N Front 
Alsten John, sea captain 145 N W^ater 
Altimus Leonard, taylor 43 Sassafras 
Altimus Thomas, teacher Rose alley 
Altimus James, wheelwright 434 N Second 
Amber Levy, turner 138 Coates 
Ambroise Lewis, hairdresser 141 I^ombard 
Amies Thomas, shoemaker 172 S Second 
Amrir^ge George V. merchant 275 N Second 
Andauie Anthony, sea captain 260 Mulberry- 
Anderson Alexander, taylor 10 N Water 
Anderson Ann, widow 142 N Water 
Anderson Chai'les, grocer 348 N Second 

( 17 ) 

)idcrson Ezekid, coal carter 451 N Front 
nderson James, cai-penter 62 N &th 
' Jiderson James, mariner 70 Catherine 
'''Jiderson James, smith 246 North Front 


Jiderson John, mariner 12 Christian 
.*P.derson John, gardner Spmce above 10th 
^y derson John, taylor 14 Crab 
l^ derson Mary, shopkeeper 245 S Second 
J\ derson Moses, sailmaker25 North alley 
^^"j. derson Robert, tavern keeper 4 Crab 
-i .^ idei-son Rachael, shopkeeper 9 S Third 
I- aderson Samuel, V. merchant 25 North Water 
-*-^ ^derson Samuel, accomptant 134 Mulberry 

4-iderson Thomas, boarding house 43 North Eighth 
1 ^ > iderson Thomas, sea captain 63 Shippen 
f^^Mderson William, shipwright 169 S Sixth 
^.iderson William, carpenter Locust above Ninth 
^ ^ I'ldrew Eve, spinner Brooke's alley 
•edtra ,^-,^j^^yg Joseph, grocer corner German and Third 
■veranc^jvdrews George, tobacconist 136 Spruce 
Dvelon jj^f^Pg^yg John, currier Emsley's alley 
oitlie'.^^j,g^yg jQl^n, Rev. D. D. Univei^ity yai'd 9th st 
vd 1 Adrews Jacob, taylor 216 S Water 

;n( 'i^^drews Peter, shoemaker 1 2 Stamper's alley 
l:''^drews Robert, teacher, 26 north 6th street 
^^ii^drews Robert, musician 140 Coates's 
^^. Adrews Robert, Rev. 2vl Mulberry 
p'^-'-^idreAvs Robert, taylor 104 Cedar 
-5' ^.idrews Thomas, shoemaker 122 Shippen 
; I'»drews Timothy, bricklayer 35 Sansom 
^^^'Ihgeu John, cordial distiller 14 k 19 Elfrith's alley 
\ jor U'^kor A. trader 176 N 5th 
"^ • 6! '^Vinersdown Thomas, shoemaker 207 N Tront 
,;ii(l/'!nners Thomas, S. hair dresser 141 Chesnut 
've'''pnesley Thomas, merchant 17 Powel 
nt'^pnesley Robert, merchant comer of Walnut Sc 6th 
3f ' tnsby George, ladies shoemaker 139 S Second 
bu->nsley John, sea-captain 33 Filbert 
(ler^ inson John, M. D. 147 North Sixth 
huC'MTithony J. jun. instrument-maker- 25 Brewers alley 
for* Anthony J. sen. instrument maker 227 North Second 
'.nthony Joseph, goldsmith kc. 94 High street 
' nthony Jacob, shipwright 57 Coates street B 3 

( 18 ) 

Anthony Frederick, carter 32 Budd street 
Anthony John, porter 443 North Third street 
Antlicny Michael, porter 36 Budd street 
App George, pump maker, lYankford Road 
App Michael, carpenter ^Marlborough street 
App Adam, pump maker Frankford road 
Apple George, hair dresser 48 North Fifth 
Apple Henry, gentleman, Fourth corner of Brown street 
Apple Henry, oak-cooper 247 N Front Street 
Apple &c Keim coal merchants 125 N Fourth 
Apple V. oak cooper, Cro\ni above Wood st York road 
Applegate William, shoemaker near 444 north Front 
Appo John, waiter 1 1 9 South Sixth street 
Arbitson Matthias, carter 26 Mary street 
Arabin John accomptant 82 Gaskill 
Arbegus John, Cedar above tenth 
Archebald Thomas, carpenter 10 Butler's court 
Archer Martha, shopkeeper 1 8 North Third 
Archer Samuel, merchant 34 N Front 
Ardley Robert A. grocer 35 Passyunk 171 S Fifth 
Areheart Michael, porter 223 south Eighth 
Arentrue Francis, soap-boiler near 251 Callowhill 
Arentrue William, Soap-boiler 324 Sassafras 
AiTnatSc Copper, merchants 21 N Second 181 High 
Armat Thomas W. merchant 86 IMulberry 
Armbruster Peter, feed-store Broad above Cherry street 
Armbi-uster Catharine, widow 132 Callowhill 
Armbruster Henry, watchman 445 N Third 
Armbruster Nicholas, grocer 46 Coats street / 

Armbruster Matthias, watchman Cresson's alley 
Armour Matthew, carpenter 201 N Eighth 
Armitage George, silver plater 438 Sassafras , 

Armroyd G. merchant 95 N Water ,i 

Armstrong John, shoe store 224 S Second J 

Ann strong John harness-maker 148 S Sixth 
Armstrong John, shoe maker Taylors alley- 
Armstrong Richard, carter 121 Green 
Armstrong Robert, carter 77 Budd 
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at law 97 Chesnut 
Armstrong Jacob, waiter 257 Sassafras f 

Armstrong William, carter Locust above 10th J 

Armstrong Mrs. Widow, 193 Walnut j 

Amaud John, B. merchant 7 N Second I 

( 19 ) 

Arnell widow of John, shoe-store 337 S Front 

Arnold Thomas, sea captain 297 S Front 

Arnold Thomas, shipwright 20 Parrams alley 

Arno John, cooper 2 1 Union 

Anions Nicholas, exchange broker 92 S Second 

Arrison John, nailor 112 N Seventh 

Arthur Stotesbuny, sea captain 196 S Front 

Arrott James, merchant 8 N Front 

Arundel Robert, sea captain 8 1 S Fourth 

Art William, shipwright 535 South Second 

Arter Andrew, oak cooper William st 

Ash James, collector of the direct tax 49 N Third 

Ash Thomas, carpenter 1 4 S Fourth 

Ash Thomas, tavernkeeper Zachary's court 

Ash Joshua, and Joseph, graziers 54 Christian 

Ash Michael, corn-chandler 220 N Third 

Ashbridge Ann, and Sarah, shopkeepers 125 High 

Ashbridge G. G. 8c W. merchants 19 S wharves 

Ashbridge G. G. merchant 4 Penn street 

Ashbridge Wm. merchant, 125 High street 

Ashburner John, tanner 66 S Third 

Ashby William, merchant taylor 83 Sc 99 Mulberry 

Ashley John, merchant 92 S Fourth 

Ashman Godfrey, cedar cooper 158 N Third 

Ashman Peter, cedar cooper 83 Sassafras 

Ashmead Jacob, gentleman 395 N Third 

Ashmead John sea captain 19 Sansom street 

Ashton David, blacksmith 64 Brewers alley 

Ashton George, boat-builder 292 N Front 

Ashton S. cabinet maker 233 Mulberry 78 N 7th 

Ashton John, taylor 4 S Water, 1 2 Moravian alley 

Ashton John, oak cooper Liberty court 

Ashton Richard, teacher corner of Third Sc High 

Ashton Rebecca, shopkeeper 65 N Seventh 

Ashton William, carpenter 140 N Fifth 

Askins John, shoemaker 1 1 Gaskill sreet 

A.stley Thomas, merchant 6 N 8th street 

Assmus John, drayman 27 Zane 

Aston^ James, carpenter 37 Queen 

Atherton Henry, teacher 13 Wood 

Atherion Nathan, carpenter 1 64 Lombard 

Atkini Philip, sea capt. 33 Queen 

AtkinA John, cabmet maker, 34 S Sixth 79 Arch 

( 20 ) 

Atkins David, brick-layer 12 Gills's alley 
Atkinson Samuel, Wdlennan near 384 N Front 
Atkinson John, oysterman 4 Strawberry 
Atkinson John, 72 Christian street 
Atkinson Phineas, biscuit-baker 2 1 3 S Third 
Atkinson James, stage-driver 47 Brown 
Attmore Thomas, Grazier 163 S Third 
Attmore Isaac, carpenter 209 Sassafras 
Auffort Frederick, shoemaker Queen (K) 
Augustine Charles, blacksmith Queen (K) 
Auner Peter, taylor 22 Greenleaf alley 
Auriol Augustus, dancing master 3 1 Povv^ell 
Austin Mrs. tayloress corner of Shippen Sc 2d 

Austin , merchant 248 S Second 

Austin John, jeweller 8c goldsmith 69 S Second street 

Aydlott Benj. sea-captain 185 Pine 

Ayers Abijah, carpenter near 398 N. Front 

Aers H. accomptant N F.leventh above Sassafras 

Ayxford Samuel, taylor 250 High 

Axel John, gentleman It New street 

Azan Joseph, grocer corner of Eighth 8c Mulberry 

Azan Rachael silkdyer k plumist corner 8th 8c Mulberry 

BABINGTON Jonathan, labourer Beach street 
Babe Rachel, widow 1 47 S Water 
Bach John, Plaister Paris grinder 267 N Second 
Bachel George, agent 187 N second street 
Bacon Sarah, 71 N Fifth-street 
Bacon John, merchant 10 N Third 
Bacon Joseph, ironmonger 192 N Front 
Bacon 8c Longstreth, merchants 10 Third 
Bacon D. 8c J. ironmonger 24 South 2d 
Bacon I. joiner 202 St. Johns 8c Hoffman's alley- 
Bacon David, ironmonger 24 S Second 
Bacon Flag, carpenter 372 N Third 
Bacon Samuel, taylor 334 N. Second 
Bader Juliana, embroidress 40 Mulbeny 
Baganet Benjamin, mariner 189 Cedar street 
Baggs John, labourer Shackemuxen 
Baggs James, sea-captain 74 Christian street 

( 21 ) 

Bagnel Benjamin, mariner, 142 Swanson 

Bagnold Thomas, Sc Co. merchants 104 S Water 

Bailey B. brick-layer, 1 1th below Locust 

Baillet Francis, cook 29 north Ninth 

Builley Jane, gloveress 151 S 6th street 

Bailley Robert carpenter 190 south Fiftli 

Bailley Jacob, labom'er 78 Green street 

Bailley Mi*s. widow, ST 5, south Front street 

Baisch Ernst L. merchant 135 N Second 

Bake Samuel, shopkeeper, 339 N Second 

Bakeoven John, fisherman Queen (K) 

Bilker Al)raham 408 N Second street 

Baker Sc Bender, lumber merchants 392 N Second 

Baker Conrad, fisherman Queen (K) 

Baker Conrad, jun. flour and feed store, 431 N. Second 

Baker Catharine, 45 Callowhill 

Baker Daniel, shoemaker 70 Shippen 

Baker George A. conveyancer 23 Cherry 

Baker Henry, victualler York ix)ad 

Baker Henry, jun. gix)cer 272 N Front 

Baker Hamiah, tea ware-house 170 N Second 

Baker Jacob, baker 89 Coates street 

Baker Jacob, merchant 122 Mulberry ^ 

Baker Jacob merchant, counting-house 1 5 1 High 

Baker Jas. Sc Jolm, merchants 1 5 1 High 

Baker Jacob, ropemaker 6 1 Queen 

Baker John H. accomptant 1 3 1 N. Fifth 

Baker John, shipwright Queen (K) 

Baker John, one of the aldermen 154 N Second 

Baker John, comb-maker Juniper above Cherry 

Baker John, grocer 433 N Second 

Baker John, cabinet maker 1 20 S Fourtli £c 60 Brown st 

Baker Mary, widow Penn street (K) 

Baker John R. merchant 89 Sassafras 

Baker 8c Loveland merchants 73 N Third 

Baker Lewis, sadler Sec. Noble comer of Second 

Baker Mary, huckster Beech street 

Baker Michael, lumber merchant 240 N. Second 

Baker iNIichael, carpenter 184 Mulbeny 

Baker Michael, tin-plate worker 115 German 

BakeT Margaret, widow Sassafras near Tenth 

EakCj^r Peter, Fisherman Queen (K) 

Bakdr Ruth, widow 1 8 Callowhill 

( 22 ) 

Baker IMary, widow, black-horse alley 

Baker Sarah, widow, 141 S Fifth 

Baker Samuel, shop keeper 9 S Second 

Baker Samuel, blacksmith 149 Vine 

Baker Widow, grocer corner of Maiden 8c Beech 

Baker Thomas, sea captain 13 Lombard 

Bale Robert, labourer 1 1 6 Swanson 

Baldwin Francis baker, 45 Cedar 

Baldwin Josiah, cordwainer corner of Third & Dock 

Baldwin John, shoemaker Brown (K) 

Ball Henry, accomptant next 37 Zane 

Ball Nathan, merchant Branch 

Ball Frederick, labourer Hanover street 

Ball William, gentleman 41 High 

Ball Joseph, merchant 240 Sassafras 

Ball Israel carpenter near 10 Oak (S) 

Ballentine William, grocer 6 S \Vater 

Ballentine Jane, widov/, 140 S Water 

B alien ger Jacob carpenter 93 N Eleventh 

Bait Henry, hog victu iller Hanover 

Bament Hannah, widow 53 Lombard 

Bamer Andrew, grocer 83 N Seventh 

Bancker Charles N. merchant 240 Mulberiy 

Bangs Ehasham, shoemaker Emlens alley 

Banks John, shoemaker 20 Fitzwalttr 

Banks John, shoemaker 47 German 

Banks William, caulker 69 Queen 

Banks William, ship broker 3 I Walnut 

Bankson Joseph, 1 33 N Third 

Banton Mansfield, tin v.-are manufacturer, Japanned & 

ornamental painter, 176 N Third 
Bara Francis, gentleman 273 N Second 
Barber Samuel, merchant 55 N Front 
Barclay John, gentleman 37 Almond 
Barclay Samuel, mariner 366 S Second 
Barckley James, merchant 7 Sansom 
Barclay George, grocer 168 south Second 
Barclay Samuel, liatter, 323 south Second, grocer 226 N Third 
Bardon Stephen, grocer 184 S Third 
Bardick George, silversmith 9 ^^'agners alley ( 
Barge Jacob, gentleman 191 High j 

Barger J. lumber merchant 74 S Fifth, next 122 4th 

( 23 ) 

Rargcr £c Panroast, lumber merchants next 122 S 4th 
Barger Samuel, Shopkeeper 336 N Tliird 
Barger John, cedar cooper Fourth above Coates 
Baring Samuel, nailor 112 N Seventh 
Bark Henry, ti^yior 4 Sassafras alley 
Barker James, sexton 236 S water 207 S Front 
Barker Jolm, senr. sheriff 114 N 9th 
Barker John, junr. coach trimmer 106 N Sth 
Barker Peter, merchant 25 Pine 
"Barker Sc Annesley, mercharits 7 Walnut 
liarker James, accomptant 1 14 N 9th 
Ijarker Rebecca, nurse 66 Catherine 
I'arnard John, carpenter 362 S Second 
Ikirndoller Daniel, cedar cooper 393 N Second 
Barndol]er Frederick, cedar cooper Taper alley 
Barns Andrew, shopkeeper 65 Sassafras 
Barnes Samuel, currier 22 N Fourth 
Barnes Samuel, 239 north Front street 
Barnes James, pilot 8 Parrams alley 
Barnes Hester, boarding house 12 Parram's alley 
Barnes Demsel, cook shop Mary's alley 
Barnes Joseph, ladies shoemaker 149 S Second 
Barnes Thomas, junr. 237 N Second 
Barnes I-uther, blacksmith back of l5l Spruce 
Barnes John, pilot 448 S Front 
Barnes Joshua, oysterman black horse alley 
Barney J. victualler Laurence st 65 O Shambles 
Parnliill Robert, storekeeper 63 N Second 
Barnhill Sarah, shopkeeper 13 N Third 
Burnholt G. victualler 2 45 Callowhill 16 N %Shambles 
Barnbolt John, victualler Charles 
Barnitt Abraliam, cabinet maker 198 N Fi*ont 
ISarnitt Tliomas, turner 198 N Front 
Barnitt Samuel, trylor 239 N Front 
iiarnet Martha, nurse 65 N Third 
Barr Neil, bricklayer Griffiths alley 
Earr Thomas, grocer 396 N Front 
Barr Fatiick, stone cutter St George above 12th 
EaiTalet John J. artist corner Filbert & Tenth 
Ear - -"js John, carpinter 122 Callowhill 
Bar "t; Tobias, accomptant 213 Cedar 
Baj tt; Maiy, tayloress Middle alley 
Bai tt; John, hay weigher 194 Cedar street 

( 24 ) 

Barret Widow, back of 60 Shippen street 

Barrington H. 5c J. grocers corner of 2d and Brown st 

Barrington C. fruiterer and bottler 216 High street 

Barrington Richard, grocer 335 south Front street 

Barron iSIary, widow Pine above 6th street 

Barron Edward mariner 78 Penn street 

Barry James, labourer 55 Penn street 

Barry John, junior sea captain 206 south Third street 

Barry Patrick, rigger 191 North Front street 

Barry J. B. cabinet maker, 132 south Second street 

Barry Edward, mariner 78 Penn street 

Barry Mrs. nurse, 94 N 7th street 

Barry James, cutler Biddies alley 

Bart Sarah, widow 44 Passyunk road 

Bartholomew Charles, tobacconist 88 N Third street 

Bartholomew John, dealer, 70 New street 

Bartholomew IMary, gentlewoman 121 Chesnut 

Bartholomew Mrs. huckster near 154 South Eighth 

Bartho Sc Fry, potters 29 Cherry street 

Bartle Martin, block maker 20 Pewter-platter alley 

Bartleman Thomas, painter, 36 Bank Street 

Bartleson Abner, taylor 190 S Water 8c 191 S Fi-ont 

Bartle son Heniy, carpenter 8 1 New street 

Bartlett Thomas, ship^vright 1 Burds alley 

Bartle tt Zephaniah, mariner 267 south Fourth street 

Bartling Manuel, carpenter 9th below George street 

Bartling William, merchant, 23 north Front street 

Bartling Conrad, carpenter, 52 north Front 

Bartling Christlieb, inspector of lumber 255 N Front 

Barton Benjamin Smith, M. D. 44 north Fifth 

Barton Emanuel, carpenter gth below Chesnut 

Barton Joseph, mariner 493 south Front street 

Bartow Sarah, widow 128 north Third street 

Bartram Moses, dnaggist, See. 58 north 2d street 

Bartram George, gentleman 68 south 2d street 

Bartram Isaac, druggist &cc. 39 north Third 

Bartram Isaac, druggist, &c. 26 north Third 

Barti'am widow of Thomas, 54 Sassafras 

Barts widow of John, 70 Christian 

Bash Rose, washer 13 South alley 

Bass John mariner 44 1 south Second street ' 

Basset Edward, mariner, 78 Penn 

Bason C. teacheress 126 south 6th street ^' 

( 25 ) 

Bastian George, soapboiler 152 Mulberry 
Bastian Casper, labourer Christian above 4th street 
Bachelor C. carter Germantown road 
Bachelor Isaac, hatter 145 S Water 
Bateman John, sail maker 29 CatJiarine street 
Bater Julianna, embroideress 40 Mulberry street 
Bates Benjamin, skindresser, St. Tammany street 
Bates Benony, lumber merchant 274 \'^ine street 
Bates Elias, sea captain, 80 Penn street 
Bates Richard, cooper 80 Penn 
Batho John, potter 1 1 3 Green street 
Battas Mrs. widow, 272 south Fourth street 
Batson Catharine, widow 234 south 2d street 
Batten John, porter 124 Cedar street 
Batton Thomas, tavern-keeper 1 8 Little Water street 
Batteste Dazie, 159 Cedar street 
Battes John, hair-dresser 230 Sassafras street 
Battes E. Health Office messenger, 29 Strawberry street 
Bauch Margaret, widow 1 3 1 Green street 
Baughman Conrad, taylor IS Wagners alley 
Baxter Francis, labourer near 133 south 6th street 
Baxter William, sail-maker 3 1 2 south Front street 
Bayard Andrew, merchant 49 Mulberry street 
Bayley Richard, merchant 1 1 1 south Third 
Bayne Nathaniel, turner 85 north Front street 
Bayne Robert, coach-maker 59 and 61 noiiJi Eighth 
Bay res Margaret, tayloress Qu'^en street (K) 
Beach William, W. druggist 326 south 2d street 
Beale P. cabinet maker, 254 and 2 78 iligh street 
Beale John, cabinet maker, 1 1 1 Chesnut street 
Beard George, carter 252 south Third street 
Beard James, labourer 3 1 Crown street 
Beard Valentine, labourer Gillis alley 
Beard William, sea-captain 275 south 2d street 
Beard James, baker 26 George street 
Beasly Stephen, shipwright near 236 Swanson stree 
Beates widow of William, tobacconist 209 High str«. 
Beates Frederick, scrivener 94 north 3d street 
Beattes Sarah, schoolmistress 68 south Fifth street 
Beatty William, storekeeper 308 south 2d street 
Beatty Lewis, mintner 39 CroAvn street 
Beattjr Samuel, ladies shoemaker 87 Cedar street 
I ^ C 

( 26 ) 

Beckley Daniel, carpenter 82 north Ei^htli 

Beck ley Mary, widow, 44 Passyunk road 

Beaumont J. blacksmith Eighth above Vine street 

Biiaumont Hannah, widow 55 Lombard street 

Bjchtel JacfiJ), boot and shoemaker 33 north Front 

Bachtel John, shoe dealer 48 High street 

B-chtel George, shoemaker 187 St. Johns street 

Beck James labourer, near 215 south 6th street 

Beck and Buxton, grocers 259 and 25! south 2d' street 

Beck George, under sheriiT 172 south Fifth street 

Beck Isaiah, tavern keeper 163 north Water street 

Beck and Harvey, merchants 1 2 and 1 5 south We.ter 

Bick George, landscape painter near 5 1 south Fifth 

Beck Henry, merchant 30 Sassafras street 

Beck Paul, merchant 315 High street 

Beck Jacob, shoemadver 70 Sassafras street 

Beck Jacol^, acconiptant St. Tammany street 

Beck Kenry, hair dresser 53 Callow-hill street 

Becks wharf, opens next 15 south Water st. 

Beck Elizabeth, 360 north Third 

Beck Valentine, shoemaker 263 south Third 

Bedford Joseph, acconiptant, back of 68 south 2d street 

Bedford Thomas, accomptant, 187 Sassafras 

Bedford John, cordwainer 79 south 2nd street 

Bedford T. painter, &;c. 281 north Front and above 550 

north Third street 
Bedford Thomas, druggist next 184 Sassafras 
Bedos Desir 159 Cedar street 

-Bedwell Thos. conveyancers S:c. 12 Nicholsons court 
Bee Ephraim, labourer Witmans court 
Beere John, hatter 93 Lombard street 
Beere Mrs. boarding-house 13 Carters alley 
Beesly Johnson, gentleman 28 Pine 
Beideman Daniel, carpenter Waiten street 
Bc-ideman Jacob, fisherman Queen (K) 
Beigler Philip, victualler 5 Fillicrt street 
Beish Cieorge, oak cooper 134 north Fourth street 
Bek2 Christian, baker 308 south Fourth st 
Bell Vv'ilHam, merchant 21 south 2d street 
Bell Henry, lumber merchant 133 south Third 
Btll William, baker 225 south Fifth st 
r>.ll Mary, tayloress near 166 Walnut street 
I'eli Mary, gtoitlewoman 66 German street 

( 27 ) 

Bell Margai'et, board in f!,-house 27 Carters alley 
Bell James, taylor St Mary's above 6th street 
Bell John, carter Eleventh above Sassafras 
Bell Alexander, cut nailor 170 north Eit^-hth st 
Bell Samuel, grocer 242 south 6th street 
Bell Peter, sea captahi 17 German street 
Bell Thomas, carpenter 183 Shippen street 
Bell Tliomas, late sea captain 182 south 2d st 
Bell William, sea captain 260 south Front street 
Bell Samuel, sexton 60 Shippen street 
Bell William, merchant 169 Chesnut, 2 Sims's alley 
Bell William, stone cutter Cherry above Eleventh 
Belsterling Jacob, innkeeper corner of Coates and 3d 
Bender John, carpenter 442 north 2d st 
Bender John, carpenter Fourth above Coates 
Bender Joseph, shipwright 30 Union alky 
Bender George, mariner Beach above Warren 
Bender Lewis, innkeeper 226 north 2d street 
Bender Widovi^ of Peter, Prince street 
Bender Widow, Apps lane 

Benkenhoffcr George, cooper 174 north 8th street 
Benner Georg-e, carter 1 1 Budd st 
Benner Henry, porter 146 south 9th st 
Benner Jacob, gentleman 1 89 north Third st 
Benner Peter, oak cooper 363 north 2d st 
Benner John, tobacconist 234 Cedar street 
Bennett Rosina, widow, 121 New street 
Eenne.t Daniel, shipwright Queen st (K.) 
Bennet George, pilot 44 Queen street 
Bennet Catherine, widow Marlborough 
Bennet Nathaniel, porter 22 oak st (S) 
Bennet James, bricklayer 180 Sassafras st 
Bennet Jacob, sea captain 5 Lombard st 
Bennett Jacob, painter 9 1 Swanson st 
Bennet James, shoemaker 9 Cressons alley 
Bennet John, copper-plate printer 93 N Fifth 
Bennet Abel, siioemaker Marlborough (K) 
Bennett 6'tephen, cook 25 Brewers alley 
Benrett 5'amuel, merchant 141 Pine 
Bennett -S'arah, shopkeeper 66 Union 
B-nnett Titus, teacher St. George near -S'lKth 
Bennett Peter, biscuit baker Liberty court 
Benijiett Margaret, widow 2 Callowhill 

( 23 ) 

B?nnett John, stone cutter 397 High 

Bennett WiJIium, bricklayer 17 Appletree alley 

Bennett Abraham, shoemaker 315 N Third 

Bennett Willium, sea captain 34 Catharine 

Bcnninf>hove J. tobacconist 47 5' Front, 46 Water 

Benningliove J. and Co. tobacconists 71 Hii^h 

Bennis Thomas, merchant 166 6'pinice 

Ber^asse Cadet, merchant 112 N Second 

BjrL,-e Catharine, grocer 62 north 6th street 

B-ri^meyer Daniel, shoemaker 108 N Seventh 

Boikenbile Matthias, labourer Centre alley 

Bcnnan Georg-e, organist 115 German 

Bemicud C. merchant 19 south Second 

B-i-nanosse Cloudes, grocer 1 14 N Second 

Brrnard John, hairdresser 101 Cedar 

Bernard Margaret, widow 4 Dock 

B. rnhardt J. boarding-house 94 N AVater 97 N Front 

Bernliardt L. F. professor of music 197 .Sassafras 

Berrett Robert, and Co. insurance brokers 9 5 Front 

Bi n^tt William, coach painter Sec. 9 Cherry 

BeiTett Robert, merchant corner Eleventh and Chesnut 

Barringer Charles 26 5 Fifth 

Beriy Peter L. carpenter, 72 5 Fifth 

Berry Joseph, mate 209 Cedar 

Bcrryman Joseph, bricklayer Cressons alley 

Berryman Richard, shipwright 15 il/ary (5) 

Bertron David, M. D. 29 Artillery lane 

Berwick Richard, baker 4 1 6 Sassafras 

Besson Anthony, merchant 76 N 2d street 

Bessellievre Francis P. accomptant Fitzwalter 

Best Robert, gro er Hamiltons wharf 

Bethausen E. M. D. corner of Vine and Second 

Bethel William, ship chandler 132 N P'ront 

Bethel R. and ^Son, rope makers etc. Bickley's wharf 

Betson William, shoemaker 76 German 

Bettinger Michael, tanner 486 N Third 

Bcttle "Samuel, merchant i4 S Third 

Bettle William, boarding house i2i 5 W'ater 

Betts Preserved, nailor i7 and '2to N 7th street 

Bewley Hannah, widow 204 N Third 

Bewley James, taylor 204 N Third \ 

Bibb EUzabeth, tayloress, ii3 Gennan 

Bickerton George, shoemaker 32 S Foyrth I 

( 29 ) 

Birkerton Elizabeth, boardint^ house 20 Ahnond 

Bickerton Mary, widow, 25 Parani's alley 

Bickerton Anne, widow of J. tavernkeeper 72 Gennan 


Bickham and Reese, merchants 152 and 154 High 
Bickham T. boatbuilder 32 -Swanson 254 south Front 
BickJiam Hannah, widow Johnson's court 
Bickham Caleb, stave merchant, ii7 5wanson 
Bickley Abraham, gentleman 142 Mulberry 

BiCKLEY's wharf OPEN'S AT 7 Sc 13 N WATER 

Bickley Daniel, lumber merchant 30 Callowhill 
Bickley David, grocer and dry good store 242 X Front 
Bickley Elizabeth, grocer Frankford road 
Bickley Daniel, carpenter 80 N Eighth 
Bicklow ,1/ary, mDliner 89 N Front 
Bicknell Peter^ bottler o3 Elfrith's alley 166 N 2d 
Biddinger Henry, shoemaker Zeech court 
Biddle Chs. prothonotary of the C. C. P. 159 Chesnut 
Biddle John, druggist Sec. 142 High 
Biddle Clement, notary public 41 & 43 Walnut 
Biddle John, shopkeeper 165 Vine 
Biddle William S. attorney at lavv 1 5 south Fifth 
Biddle Wm. M. Sc Co. brokers 35 Dock 
Biddle John, E. taylor 145 south Fifth 
Biddle Owen, carpenter Spruce above 7th 
Biddle Nicholas, attorney at law, 15 S Fifth street 
Bigard James, biscuit baker 159 St Johns 
Biggs Thomas, instrument maker 85 S Front 84 Water 
BighamHugh, bookbinder 142 Spruce 
Bigler Jacob, sail maker 129 Plumb (see Beigler) 
Biles Joseph, carpenter 273 Su Johns 
Biles James, labourer Bro\^Ti (K) 
Billington widow of Thos. 83 S Sixth 
Bilhon Charles watch-maker and jeweller, 173 High 
Bills William shipwright 31 Christian street 
Bilsland Ann, widow 34 Mulberr}- street 
Binder William, hatter 286 north Front street 
Binder George, mariner Queen street (K) fsee Bender 
Binder Jacob, tavernkeeper Queen above Cheriy (K) 
Bines Robert, merchant, 97 Pine street 
Bines Eliakum, shoemaker, Emlens alley 
Bingard William, shipwright 10 Callowhill street 


( 30 ) 

Bingham T. T. dye sinker k letter cutter 25 north 2nd. 

Bingham Archibald, storekeeper 43 north Second street 

Bingham Peter, mariner 68 Almond street 

Binney H. attorney at law 46 VVahiut st 

Binny & Ronaldson, letter founders Cedar above 10th st 

Bioren John, printer & bookseller 88 Chesnut street 

Bioren Benjamin, sea captain 85 New street 

Birch WiUiam, Y. stationer he. 17 south 2d street 

Birchall Caleb, hatter 46 High street 

Birchhead Levan, coachmaker 374 High st 

Birchley -Senjamin, type founder Cedar above 9th st 

Bird Thomas, labourer Christian above Fifth st 

Bird Charles, hardware store 247 south 2d street 

Bird George, sea captain 398 north 2d street 

Bireley Detrick, grocer Queen street (K) 

Bisbing John, innkeeper corner 2d & Germantovni road 

Bishop Thomas, shipwright 178 nortli Water st 

Bishop John, plumber 194 Pine street 

Bishop Thomas, shopkeeper 29 Callowhill st 

Bispham Joseph, ironmonger 27 High st 

Bispham Joseph, M. tavern-keeper 45 noith Water st 

Bissel John, victualler 445 south Front street 

Bissel John, gentleman 19 south Third st 

Bitters Charles, furrier 1 1 north Third street 

Bitting Eleazer, shoemaker 83 Callowhill st 

Bitting Phihp, labourer 297 Callowhill st 

Bitting Day, carter 147 north Fourth street 

Bitting Lewis, mintner 39 Crown street 

Biven John, painter 10th below Spruce & 1 12 Walnut st 

Blach Matthev^, brass founder 1 Gillis alley 

Black J. jeweller & hair worker 89 S Second 

Black John, mariner 5 Fitzwalter street 

Black John, umbrellamaker 19 N 7th & 14 S 5th 

Black James, plaisterer Middle alley 

Black Benjamin, porter near 119 Plumb 

Black George, shipright 24 Mary (S) 

Black Robert, carter 60 Shippen 

Black Daniel, shoemaker Frankford road 

Black William, reelmaker 148 S Ninth 

Black &c Lun green, merchants 30 N Second 

Blackburn J. gentleman above 140 Chesnut 

Eiadifaji Sc Ely? merchants N W corner 4th & Pjfigh 

Blackiston Priesley,_shoemaker 112 S Front 

( 31 ) 

Blackmail David, shopkeeper 20 Green 

Blackman Wm. W. llaxdresser 20 N Water 

Blackwell Robert Rev. D. D. 50 Pine 

Blackwell John, 411 S Front 

BlackwellJacob, wine merchant 176 S Second 

Blair C. gentleman 4 1 Cherry 

Blair Mrs. boarding-house 131 S Water 

Blair William, sea captain 24 Lombard 

Blair S. Blacksmith 132 S Fifth 133 Lombard 

Blair William, cordwainer 20 Chesnut 

Blair & Workman, lumber merchants 67 Swanson 

Blake Geo. E. musical instrument maker & librarian 1 

South Third sreeet 
Blake Timothy, hair dresser 201 S Front 
Blakey 8c Firth, merchants 32 N Second 
Blakie James, cabinet maker 9 Prune 72 S 4tli 
Blame Joseph, bottler 5 N Fifth 
Blame Francis, painter &c. 84 Vine 
Blanc Victor, coppersmith 260 N Second 

Blanchard , 143 S Ninth 

Blanchard Bailly, widow 145 Pine 

Bhmdford John, blacksmith 156 Sassafras 

Blane Charles, carpenter Juniper above Mulberry 

Blay David, oak cooper 857 St. Johns 

Blayney Arthur, M. D. 165- Sassafras 

Bleas George, oak cooper 17 Green 

Bletterman Henry, baker 73 Lombard 

Bleyler John, grocer 327 N Second 

Bleight Samuel, M. D. 100 Mulberry 

Bliss Susannah, mantua maker 47 Vine 

Bliss Theodore, sea captain Chesnut above Tenth 

Blissett Mr. comedian 99 N Eighth 

Bloer Robert, sen. taylor and scourer 92 N Third 

Bloer Robert, jun. dyer &c. 226 S Third 

Blood & M'Barron, bottlers 234 N Front 

Bloomfield Eliza, milliner 38 N Third 

Blum Charles, baker 198 S Second 

Blume George, shoemaker 1 6 Pewter platter alley 

Blumer J. C band-box maker 64 N Fifth 

Blyth Gilbert, oysterman 31 Pewter platter alley 

Boach Frederick, shoemaker 141 N Sixth 

Boake. Israel, n?vilor 1 9 Becks alley 

Boas.^j-ohn, carpenter 179 S Sixth 

( 32 ) 

Boate Thomas, bookbiiider 108 Cedar 

Bockius Godfrey, hatter 36 Lombard 

Boehm Daniel, wine merchant. Sec. 96 N Second 

Bo^^gs and D-ividson, merchants 229 Hi:^^h 

Bohlen B. 8c J. merchants 67 Sc 69 S 4th and 123 & 125 

Walnut street 
Bohlen J. merchant 92 S Eighth 
Boker Aaron, taylor 1 34 S Front and 7 Mulberry 
Boker Valentine, victualler Eighth above Callowhill 
Boiler John, merchant 2 S Sixth 
Boiler & Jordan, grocers 123 N Third 
Bolton William, taylor 59 Penn 
Bolton Andrew, weaver 120 German 
Bolton Rhoda, widow near 8 Moravian alley 
Bolton Samuel, hatter 144 N Front 
Bolton William, silver plater 18 S Sixth 
Bomberger William, carpenter Bank street 
BondPhineas, consul from Great Britain 173 Chesnut 
Bond Joshua B. merchant Chesnut above Seventh 
Bond Benjamin, carter 443 N Front 
Bond widow of Joseph, 34 Queen 
Bond Jacob, sadler and harness maker 105 N 2d st 
Bone 'Samuel, grocer 86 N Seventh st 
Bonnell Chai'les, oak cooper 1 6 Vine st 
Bonnell William, paper merchant 157 S 5th at 
Bonner Amos, carpenter 12 Almond st 
Bonner James, carter Locust above 9th street 
Bonneuil P. grocer 8c wine cooper 220 south Second 
Bonsall Edward, conveyancer 97 south Eighth st 
Bonsall h Shoemaker, land brokers 8cc. 100 south 4th st 
Bonsall Samuel, blacksmith near 133 south 9th st 
Bontleon George, victualler 253 N 8th 29 O Shambles 
Bontleon Henry, victualler 200 Coates st 
Book Jolm, carpenter 189 Cherry street 
Book John, taylor 299 north Second street 
Boone Jesse, blacksmith tweeds alley 
Boon A. boarding house and tavern 1 4 Callowhill 
Boone Jeremiah, merchant 100 Spruce st 
Boone Susan, mantua maker 29 south 4th st 
Booth Wm. gunsmith 88 south 2d and 20 north Dth st 
Bordley John, B, gentleman 7 Union street ) 

Borns John, skindresser 290 Vine street j 

Bosbyshel Christian, shopkeeper 120 north 2d st ! 

( 33 ) 

Boss ^arbary, brush factory 29 N Front st 

Boss Frederick, grocer 35 north Fifth 

Bossier John, merchant 108 High 

Bossier Adam, porter 257 Callowhill st 

Bossio Secundo, stable keeper 144 Cedar 

Bossier Joseph, brass founder 268 St John st 

Bostick William, boarding house 93 south Front 

Boston Charles, sweep 10 Elizabeth st 

Boucher William, carpenter Lees court 

Boudinot Eiias, gentleman Mulberry near 9th st 

Boulu widow, paper stainer 528 Sassafras 

Boulte benjamin, carpenter Wood above 8th st 

Boswell William, ladies shoemaker 44 S Third st 

Boswell George, tinplate worker 93 High 

Bosquet A. merchant 267 S Front street 

Bowice Jane, widow 282 5 -Second st 

Bowley Frederick, cedar cooper 34 Dock st 

Bouvier John, B. umbrellar maker 196 S 2d st 

Bowden John, shipright Malborough 

Bowen Elijah, taylor 117 Callohill 

Bowen A. sea captain 39 N Sixth 

Bowen Robert rope maker 2 6 Green 

Bowen Joseph, grocer 358 S Second 

Bowen Thomas, sen ship joiner near 99 N Water 

Bowen Thomas, chair maker 115 N Second 

Bowen Thomas, jun. ship joiner 33 Noble 

Bowen Wm. chairmaker 115 83 N Front & 82 Water 

Bowen Thos. cabinet maker 1 3 Passyunk 

Bower Samuel, shipright Penn (K) 

Bower Elizabeth, gentlewoman 40 Union 

Bowers Mrs. midwife 9 farmers alley 

Bowers John, grocer 235 Mulberry 

Bowers George, shoemaker 455 N Third 

Bower Philip, baker 25 S Front 

Bowers Jacob, shoemaker 455 N Third 

Bowers George, 9 Farmers alley 

Bowers Paul, fisherman Wood 

Bowers Michael, surgeon barber 402 N Third 

Bowers Rebecca, tayloress 1 1 3 German 

BoAves Joseph, grocer comer of 1 1th St Walnut 

Bowes Valentine, cabinet maker Marlbourough 

Bowley Edward, ironmonger 69 High 

Bowman John, carpenter Cai-penter [S] 

( 34 ) 

Bowman Charles, hog victualler 1 4 Budd 

Bowman George, carpenter Cressons alley 

Bowner James, carter Tenth below Pine 

Boyce Joseph, brass founder 110 Cedar 

Boyd John, rigger 72 Penn 

Boyd Margaret, shopkeeper 6 Swanson 

Boyd John, bricklayer 2 milestone Ridge road 

Boyd Andrew, sbopl^eeper 6 High 

Boyd P. brass founder 8i High & 91 north 2d 

Boyd Alexander, inspector of customs 60 St. Johns 

Boyd Sarah, widow 41 Callohill 

Boyd Thomas, waiter Shepherds court 

Boyer Al^raham, carpenter 61 N Tenth 

Boyer widow, storekeeper 142 N Third 

Boyer G. J. gentleman 156 S Fourth 

Boyer Valentine, victualler near 271 N Eighth 

Boyle Patrick, labourer Queen above Second 

Boyle John, stevadore 10 Oak (S) 

Boyle Philip, coachmaker 197 N Front 

Boyle Niel, stevadore and grocer 94 S Water 

Boyle Patrick labourer 108 Christian 

Boyle James, labourer Brown st. (K) 

Boyle Catharine, 418 S Second 

Boyle James, sandman 20 Spruce 

Boyle Thomas, carpenter Baileys court 

Boyle Adam, cabinet maker 20 Pewte'r platter alley 

Boyle Patrick, stevadore 124 Catherine 

Boyle Edward, taylor 188 Cedar 

Boyl Jonathan, peppermint maker near 27 Brewers alley 

Boyl Joseph, carpenter 9 1 St. Johns 

Boyle Roger, stevadore 91 Shippen 

Boyle James, accomptant 203 N Front 

Boyl James, stevadore Emsleys alley 

Boys Samuel &c Co. lumber merchants 315 N Front 

Bozoarth Andrew, labourer 2 N Tenth 

Brucelin Jeremiah, taylor 100 Catharine 

Brackeniidge Flugh H. 13 S Fifth 

Bnickenridge Sam.uel, carpenter St. Johns above Willow 

Bradey John, teacher, 67 S Fifth ^ : 

Bradey, widow of Peter corner Walnut Sc Fifth '^" ^ 

Bradey W.illiam, bottler 199 Cherry f 

Bradey John, oysterman 20 Brown ^h 

Bradey Robert, 'shipwright 577 S Front 

( 35 ) 

BiMcly John, mariner 102 Cedar 

Bradfoixl JSainuel F. bookseller. Sec. 4 S Third 

Bradford Thos. Sc \Vm. printers 8c booksellcis 8 S Front 

Bradford William, printer Sc bookseller 218 N Front 

Bradford Thos. attorney at law 208 N Front 

Bradier John, watchmaker 4o Coates 

Bradley Robert, baker 216 .S Fifth st 

Bradley Sc Keighler. copper Sc tin smiths 102 High 

Bradley Thomas, m hitesmith 14 Prune street 

Biiidley John, taylor corner of Cedar and Fenn st 

Bracutigam Daniel, bookseller 194 N 2d st 

Brame Henry, painter and glazier 46 N 7th st 

Brand Martha, gentlewoman 13 N 6th st 

Brandt A. Sc C. clock and v/atch makers 129 N 2d st 

Brandt Elijah, gentleman Eleventh near St George st 

Branham Stephen, 204 south Fourth street 

Branhc^m Ebenezer, innkeeper 164 High 

Branen Edward, umbrella maker 194 south 2d st 

Brannan John, accomptant 2 1 north 7th st 

Branner George, milkman 2 Branners alley 

Br;uiner Frederick, milkman Branners alley 

Branson Henry, carpenter 317 north Third st 

BrantwaitE.oak cooper 194 N Water 

Brasier Amable, watchmaker Sc jeweller 23 N Third 

Br.sier W^m. shipwright 4 Green street 

Braulin Patrick, phisterer 151 south 6th street 

Bray David, sea captain M'CuUohs court 

Bray Henry, mariner 259 Cedar street 

Bniyiieid John, block maker near 22 Christian st 

Brazinp:ton Thomas, shoemaker 456 N Fi^ont 

Brearly James, clock and watch maker 25 N2dst 

Breck Samuel, gentleman 32 1 High street 

Breece Charles, constable 1 44 Lombard st 

Breintnall David, ladies shoemaker 1 1 1 south 2d st 

Breish John, s^^in dresser 249 Vine 

Breithaupt F. merchant south wliarves 

Bremoud R. sea captain 95 Pine 

Brentsinger Jacob, baker 83 S Fourth st 

Bretz Jacob, baker Sheplierds court 

Breuil Francis, merclmnt 1 1 5 Spruce st 

Brevorr J. C. sea captain 3 15 S Second 

Brewer George, accomptant 170 south Third 

Brewer George, accomptant 89 Crown 

( 36 ) 

Brewer William, watchmaker Friends Alms house 

Brewton Daniel, sea captain Penn st. (K) 

Brice John, sea captain 121 Callowhill 

Bridges Edward, attorney at law 135 S Second 

Bridges Colepepper, merchant 259 S Front 

Bright Michael, gentleman 125 N Water 

Bright widow of Jacob, 1 71 N Front 

Bright Susannah, widow 1 72 N Water 

Bright & Diehl, merchants 1 1 N Water 

Bright Mary, widow 47 Lombard 

Brights wharf opens at 123 & 127 N Water 

Brightuff Henry, mate 1 6 Shippen 

Briggs Frances, mantua maker 1 Quarry 

Briggs Francis, shipright 403 N Front 

Brindle Peter, carter 478 N Third 

Bringhurst George, coachmaker 23 N Fifth 

Bringhurst Jsmes, sen. gentleman 131 south Front 

Bringhurst Mary, widow 22 N Ninth 

Bringhurst James, jun. accomptant 29 Union 

Bring^hurst Joseph, sen. gentleman 29 Union 

Bringhurst's wharf opens next 97 south Water 

Bringlan Thoinas, carter Juniper above Sassafras 

Brinton John H. attorney at law 281 High st. 

Brintzinghoffer F. watchmaker 64 Sassafras 

Bristoll, widow of Thomas 403 N Second 

Bristoll Thomas L. baker 3 Letitia court 

Brittin Joseph, tavernkeeper 75 N Front 

Brittingham Mrs. nurse ii3 Christian 

Britton J. sen. merchant 259 N Front 

Britton J. jun. lumber merchant i49 Sc 223 N Water 

Britton Benjamin, lumber merchant 43 Filbert 

Britton Sc Lucas, merchants 201 High 

Britton William, jun. lumber merchant i49 N Water 

Britton W. lumber merchant 275 N Front, 209 Water 

Britts Adam, inkeeper Vine alley 

Broadly Wm. carter CallowJiill above 8th 

Broadie Ann & C. shopkeepers 5 N Front 

Brobston John, grocer 15 Chesnut 

Brobston Robert, taylor 135 Chesnut 

Brooke Boyer, jun. boat builder i09 north Water and 

Brookes Court 
Brooke Boyer, sen. gentleman Brookes court - 

Brooks John, merchant 64 Mulberry fl 

( S7 ) 

Brooke Jonathan, blacksmith 3 1 1 N Third 

Brooke Reese, flaxseed merchant Brookes Court 

Brookes James, cabinet maker 425 S Front 

Brooks Margaret, grocer 4 1 3 S Second 

Brooks Catharine, shopkeeper 121 High 

Brooks Mi^. boarding-house 32 S Fifth 

Brook George, tanner and currier 527 N Front 

Brooks J. oak cooper 83 S Water 8c Harpers wharf 

Brooks William, plane maker 25 & 35 Keys alley 

Brooks John, tanner Callowhill street wharf 

Brooks Elizabeth, widow 30 Dock 

Bix)om Elias, cooper 29 Swanson 

Broom Thomas, shoemaker 1 1 8 Cedar 

Broome WiUiam carpenter 24 N Fourth 

Bronson E. Chauncey & Co. publishers of the Gazette 

of the United States, 73 S Second 
Bross Garret, shoemaker Emlens court 
Brotherton Elisha, skindresser 45 Callowhill 
Brotherton Reuben, ship joiner Noble st 
Browbert William, labourer 375 Mulberry 
Browne Obia, ship builder 15 Vine 
Brown Ann, tayloress 241 Cedar 
Brown Ann mantua maker 194 Mulberry 
Brown Benjamin, chair maker 248 N Second 
Brown Charles, inkeeper 8 1 N Seventh 
Browne Peter Sc Son lumber merchants 325 N Front 
Brown David, sea captain 290 S Front 
Brown Daniel, sea captain 306 S Front 
Brown Elijah, merchant 1 1th near Walnut 
Browne Elizabeth, widow comer 4th 8c cedar 
Brown Ezra, shoemaker 443 N Second 
Brown F. copperplate printer 118 Chesnut, 154 S 4tii 
Brown Francis taylor, Walnut above Eighth 
Brown George, tobacconist 8c innkeeper 73 High 
Brown George, carpenter Spruce above Tenth 
Brown George, blacksmith 127 Callowhill 
Brown Henry, whitesmith 452 Sassafras 
Brown Hanse, sea captain Fearis court 
Brown Israel, merchant 156 N Front 
Brown Isaiah, labourer ISO Plumb 
Brown Jacob, iron store 161 8c 167 N Second 
Brown James, merchant Chesnut above 10th 


( 3S ) 

Brown James, shopkeeper 31 S Front 

Brown , sea captain IS Gaskil> street 

Bix)wn[ James 8c Co. merchants 13 S Fi-orit 

Brown James, labourer 285 St. Johns 

Brown John, chair maker 6 1 Queen 

Brown John, blacksmith 34 Budd 

Brown John, master ligger 8 Margaret 

Brown John, sliipwright 34 Christian 

Brown John, silver plater 1 Elbgw lane 

Browne John, blacksmith Beach 

Brown widow of John E. 250 Lombard 

Brown Jolm, bottler 26 High 

Brown John, gentleman Chesnut above 8th 

Brown John, grocer 20 Passyunk road 

Browii Joseph, shoemaker 141 N fourth 

Brown John, shoemaker 5 South alley 

Bro^^'n John, sea captain 39 S Front 

Brown John, mariner 37 Crab 

Brown Jolm, gentleman 3 '6 X Front 

Brown John, carter 241 St. Johns 

Browne Peter and Son, shipsmiths 331 N Front 

Brown Joseph, blacksmith corner Lom.bard Sc Sixtk 

Brown Lawrence, hat-factory Webb's alley 

Brown Leonard, taylor 47 Pine 

Browne Libetry, Jeweller &cc. 70 S Front 

Brown Michael, sea captain 257 N Front 

Brown ]\Iatthew, 216 S Front 

Brown Matthew 245 S. Front 

Brown MaitJia, boarding house next 166 Walnut 

Bro\NTi Mary, widow 42 German 

Brown Michael, master rigger ^Margaret 

Brown Mar}-, midwife 1 6 Cypress alley 

Brown Paul, taylor 1 1 N Front 

Browne P. shipsmith 141 N Front 113 Vine 

Brown Peter, mariner Penn (K) 

Browne Rachel, widow i2 Sassafras 

Brown Peter A. attorney at law 143 Walnut 

Brown Samuel, blacksmith 171 Pine 

El-own Samuel, painter Sec. 3 Lodge street 

Brown Richard, shoemaker 1 5 Fayette 

Brown Samuel, labourer Witmans court 

Brown Samuel, labourer 193 Lombai'd 

Brown Sarah, inkeeper 2 1 1 Mulberry 

( 39 ) _ 

Brown Sarah, widow .100 Mulberry 

Brown Thomas, carpenter near 307 N. Third 

Brown Thomas, coachman back of 1 5 1 Spruce 

Brown Thomas, grocer 1 7 Swanson 

Brown Thomas, M. D. 112 Cedar 

Brown Thomas, shopkeeper 232 N Second 

Brown Thomas, grocer 2 10 Lombard 

Brown Thaddeus, cliina store 42 S Second 

Browne William and Obia, ship builders 1 Oak [N 1.] 

Brown Wm. and Son, biscuit bakers 167 N Water 

Bi-own William, ship carpenter 356 N Front 

Brown William, shipbuilder 22 Budd 

Brown William, labourer 12 Mead alley 

Brown William, blacksmith 21 and 29 Green 

Brown William, painter Sec. Rose alley 

Brown William B. biscuit baker 1 1 Vine 

Brown William, hatter 293 Mulberry 

Brown William, grocer corner 4th and Plumb 

Bruce David, printer Goddards alley 

Brugeire Chas. and A. Teisseire, m.erchants 89' High 

Brum Philip, sea captain St. George's above 9th 

Bruner Adam, skinkresser 353 N 2d 

Brustar Samuel, late Shipwright Beech 

Bruster James, mast maker Queen (K) 

Brustar Henry, mast maker Beach 

Bryan Joel, inkeeper corner Vine and Fourth 

Bryan Guy, merchant 223 Mulberry 

Bryan Peter, sea captain 307 S Third 

Bryan Mrs. widow, 128 Sassafras 

Bryan Griffin, near 79 N Fifth 

Bryan Peter, carpenter 218 Lombaixi 

Bryan Lawrence, grocer 20 N 7th street 

Bryan Elizabeth, widow 163 N Front 

Bryan and Weavei> cabinet makers 136 N Front 

Bryant T. Jefferson, apothecary 449 N Second 

Bryant Margaret, huckster 165 S 6th 

Bryant Thos cabinetmaker & grocer 138 N Front 

Bryant John, chymist Sec. 254 S Second 

Bryden W. carpenter 1 Relief alley 86 S Third 

Buchanan A. innkeeper 376 south 2d st 

Buchannan Wm. taylor 200 south 2d ' 

Buck C. N. merchant 24 S Front & Chesnut above 7th 

Buck Lewis, labourer Shackemuxen 

( 40 ) 

Buck George, cedar cooper 188 N Second 

IJuck William, labourer 155 Coates 

Buck William, stable keeper, 123 Pine 

r>uck}iey £c Anderson, jewellers 2 1 Straw^beriy 

r*uckint;ham Jolm, shoemaker High above Twelfth 

Bui:kiiii,^U)n Joshua, accomptant 68 Zane 

Ikickley Adam, cedar cooper 258 St. John's 

Buckley Isaac, meal store 389 N Front 

Buckley Wm. &: A. M. merchants 87 south Tiurd, 147 

P.udd and HoUon, hatters 4 N Front 

Puckl Charles, ironmonger 5 N Second 

Budd George, justice of the peace 261 N Front 

Budd Wilham, M. D. 137 Sassafras 

Buddy Peter, innkeeper corner of Callowhill and 24 

Eudwine James, carter 46 Passyunk road 

Buglas Mary, boarding house 12 Coombs alley 

Bulger James, porter 28 Moravian alley 

Bull John, carter Charles 

Bunkham Charles, 91 S Fifth 

Bunel John, gentleman 105 Lombard 

Bunner Jacob, sea captain 57 New 

Bunner E. boarding house 125 S Third 

Bunner Sarah, widow 95 Pine 

Bunting P. S. grocer 96 and ii3 Sassafras 
Bunting Charles S. merchant 1 1 1 Sassafras 
Bunting N. blacksmith 9 German 269 S Fifth 
Bunting John, carpenter 172 S 6th 
Burd Edward, Prothonotary of the S. Court 88 S 4th 
Euro -Shippen E. attorney at law 44 Chesnut 
Burden Jos. Windsor chairmaker 99S3d8c39 Pine 
Burden Joseph, tax collector and wool comber 7 1 south 

Third street 
Burden George, cabinet maker 529 S Front 
Burdick Lewis, painter 94 N Seventh 
Burge John, confectioner 160 N Thii-d 
Burgess Sc Co. merchants 23 S Third 
Burgess Mary, milliner 81 Shippen 
Burk Sc Cummin gs, grocers 92 S Wharves 
Burk David, cabmet maker 188 Cedar 
Burk Tho3. sea captain 151 Mulberry 
Burk George, grain measurer 60 Queen 
Purk Aaron, bl^cksqiiith "Walnut alcove Seventh 

( 41 ) 

Burk Jcvnies, sea captain 47 George 
Burk Henry, porter 81 Callowhili 
Burke Edward, tavern keeper 16 S Wharves 
Burke 5usan, boarding house 78 N Water 
Burke Thomas, grocer 88 S Third 
Burkart F. constable 146 N Fifth 
Burkart Samuel, tobacconist 347 High 
Burket Jacob, fence raiser St Tammany 
Burkett John, labourer Jones alley (C) 
Burkhard A. inspector of customs 7 1 S Wharves 
Burkhart S. burr-millstone maker 144 N Water 
Burkhart Robert, hair dresser 57 N Water 
Burkhart Henry, porter 69 Lombard 
Burkloe Jacob, hatter 82 Green 
Burkloe Samuel, watchmaker 1 3 Shippen 
Burman Samuel, shoemaker 36 St. Marys 
Burman Richard, sea-captain 12 Callowhili 
Burman John, victualler i70 Coates 
Burn John, shopkeeper comer Spruce and Second 
Burn Samuel, shipwright 236 N Front 
Burn Joseph, storekeeper 244 N Front 
Bums Nicholas, grocer corner 6th Sc Pine 
Burns Martin stone cutter Locust above 9th 
Burns Mrs, widow S 10th near High 
Bum William, bookbinder Little Seventh 
Bums Patrick, gentleman 86 S Front 
Bums widow of Anthony, 470 N Third 
Bums James, labourer 101 Catharme 
Burns John, mate 76 Almond 
Bums John, grocer Spmce above 8th 
Bums James, trader 52 New 
Burns James, shoemaker Webbs alley 
Burr William, M. D. 223 N Third 
Burris John B. cutler 4 1 Plumb 
Burris Ann, widow 143 N Water 
Burrows Jesse, carpenter 280 High 
Burrowes S. & Co. trunk, saddle makers, &c 52 N 2d 
Burton William, china store 66 N 2d 
Burton Saml. hair dresser 267 Sassafras 
Burton Peter, shipwright 1 3 Equality court 
Burwell Benjamin, shoemaker 157 Shippen 

D 2 

( 42 ) 

Rusf:h Andrew, shoemaker 105 N Third 

BushHenr}', grocer 248 N Front 

Busher Moses, sea captain Shackemuxen 

BushilMvido\v,teacheress 112 Callowhill 

Bossier B. starch factory 353 Callowhill 

Busti Paul, merchant 12th below High 

Butcher Job, grocer 49 N Water 

Butland James, glass manufacturer 80 N Fourth 

Butler widow of Daniel, Frankford road 

Butler Abraham, baker 310 S Sixth st 

Butler Henry, coachman 99 north 9th st 

Butler Mary, fringe weaver 186 Spruce 

Butler John, plane maker 1 1 1 N Third 

Butler Pierce, merchant Chesnut corner of Eighth 

Butler Richard, labourer Frankford road 

Butler Michael, taylor 56 S Water street 

ButUn John, fringe weaver 2 Waggoners alley 

Buvat John, gentleman near 68 N Eighth 

Buzby John, corn chandler 166 Cherry st 

Busby B. C. lumber merchant 18 N Eighth 282 High 

Byer Adam, tinplate worker 16 Starr alley 

Byerly Christopher, late oak cooper 259 High 

Byrd Peter, shoemaker 2 1 4 Mulberry st 

Byrne Authur, grocer 44 S Water 

Byrne ]Mathias, sea captain corner of Front and Pine 

Byrne Patrick, gentleman 86 S Fix)nt 

Byrne Redmond and Son, grocers 37 S Water 

Byrne Patrick, bookseller and stationer 72 Chesnut 

Byrne John, hairdresser 249 S Front 

Byrne Edmond, boaixling house 100 N Third 

Byron Joshua, 249 N Front st 

CACEY TVfichael, shoemaker 96 Coates 
Cadv.alader Thomas, 243 High st 
C^aillebaux William, baker 57 Lombard 
Cain Alexander, comedian 155 S Fifth 
Cuke Joseph, carver and gilder 1 3 Grays alley 
Calbreath Robert, carter 1 2 1 Queen 
Calbreath ^\ndrew, Queen st (K) 

( ^3 ) 

Calder John, carpenter near 108 Plumb 

Calderwood A. watchmaker 22 Strawberry 

Caldwell James, labourer 145 Brov.n 

Caldwell James, blacksmith near 29 Brown 

Caldwell Martha, widow 26 Sansom st 

Caldwell John, shoemaker 46 Spruce 

Caldwell Hugh, carter Germantown road 

Caldwell Charles, M. D. 2 11 south Second 

Caldwell James, merchant 3 S "Wharves 6 Laurel st 

Caldwell D. clerk of the D and C. C. P. 32 south 6th st 

Caldwell !\Iary, spinster 5 1 Bro\Mi 

Caldwell Xoble, labourer Laurel (X. L.) 

Caldwell Richard, coachman 170 Cherry 

Calhoon David, shipwright 1 2 1 Queen 

Call John, harness maker 33 J/ary st (S) 

Callaghan Michael, boiler 336 south 2d st 

Callaghan C grain measurer Wood above Fourth 

Callaghan D. merchant 169 S Water 27Z S Front 

Callahan il/ichael, gentleman 19 Union 

Callan WilHam, grocer 288 S Fourth 

Callender and Shipley, merchants Spi'uce st wharf 

Calley John, rope maker 506 S Front 

Caliou Lazarus, embroiderer 87 C'allowhill 

Callopen 3/argaret, nui'se 74 New 

Calvert Thomas, innkeeper 34 N Fourth 

Calvin Flora, peppermint maker St Tammany 

Cameron James, innkeeper 69 N Third 

Campbell Ann, widow near 9 Cressons alley 

Campbell Alexander, shoemaker 83 Cedar 

Campbell David, cabinetmaker 17 Hopkins court 

Campbell , shipwatchman 68 Cedar 

Campbell George, attorney at law 1 19 N Front 

Campbell Hugh, taylor 44 Strawberry 

Campbell James, grocer 89 N Ninth 

Campbell James, mariner 8 1 Cedar 

Campbell James, bricklayer 395 Sassafras 

Campbell Charles, bricklayer Walnut near Broad 

Campbell Jacob, rigger 3/argaretta st 

Campbell John, taylor Laurel 

Campbell John D. taylor 36 N Water 

Campbell John, accomptant Eighth below Chesnut 

Campbe llJoseph ,bricklayer 1 1th below St. George 

( 44 ) 

Campbell Prudence, seamstress 67 N Tenth 

Campbell Patrick, shoemaker Filbert above lOth 

Campbell Richard, sea captain Frankford road 

Campbell Sarah, widow 35 N Eighth 

Campbell Sarah, seamstress 25 Crab 

Campbell William, taylor Spruce above Eighth 

Campbell William, oak cooper 238 N Front 

Campbell W^illiam, porter Centre alley 

Campbell William, Cabinetmaker 140 S Fourth 

Campbell William, sea captain 1 St. George 

Campion John, hatter 46 N Third 

Canby E. merchant 3 1 Spruce 63 S Wharves 

Canby Benjamin, brush maker 154 N Third 

Canby Thomas, jun. merchant 31 Union 

Cannan Darby, labourer 63 Passyunk road 

Cannon Mary, grocer 301 Vine 

Cany Lewis, gentleman 80 Gaskill st 

Capins David, grocer 1 1 7 Walnut 

Capron Mrs. ladies academy corner of Spruce & Fowrth 

Capp John, grocer 241 High 
Copple iVfary, nurse Frankford road 

Care Peter merchant 12 S Front 

Care John, saddle-tree maker 122 N Fifth 

Care Jesse, saddle-tree maker 106 N Seventh 

Care Peter^Sc son, merchants 52 S Wharves 

Carey Mathew, printer 8c bookseller 122 High 

Carey Mrs. mantua maker 88 S Third 

Carl Hannah, widow back of 62 Plumb 

Carless John, smith and farrier Pearsons court 

Carless Samuel, carpenter 173 Cheny 

Carlisle A. ironmonger 102 N Front and 139 High 

Carlin John, grocer Shakemuxen st 

Carlin George, J. teacher 1 5 Gaskhill 

Carlin Jonathan, biicklayer Sayst 

Carlinton John, labourer Shakemuxen st 

Carlyle Alexander, gentleman 8 1 S Fifth 

Carlyle John, grocer 46 S Fifth 

Carmack David, grocer and corder 196 N Water 

Carmack David, mariner Biixls alley 

Carmalt Jonathan, shopkeeper 99 High 

CaiTnalt Thomas S. taylor 27 Brovm. 

Carmalt Caleb, office of the Hand in Hand insurance 
company 99 High 

( 45 ) 

Carman Jacob, carpenter 132 S Fourth 

CaiTnan James, hatter 25 High 

Caniegan Grace, shopkeeper 165 N Third 

Carney Thomas, stone cutter Tenth near Arch 

Carney Thomas, labom-er 98 GeiTiian 

Carney Philip, sail maker 5 5 Lombard 

Carney John, labourer 1 20 S Fourth 

Carney William, carter 257 south Fifth 

Caron Peter, blacksmith Eighth below Pine 

Cams Richard, carter 30 Elizabeth st 

Carpenter Isaac, ladies shoemaker 101 south Second and 

Farmei-s alley 
Carpenter John, taylor 45 Passyunk 
Carpenter John, carpenter 206 Coates st 
Carpenter John, innkeeper 82 N Front 
Cai-penter John, jun. bookbinder 59 N Third 
Carpenter Samuel, painter &:c. 205 south 2d st 
Carpenter Samuel, carter 288 St Johns 
Cai-penter Samuel, sailmaker Params alky 

Carpenter widow, 99 south Fifth 

Carpentier L. D. merchant 125 Sassafi^s 

CaiT Benjamin, professor of music and Editor of tlie n>u» 
sical journal next 159 Chesnut 

Carr Edward, saw maker 158 Sassafras 

Can* widow of George, 67 Queen 

Carr Isaac, shoemaker 141 N Fifth 

Carr James, mariner 101 Christian st 

Carr James, labourer 73 N Tenth 

Carr, John labourer Beech 

Carr Mrs. 64 N Ninth 

Carr Jacob, victualler 106 X 6th 15 O shambles 

Carr John, Cabinet maker 83 Vine &c 175 N Third 

Carr William shopkeeper 181 Cedar 

Carr Rev. Matthew, 6't. Augustine church k rector of 
tlie same, Vic. Gen. &:c. 

Carr Mary, boarding house 30 Apple tree alley 

Carr Robert, shoe dealer 24 High Sc Phieffers alley 

CaiT Robert, Pnnter 5 Sc 10 Church alley 

CaiT Robeit, cutler Sec. 59 j^/eade alley 

Carr Thomas, breeches maker 5 Plumb 

Carr 6bphia, nurse near 6 Brewers alley 

Carr William, engraver 95 ^S" Second 

Carragan Jacob, carpenter 204 Cherry 

( 46 ) 

Can-ell Edward, merchant 74 Spruce 

Carrell John, nailor 1 1 6 S Eighth 

Carrell John ironmonger 32 High 

Carrol M. teacher 95 N Sixth 

Can-oil Patrick 98 Swanson ' 

Carroll Joseph, accomptant 68 George 

Carsdorp Eliza, teacheress 266 S Front 

Carson Mrs. boarding house 129 Mulberry 

Carson Patrick, porter 4 Coates court 

Carson Peter, blacksmith corner Walnut & Eighth 

Carson Hugh, bricklayer 218 S Third 

Carson Wm. sea captain 106 Lombard 

Carson James, teacher 127 Cedar Sc 60 Gaskill 

Carson Jemima, boarding house 39 North alley 

Carson Jonathan, innkeeper 198 S Fourth 

Carson John, sea captahi 47 George 

Carson Joseph, merchant 189 Walnut 

Carswell Samuel, 8c Co. merchants 52 Chesnut 

Carstairs Thomas, carpenter 76 S Eighth 

Cart P. fisherman, Germantown road 

Cart Ann, widow 1 5 Lombard 

Carter Isabella, boarding house 39 Cathannc 

Carter John, shipwright 433 N Front 

Carter Joseph, painter 8c glazier 31 S Third 

Carter Jasper, painter, 1 1 3 Chesnut 

Carter S. cooper 94 N Front, and Mulberry wharf 

Carter William, carter 370 N Third 

Carter William, mate 263 N Front 

Carteret Daniel, Windsor chair maker 393' S Front 

Carteret widow of Daniel, 22 -Shippen 

Carteret Joseph, cabinet maker 399 south Front 

Cartwright George, brass founder 109 N Second, Sc 44 

Green st 
Cartney 3/argaret, widow Callowhill street wharf 
Carty Josiah 5. hatter 1 7 S Front and 1 6 S Water 
Caruthers George, naval officer 1 1th near "Spruce 
Caruthers £c Lippincott, taylors 72 N Water 
Carver Jacob, watchmaker 4 N Second 8c 1 3 Front 
Carver AIvs» milliner 13 N Front 
Carver Joseph, accomptant near 1 6 Strawberry 
Carver Samuel, 98 Spruce 

Casal J. stable keeper 207 5 Fourth and corner of Cedar 
Case John, boarding house 41 S Water 

( 4r ) 

Cash Thomas, inspector of customs 83 New. 

Casnor Enoch, shoemaker 105 N 9th 

Cassedy Edward, porter 230 Catharine 

Cassady Wilham, shoe store 453 S Front 

Cassedy Nichohis, shoemaker 60 Swanson 

Cassedy John, grocer 3 1 Prine 

Casson widow, grocer corner Second & Shippen 

Caster Saml. porter 155 N 6th 

Castledine Wilham, coachmaker Hydes com! 

Castles James, shoe store 44 High 

Castles R. storekeeper, 210 S Second 

Caston Bennet, storekeeper Browns court 

Catez John, perfumer 45 S Third 

Cathcart Wm. boatbuilder 9 Artillery lane 

Cat hers John, "WkO Clierry 

Cathers Eliza, boarding house next 7 Grays alley 

Catnach Donald, fruiterer 1 1 5 High 

Cathrall Isaac, M. D. 23 Mulberry 

Cathrall Benjamin, teacher 73 Cherry 

Cathrall EdM'^ard, shipwright Coates court 

Cauffman Charles, accomptant 73 N 8th st 

Caftman J. sboei|iaker corner of Water and Sassafras 

Cauffman Joseph, gentleman 14 Cherry 

CauU Wm. baker 78 Cheriy 

Cauley Charles, cordwainer 188 Lombard 

Cave Thomas, tax collector 185 Lombard 

C'ave Elizabeth, grocer 1 1 4 Lombard 

Cavender Charles, Rev. 1 1 8 N Front 

Cavenough Jeremiah, victualler 1 7 Fitzwalter 

Cavey Charles, cordwainer 188 Lombard 

Cecil Charles, locksmith. Sec. near i05 Walnut 

Cecil widow of W. J. carter 62 south 6th 

Cerath John, grocer Deans alley 

Cetti A. Sc Co. print and glass store 2i4 High 

Chamberlain Benjamin, shoemaker 27 N TJhird 

Chamberlain J. G. G. and Co. merchants' 26 Chesnut 

Camberlain John, grocer 26 South alley 

Chamberlain Richard, carpenter 35 Coates alley 

Chambers Samuel, carpenter 93 N 8th 

Chambers George, taylor 8 N Water, 84 Fourth 

Chambers John, innkeeper i6 N Third 

Champneys R. R. merchant i5 Sansom 

( 48 ) 

Chancellor \Vm. and Co. merchants i05 Hi^h 

Chancellor Grace, boarding house 207 N 2d 

Chancellor Wm. merchant 6 N Fourth 

Chandler Thomas, 14 N Eighth 

Chandler James, innkeeper 59 N 2d 

Chandler David, mariner Christian above 5th 

Chandler Thomas and Co. merchants 14 south 3d 

Chapin Nathan, teacher 1 34 south Fifth 

Chapman Wm. labourer 29 1 south 4th 

Chapman George, ironmonger 22 High 

Chapman John, Windsor chair maker i40 south 8th 

Chapman Wm. inspector Nicholsons alley 

Chapman Wm. shopkeeper 227 N Third 

Chappie James, mariner 340 5 Front 

Chardon A. paper-hanging manufactory Tl louth 2d £c 

323 5'assafras 
Charlton Benjamin, tayIor361 north 3d 
Charlton Elizabeth, widow Stampers alley 
Chatton Bysha, taylor Rose alley 
Chase George, porter Greens court 
Chatham E. widow 1 6 1 N 3d 
Chaiidron 6'. watchmaker and jetveller 12 S 3d 
Chauncey Charles, attorney at law 46 Walnut 
Cheesman David, bricklayer 1 60 Cheny 
Cheesman Richard, mariner 48 iV/ead alley 
Cheesman Abner, labourer Coopers court 
Cherry David, grocer i4t Spruce 
Chester -Samuel, carter 359 N Front 
Chester James, shoemaker 201 ^t. Johns 
Chevalier vT/ary, widow 97 Callowhill 
Chevalier .Samuel, tanner 1 49 Green 
Chew Benjamin, sen. gentleman 110 5' Tlurd 
Chew Jeftery, carter 262 S Fifth 
Chew widow of William, boaixling house 46 5prucc 
Chew Mary, seamstress Juniper alley 
Chiene M. and Co. dry goods store 104 S 2d 
Chierdel Paul, taylor 126 N Front 
Child James, taylor St Tammany 
Childs John, printer 8 Pear street 
Childs Thomas, sea captain near 181 Pine 
Childb Henry, ironmonger 422 N 2d street 
Chlttendon Nathaniel, sea captain 45 Christian 
Chomas J. M. teacher 5 North alley 


( 49 ) 

Christ John, milkman Palmer 
Christberger John, labourer 1 Green 
Christian Anthony, mariner Cox's alley 
Christian Jacob, labourer West street 
Christian E. widow i29 N Front 126 Water 
Christie H. grocer 4 and 5 N W^ater 80 N Front 
Christie J. W. sea captain Noble near St. John's 
Christie Euphemia, boarding house 1 1 south 6t]i 
Christie James, grocer Charlotte 
Christie David, M, D. 30 6'pruce 
Christman Henry, shoemaker 129 south 6th 
Christmas -Samuel, carpenter 189 south 6th 
Christopher widow of John, 252 south 6th 
Christy Robert, shpemaker 27 south Fron* 
Christy Neil;_^^!rmct^r2'48S\FpU;rth "^ 
Christler JacOb, shopkeeper? f iMilb^i-r;^' 
Chubb 5araJi, widow 236 N Front 
Church John, M, D. 269 .^quth 2d 
Church Samuel, 293, '^I'fdnV; ,\'> • ^ 
Church 'S'ylvanus, sea captain,"^3 dreen 
Churchill Ann, nurse Elmslies alley 
Churchman M, accomptant 4 Laurel 
Chure Jacob, baker 8 1 Sassafras 
Cist Charles, printer, 8cc. 104 north 2d 
Crthcart fc Clinton, boat builders Oak (N L) 
Cithcart Wm. boat builder 9 Artillery lane 
Claedy Samuel, coachmaker 10 south 7th 
Clanipffer Adam, assistant sheriff 2 1 Elfrith's alley 
Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard 216 south Front 
Clare William, grocer 26S south ThiM 
Claridge Philip, grocer corner V^ine Sc 5th 
Clark Benjamin, clock 8c watchmaker 36 High 
Clark Caleb, "Waterman Cooper's court 
Clark Charles, painter and glazier 25 N Tenth 
Clark E. clock 8c watchmaker comer Front and Water 
Clark Hugh, teacher 6th near Passyunk 
Clark Israel, porter 264 south Third 
Clark George, carter 247 S Fifth 
Clark Daniel, accomptant 5 1 Gajikill 
Clark Hugh, carpenter 76 N Sixth 
Clark James, porter 346 N Second 
Clark James, grocer corner German k Third 


( 50 ) 

Giark Jacob, grocer 55 N Water 

Clark John, sea captain 1 3 Queen 

Clark John L. merchant 32 N Fifth 

Clark Mary-, widow 32 Branch 

Clark Oliver, rigger iV/argaretta street 

Clark W. grocer corner Queen and Frankford road 

Clarke Henry, ladies shoemaker 300 south Third 

Clarke Joseph, teacher 1 2 N Fifth 

Clarke John, tavemkeeper 73 Dock 

Clarke John, shoemaker 289 S Fourth 

Clarke Joseph, grocer 3 .S Water 91 N Second 

Clarke Matthew, oysterman 9 Dock 

Clarke Samuel, labourer 10th near Mulberry 

Clarke L. B. teacher Moravian alley 
-Gli^rke Rebert, tanneF 149 Coates 
-Cla?"ke Samuel, mercha/it ^27,so'aJ:h Ffpnt- 

Clarke widow of Samuel 38 N Fifth 

Clarke Samuel, hricklayej-oS ^ane street 
• C^laFke'Wm. .portrait -& mimatcire painter corner Thii'd 
and Union 

Clarke widow, boarding house 208 Mulberry 

Clarkson Jacob, grocer 83 Union and 109 S Water 

Clarkson Levinus, gi'ocer comer Vine and 3d 

Clawges Joseph, painter 17 Chesnut 

Clawges Daniel, painter, &c. next 188 Vine 

Clawges J. sen. measurer of painter's work 1 17 N Fifth 

Clawges George, cedar cooper, 5 South alley 

Claxton John, shipchandler 19 .Mulberry 

Clay John, taylor 28 Fitzwalter 

Clay George, sea captain 1 17 Vine 

Clay Robert, sea captain 1 1 7 Vine 

Clay Curtis, sen. gentleman 117 Vine 

Clay Cuitis, jun. gentleman 77 N Fourth 

Clay Alexander, 6 Strawberry 

Clay Mary, widow seamstress 14 Oak (S) 

Clay Joseph, member to Congress 153 S Sixth 

Claypoole Abraham, C. accomptant Little Seventii 

Claypoole David, C gentleman 113 Spruce 

Claypoolt; Joseph, Late city commissioner 4 S Front 

Claypoole John upl.olsterer 72 S Front 

Claypoole Joseph jun. hatter 4 S Front 

Claypoole Josiah, shoemaker 334 N Second 

Clavton C, toach maker 112 Mulberrv 83 N 8th 


( 51 ) 

Clayton Mary, widow 268 Mulberr)- 

Clayton Samuel, shoemaker 316 south Thiixl 

Clayton Stephen, boot and shoemaker 22 south Fourth 

Clayton Margaret, seamstress 65 German 

Clayton Thomas, hatter 126 S Front 

Cleavenger Squire, taylor 84 X Front 6 Water 

Cleaver Philip, cedar cooper 215 X Eighth 

Cleaver Jesse, lumber merchant 288 X Second 

Cleland Cliarles, book-binder 31 Walnut 

Clemans M. D. 1 9 Plumb 

Clemens Edward, fi-uiterer 43, 255 High 

Clemens Joseph, perfumer 102 S Second 

Clemens Jacob, carter 67 X Tenth 

Clement Jacob, grocer 15 High 78 X Front 

Clement Joseph, accomptant 1 30 Vine 

Clement Jacob, merchant, 78 X Front 

Clements J. W. and Co. 26 S Wharves 

Clemons Hugh, maiiner 8 Swanson 

Clemson Thomas, dealer in bolting cloths 268 High st. 

52 Filbert 
Clew William, ladies shoemaker 315 Mulberry 
Clifford John, merchant next 192 High 
Clifford Thomas Sc John, merchants next 192 High 
Clifford's wharf opens next 29 X Wat£r 
Clifton Frances &c Ann >Iaria, 2 X^ Sixth 
Clifton James, sea captain 45 Almond 
Clifton John, merchant 74 Swanson 
Clifton Jehu, carpenter 106 X Eighth 
Clift:on and Tatem, sail makei^s 79 S Wharves 
Cline George, shipwright 424 S Second "^ 
Cline Elizabeth, widow 86 X Sixth > See Kline 

Cline George, tanner 317 N Thiixi J 

Cline Joseph, oak cooper 352 X' Front 
Cline Henr)', taylor 49 X Eighth 
Cline Airs, 429 'x Front 
Cline Philip, baker next 3 1 Sassaft'as alley 
Clinton William, boat builder Penn street (K) 
Clinton Robert, accomptant 71 Union 
Clinton Wm. boat builder comer of Shakemuxen and 

Fi^ankford road. 
Clinton 3/ary, midwife Locust above 7th st 
Clinton Elizabeth, A. boarding house 5 5 Fourtli 
Qoathinger Samuel, mast maker 375 X"^ Front 

( 52 ) 

Clop John, white smith 99 N Fourth 92 New 

Close ^1/ary, widow St. Tammany 

Clothberry John, biscuit baker 6 iV/eade alley 

Clothier Robert, shipwright 375 N Front 

Clothwoth John, biscuit baker 1 1 Plumb street 

Cloua Charles, F. skin dresser and parchment maker 5 1 

Ciillowhill St 
Cloud Jo. smelter and refiner in the Af int, 39 N 7th st 
Cloud John, shipwright 236 Swanson 
Cloude John, shipwright 50 Queen 
Clover P. blacksmith 109 CheiTy street 
Cluley Michael, labourer 218 south Fifth street 
Cluley John, wire worker Randolphs court 
Clum John, shipwright Shakemuxen 
C'lymer Daniel, Esq, 1 4 Filbert st 
Clymer George, gentleman 1 1 N Eighth 
Clymer Jacob, boxmaker 128 Coates 
Clymer Jacob, carpenter Johnsons court 
Coates A. ship smith Beach st 
Coates Daniel, currier 197 N Second 
Coates George M, merchant 26 N Third 
Coates John, shipwright 158 'Swanson 
Coates Catherine, nurse 456 N Front street 
Coates John R. attorney at law Chesnut above 8th 
Coates Isaac, shipwright Beach 
Coates Josiah, merchant 60 N Third 
Coates and Randolph, merchants 6 N Second 
Coates Samuel, merchant 82 S Front 
(>oates Thomas, grocer comer of Sassafras and Third 
Coates widow of William Esq. 382 N Front 
Coburn John, rigger 22 TV/ulberry 95 S Wharves 
Cobb John, carpenter 142 Cedar st 
Col)bet J. S. mate 265 N Front 
Cochran John, baker near 374 High 
Cochran i^/ary, tavernkeeper 32 .S' Eighth 
Cochran Robert, blacksmith Filbert above Tenth 
C:ochran Robert, innkeeper 122 6' Sixth 
Cochran widow, boarding house next 14 Carter*s alley 
Cochran Robert, printer 108 Sassafras 
Cochran Hugh, beok-binder 108 Sassafras 
Cochran Hugh, grocer Sc tavern keeper corner Fifth 
imd Shippen 

( 53 ) 

Cockburn W. J. gentleman Hudsons lane 
Coe Robert jun. ironmonger 22 N Fifth 
Coe Robert Sc Son, merchants 12 S Second 
Coffee G. F. sprig nail cutter Middle alley 
Coggins Isaac, mate near 46 Penn 
Cogil Jonathan, carpenter 26 Tkfarys st (S) 
Coglan John, bookbinder 143 N Third 
Coffien Albert, sea captain ilf 'Culloughs court 
Cohen E. merchant 42 N Fifth &: 175 High 
Cohen Bell, shopkeeper 1 7 S Third 
Cohen Jacob, near 1 Clierry 
Cohen Abraham, broker 1 1 5 Fourth 
Cohen A. mantua maker 85 S 6th 
Cole Anthony, labourer Vienna 
Cole William, carpenter 186 Sassafras 
Cole James, mariner 325 S Front 
Cole John, pilot 490 S Second 
Coleman Nicholas, biscuit baker 1 1 7 N Third 
Coleman Adam, shoemaker back 293 Vine 
Coleman Catharine, mantua maker 1 19 N TIiir4 
Coleman Charity, huckster 133 Cheriy 
Coleman Lydia, 83 N Ninth 
Coleman John, watchman 101 N Eighth 
Coleman Philip, skinnef and glue factor Noble 
Coleman Israel, nailor 175 St. Johns 
Coleman Jonathan, shoemaker 5 Juniper 
Coleman Wm. chair and horse letter Drinker's alley 
Colerick Arthur, printer 32 Carter's alley 
Colman P. glue Sc parchment maker Pegg's street 
Colhoun G. merchant 265 Chesnut 
Colhoun G. h H. merchants 37 N Water 
Colladay Abraham, carpenter 136 Mulberry 
Collayday Jacob, carpenter 158 Cherry 
Collar M. fisherman corner of Queen & Cherry (K) 
Collet John, sea captain 383 High 
Colley Patrick, labourer 145 St. Johns 
Collier John, rigger 12 Queen 
Collier Richard, jun. ladies shoemaker 25 N Ninth 
Collier Richard, sen. shoemaker 44 Passyunk road 
Collin Rev. Nicholas, 208 5\vanson 
. Collins Benjamin, painter kc. 60 and 92 Chesnut 
CoUiiis William, baker 52 5wanson 

E 2 

( 54 

Collins C. biscuit baker 68 iV/ulberry 

Collins Edward, taylor 150 south Fourth 

Collins 3/ary, widow 285 St. Johns 

Collins Edward, grocer 86 north Water 

Collins Joshua, and Co. booksellers 50 Chesnut 

Collins Sarah, biscuit baker 85 Mulberry 

Collins Timothy, grocer 75 S Fifth 

Collins Zaccheus, merchant 29 N "Second 

Colling James, shoemaker 148 Lombard street 

Ceilings Abraham, sailmaker 32 Cable lane 

Collings R. sailmaker 33 Union and 25 south Wharves 

Colltngswood widow, Brittons alley 

Collison George, mariner 10 Swanson 

Colonel John, jeweller 172 Pine 

Combs Sarah, shopkeeper 192 Cedar 

Comerlo Frederick, bfind box maker 67 Coates 

Comly James taylor 157 N Second 

Comly David, carpenter 359 N Third 

Comly Israel, shopkeeper 276 north Second 

Comly widow of James, taylor 190 north Fifth 

Commery Matthew, bricklayer 187 Cherry 

Commot George, shipwright Queen (K) 

Conard John, porter 30 North alley 

Conchy James, shopkeeper 272 High 

Conchy John, shopkeeper 304 S Front 

Condie Thomas, bookbinder 22 Carters alley 

Condon Wm. blacksmith shop Penn st (K) and dwelling 

Beach near Maiden 
Condy J. W. counsellor at law 119 Chesnut 
Conkle George, taylor 90 N ThiM 
Conkle Henry, taylor 65 Chesnut 
Conn Af, carpenter, 8 1 N 9th 

Connaway Barney, Sassafras above Schuylkill Seventh 
Conolly Bartholomew, merchant 186 N Third 
Connelly John auc- > Groceries — Wed. 8c Sat. P. M. 

tioneer 78 S Front 5 Dryg-oods-Tnes. P. M. kFr. A. M. 
Connelly Francis, shoemaker Frankford road 
Connelly H. cabinet maker 44 Spruce 158 S Front 
Connelly Margaretta, gentlewoman 104 Cherry 
Connelly J. blacksmith 282 south 3d, 49 George 
Connelly &, Hordernear 245 Swanson 
Connelly Patrick, gentleman 186 south Fourth 
Couneliy Robert, print cutter Juniper near Sassafras 

( 55 ) 

Conner Elizabeth, shopkeeper 327 N Third 
Connor Bridget, tavernkeeper 284 S Front 
Connor Edmoncl, carpenter 55 Gaskill 
Connor Charlotte, grocer 84 south Third 
Connor widow of M. tavernkeeper 484 north 2d 
Connor Mary, widow 6o Union 
Connor John, shoemaker 75 George 
Conoroe Thos. wharf builder 273 N Front 
Conover Joseph, shoemaker 66 Christian 
Conover Samuel, M. D. 26 N Fifth 
Conover Mary, seamstress Laurence st 
Conrad Dennis, bricklayer 81 Pine 
Conrad John, porter 30 N alley 
Conrad John, blacksmith 22 Pewter platter alley- 
Conrad John 8c Co. booksellers Sec. 30 Chesnut 
Conrad Joseph, bricklayer 392 5 Second 
Conwell Gerardus, boarding house 379 south 2d st 
Conyers WilHam, shipwright Noble street 
Conyers John, shoemaker 40 iS Third 
Conyingham Gusta\-us, sea captain 8 1 Lombard 
Cook Alexander, soap boiler 136 Sc 140 N Fourth 
Cook A. letter carrier Frombcrgers court 
Cook Peter, shoemaker 1 19 Plumb 
Cook Catherine, widow 135 Plumb 
Cook Charles, brushmaker back of 366 5 Second 
Cook George, taylor 127 and 149 N Second 
Cook Hannah, mantua maker 30 Stampers alley 
Cook Henry, carpenter 79 Vine 
Cook Elizabeth, spinster 52 Ahnond 
Cook John, grocery and feed store 405 N "Second 
Cook John, coppersmith 196 north 2d 
Cook Mary, \\-idow 18 Cherry 
Cook iV/ary, widow near 108 Plumb 
Cook Afargaret, shopkeeper 460 north Second 
Cook and -Son, boot and shoemakers 63 5 Front 
Cook Spencer, shoemaker 198 Cedar st 
Cook Samuel, gunsmith Germantown road 
Cook Susannah, widow 78 5 Third street 
Cock Thomas, blacksmith 1 9 Appletree alley 
Cooke John, merchant 133 High and 202 A/ulberry 
Coombs Da%'id, constable 33 German (see Combs J 
Coombs Richard, carter 187 5 Seventh 
Coombs John, labourer 327 N Front street 

( 56 ) 

Gooper Benjamin, lumber meachant 1 1 Keys alley 
Cooper B. k J. jun. lumber merchants 195 N Water 
Cooper Catherine, widow 345 -A/ulberry 
Cooper James, jun. merchant 35 N Water 28 Sassafras 
Cooper Rev. Ezekiel, superintendant of the book con- 
cerns for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 
United States, 53 Cherry st 
Cooper Francis, mariner 120 Brown 
Cooper William, porter 1 1 3 south Second 
Cooper William, shipwright Frankford road 
Cooper John, labourer Jones alley 
Cooper James, gentleman 194 N Front 
Cooper John, shoemaker 43 Coates 
Cooper James, lumber merchant 3/argaretta 
Cooper Jane, widow of John, 137 Pine 
Cooper Jesse, innkeeper comer of Front and German- 

toAMi road 
Cooper Joseph, merchant 35 N Frant 
Cooper il/ichael, baker 2 1 8 Cedar 
Cooper il/ary, gentlewoman 9 Vine street 
Cooper Sc Perkins, merchants 15 N Water 
Cooper Thomas, mast maker 3 iV/eade alley 
Cooper Thomas caipenter Seitz couit 
Cooper Thomas, carpenter Lilly alley 
Cooper Hugh, grocer 50 X Third 66 Mulberry 
Cope John, tavemkeer 12 Locust 
Cope John, tavernkeeper 427 N Second 
Cope and Thomas merchants 19 N Second 
Cope Israel, merchant -1 1 N Fourth 
Cope Thomas P. merchant 56 N Fourth 
Cope Wm. carter Sweeds alley 
Copeland Caleb, carpenter 7 AVebbs alley 
Copeland Amelia, widow 524 S Front 
Copper James C. 8c Co. merchants 1 5 1 High 
Coppenger John, pilot, 330 S Second 
Corbet widow, boarding house 90^N Water 
Corbett Enlow, mariner 59 Penn 
Corban Daniel, labourer 190 N Second 
Corbit Joseph carpenter 9 Swanson 
Cordner, John, tavernkeeper Franklin court 
Corfield Wm. skindresser James street 
Corfield Ann, mantua maker 65 S Fourth 

( 57 ) . 

Corley Rebecca, midwife 281 S Third 
Corfus Christian, baker 127 Callowhill 
Corgae Thomas, blacksmith 219 5c 207 ^wansou 
Cork John, carpenter Boltens court 
Corkrin James, carpenter 207 S Fourth 
Corless 3/atthias, grocer comer of Dock and Third 
Cornealy Wm. accomptant 74 N Sixth 
Cornel ious William, fisherman comer oi" Queen & Bi- 
shop st (K) 
Cornelia James carpenter 16 Crabb 
Cornish James, grocer 73 Cedar 
Cornish John, storekeeper com:ir of Cedar Sc Second 
Comman Adam, sugar refiner 11th below Spruce 
Comman widow, boarding house 48 north 6th 
Cornman Joseph, tavern keeper comer Pine 8c 1 1th 
Corraan Frederick, innkeeper 400 north 3d 
Comv.ell Daniel, tavemkeeper 320 north Front 
Comyn Jas. boaixling house 187 S Front 186 Water 
Corothers & Lippincott, taylors comer Water and 

Corothers John, taylor 32 Coates alley 
Cosgrove James, gix)cer near 2 1 Pine alley 
Cossart David, cedar coop>er 6 Locust 167 High 
Cotman John, taylor 83 north 5th 
Cotter il/ichael, sea captain 2 1 Cedar 
Cotter John, merchant 72 Union 
Cottringer Garrett, merchant 143 Pine 
Coulston Nathan, innkeeper 271 Vine 
Coulston William, labourer 1 89 S Fourth 
Coulter Joseph G. merchant 44 Union 157 S Water 
Coulton W. Sc Co. taylors X E comer Penn and Cedar 
Coulton 3/argai'et, near 97 Gaskill 
Countryman John, watchman 120 German 
Coupar widow of Robert, 23 Artillery lane 
Coui*en James, mariner 148 6assafi'as 
Courlet J. B. gentleman 38 Coates alley 
Course Henry, mariner 50 Artillery lane 
Courtney 3/ary, boardinghouse 3 1 Spnice 
Cousland John, plumber 25 Cartels alley 
Cousland Sc Bishop, plumbers 49 S Wharvet 
Cottmeau Dennis, merchant 9 Powell 
C^venough Hugh, gix)cer Almond st wharf 
Cowan Robert, blacksmith 8 Gaskill 

( 58 ) 

CoTJ-perthwaite Mark, shoemaker 141 Spnice 

Cowpeithwaite J. justice of the peace 204 N Front 

Cox Abraham, carpenter 261 Catharine 

Cox Gideon, shopkeeper 253 High 

Cox Da\id, labourer 1 Letitia court 

Cox Esek, taylor 52 Sassafras 

Cox Jacob, shopkeeper 226 High 

Cox James S. president of the Pennsylvania InsnraBce 

company 429 High 
Cox Gable, carter Taper alley 
Cox Elizabeth, teacheress 15 N Fourth 
Cox John, teacher 413 5 Second 
Cox John, mate 48 ./l/eade alley 
Cox John, carpenter Spruce abo\'e 7th 
Cox James, artist 39 Almond and 68 Dock 
Cox J. R. shoemaker Tenth below Walnut st 
Cox Paul, sea captain 88 south Front 
Cox iV/oses, gentleman 2 south Seventh 
Cox Samuel, shoemaker 47 il:/ulberi'3r 
Cox 3iartin, blacksmith 4 Noble st 
Cox Sai-ah, widovF 80 Spruce 
Cox^i John D. judge of the C. C. P, 76 Walnut 
Coxe William, Windsor chair maker 50 north Front 
Coxe D. W. merchant 22 Walnut 90 S Fourth 
Coxe Hester, gentlewoman 34 Almond 
Coxe Tench, purveyor of public supplies 1 1 Prune 
Coxe John R. M. D. 5 1 N Third 
Coyles John, accomptant 1 1 S Fourth 
Cozens Isaiah, carter 435 N Front 
Cozens William, shipwright Swedes alley 
Craft Jacob, whitesmith 4th above Brown 
Craft Jacob, carpenter il/arlborough 
Craft John, bookbinder Hoffmans alley 
Craig Elizabeth, china store 1 10 south Second 
Ci-aig Andrew, sea captain near 34 Kunkle street 
Craig Joseph, porter Biddies alley 
Craig i'V/ary, widow 57 N Front 
Craig Jane, gentlewoman 185 south Third 
Craig Frederick Delaware inn, 85 Chesnut 
Craig John, merchant 161 south Second 12 Dock 
Craig John, sadler 148 north Eighth 
Craig James teacher Randolphs court 
Craig John D. teacher back 369 south Second 

( 59 ) 

Craig Seth and co. sadlers & harness makers 1 10 His^h 
Crai^ Tliomas, tavernkeeper 3 Shippen 
Craig Thomas, sea captain 405 south Second 
Craig Wilham, taylor 210 south Water 
Crammond William, counting house corner of Third 

and Cypress alley, dwelling 1 12 south Third 
Cramp Martin, fisherman Queen (K) 
Cranchall Berthena, fruiterer 1S7 Chesnut 
Crane Roger, sea captain 4 1 Christian 
Crane James, lumber yard Beech 
Crane Azariah, wrought nailor Laurel 
Crane Roger, sea captain Union alley 
Cranston A. merchant 34 S Front 
Cranston, Alexander and Smith, merchants 34 South 

Front street 
Crap Joseph, taylor 17 Spruce 
Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker 175 S 2d 
Crapper London, shallop man 259 Cedar 
Crawford il^ry, widow Shackemuxen 
Crawford James, cabinet maker 332 5 2d 
Crawford John, baker 5 south 6th 

Crawford James, merchant 152 south Third, 57 Union 
Crawtords wharf opens at 99 N Water 
C'rawford Samuel, grocer 43 N Water 
Crawford Thomas, painter 6 Mead alley 
Crawford Sarah, boarding house 28 S Water 
Crawford William, silk-dyer pewter platter alley 
Crawley Elizabeth, boarding house 210 Spruce 
Craycroft John, shoeinaker 34 German 
Creamer George, carpenter 178 Sassafras 
Creamer Christian, corder 204 St. Johns 
Creamer J. blacksmith 161 Shippen 8c 177 S Fifth 
Ci-ean John, carjjenter 55 S 7th 
Creass Wm. shoemaker 1 6 Strawberry alle^ 
Cress George, constable 328 N Second 
Cress Henry, innkeeper Chesnut hill 
Cress John, sugar boiler 446 Sassafras 
Cresj Catharine, 5 -Starr alley 
Cress John, inspector of customs 99 N 6th 
Cress Peter, harness maker 237 High 
Cressman Jacob, shoemaker Brewers alley 
Cresson <Sarah, 16 N Fifth 
Cresson John E. conveyancei' 54 High 

( 60 ) 

Cresson Caleb, gentleman next 6 1 Cherry 

Cresson Richard C. tanner and currier 483 N Front 

Cresson Sc Wain, merchants 165 High 

Cresson John H. merchant 1 8 Strawberry 

Cresson John H. 8c James, china store 14 N -Second 

Cresson Benj. hatter 16 N Second, 18 Strawberry 

Cribbin John, rigger 115 Catharine 

Crim John, blacksraitli Noitli alley 

Criscom Elizabeth, gai^dneress Vienna st 

Criscom Rachel shopkeeper 324 N -Second 

Crispin Hetty Sc Rachel, shopkeepers 93 High 

Crismari Jacob, shoemaker 6 Brewers alley 

Crisman Samuel, carpenter 526 N Front 

Crispin Joseph L. mariuer 9 Budd st 

Croasdill Wm. merchant comer of High & N Front 

Croft John, bookbinder 9 1 N Third 

Cromley Jacob, labourer 3 1 N Seventh 

Crommell Jolm, bricklayer Johnson court 

Croner Judith, widow 6 Norris's alley 

Crooked Billet avharf at 21 S Water 

Crosby James mate 1 1 6 Geraian street 

Cross John tobacconist 13 Chesnut, 9 Laetitia court 

Cross John, bleeder 12 Crab 

Cross Daniel, rigger 20 Artilery lane 

Cross George, sawyer 274 Swanson 

Cross widow, of Thomas, 89 Plumb 

Cross John, storekeeper corner of Third h Brown 

Crossman Henry, grocer 128 High 

Crossman James, grocer 185 S Front 

Croto Henry, accomptant 32 Farmei's alley 

Crouding Peter, carpenter 254 Sassafras 

Crouss Michael, victualler 142 Vine 

Crousillat L. Merchant 13 N Water, coimting house 

Crousillats wharf 
Crousillats wharf opens next 13 N Water 
Crow Oliver, shoemaker Brewers alley 
Crowell Samuel, pilot 397 S Front 
Crowley Airs, nurse 140 Swanson 
Crowley John, clock Sc watchmaker 134 S Front 8<: 

277 Second 
Croxford W^ilHam, shoemaker 16 N Seventh 
Crozier Robert, grocer 5 Plumb 
Crukshank Joseph, mercliant Church alley 

C 61 ) 

Crukshank J. and James, booksellers, Sec. 87 High 
Cruson William, shingle dresser 127 Vine 
Crumby Thomas, laljourer Christian above Third 
Cryder Mary, gentlewoman 95 New 
CubenJohn, rigger 33 Catharine 
Culin John, taylor 5 S Water 14 Coombs alley 
Culin Eleanor, nurse 105 N Third 
CuUon George, painter 273 S Fifth 
Cullings Z)avid, taylor 95 S Water 
Cummens Charles, perfumer, 25 S Fourth 
Cummens John, West Chester road 13 miles from Phi- 
Cummin William, coppersmith 191 N Second 
Cumming William S. M. D, 18 Lombard 
Cumming £>& Co. mercliants 30 Nortli Water 
Cummings George, grocer 28 Plumb 
Cummings Isaac, shipwright 117 Catharine 
Cummings William, grocer 26 Plumb 
Cummins James, taylor 76 Chesnut 
Cummins Michael, shipwright 9 Mary 
Cummins Thomas, taylor 1 1 Carters alley 
Cummins Alexander, mariner 103 Swansou 
Cummins Paul, accomptant 22 Fitzwalter 
Cummins Samuel, sea captain 49 N Sixth 
Cumston Thomas, merchant 30 1 High 
Cunningham J. and W. grocers 46 S 2d 
Cunningham Robert, weaver 83 N Sixth 
Cunningham George, shoemaker 369 N Second 
Cunitz John, bleeder 78 Sassafras 
Curdis Charles, potter 50 Cedar 
Curlet Catharine, boardinghouse 81 Swanson 
Curren William, boardinghouse Spruce above 5th 
Curren Nathaniel, shoemaker 1 6 1 N Third 
Curren Wm. labourer Loxleys court 
Currey John, taylor corner of Eighth and Locusf 
Currey Robert, merchant 7 1 S Water, and Church alley 
Currey Charles, stevadore 120 Plumb 
Cui-rey J. carpsnter 8c grocer corner II th and Walnut 
Currie Samuel, hatter 336 S 2d 
Currie Mary, gentlewoman 143 Chesnut 
Currie William, M. D. 1 80 S Second 
Curry Samuel, shoemaker 143 Spruce Sc 253 High 


( 62 ) 

Ciirll William, boarding-house 108 N Water 

Curtain Hannah, shopkeeper 135 N Front 

Curtis 8c Pitman, taylors corner High and S Water 

Curtis Thomas, painter Tenth near Mulberry 

Curtis E. taylor 22 Coombs alley 2 *S Water 

Cuitis William, blacksmith 129 Cheriy 

( 'urths Asa, gi'ocer & tavern keeper 1 &: 3 High 

Curtis Jolm, potter 405 6' Front 

Cushing Caleb, sea captain 17 Becks alley 

Custis Savern, labourer 95 Lombard 

Cuthbert Anthony, mast maker 41 Pcnn 

Cuthbert Elizabeth, gentlewoman 397 north Front 

Cuthbert S. mast maker 206 S Third 

Cuthbert T. merchant 264 S Second, 1 Little Water 

Cuthbert Sc C^assedy, mast makers next 9 1 Swanson 

Cuthbert John and James, merchants 102 S Wharves 

Cuthbert John, teacher 1 17 Callowhill street 

DABADTE John, merchant 71 Walnut 
Daily Wm. dealer 92 N Water 
Dale Peter, labourer 60 Passyunk road 
Dale Richard, commodore U. S. navy 271 Chesnut 
Daling Paul, blacksmith 62 Cherry 
Dallas A. J. attorney of the United States, for thedistnct 

of Penn.sylvania 276 High 
Dallas Wm. plasterer 65 Catherine 
Dalley Mary, shopkeeper 1 1 1 High street 
Dally Jolm, sea captain 55 Vine 
Dalrimple George, 94 Christian street 
Dalton Peter, teacher corner of Nine and Fourth 
Dalzell Jane, shoestore 242 south Second 
Dalzell William, china store 244 -S Second 
Daniel Aaron, shipwright Queen (K) 
D?.niel John, milkman 42 Zane 
Daniel John, carter 67 N Tenth 
Dankel Henry, baker 86 N Front st 
Dankwert John, baker 59 N ^S'ixth street 
Dannaker Christian, grocer 141 N Third 
Dannaker Jolui, victualler neiu* 27 1 N Eighth 

( 63 ) 

Dare widow, innkeeper corner of Callowhill Sc Water 

Daniell Henry, mariner 233 5 Foui'th 

Darley John, carpenter Walnut above Tenth 

Darr Jacob, victualler ^^'ocKl above 8th 

DaiT Jacob, labourer Cliarlotte 

Darach James, batter 34 High st 

Darrach Nicholas^ shoemaker 133 Coates 

Dauce Simon, goldsmith kc. 33 north Third 

Dautrecliey A. geographer and engineer corner of 12th 

and Chesnut 
Davelling P. labourer Scliakcmuxen 
Davenport J. oak cooper 44 Union 4 2 "south Water 
Davenpoit AMlliam, mathematical mstniment maker 43 

S Front 
Davenport John, hatter 45 S Front 
Davenport William, taylor near 7 Pine alley 
Davidson A. sailmaker Steinmetz wharf Sc 114 N Front 
Davidson James, professor in the university 2 N Stli 
Davidson John, baker 225 S Fourth 
Davidson Arthur, cai'penter Cauftmans court 
Da-vidson ^Vm. livery stable 7 N 7th and 37 Fifth 
Davidson Vv'm. bix)ker 5 Ransom and 5 Chesnut 
Deavis Isaac, carpenter \A'alnut above Eighth 
Davies Abner, shoemaker 1 Itli below Locust High 
Davies Rice, cooper 1 1 Swanson 
Davies Eleanor, tayloress 7 Waggoners alley 
Davies Benjamin, bookseller &c. 37 Chesnut 
Davies Edward, coach painter 224 Mulberry 
Davies and Grant, grocers 373 S Front 
Davis Catherine, innkeeper 4 Bank street 
Davis Abraham, shoestore 58 High 
Davis Jonathan, carpenter 175 -S" §ixth 
Davis Andrew, of the U. S. navy 205 X Second 
Davis E. porter Budd near Poplar lane 
Davis Fmncis, shoemaker back of 112 Walnut 
Davis Francis, porter 121 Gemian 
Davis George, merchant 138 High 247 Mulberry 
Davis George, merchant and law bookstore 319 High 
Davis Isaac, shoemaker 63 German 
Davis Israel, tavernkeeper Broad above Sassafra?» 
Davis Joseph, mariner 130 German 
Davts James, ironmonger 162 N Second 

C 64 ) 

Da\'is John, labourer Tenth near Mulberry 

Davis John, superintendant of the water works Mulberry 

Davis John, tobacconist 228 High 
Davi»-Johu, m^te 199 St Johns street 
Davis Joseph, labourer Schuylkill Eighth near Vine 
Davis John, carpenter 99 German 
Davis Jolin, cabinet maker near 1 2 Christian 
Davis Jostph, sea captain 254 S Third 
Davis Mrs. tayloress 209 Sassafras 
Davis I. stone mason i88 Spruce 
Davis Nathaniel, shoemaker 480 south 2d 
Da\is Noah, brickhiyer St. John above Callowhill 
Davis Robert, carter 89 Passyuuk road 
Davis Samson, carpenter 177 Cherry 
Davis Sarah, shopkeeper 3 1 6 N Front 
Davis Wm. taylor 6 S Fifth 
Davis John, bricklayer Spafford street 
Davis William, printer 125 Mulberry 
Davis Thomas, shipjoiner 462 N Front 
Davis Thomas, boot and shoemaker 1 42 S Front 

Davis , blockmaker 50 Swanson 

Davis Thomas B. lieutenant in the navy 1 1 1 Catharine 
Davis Thomas, wharf builder 33 Christian 
Dans S: Willis, shoe store 40 High 
Davis W^m. storekeeper 389 N Front 
Davis Wm. taylor 25 N Third 

Davis W^m. shipchandler 27 Vine, and corner of Sassa- 
fras and Water 
Davis Wm. merchant 112 Spruce 
Davison John, saddler Locust above Ninth 
Davison Robert, innkeeper 71 Shippen 
Davison James, carter 3 Callowhill 
Davison John, shoemaker 11 and 13 Cedar 
Davison Thomas H. apothecary, kc. 247 S Front 
Davison David, grocer near 46 Penn 
Dawes Abija, merchant 1 1 1 S Front 
Dawes Ann, widow 20 N Sixth 
Dawes D. teacheress 6 Norris alley 
Dawes R. & A. merchants, 22 S wharves 
Dawes Rumford, merchant 9 N Fourth 
Dawson Daniel, ironmonger 78 N Fourth 
Dawson John, sea captain 32 Vine 

( 63 ) 

Dawson G. B. merchant corner of Front and Pine 

Dawson Robert, shopkeeper 101 N Second 

Dawson Thomas, manner Wells alley 

Dawson John, carpenter Cherry above 1 1th 

Dawson George, soap boiler near 125 Plumb 

Dawson Wm. brewer 79 Chesnut 

Day Augustus, carver 8c gilder 38 Chesnut 

Day Andrew, gardner Palmer street 

Day Benj. shipwright comer •S'arah Sc Bedford street 

Day Wm. merchant 34 N Eighth 

Day Catharine, widow IVIarlborough 

Day Isaac, carpenter Walnut above Eighth 

Day Catharine, widow 108 Christian 

Day Andrew, porter 297 S Fifth 

Daymon Francis, teacher 96 Catharine 

Daymon Martin, brewer 96 S Water 

Deacon Israel, taylor back 36 St. Johns si 

Deal John, porter 157 Coates 

Deal Peter H. carpenter Queen (K) 

Deal Daniel, blacksmith Queen (K) 

Deal Elias, baker, 25 Appletree alley 

Deal Jacob, grocer Queen (K) 

Deel John, victualler 261 Callowhill 

Deamer L. giX)cer corner Almond and Swanson 

Dean Alexander, accomptant 263 S Third 

Dean Joseph, labourer Queen (K) 

Dean Luke, musician 100 Plumb 

De Berger Jacob, grocer 387 N Front 

De Belair INIadam, widow 169 N Second 

D'Boyser Francis, Fromberger's court 

De Bree John, accomptant 154 Pine 

De Bender and Haines, boatbuilders 232 Swanson 

Dubryil Peter, sailmaker 53 S Fifth 

Decamps B. china store 9 1 S Second 

De Canizaes M, innkeeper 62 Cedar 

De Charms Mrs. boarding house 127 High 

De Coster Elizabeth, 3 Pinine 

De Coster Joseph, sea captain 260 N Front 

De Course Mrs. widow N Juniper Street 

Dccoing , wine merchant 589 N Front 

Deey William, breeches maker Sc taylor 4 N Fifth 
Deets Frederick, gentleman 90 Christian 

F 2 

( 66 ) 

Deets John, bricklayer 203 N Third 

De Field Peter, shoemaker 492 S Second 

De Forest Henry, cabinet maker 84 N Eighth 

De Forest Peter, hatter 84 N Eighth 

De Foronda Chevalier, consul general from his Catholic 

Majesty 168 Spruce 
De Lamai' Peter, nautical academy 1 4 Dock , 

De Haven Afoses, accomptant Sterling alley 
De Haven H. gentleman 53 N Sixth 
De Haven E. comb maker 1 3 Hopkins court 
Deimling F. G. accomptant 3 N Fifth 
Deiguoin M. merchant 71 New 
De La Montayne Edwd. shoeniaker 1 17 S Second 
De La Roche J. G. commission merchant and broker 

117 Chesnut 
Delaney Patrick, sadler 8 Locust 
Delaney Lydia, milliner 119 S Second 
Delamater John, merchant 88 N Eighth 
Delap Humphrey, blacksmith 192 Mulbeny 
Delavau James, fruiterer 182 N Second 
Delavcau Joseph, shopkeeper 176Spnice 
Delaveau Joseph, cabinet maker 38 Christian 
Delavau John, shipbuilder 2 1 7 "Swanson 
Delebos Peter, 52 Lombard 
Delemas E. taylor 522 5 Front 
Dekmas C. farmer 30 Mary st (S) 
Delfosse Casimir, merchant 65 S Eleventh 
De Lisle L. G. merchant 179 S Fifth " 
De Moulin, interpreter 13 S Fifth 
Demar L. grocer corner Almond and Swanson 
Demsey Ann, seamstress 5 Kniehts court 
Demsey John, shoemaker 1 30 N Fifth 
Demsey John, grocer 176 N Water 
Dencham James, carter 27 N Tenth 
Denham Peter, printer 363 f> Second 
Denham P. widow, 136 S Eighth 
Denckla Christian H. Merchant 68 N Third 
De Nike Davis, sea captain 1 14 Cedar street 
Denman Samuel-, merchant 188 High 
Denney Daniel, printer 114 N Sixth 
Denney Jones, mariner Brittons alley 
Dennie Joseph, gentleman 1 1 3 Walnut 
l)iinning Catharine, huxter 270 S Second 

( 67 ) 

Dennis John, slioemaker 460 N PVont 
Dennis John, Coroner 90 N Sixth 
Dennis Bamey, shipriglit 228 Swanson 
Dennis Jeremiah, shoemaker 20 Shippen- 
Derbyshire Thomas, teacher 75 Plumb 
Derbyshire John, carpenter 106 S Eighth 
Derrick Philip, printer 8 N Fifth 
Derrickson Milford, porter 235 Catharine 
Derrickson Joseph coachman 94 N Ninth 
Deny Hannah, widow 27 N Front 
Desauque Lewis, confectioner 63 S Second 
Descamps John, merchant 130 High 
Descuret Lewis, jeweller 1 12 S Second 
Desilver Thomas, bookbinder 12 Cressons allef 
Desilver Robert, bookbinder 1 3 Grays alley 
Desmond Timothy, painter h glazier 99 Spruce 
Deterline Henry, taylor 246 N Second 
De Ton Jane, grocer 7 Vernon 
Detz Peter, oak cooper 38 Moravian alley 
Detrick John, trunkmaker 20 Sc 1 1 1 N Second 
Dettweiler John, shoemaker 58 N Fourth 
Devereaux John, sea captain 49 1 S Front 
Deville C. cordial distiller 3 1 Coats alley 
Devillers Catherine, widow 1 14 N Eighth 
Devillers John, gardener 258 Sassafras 
Devin Mark, labourer Queen (K) 
Devin William, taylor 194 N Water 
Dcvitt Hugh, baker 240 Cedar 
Devoll Catherine, boarding house 173 S Front 
Dew Wm. boarding house 27 Pernio 
De Witt Peter, late lumber merchant 393 N Front 
Dewees L. Blacksmith 276 Sc 278 'S'wanson 
Dewees Elizabeth, shopkeeper 374 N Second 
Dewees William, M. D. £05 Mulberry 
Dewees vMartha, boarding house Gofoith alley 
Dialogues John, blacksmith North alley 
Diamond Jacob, carpenter Cressons court 
Diece Henry, shoemaker 2 Equality court 
Dick i)aniel, merchant 49 S Front 8c 48 W^ater 
Dick Frederick, taylor 104 Christian 
Dick Peter, taylor 32 N Eighth 
Dick Jacob, shipwright Shackemuxen 
Dick Phihp, grocer 206 High 

( 68 ) 

Dick Philip, tiiylor 29 5 Water 
Dickerson Sarah, widow 4 N Eighth 
Dickerson Abraham, carter 206 I^onibard 
Dickerson Mrs. midwife 31 Coates 
Dickerson Jesse E. millwright 31 Coates 
Dickerson Mahlon, attorney at law 1 3 S Fifth 
Dickifi'son John, porter 33 Moravian alley 
Dickes Peter, white smith Queen (K) 
Dickes Frederick, cabinet maker Cherry (K) 
Dickey Akam, sea captain Lilly alley 
Dickinson Joseph, cornchandler 256 N Front 
Dickinson -Dunn, oak cooper Peggs street 

i- Dickinson Josiah, tavenikeepcr Beech 
Dickinson X^aniel, glover 32 S 2d 
Dickenson Jesse, carter Noble above Front 
Dicksey George, sea captain Brooks court 
Dickson John, livery stable keeper -Drinkers alley 
Dickson John, grocer corner of Lombard and Third 
DiefFenbach J. L. grocer comer of St. Johns and Green 
Diehl N. attorney at law and notary public Carpenters 

buildings and 55 S Eleventh 
Diehl John, merchant 15 Sassafras 
Diehl Thomas, merchant 57 N Fourth 
Dietz Frederick, soap boiler 295 Vine 
Diglow Jacob, mariner 866 north Water 
Dilcart John, innkeeper 544 N Second 
Dill Joseph H. sea captain 32 Catherine 
Dillingham S. marine inn 7 south Water 
Dillman (Jacob, weaver 532 N Third 
Dilworth Sarah, hardwai-e store 1 28 S Front 
Dilworth Widow, gentlewoman 90 S Third 
Dilworth Thomas, mariner 94 Catherine 

< Dilworth James, ironmonger 41 N Second 
Dinaby John, sea captain 361 N 2d 
Dingey -Daniel, tayior 173 south Water 
Dinnin Robert, carpenter 188 south 6th 
Disborough Henry, M, D, 175 N Front 
Dixey Thomas, pump maker Fitzwalter above 7th 
Dixey C. pump maker corner of Vine and Eighth 
Dixon Andrew, cabinet maker 77 Z)ock 
Dixon Henry, oak cooper 391 N Third 
Dixon John, mustard manufactory 74 5 Front 
Dixon John, grocer comer Lombard and Third 

( 69 ) 

Dixon' James, stone cutter Z)eans rJley 

Dixon Patrick, labourer 5 Stampers alley 

Dobbin James, labourer 4 1 Becks alley 

Dobbins Thomas, taylor 2 1 5 Front 20 Water 

Dobbins Justice, taylor 2 Cherry 

Dobson George, merchant 92 High 

Dobson 'Samuel, carpenter 44 N Front 

Dobson Thomas, bookseller &c stationer 4 1 5 -Second 

Dobson John, stone mason 367 A/ulberry 

Dodder Barney, shoemaker 196 N Third 

Dodge John, picture frame maker lOCheny, and 

HofTmans alley 
Dodge Robert, carpenter 136 S Eighth 
Doederman Jacob, oak cooper 40 aV/oravian alley 
Doig John, stone cutter 34 6mall 
Dolby Daniel, cooper k. guager35 Penn 
Dolby iliary, spinster 30 Union 
Dolby Abraham, sea captain 8 Cherry 

Dolby Joseph, sexton 2 1 Cherry 

Dolby Mary, china store 338 S Second 
Dominick George, painter & glazier 224 N Front 

Donaldson Aaron, auctioneer 31 German 

Donaldson Arthur, taylor 48 N Front 

Donaldson Isaac, hatter 72 N Second 

Donaldson John, caipenter 225 Catharine 

Donaldson Joseph, gentleman 3 N Sixth 

Dojialdson Wm. T. mast maker 68 Swanson 

Donaberger G. shopkeeper near 30 North alley 

Donath Jos. Sc Co. merchants 28 S Front 

Donegan Thomas, storekeeper 410 N Second 

Donert J. H. taylor 1 1 5 Sassafras 

Donlevy John, shoemaker 285 S Third 

Donnel Nathaniel, shopkeeper 93 Sassafi-s^s 

Donnelly John, labourer 405 Sassafras 

Donnely , Juniper above Mulberry 

Donnohue Thos. sea captain 10 Union 

Donnohue H. labourer North alley 

Doogan Joseph, boot &; shoemaker 3i S Third 

Doogaii widow of Richard, 40 S Fifth 

Doran Charles, grocer 279 5 Fourth 

Doran Michael, shopkeeper comer of Chesnut &: Second 

Doran John, carpenter 284 S Fourth 

Dorman John, mariner above 224 Christian 

( "0 ) 

Dorbin John, taylor 10 Budd 

Donty , sea captuin 27 Pine 

Dorbac M. gentleman 83 N Tenth 
Dornaker Chiislianna, widow 293 Callowhill 
Dorneck E. shopkeeper 48 N Third 
Dorsey Samuel, silversmith 171 Mulberry 
Doreey Benedict, Sc Son, grocei'S, 3 Sc 5 S Third 
Dorsey I. D, k S. M. Fox, sugar refiners 13 Church 

Dorsey John, Sugar refiner 3 1 7 High 
Dorsey John, brewer 328 N •Second 
Dorsey Joshua, goldsmith kc. 14 Green 
Doi^on James, bricklayer 538 N Third 
Doublebower Henry printer oo Almond 
Dougherty James, hairdresser 385 *V Front 
Dougherty John, sadler Sc grocer 4 C'hesnut 
Dougherty Charles, taylor i3 Swanson 
Dougherty Edv.ard, labourer Pine alley 
Dougherty G. ironmonger 145 S Front Sc 144 3Vater 
Dougherty Hugh, labourer Locust above Seventh 
Dougherty Miciiaei labourer Wood (K) 
Dougherty John, burr stone cutter 168 Lombai^d 
Dougherty John, grocer 2 Chcsnut 
Dougherty John boarding house 9 Elbow lane 
Dougherty Robert boot &c shoemaker 6 Cherry- 
Dougherty Richard, carpenter 182 Pine 
Dougherty Roger, taylor 16Flumb 
Dougherty Susannah widow 17 Union 
Dougherty Patrick, stevadore 54 Penn 
Dougherty John, accomptant 56 N Eighth 
Dougherty Wm. soap boiler near 321 Callowhill 
Doughty Z)aniel, wharf builder 49 artillery lane 
Douglas Abraham, accountant 72 Union 
Douglas Elizabeth, widow near 155 Sassafras 
Douglass Charles, stevadore 12 Farmers alley 
Douglas John, shoemaker 10th below High 
Douglass Francis, bricklayer 38 N Fifth 
Duglass John, ship joiner Beach 

Douglass John, one of the Aldermen comer 4 th Sc Pine 
Douglass John, type founder 224 Lombard 
Douglass J. yeoman Passyuuk road below Christian 
Douglass Robert, hair dresser 54 Mulberry 
Douglass John, shopkeeper 306 S Fourth 

( 71 ) 

Douglass John, jun. cabinet maker 186 south 2d 

Douglass James, blacksmith 2 1 INIaiy 

Dove John, 58 Almond 

Dove John, sea captain 48 Union 

Dow Rebecca, shopkeeper 22 Christian 

Dow George, boarding house 353 S Front 

Dow John, printer Grofls court 

Dowd John,- mariner 185 Cedar 

Dowde Thos. hair dresser 366 S Front 

Dowder Jonathan, shipwright 336 S Front 

Dowdle John, tobacconist 60 Green 

Dowe George, boarding house 14 Shippen 

Dowell Allen, printer Walnut above Eighth 

Dower Nicholas, livery stable near 50 S Fourth 

Dowers E. sail maker 1 1 Pear, 33 S Wharves 

Dowers J. sei). sail maker 153 S Second and 54 South 

Dowers John, jun. merchant 153 5 Second 
Downey Elizabeth, seamstress 547 S Front 
Downing J. flourmerchant 119 N Water k 38 4th 
Downing Thos. shoemaker 21 N Third 


Downs Jacob, shoemaker Rose alley 
Downs Earl, shoemaker 86 High 42 Coates 
Doyle Mrs. shopkeeper 179 S Front and 178 Water 
Doyle John, tea.cher of Navigation 72 Walnut and N E 

corner of Cedar Sc Third 
Doyle William, mariner 87 Plum 
Doyle John, t£ivenikeeper 9 5 south Wpder 
Doyle John, tavemkeeper 8 High 
Draper Jonathan, shoemaker 129 Pine 
Draper John, engraver 446 N 2d 
Dreby John, porter 257 Catherine 
Dring Jane, widow 129 Green 
Drinker Henry, cashier of the B. N. A. 50 N Front 
Drinker Henry, jun. merchant HON Front 
Drinker Joseph, oak cooper 48 Mulberry 92 N Front 
Drinker Josiah D» merchant 191 Walnut 14 Chesnut 
Driscol Jeremiah, teacher 246 south Front 
Droz Humbert, clock and watcli maker 28 Mulberry 
Droze Peter, confectioner 223 south Second 
Drummon Mary, widow 274 south 2d 

( ^2 ) 

Duane William, sen. publisher of the Aurora 106 High 

and office Franklin court 
Dubarry John and Primat, merchants 25 south Third 
Dubany John, merchant 25 south Thiixi 
Duberry Hannah, widow 71 Gaskill 
Dubineer Thomas, carpenter 1 1th below Pine 
Dubois John, shoemaker back of 1 12 Walnut 
Dubois Abraham, sen. and jun. goldsmiths 65 N 2d 
Duboisq Henry, glass silverer 166 south 6th 
Dubs Martin, and Co. grocers 247 High 
Dubs INIichael, fiour merchant Peai^ons court 
Dubs Martin, grocer near 33 N7th 
Duche John, gentleman 22 Catherine 
Ducomb Vincent, perfumer 58 Walnut 
Ducoing and Lacombe, merchants near 19 Coats alley 
Duer John, attorney at law near 6 1 ^Valnut 
Duey Adam, tavernkeeper 10 south Fifth 
DufFee Andrew, shoemaker 269 south 2d 
Duffield Mrs. 1 1 south Front 

uffield Joshua, ropemaker 490 south 2d 
Duffield Samuel, M, D, 12 Chesnut 
Duffield James, ladies shoemaker 47 N Eighth 
Duffie Elizabeth, seamstress 126 German 
Duffie Charles, labourer 74 German 
Duffie Thomas, labourer Rose alley 
Duffie Philip, boardinghouse 223 Swanson 
Duffie Michael, printer Juniper lane 
Dufief N. G. professor of French literature 6 South 4tk 
Dugan Joseph, merchant 9 1 S Third 
Dugdale Thomas, ironmonger 274 N Second 
Duiemineer Samuel, labourer Frankford Road 
Dulling Joshua, taylor 123 Mulberry 
Duling John, taylor 75 »Spruce 
Dull Hugh, shoemaker back 366 S -Second 
Dumas John F. merchant 20 Vine 
Dumoutet J. B. jeweller 55 S Second 
Dunaqerger George, trunk maker 64 5assafr 
Dunant E.. merchant 333 High 
Duncan widow of James, innkeeper 376 S Second 
Duncan widow, corner High and Juniper 
Duncan widow, tavem keeper Almond street wharf 
Dungan James, tavern keeper 1 49 N Thiixl 
Dungan Michael, cabinet maker Germantown road 

( 73 ) 

Dung-an John, taveni keeper corner of 1 1th h Spruce 

Duni^an James, book-binder 36 Moravian alley 

Du!i4i;an Thomas, g-rocer 48 High 

Dunkerly Luke, cabinet maker 355 N Third 

Dunkin Robert 11. attorney at law corner Pine & Front 

Dunlap James, M. D. 107 Mulberry 

Dunlap James, g-entleman Irish track lane 

Dunlap Sarah, shopkeeper 150 Lombard 

Dunlap Mary, seamstress 289 S Fourth 

Dunlap David, bookbinder 14 Quarry 

Dunlap John, gentleman corner of High Sc Twelfth 

Dunlap Robert, woodsawyer 9 1 Cedar 

Dunlavea J. boaixlinghouse 282 S Fourth 

Dunlavy Robert, sea captain Loxleys court 

Duley Joseph, shoemaker 44 German 

Dunn Edward, carter 1 50 S Ninth 

Dunn Joseph, grazier Filbert above 10th 

Dunn Wm. cooper 4 1 Ai tillery lane 

Dunn widow of Edward, 161 N Sixth 

Dunn D. beef stake and oyster house 6Lctitia court 

Dunn Thomas, fancy silk and ribbon store 64 N Second 

Dunn Robert, soap boiler 188 Sassafras 

Dunn Robert, plaisterer 316 S 6th 

Dunn Samuel, plaisterer 160 Pine 

Dunning Ann, tayloress 99 German 

Duon Honora, lace maker 1 16 >J Third 

Dunton Jacob, sail maker 65 New and Bicklrys wharf 

Dunton William, sea captain 54 Brown 

Dunwick Wm. taylor 8 Plumb 

Dun woody John, carter St. George above Tenth 

Duplessis Le Barbier, conveyancer and sworn interpreter 
52 Walnut 

Duplane widow, 70 Union 

Du Ponceau Peter -S'. counsellor at law, office in Sixth, 
N. E. corner of Chesnut, dwelling 195 
Chesnut Street 

Dupre Peter, professor of music 1 Johnstons court 

Dupuy D. jun. watchmaker &c. 4 S Second 1 1 4 Sassafras 

Dupuy Daniel, sen. gentleman 1 1 4 Sassafras 

Durang Jacob, surgeon barber 25 1 South Fifth 

Durang John, comedian 2 1 6 Cedar 

Durant Eleanor, taylor 16 Oak 


( 74 ) 

Durbcc Sarah, \fIdow 26 Green 

Durfor G. grocer 262 Mulberiy 

Durmer Thomas, victualler Germantown road 

Dumell Thomas, conslable 180 S 7burth 

Dumey Michael, baker 303 S Second 

Durell Jeremiah, porter 48 Brown 

Dusar F. merchant 61 S Third 187 Walnut 

Dustan Michael, sadler 306 N Second 

Dutch Henry, tobacconist Hanover 

Dutilh H. merchant 147 S Third 

Duiilh E. merchant 164 S Second 

Duval James R. merchant 83 N Second 

Duvivier widow of Lewis, M. D, 315 N /ront 

Dyer and Dorey, brewers comer Noble and Second 

Dyke John, hair dresser 137 Chesnut 

E ACHES Robert, brass founder 98 Cedar 
Eagers Jacob, taylor 1 1 North alley 
Eagleson Joseph, wliitesmith 93 N i'ront 
Eanesworth Sc Jolley, hardware merchants 1 52 High 
Earingflchtcr Jacob, turner 57 T^ilbert 
Earl Abraham, tavern keeper 319 N /"ront 
Earl David, shoemaker 54 Callowhill 
Earley John, porter 192 6* Eighth 
Earnest George^, shipwright Queen (K) 
Earnest Jacob, taylor 1 7 S i'burth 
Earnest Jacob, fruiterer 1 8 High 
Eastburn Joseph, cabinet maker 86 Vine 
Eastbum John, shipwright 500 S /^ront 
Eastburn widow of Thomas, 50 Queen 
Eastbum k Lesley, cabinet makers 101 Mulberiy 
Easter John, mate 265 N i^ront 
Eaton John, grocer corner 13th and Locust 
Eaton Elijah, shoemaker 146 Brovvii 
Kbberth Conrad, gentleman 186 N Fihh 
Eberle Charles, surgeons instrument maker 14 N Fifth 
liberie George, baker 3 1 5 S Third 
liberie Frederick, baker 1 1 2 Shippen 
Kberle Henry, whitesmith 325 N 3d and Rose alley 
Ebling John, tavemkeeper above 5 1 1 N Second 

( 75 ) 

Ebsworth Dunld, vendae crycr Clicsnut near 7th 

Eccless James, grocer corner of Fifth luid Cedar 

Eckard J. F. niercliant 43 Spruce 

EckondonT Martin, hair dictiHer 270 south 2d 

Eckey John, siioemaker 61 N i'ourth 

Eckfeldt Adam, assistant mintner Juniper near Vine 

Eckfeklt Jacob, smith and innkeeper 30 N J'VaIi 

Eckfekk aiKl Weaver, smiths 46 N Fitiii 

Eckstein Frederick, merchiuit 21 1 iiigh 

Eckstein Jacob, taylor 19 New 

Eddy Mi-b. nurse 3 1 4 N i'ront 

Eddy George, broker 1 1 1 Spruce 

Eddey Charles, shopkeeper 131 »S' 2d 

Edinton Ann, widow Pearsons court 

Eddows Ralph, merchant 35 N Sixth 

Edenbaugh John, blacksmith 204 Coats 

Edenbom Jacob, currier 110 Sassafras 

Edingbourg Peter, labourer 223 Catherine 

Edgar Wm. blackball maker Cailowhiil above the Ridge 

Edger widow, boarding house 15 N i^ifth 

Edmiston Eiisha shoemaker 14 Marys 

Edmonson J. shopkeeper 75 N Third 

Edmonson Wm. shoemaker Becks 

Edwards Mrs. widow 329 N /'Ifth 

Edwards Griffith, grocer 72 High 16 Bank 

Edwards James, sea captain 28 Ciillowhill 

Edwards Joshua, merchant 8 1 Walnut 

Edwards Jonathan, tavcrnkeeper 148 Coatcs 

Edwards John, bricklayer 328 south 6th 

Edwards John, gentleman St. Tammany 

Edwards Mary, mantua maker St. Tammany 

Edwards -fidv.ard, merchant 194 N i^'ifth 

Edwards Robert, accomptant 74 Green 

Edwards William,, cabinet maker 23 Catharine 

Edwards Philip, state prison keeper corner of ^Valnut 

Edward Joseph, brass founder 45 Pine 

Edward P. washer near 49 Artillery lane 

Edward Joseph, oak cooper 1 1 Passyunk road 

Edward widow of William, 343 Cailowhiil 

Egan Charles, printer St. George above Twelfth 

Egan William, taylor 28 N Water 

t^gan Thomas, shoemaker 15 S Sixth 

Egan Michael, teacher 15 Willings alley 

( 76 ) 

Ec^ert Margaret, gentlewoman 45 Spruce 

K^ert George, baker 357 N Second 

Ilggot George, mariner near 8 Margaretta 

Eglee Jaroh, cabinet maker 72 S /^ourth 

PJirenzeller George, accomptant near 6 1 Chen'v 

Plhringhaus Adolph, merrhant 126 S -Fourth 

IChronfeld G. F. grocer 7 1 Sassafras 

Eichgclberncr Peter, baker Grays alley 

i/iiienck widow oiXieoi-ge, baker 140 N /^ront 

j^istnlju ey litnry, tobacconist 62 N Water 

] istnbroy Peter, grocer corner Sassafras and 7rh 

Eiscnbrey Mrs. widow 177 Sassafras 

Eisenliut Anclrew, coppersmith 203 N Sccrmd 

Eistn'-ut Jobn, copptrsniitii 3d al)ove Callon'hiil 

Eke Ciithcii'iiie, widow 71 S /buiih 

Ei'Ji;ry^oii Joiin, gwjDer 5 Mulberry 

xSutix Kiciiard, liui-ness maker 99 N 8th 

i:.l(icr 'i honias, M. D. 79 N Water 

Eiciredge Phineas, sea captain Carpenter (S) 

Eld ridge Samuel, merchant 129 High 

Elfrcy Jdcob, cedar cooper Peai^ons court 

Elkington A. taylor 72 N Water 27 Mulberry 

Ellcrson widow of Andrew, grocer 5 1 Coate-i 

EllettC. ironmonger 193 High 37 N i^'ourih 

Ellick Pliilip, taylor 73 S i^^ifth 

Elliot James, jeweller 285 S i^iflh 

Elliot John, sea captain 195 S i'Vont 

Elliot William, innkeeper 18 N i'buith 

Elliot •S'anmel, cumer and leather cutter 52 Dock and 

74 Union 
Elliot Jane, widow 148 Sassafras 

Elliot ^Villiam, blacksmith, 107 Walmit, 82 S Fourth 
Elliot George, baker 26 George 
Elliot William, mariner Dnnkers court 
Elliot J. and Sons, looking glass Sc medical store 60 S 

Front street 
Ellis David, grocer 44 1 N Front 
Ellis George, taylor back 142 Spruce 
Ellis Christopher, nailor 185 S Johns 
Ellis John, teacher 2 16 N Third 
Ellis John, grocer 2 Callowhill 
Ellis James, brass founder 252 S Front 
Ellis Rowland, merchant 54 & 151 N 3d 

( 77 ) 

Ellis E. ( ubinet maker, 267 Sassafi'as 
Ellison Robeil, late carpenter 56 Lombard 
Ellison William, accomptant 113 S Fifth 
Ellston Thomas, shipwright Marlborough 
Elmslie Alexander, merchant 35 Chesnut 
Elton Joseph, taylor, 84 N Fourth 
Elverson 8c Shuster, oak coopei's 110 N Water 
Ely Hugh, & Joseph, flour merchants 5 1 N Water 
Ely Hugh, merchant 42 Cabel lane 
Emerick &c Painter, grocers 271 High 
Emerick Baltus, baker 234 High 
Emery Lewis merchant 109 N Second 
Emory David, gardner Hanover 
Emery Jacob, meal dealer 48 1 N Third 
Emery John, clerk of -St. Thomas church 9 N 8th 
Emery John, carter 159 St Johns 

Emery Samuel, ship broker, office next the Custom 
house Carpenters building and dwelling East Banks 
of the Schuylkill near Cedar 
Emes Ann, midwife 207 Sassafras 
Emlen G. merchant corner of 4th & Willings alley 
Emlen C. hardware store i35 High, 305 Mulbeny 
Emlen Warder, hardware Hierchant 305 Mulberry 
Emmert Henry, carter Taper alley 
Emmert John, tobacconist St. Johns between Noble and 

Emmes John, pilot 134 Cedar 

Emmick Peter, carter Callowhill above 8th 

Endress Z. botler 84 N Front and 50 N Fifth 

Endries Michael, taylor 447 N Second ^ 
-Endries Jacob, carter 447 N 2d 

Enefer Mary, milliner 26 N Sixth 

Eneu James, baker 38 Passyunk road 

Engard Adam, carter 1 80 St. Johns 

Engaixl Henry, tavemkeeper 418 N 2d 

Englebeit Leonard, storekeeper 232 south 2d 

Englefret C. blacksmith Matlocks court 

Engle James, hardware store comer of Shippen and 2d 

Engle Francis, ironmonger 73 'Sassafras 

Engles S, city surveyor and measurer 248 S Third 

English Thomas, carpenter 31 Crab 

English Joseph, gentleman 3 1 Brown 

G 2 

i 7B ) 

English and Holland, merchants 23 Chesmit 

Ennis Ann, boarding house Penn below Cedar 

Ensley William, grocer 1 1 3 N Third 

Enters Lewis, tavernkeeper 323 N Third 

Ephlan Samuel, 1 2 1 N Fourth 

Erdman C. sworn interpreter, 12 Moravian alley 

En ickson Christian, sea captain 503 S Front st 

Erringer John, brewer Webbs alley 

Erringer Frederick, shoemaker 57 Mulberry 

Ervine R. comb maker corner 1 1th & St George 

Ervine George, baker 7 1 Queen 

Er\in Samuel, carpenter 16 Cherry 

Erw'in John, porter 475 N Second [See Irwin] 

Erwen w idow of Robert, carpenter 7 Cherry 

Erwcn Samuel, oak cooper 15 Params alley 

Erwin John, hatter 119 S Water 

Erwin Catharine, teacheress Pattons court 

I->win Robert, livery stalile &c. 1 S •S'eveiith 

l^'shart Robert, tobacconist Globe mills 

Es!ier Jacob, taylor 13 Wagners alley 

J-^sherick George, baker 9 N Fifth 

I^sler Andrew brushmaker 33 N Fifth 

Esler Adam, late coachmaker 189 N Second 

I'Lsline Nicholas, brickmaker 8 S Fifth 

l\,stitk Stephen, plaisterer 201 St. Johns 

l^stell Daniel, taylor 24 N Water 

Estill Britton, stable keeper Moravian alley 

Etris Christiana, widow 128 N Fifth 

Etris Wm. currier 397 N Third 

Etris Samuel, cabinet maker 132 N Fifth 

Etter George, coachmaker 25 N Sixth 

I'Lttwein Mrs. widow, innkeeper 131 Callowhill 

J^vistace William, hair dresser Prune 

Euland L. shipwright 500 S Second 

Euland James, shipwright Frankford road 

Evans Abel, lumber merchant 24 Sc corner of Callow 

hill 8c Third 
Evans Cadwallader, merchant 80 N Eighth 
Evans Cadwallader, agent 31 1 High 
lilvaiis David, lumber merchant 80 N Eighth 
Evans & Warner, lumber merchants 180 Vine 
Evans David sen, gentleman spruce above Seventh 

( 79 ) 

Evans David, jun. cumer 171 N 2d 

Evans David, jun. carpenter 8 1 Union 

Evans David, sea captain 26 Catharine 

Evans David, cabinet maker 1 1 5 and 2 1 5 MulbeiT)- 

I^vans Edward, corner of Third 8c Germantown road 

Evans Elizabeth, shopkeeper 14*5 Second 

Evans Isaiah, plaisterer 101 N 6th 

Evans John, merchant 58 south Second 

Evans John, carpenter 145 N 6th 

Evans John C. sen. gentleman Spruce above 7th 

Evans John C. jun. ca^ipenter -Spruce above 7th 

Evans John B. merchant 63 Pine 

Evans John B. taylor 199 N Second 

Evans Jonathan, lumber merchant 102 Union 

Evans Peter, blacksmith 50 Zane st 

Evans Margaret, boarding house 1 3 Branch 

Evans and Maxfield, lumber merchants 215 N Third 

Evans Owen, labourer Shackemuxen 

Evans Samuel, attorney at law 63 Walnut 

Evans Susannah, shopkeeper 234 5 Second 

Evans Sarah, widow 200 Mulberry 

Evans Sarah, confectioner 1 3 1 i' Third 

Evans Thomas, taylor 14 Knights court 

Evans and Williams, lumber yard Q range 

Evani William, cai^enter 27 Plum 

Evans Oliver, merchant near 306 High and 47 Filbert 

Evans Peter, tavemkeeper 138 S Front 

Evans Reese, cai-penter Leechs court 

Evans Robert, jun. hatter 96 High and 94 N Fifth 

Evans Robert, sen. lumber merchant 92 & 198 N Fifth 

Evans Robert, lumber merchant 62 N 5th 

Evans Samuel, sea captain 166 5" Fourth street 

Everhart John, yeoman 498 S Front 

Everhart Abraham, carpenter 255 Sassafras 

Everhart Widow, 65 N Tenth 

Evenger Peter, shoemaker 5 XIV Chimnies 

Everley Jacob, rigger 92 N Front 

Everly Adam, hair dresser 25 Chesnut 

Everly Jacob, hatter 86 Lombard 

Eves and Wister, merchants 103 High 

Evitt William, mariner 56 Artillery lane 

Ewing Mrs. 12 N Eighth 

Ewing Samuel, attorney at law 30 Walnut 

( 80 ) 

Ewing Tliomas, merchant 19 Chesnut 

Ewing William, attorney at law 121 Cedar 

Exeter "widow of John, 88 Gaskill st 

Eyre Nathan, taylor corner Water and High stretts 

Eyre Manuel senr. shipwright Beech st. 

Eyre Manuel junr. mercht. 19 5 Wliarves, 253 N Front 

Eyre Jehu, shipwright Beech street 

Eyre Franklin, shipbuilder Beech street [see Ayres 

Eyre George, shipbuilder Beech street 

Eyre York, caipenter, 109 S Second street 

Eyre John, taylor, 124 Brown street 

FABLE GEORGE, taylor, 160 Sassafras 
Facey Michael, shoemaker, 90 Coates street 
Facundus Jacob, constable, ^Valnut above -Seventh 
Facundus Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 141 N Sixth 
Fagundus George, superintendant, 63 Coates 
Failes Joseph, mate 48 Penn street 
Fairbain John, shopkeeper, 56 S -Second 
Fairbain Wm. accomptant, near 83 S Fourth 
Fairey Elizabeth, shopkeeper 431 N Third 
Falconer Nathaniel, master warden, 29 Sassafras 
Falconer William, gentleman, 5 Cherry st 
Falconer James, plaisterer, Locust above 8th. [«e€ Faul 
Falin Richard, rigger, 125 Swanson 
Falker Geopge, shoemaker, 97 N Sixth st 
Fanen Anthony, late painter, kc. 244 ^Serenth 
Faner Casper, tobacconist and tavernkeeper, corner of 

Sassafras and Fifth st 
Fanslor John, carpenter, 385 Sassafras 
Farley James, taylor, 275 S Fifth street 
Farmer Lawrence, botler, 1 2 Strawberry alley 
Former Lewis, innkeeper 140 High 
Farmer James, carpenter 28 S Third 
Famell Sc Pierie, curriers Dock near Second 
Earner Michael, tobacconist 339 Callowhill 
Farnham Frederick, merchant 30 S Water 
Farquhar George, M. D. comer of 8th Johnsons coutt 
Fan* John, blockmaker 2 Elfreths alley 
Farr William, grocer corner of Cedar & Pain 

( 81 ) 

Farran James, shoemaker 10 near High 

Farran Murejaret, widow Beech st 

Faireday John, gardner Shakemiixcn 

Farrier Wm. shoemaker 198 Cedar 

Farris Francis L. china merchant 5\ S Second 

Fan-is Berd. flour merchant 76 Union (See /erris] 

Faulke CraflT, tobacconist 195 St. Johns 

Faulkner William, shipwright 13 Beecks alley 

Faunce C. fisherman corner of Queen and HiJiovcr 

Fi'.unce John, buker corner of 2d Sc Brov. n 

Fi^unce Samuel, baker 315 S Third 

Faunce David, labourer Wood st 

Faunce Jacob, iislierman Queen (K) 

Faunce George, sliipwrio-ht Queen [II.] 

Faunce Henry, tavernkeeper 435 X Second 

Faunce Henry, caulker 227 St. Jolms 

Faunce Rebecca, gloveress Queen (K) 

Faures F. L. biscuit baker 28 S Wharves and Spmee 

above Seventh 
Faures k Co. china merchants 5 1 S Second 
Fawcett Sarah, 386 S Second 
Fearon Joseph, soap boiler Sec. 93 Walnut 
FeaixDn M. widow 1 Knights court 
Fell Eliza, storekeeper 207 N Second 
Fellette Mrs. boarding house 190 5 Second 
Fennell Wm. merchant 55 N Thiixl 
Feinour 8c Shirley, tin Sc ironplate workers 194 S 2d 

Fenaustin- , brushmaker 198 N Second 

Fenner Henry, taylor 141 S "Water 

Fenner Peter, taylor Steinmetz court 

Fenton Thomas, ladies shoemaker 46 Sassafi-as 

Fere Joseph, gentleman 1 50 N Third 

Ferguson Benjamin, taylor 35 Mulberry 

Ferguson Ebenezer, justice of the peace 72 George 

Ferguson in*ancis, cai-penter 37 Queen *'^.' - 

Ferguson R. J^. taylor 28 Artillery lane 

Ferguson Robert, gentleman 152 Pine 

Ferguson Samuel, shipwright 253 N Second 

Ferguson John, silversmith 1 5 Elfreths alley 

Ferguson Thomas, biscuit baker 158 Spruce 

Ferris Benjamin, clock and watchmaker 17 N 2d 

Fetter James, labourer Hanover st 

Field Christian, widow 127 Walnut 

( fe^ ) 

Field Peter, taylor 1 27 Spruce 

Field Peter, brick maker 4 Meredith's row 

Field John, merchant 1 N Eleventh 

Field Eliziibeth, mantua maker 45 MuH)i iiy 

F'ield Joseph, nieixrhant 34 N /'Vont 

Field Stephen, taylor 359 N Third 

Fi-j]d Mary, widow SI 5 Callowhill :,t 

F^ield Ninhnn, merchant 45 Mulberry 

Field William, grain measurer 62 Union 

Field Tlionius, raerchaLt 1 4 N i'ront 

Field Thomas, labourer Queen (K) 

Fielding Robert, coach maker ZOT and 325 llij^li 

Fife ^Villiam, ti-unk maker Eleventh below Locust 

Fimeton J. carpenter S 10th 4 doors from Hijjh 

Finch Widow, tavernkeeper 7 Chesnut 

Finch Peter, carter 240 I^mbard 

Finney John, oak cooper Biddies alley 

Finney Charles, carpenter 22 Pear 

Fink Jacob, stocking weaver 26 North aHey 

Finley William, carpenter 330 S 6th 

Finley James, teacher 231 Mulberry 

Finley Hugh, carpenter 268 south 4th 

Finnelly Thomas, tavernkeeper corner Walnut 8c Water 

Finn Jacob, shoemaker 398 N Third 

Fiirth Stubbins, IVI. D. Dispensary 37 south 5th 

Firon Philip, taylor 4 1 Green 

Filth John, shopkeeper 108 north Third 

Firth Preston C. carpenter 28 St Johns 

Fisher Ann, grocer corner of Say and •S'Ghuylkill 8th 

Fisher Arthur, accomptant 302 5assafi-as 

Fisher widow, tavernkeeper 228 Swanson 

Fisher Elias, grocer 409 N Front 

Fisher Da^^d, painter Sec. Johnsons court 

Fisher Ehsha, merchant 38 Mulberry 

Fisher Elizabeth, seamstress near 15 Plumb 

Fisher Elisha &c Co. ironmongers next 192 High 

Fisher widow of/'', victualler York road 

Fisher George, stationer 188 south 2d 

Fisher George, v/harf builder 68 Budd 

F'isher John, shoemaker 123 Mulberry 

Fisher John, victualler 2 1 9 N 8th 

Fisher Jas. C.and S. W^. merchants S3 Mulberry 

Fisher James C. merchant 2 1 Mulbtrrv 

( 8« ) 

Fisher Joshua, merchant .5 Dock 

Fibber Jonathan, shoemaker \'ienna 

Fisher John, rope maker 433 south Second 

Fisher Miers, merchant 92 S ^'ront 

Fisher M. thermometer maker 82 N 4th 

Fislier Maiy, nurse 55 N Sixth 

Fislier Mar}-, widow 58 N Third 

Fislier Nicholas, lace Sc fringe weaver 7 1 Mulberry 

Fisher J. harness maker Sc trimmer 6 Stalls court 

Fisher Samuel, card maker 20 Famnei-s alley 

Fisher Saml. W. merchant 378 High 

Fisher 'Samuel and Miers, merchants 27 Dock 

Fisher Samuel, sen. grazier 182 N 5th 

Fisher Samuel R. merchant 1 10 S Front 

Fisher Thomas, assistant-sheriif 57 Gaskill 

Fisher Thomas, merchant 142 S Second 

Fisher Thos. &: Miers stave yard next 19 Swanson 

Fisher's wharf opens next 65 N Water 

Fisk John, rope maker 508 S /''ront 

Fisler Catharine, boarding house 147 N Second 

Fiss John, sail maker 54 N Eighth 

Fiss Joseph, M. D. 38 X Eighth 

Fiss John, wheat-fan and wire worker 14 Spruce 

Fitler Jacob, tanner and currier, 5 1 1 N Second 

Fitch Joseph, fan maker, 85 BroASTi st. 

F'itlow George, drover, 37 Budd st 

Fitzgerald Keran, stable-keeper, 47 S i^ourth 

Fitzgerald Robert, blockmaker, 1 Little Water 

Fitzpatrick Mary, widow, 141 Green st 

Fitzpatrick Rev. above 15 Willings alley 

Fitzrandolph Isaac, shoemaker, 43 Chesnut 

Fitzsimmons Thomas, merchant, 243 Chesnut 

Flaherty Daniel grocer, 198 N Second 

Flahavan Thomas, grocer Sc carriage letter, 74 N /"iftli 

Flake Jacob, taylor, 168 X /Ifth street 

Flake George, painter Sec. 63 N 8th. 198 Muiberiy 

Flamand James, grocer, 344 N i^ront 

Flanagan James, carpenter. Broad above -Sassafras 

Flanagan Stephen, pilot, 444 S i^ront street 

Flaxberd Lewis, barrow porter, 1 S i'aiTnei's alley 

Fleming William, mariner, 1 1 3 Cathenne 

Fleming Charles, inspector of salt 5c coal 17 Elfreths aHv«y 

Fleming Jos. H. agent and collector. 13 Burds alley 

( s^ ) 

Fleming James, mariner, 229 Catherine 

Fletcher John, sea captain, 59 Cherry st 

Fletcher Samuel, jeweller, 339 N Second st 

Fletcher Richard, sea captain, 39 Vine st 

Fletcher Johnson, currier, 9 1 N Third street 

Fletcher William, harness maker, 271 Sassafras 

Flickwire David, carpenter, 24 German 

Fling John, merchant, 13 High st. north side near Water 

Fling William, painter and glazier, 155 N Front 

Fling Susannah, boarding house, 49 Spruce 

Fling Edwai'd, painter and glazier, 36 Coates alley 

Flinn Wm. fruiterer, 72 N Front and Drinkers alley 

FHnn Thomas, stable keeper, Watkins court 

Flinn John, mariner 531 S Front 

Flinn Richard, sea captain 50 Green 

Flint John, coachmaker 228 iWulberry 

Flintham Wm. merchant 19 Keys alley 137 N Water 

Flmtham John, gentleman 9 1 Vine 

Flush John, suQ:ar boiler Kunkle st 

Flo^wers George, huxter 274 Sassafras 

Flowers Catharine, widow 16 Brawn 

riowers John, gentleman 45 Swanson 

Flowers Thomas, wood corder 30 \''ine 

Flowers Christopher cedar cooper 270 N Thiixl 

Flowers Thomas, pilot, 35 Catherine 

Flury Lewis, dancing master, 2 1 9 S Fifth street 

Flyder Catherine, huxter, 218 Cedar st 

Fobiger Elizabeth, 263 High street 

Fcedas Mary, boarding house, 26 Cypress alley 

Foering Frederick, currier 56 St Johns 

Foering John, baker 166 N 2d 

Foering 'S'amuel 8c F. curriers 228 north 2d 

Foering Samuel, currier 228 N 2d 

Fogal Nicholas, hog drover 237 St Johns 

Follin Augustus F. merchant 94 Lombard 

I'olwell Sc Browne, merchants 52 N Front 

Folwell Nathan, merchant 2 S 2d 

Folwell R. 8c J, printers 23 Strawberry 

Folwell Rachel, milliner 185 N 2d 

Folwell John, 8c Co. merchants 57 N Front 

Folwell iSamuel, miniature painter 14 Moravian alley 

Folwell William, shopkeeper 36 N Second 

Jtonde Andrew, grocer 290 S Third 

( 85 ) 

Fonde Sc Potter, grocers, 224 High at 

F'oos Mathias, shoemaker, 59 Shippen st 

Forbes Arthur, shipwrig'nt, 16 Mary (S) 

Forbes Mrs. midwife, 17 Crab st 

Ford J. wheelwriglit, next 88 N Sixth £c 166 8th 

Ford ElizabetJi, boarding house 155 Spmce st 

Ford L. brass sleeve-button manufactorv, 199 Sassafras 

Ford HaJinah, mantuamaker, 23 S Front st 

Ford Jos. rope-maker, corner Frankfort road 2c Otter st. 

Ford Peter, cabinet maker, 2 1 1 S Third st 

Forde Edward, plaisterer, 24 Cedar st 

Forde William, mariner, 7 Equality court 

Ford Mary, widow, 192 Vine st 

Foi*dham Benjamin, shipwright, 56 Vine st 

Fordham John, shipwright, Beech st 

Fordham Samuel, biscuit baker, 314 S Sixth 

Fore Michael, taylor Biddies alley 

Forcpaugh George, carpenter, 254 N Second st 

Forepaugh Frederick, carpenter, 72 Vine st 

Forgray William, bootmaker, 4 Shippen street 

Forman J. victualler, Charlotte st. 70 old shambles 

Foronda Chevalier de, his Catholic Majesty's consul g«- 

neral, 168 Spruce st 
FoiTest Thomas, gentleman, 264 High st 
Forrest William, accomptant, 5 1 George st 
Forrest John E. gentleman, 155 Lombard st 
FoiTest Thomas, constable, St. George above Tenth 
Forrester Michael, labourer, 98 Christian st 
FoiTester Henry, blacksmith. Pine above Sixth 
Forrester C. £c M. shopkeepei's, 7 North Fifth st 
Forsyth David, taylor and salesman, 33 Shippen 
Fort Marmaduke, tavernkeeper, 2 1 9 N Second 
Fortein James, sailmaker, 95 S Wharves, 50 Shippeft 
Fortiscue Sarah, shopkeeper, 74 Almond 
/'brtune Michael, gentleman, 39 Walnut st 
Fortune Nicholas, coal merchant, 164 and 193 N Third 
Fortune John B. hair dresser, 8 4 5hippen st 
Fortune Wm. blacksmith, comer of Vine and Fifth st 
Fosset Mi-s. widow, 22 N Fifth st 
Fosset J. W. merchant, 103 Mulberry st 
Foster Walter, taylor, 91 Swanson, 393 5 Second 
Foster Sc Stockton, merchants, 1 6 Chesnut st 


( 86 ) 

Foster William, merchant, 33 pewterplatter alley 
Foster 7l/ary, boarding house, 24 Shippen st 
Foster George, taveinkeeper, 252 N /'rent st 
Foster John C. sea captain, 5 P'rombergers court 
Foster George, AA'ell digger, 67 N Seventh st 
Foster Isaac labourer, St. Tammany st 
Foster Silas, sea captain, 36 Almond st 
Fotteral! Stephen D. store-keeper, 243 S Second 
I'ouquet Louis, tavernkeeper. Tenth near Cherry 
Foulke Elizabeth, gentleman, 54 N Front st 
Foulkc Casper, sea captain, 138 N Third st 
Foulke £c Cook, china warehouse, 311 N Second 
Fourcroy Charles L. commissary general from the 
French Republic, Chesnut 3 doors above Tenth 
Fousset Arthur, carter, 253 Vine st 
Fowe Henry, victualler, Shakemuxen 
Fowe Jacob, victualler, do. 
Fowe William, victualler, do. 

Fowzer widow, tavernkeeper, comer Brewers alley oc 4th 
Fowler Thomas, rigger, near 33 Noble st 
Fowler Dennis, labourer, Germ^intown road 
Fox Christian, cabinet-maker, 34 Crown st 
Fox Elizabeth, widow, 32 N Third 
I'ox Edward, recorder of deeds, office East wing of the 
State-house ; dwelling, 182 Mulberry 

Fox George, blacksmith, 2 1 Callowliill st 

P'ox George, shipwright. Penn (K) 

Fox George, caulker. 39 Bix)wn st 

Fox George, gentleman, Chesnut above Tenth 

Fox Gilbeit, comedian and engraver, 96 S Eighth 

Fox James, dealer, above 1 7 Pev»terplatter alley 

Fox John, brickmaker, 367 ISIulberry st 

Fox John, ship carpenter, 64 Coates st 

Fox Justinian, glue maker, 72 New st 

Fox Joseph, senr. cryer of the court, 132 Vine 

Fox Lewis, baker, next 100 N Seventh street 

Fox Mary, teacher, 15 Mary street 

Fox Michael, brickmaker, 54 Philbert 

Fox Michael, labourer, 129 Callowhill st 

Fox Martha, milliner, 42 High st 

Fox Samuel M. president of the Pennsylvania bank, near 
140 Chesnut street 

( 87 ) 

Foy Michael, taylor, 265 S 4lh. st 

Freilly Frederick, baker, 7 Church alley 

Freilly John H. grocer, 6 Church alley 

France Ann, widow, 138 S Fourth street 

PVancis Mary, next 405 Sassafras st 

Francis Ann, widow, 154 Chesnut street 

Francis John, hotel, 15 k 15 S 4th. street 

Francis Henr}^ tanner, 302 N Eighth 

Francis William, comedian, 70 N Eightli street 

Francis Thomas Vv'. merchant, 98 b Third street 

- Vancis Thomas, gentleman, near 244 S Seventh 

irancis John, labourer, 417 Sassafras 

Frank frcorge, callico glazier 23 N 4th 

Frank Elizabeth, widow, 78 New street 

Frank Adam, M. D. St. Johns street 

Franks Jacob, tanner, Noble near 4th 

Franks George, tanner and currier, Noble near 4th 

Franks Isaac, broker, 69 Chesnut 

Frankelbury S. boarding house, M'Cullough coutt 

Frankfoit John, sea captain, 346 S Front 

Franklin John, shoemaker, 29 German st 

Franklin H. sea captain, 84 N Front st 

Franklin Walter, attorney at law, 83 S Second st 

Franklin Selby, shoemaker, 103 Catherine st 

Franklin Wm. cabinet maker, 252 S Seventh 

Frasier Andrev/, grocer, 437 N Second st 

Frazer Robert, attorney at law, 123 Chesnut 

Frazier Nalbro, merchant, 95 and 104 S Front 

Frazier Anthony, carpenter, 134 5 Eighth 

Frazier John, mariner, 6 Knights court 

Frazier M. sail loft 19 Swanson, dwelling 87 Christian 

Frazier Wm. porter, 107 Catherine street 

Frederick Alice, widow, 103 Coates 

Frederick John, cabinet maker, Cherry above 11th 

Frederickson Godfrey, grocer 212 N Second 

Free Lambert, sail maker Yorke court 

Free Benj. taylor 161 N i^ront 

Freeman Benj. tavernkeeper Cedar above 11th 

Freeman Bernard, mariner 216 N Water 

Freeman T. B. merchant 136 High 

Freeman Benj. sen. Windsor chair maker 139 S i^ront 

Freeman Samuel, laborer, -St. Mary above 7th 

Freeberry jacob,^ blacksmith Noble 

( 88 ) 

French Charles, gentleoiaii Watkins court 

French Samuel, comedian Broad above i'^ilbert 

French Wm. merchant 48 S /'"ront 

Frenno Paul, boarding house 15 S Water 

FretwellJohn, storekeeper 16 S Sixth 

Freyta^ Michael, potter 294 S i^'ifth 

Fricke Aug-ustus, woolen draper and men's mercer, 7 

and 1 1 S Third 
Fricke Henry, furrier 55 N Third 
Fricke -Frederick, cabinet ma*ker 406 N Second 
Frick Michael, brass founder 368 N Third 
Fpicker Joseph, grocer 362 N •Second 
Fries John, merchant 90 High 
Fries Jacob, innkeeper 140 N Second 
Frischmuth Z)aniel, baker 85 N 5th 
Frischmuth iV/ichael, cedar cooper 158 2c 183 High 
Fritz Matthias, shoemaker 59 Green 
Fritz George, blacksmith 437 N Third 
Fritz John, porter 124 S5th 
Fritz Mary, cake baker 256 Sassafras 
Fritz Peter, shopkeeper 144 Spnice 
Fritz Peter, innkeeper & stone cutter 226 Sassafras 
Fromberger George, grocer 256 N ^Second 
Froster Martin, brass founder Hoffmans alley 
Frowert John, shoemaker 84 N 5th 
Fry Ellis, victualler 99 Cherry, 18 Old shambles 
Fry Joseph, serjeant at arms 16 Cable lane 
Fry Geoi'^e, potter 124 N 5th 
Fry Henry, taylor 70 Vine 
Fry Jacob, stevadore 28 Elfreths alley 
Fry Michael, victualler 57 N Sixth 
Fry Nathan, carpenter 7 1 N 7th 
Fryar John, sugar baker Kunkle 
Fryberger John, victualler Garden st 
Fryl>erg J. rictualler 11 N 8th, 13 Old shambles 
Fullen James, shoemaker 9 Strawberry 
Fuller Elizabeth, widow 118 Swanson 
Fuller John, ship joiner 16 Params alley 
Fullerton Alexander, store keeper 37 High 
FuUerton Eleanor, boardinghouse 28 Queen 
Fullerton James, sea captain Si Green 
Fullerton Robert, shipwright Warren 
Fullerton Arthur, sea captain 22 Queen 

( 89 ) 

rullington Aaron, shipwright Bedford 
Fulmcr Casper, laborer 27 Budd 
Fulnier Frederick, porter 4th above Brown 
Fulton -Samuel, grocer 257 High 7 N Sixth 
Fulton James, grocer 395 S Front 
Furby Jolin, labourer 46 Gaskill 
Furlong Elizabeth, huckster 192 Lombajxl 
Fury M. carpenter 271 S 4th 
Fuss Henry, painter 129 Sassafras 

GABLE Peter, carpenter 53 Brown 
Gabel John, car|>enter 451 N -Second 
Galbreath Patrick, clock and watchmaker 30 Almond 
Gale Wm. watchman 271 'S 6th 
Gallagher Jacob, tanner 1 3th near Sassafras 
Gallager Richard, shoemaker, Emlens court 
Gallagher Miles, coppersmith 125 High 
Gallagher Andrew, sea captain near 108 S Eighth 
Gallagher widow of George, 98 Catharine 
Gallagher Patrick, cooper 1 3 Plumb 
Gallagher James, k, Sgns, merchants 18 5 Front. 
Gallagher James M. D. 42 N /'curth 
Gallagher John, bricklayer Noble above Second 
Gallowa.y Joseph, sea captain 254 S Third 
Galloway James, carter 123 Christian 
Galley Joseph, tobacconist, 123 Sassafras 
Gambell John, sawyer 24 Queen 
Gambell Mary midwife 121 S Third 
Gambell Wm. mate 282 S Front 
Gambell James, ship joiner, 471 S Front 
Gamble James, merchant 200 Spruce 
Gamper John, -cedar cooper 185 High 
Gano Zelpha, seamstress, 157 Mulberry 
Gardette James, dentist 75 Walnut 
Garaud Jacob, taylor 64 Chesnut 
Gardner Aaron, grocer, 15 S Seventh 
Gardiner Edward, sea captain iSO Callowhill 
Gardner Benj. carpenter, 236 Lombard 
Gardner John coach painter 4 1 Keys alley 

H 2 . 

( 90 ) 

Gardner Wm. waiter 169 .S.S'bith 
Gardner Henry, coach maker Pembertons allejr 
Gardner Henrietta, washer 1 19 S Sixth 
Gardner Jr.cob, coach maker 293 Vine 
Gardner James, carpenter Clover alley . 
Gardner James, innkeeper Center square 
Gardner Wm. sea captain 2 1 Keys alley- 
Gardner Parish, oak cooper Oak (N. L.) 
Gardner ^'a]e^tine, skindresser 294 Vine 
Gardiner John, sea captain o4i S Second 
Gardiner John, jun. merchant 23 Dock 114 5 Front 
C^ardiner Rachel, mantua maker 36 S Third 
Gardiner 3/artin, gentleman 6 Prune 
Garland Rose, widow 80 Crown 
Garlick Joseph, machine cotton spmner coi-ner Sassafras 

and Sciiuylkili Front 
Garlick John, shoemaker Hanover 
Ciaranger Lewis, gentleman 310 Sassafras 
Gan-ett Philip, clock and watchmaker 138 Hi^h st. and 

26 Strawberry 
Garret John, tayior 141 Shippen 
(^ arret William, merchapt 76 Mulberry 
G,:.rrett Levi, tobacconist 1 20 S Front and 1 9 Dock 
( rarrcy William, carter Locu'st above Seventh 
GaiM'ick Elizabeth, huckster 204 Mulbeny 
Garrigues Abi'ahai?! M. me;rchant 86 New 
Garrigues Benjamin F. merchant 33 Filbert 
Garriguc-s Vv'^illiaim, carjjenter 35 Cherry . 
Garrigues & IVIarshall, merchants upper 1 39 High 
Garrigues Samuel, notary public &:c. comer Fi"ont, Cal- 

lowhill and W'ater 
Gungues Samuel junr. flour and feed store 109 N 6th 
Garrison Heniy, coachijiaker 494 S Second 
Garn<son Joshua, coachmaker 496 S Second 
Garrison Isaac, millwright 31 Mary 
Garrison John, harness maker 490 S 2d 
Gaitland John, china store 89 N Second 
Gartley John, teacher 19 Cherry 
Gartley William, grocer 116Swanson 
Carton John, sea captain Pfeiffci's alley 
Garven John, labourer 235 S Fifth 
Gavin James, labou-rer 297 S 6th 
Garwood Joseph, stone cutter Cherry aboTe I Itli 

GanvL - . :.- , > ^ Front 

Gaskill Ebenezer, carpenter 2^5^ y Second 

Gass Geoi*ge, city -on«:tabIe 84- Dock 

Gates N. carpenter 158 St Johns 

Gatier Reue, teacher near i 2 Stampeni alley 

Gutter Martin, shoemaker Scheiveleys alley 

Gstz Jacob, baker 13tJi near Race 

Gaul \Vm. milkman, 246 Cedar st 

Gaul Fredeilck, brewer f N 4t]i st. 

Gaul William, labourer Locust above 7th [see Goul] 

Gaw G. chair maker, 90 N Front, 34 Elfreths alley 

GaAv Sc ]M'Gee, grocers, comer \'ine and Front 

Gaw R. chair maker, 280 S 2nd. and 144 S Front 

Gebler G. jr. blacksmith, 58 5' 4th. and Harmony court 

Gebler Fredrick, merchant, 69 Cherry st 

Gebler Matthias, accomptant 225 Mulberry 

Gebler Godfrey, senr. 82 Dock 

Geiger Martin, baker, ^larlboroiigh st 

Geisse William, gentleman, 122 N 4th street 

Geley Peter> lapidaiy and jeweller, 38 High 

Gennet John, confectioner, 1 2 Strawberry 

Genther Neil, shoemaker 263 S Seventh 

Genther Charles, shoemaker Rose alley [see Gintber} 

Gentlier Francis, widow ^^ctualler, 42 Budd 

Gentry Robert, shipwright 1 1 Aitilleiy lane 

George Chai'ies, oak cooper, 196 Water and 59 Pine 

George ^I. cabinet maker, Germantown road 

George Richard, hatter 138 High 

George Edward, accomptant, 169 S 5th street 

George Richard, sea captain, 278 S Front 

George Wm. laborer, 142 S Eighth 

George widow, 66 N Seventh street 

Gerhard William, hatter, 44 X Front 

Gerhard Conrad, shopkeeper 118 N Second 

Germcn John, goldsmith, &c. 35 N Third 

Gemion Thomas, paper hanger, 13 Carters alley 

Gemon Richai-d, merchant 144 Mulberr}' 

Getman Nicholas, tobacconist Brewers aUey 

Geiike widow, grocer comer i*ront and Vine 

Gethai AVililam, gold and silver smitli 172 S -firont 

Geyer Andrew, ironmonger 136 N lliird [see Guier] 

Geyer John, Printer, 72 Sassafras, and 122 N Third 

( 92 ) 

Gibbins /'rancis taylor, 92 Gaskill 
Gibbins Da.vid mariner, 28 N Seventh 
Gibbins John grocer, 191 south Sixth street 
Gii:!bs John, labourer, 181 Cedar 

Gibbs M. D. 173 N i'Vont street 

Gibbs Benjamin senr. e^entleman SI Mulbeny 

Cibbs Eurris, drover Taper alley 

Gibbs Josiah W. Sc Co. merchants, 179 High street 

Gibbs William, 19 Green street 

Gibbs Jacob, labourer 97 Lombard 

Gibbs Jacob, carter 124 Pine 

Gibbs James v/aterman, 58 Coates 

Gibbs Joel, hatter, 68 N i=^ront 

Giberson M.& E. milliners, 59 Mulberry 

Gibson E. boarding house 1 7 S iafth 

Gi'oson George, blacksmith Lilly alley 

Gibson James distiller, Passyunk below Catherine 

Gibson Jas. attorney at la^y, 78 Vv'alnut, office 61 S 4th 

Gibson John carpenter, 1 14 Callowhill 

Gibson Samuel, cabinet maker, 1 1 Carters alley 

Gibson Wm. sea captain, 44 Almond 

Gideon Rebecca, boardhig house, 20 CheiTy 

Giezus Martin, 25 ^Valnut 

Gifford widow of Thomas, mariner 349 S i^ront 

Gigg Augustine baker, 46 Union 

Ciihon John luy lor, 16 German 

Gilbert Jesse labourer, 54 Artillery lane 

Gilbert Edward carpenter, 241 Ni^ront 

Gilbert David carpenter, 4 N Sixth 

Giibeit David toyman, 42 S 4th street 

Gilbert i^rederick taylor, 68 S Water, 139 Sassafi-as 

Gilbert Jacob taylor, 161 N Second and 67 New 

Gilbert T. Sc J. umbrella makers, 6 S Second 

Gilbert iNIrs. widow, 9 Branch street 

Gilbert Elizabeth seamstress, 310 S Third 

Gilbert Conrad cabinet maker, Says alley 

Gilby W^illiam mariner, 77 Christian 

Gilchrist Lucretia gentlewoman, 3 N Sixth 

Gilded James, sea captain £0 Coates 

Giles Samuel, hair dresser 20 Plumb 

Giles Arm, widow comer Mulberry and 7th 

Giles Wm. accomptant 1 9 Green 

Gilfrey Wm. caulker 2 1 9 Swaason 

( e: ) 

GUI Z)and, cutler 49 N Fourth 

Gilmore widow, 56 Catharine 

Gill Rachel, spinster 135 Spruce 

Gill Robert, merchant 9 N 6th 

Gill Elizabeth, tayloress 39 Keys alley 

Gilnior George, 16 Strawberry 

Gilland James, carpenter 500 S 2d 

Gillon Jolm, taylor 336 south 2.^ 

Gillcispy Hannah, shopkeeper 276 south Front 

Giiiiard John, shoemaker 62 Shippen 

Giliaspy George, INI. D. Walnut above 8th 

Gilliams Lewis, surgeon dentist 26 Mulberry 

Gilligan George, brewer 10 Elbow lane 

Gillingham Joseph, merchant 65 High 

GilHngham James, hatter 15 N Front 

Gillingham -. , leading musician at the New Theatre 

213 Sassafras 
Gillio Eliza, silk and camel hair washer, next 192 ^lul- 

berry street 
Gilpin Joshua Sc Thomas, merchants 149 south Front 
Gilpin Joshua, merchant Chesnut between 8th and 9th 
Gilpin Thomas, merchant 159 south 2d 
Gilpin Lydia, widow i59 south 2d 
Gilpin Joseph, livery stable keeper Harmony court 
Ginder Elizabeth, niilliner 20 1 N 2d 
Ginder John, tavern keeper Mulberiy above Eleventh 
Girard Steplicn, merchant 2 1 and 23 Water 
Girdon John, mate Penn below Cedar 
Girvan James, taylor next 191 Chesnut 
Gitchell EUsha, Bi-adfords alley 
Gitchell Da\-id, wheelwiight 366 south Second 
Glading James, oak cooper 6 Little Water 
Glading Joseph, nailor 197 St Johns Sc 93 Coates 
Glading Rebecca, boaixiing house 8 Little Water 
Glassgow James, weaver ^Maiden st 
Giause Jacob hatter, 367 X Second 
Glazier David, nailor 191 St. Johns 
Glazier Heniy shoemaker, 356 N Third street 
Glenn Margaret widow, 84 N Sixth 
Glenn Wm. bricklayer, Wood above Eighth 
Glenn John labourer, Beech street 
i^ Glenn Daniel labourer. Shake muxen 
Glenn Daniel labourer, Queen (K) 

( 54 ) 

Gfenn John accomptant, near 72 Zanc 
Glent worth P. F, M. D. 144 Sassafras 
Glentworth James broker, 34 Chesniit 
Glover & Eager, stone cutters, 224 S Front street 
Godfrey Edward, taylor, 54 Cedar 
Godfrey Lot labourer, 7o Christian 
Goddard George blacksmith, 2 1 1 and 225 N Second 
Godshall /'. shinj^le and stave inspector 37 Becks alley 
Godshidl John, s]^.oernaker 376 N Third 
Goe Wm. mate 40 Catharine 
Gostz Frederick, gunsmith 225 N Second 
Goff Thomas, shipwrights Mary 
Golding Abraham, sea captain 23 Powell 
Goldsmith Thos. plane maker corner Green and 2d 
Gouldy Jacob, carter 48 N 7th 
Gome Mark, shipwright 29 Mary st 
Goodman John, sen. whitesmith 258 N Front 
Goodman J. jun. ironmonger 201 N 3d, 32 St John* 
Goodman •Samuel, carpenter 22 Kuukle st 
Goodrich Wm. hatter 189 Mulberry 
Goodwin Jonathan, taylor 266 Sassafras 
Goodwin George, shipchandler 90 5 Wharves 
Cioodwin John, ropemaker Sec. 1 7 1 N Front, and Mul- 
berry wharf 
Goodwin Geo. ropemaker Nonnaters court 
Goodwin Thomas, commission merchant and broker, 

98 5 Second Sc 143 S Fifth 
Goodwin Mrs. milliner 69 S 2d 
Gordon A. attorney at law 128 south 2d 
Gordon Elizabeth, furnished lodgings 112 Union 
Gordon John, plane maker 16 Elizabeth 
Gordon John, blacksmith 29 Gillis alley 
Gordon Rebecca, shopkeeper 207 S Fifth 
Gonlon Robert, mariner 38 S Fifth 
Gordon Robert, grocer 205 & 207 Cedar 
Gordon Henry, grocer 165 «Shippen 
Gordon Mary, teacheress 76 Almond 
Gorgas George, lumber nmerchant Margaretta 
Gorham Abraham, painter Sec. corner lOth and Race 
Gorley Hugh, grocer 15 Swanson (see Gourley) 
Gorman Wm. merchant corner Callowhill Sc 2d 
Gorman Edward, tavernkeeper 128 N Water 
Gorman James, labourer 571 'S' Front 

( 95 ) 

Gorman Henry, carter next 300 S Fourth 

Ciorman Patrick, bottler 285 S Thipcl 

Gorns John, carpenter corner Chesnut and Thirteenth 

Gorsuck & Bau.^h, shopkeepers 3 N Second 

Gosling- William, carter 38 Rose alley 

Gosner George, shoemaker 18 Sassafras 

Gosner Maria, widow, 3 1 Mary 

Goss Joseph, M. D. 10 Plumb 

Gosser Philip, fisherman Queen [K] 

Gouge John, shopkeeper 110 N Fourth 

Goul Valentine, shoemaker 9 1 N 9th (see Goul,) 

Gourley Matthew, carpenter Fitzwalter above 5th 

Gourley J. grocer corner ^St Johns Sc Poplar lane 

Govett WilUam, gentleman 122 S ^'^ourth 

Govett Wm. G. merchant 181 High 

Govett ^Villiam J. carpenter 1 Strawberry 

Govett Eleanor, widow 6o N 6th 

Gowan Jacob, carpenter Flancver 

Go wan John, blacksmith iVIulberry (K) 

Gowing John, mate 47 Shippen 

Graba John, cabinet maker 463 N Third 

Gmce Thomas, cabinet maker 50 S 8th 

Grace Barbary, wiSov/, 48 Brevrers alley 

Grace Philip, blacksmith 3 1 7 Callowhill 

Grace Aaron labourer, Eleventh above Sassafi'as 

Grace Jacob porter, corner Brewere alley and 4th 

Grady Thomas, boarding house, 356 S Second 

Graff John deputy collector of customs, 303 Mulberry 

Graff .Wary widow, 71 Lombard » 

Graff George, oak cooper, 26 Smiths court 

Graff Casper taylor, 359 Mulberry 

Graff Balshaser, baker, 474 N Second 

Graff Henry, merchant, 120 High 

Graff Joseph, victualler, Laurence st. 41 old shambles 

Graff Sophia, baker, 6 Cherry st 

Graham George, caulker, 69 Christian 

Graham William, merchant, 24 S Front 

Gniham David, gentleman, 164 Spruce 

Graham Jane, gentlewoman, 242 N Front 

Graham M. R. druggist, Sec. 238 S Second 

Graham Sarah, widow, 144 N Eighth 

Gi«aham Gallant, carpenter, 12^3 Christian 

Graliam John, grocer, 379 S Second 

( 96 ) 

Graham Thomas, grocer, 273 High 
Gralmm John, comb-maker, corner St. George and 1 Itii 
Grandom John gentleman, next 335 High 
Grant Alexander, mariner, 65 Christian 
Grant George, carpenter, 331- N Second 
Grant Teany, boarding house, 6 1 Mulberry 
Grant Robert, grocer, 373 S Front 
Grant John, lK>okbinder, 1 Watkins court 
Grant Robert, grocer, 2C6 Cedar 
Grant William, goldsmith, 387 N Third 
Gmnt WilUam, blockmaker, 116 Callowhill 
Gi-atz S. Jc H. merchants, 232 High 
Gratz Simeon, merchant, 258 High 
Grauel John, baker, 237 N Second 
Oi-avel Henry, carpenter, 72 N -Sixth 
Gravelle R. J. confectioner, 70 and 264 N Second 
Gi-avcn John, coachmaker, SO Cherry 
Gravtnstine John, fruiterer, 168 N Second 
Gravenstine Peter, fruiterer and confectioner, S W cor- 
ner of High and Sixth streets 
Gravenstine Samuel, 90 N .Fifth street 
Gravenstine George, 93 N Eighth street 
Gravenstine W. wheelwright, 408 S Second 
Graves B. printer. University yard, N i'ourth street 
Gray David, carpenter, 162 N Fifth 
Gray David, shoemaker. Rose alley 
Gray John, copper-plate printer, 2 1 Lombard 
Gray k Taylor, grocers, 217 High 
Gray Joseph, late brewer, 256 Mulberry 
Gray Mary, widov/, 18 Elfreths alley 
Ciray Nathan, fruiterer, 108 Cherry 
Gray Samuel, blacksmith, 2 Brewers alley 
Gray Thomas, shoemaker, near 6 Pear street 
Gray William, fruiterer, 42 Chesnut and 9 1 Christian 
Gray WlUiam, bag porter, 216 Coates 
GrearN. victualler 234 N 8th 23 Old shambles 
Grear Jacob, shoemaker 20 'Starr alley 
GrearJ. victualler Noble above 8th 56 N shambles 
Grear Jacob, victualler 289 N 8th 53 Old shamble* 
Greer James, flour merchant 155 5 5th 
Greaves Alexander, grocer 376 S Front 

Greaves >, mate 24 Meade alley 

Greble Jacob, cedar cooper 350 S 2d 

( 97 ) 

Greble Jacob, grocer corner German Sc Second 

Greble Geori^e, carpenter 5 Fayette 

(ircble William, bricklayer near 227 S Fifth 

(irelaud JohiiG. 42 Filbert 

(jreen Adam, bleeder St. Mary above 6th 

Green l?ev. Ashbel, 183 N Second 

Green Asoph, blacksmith Queen (K) 

Green Catharine, widow 148 .Sassiirras 

Green Eleanor, grocer 134 S 4th 

Green Enoch, boarding house 49 S Water 

Green Catharine, widow 26 W^aJnut 

Green George, grocer corner of Little 7th 

Green James, sea captain 23 AppIeU^ee alley 

Green John, g;ix)cer 288 Vine 

Green Isaac, carpenter back 39 Dock 

Green John, boarding house 203 S Front & 202 Water 

Green Rev. Lemuel 64 S 2d 

Green Michael, storekeeper 19 S^7th 

C rreen Vim. stone cutter 1 4 N 7th 

Green Peter, gentleman 37 Cable lane 

Green Jesse, blacksmitii Frankford road 

Green Robert, waiter 169 S 6th 

Green Rufus, sea captain 135 N Water 

Green Thomas, mast maker 524 N Front 

Greenage Catliarine, widow 60 Catharine 

Greenleaf James, gentleman 155 Chesnut 

Greenaway widow, 'boardinghouse 63 S 3d 

Greenwood Sarah, widow 72 N 4th 

Greeves Thomas, merchant 48 S Whswre* and Walnut 

above 8th 
Gregg Joseph, boardinghouse 18 Branch 
Gregory George, shipwright 24 Christian 
Gregory John, cabinet maker 218 S Front 
Gregory and Cleavers lumber yard 555 N Front 
Gregory Mary, milliner 5 S Front 
Gregory Wm. lumber merchant 288 N 2d 
Greiner John, sugar refiner 182 Sassafras 
Greiner John, taylor Drinkei's court 
Gribbin Patrick, sea captain 33 Powell 
Grice Isaac, shipwright 446 S Front 
Grice Josephj shipwright Pcnn (K) 
GritT Joseph, carpenter ne>-.r 27 Farmers allev 


( 98 ; 

GrifTcn Seth, sea captain 263 N Front 
Griffin widow of Closes, sea captain IT9 N Front 
Griffin Bryan, late tavemkeeper near 77 N 5th 
GriflPin Peter, peifunier 240 S 2d 
Griffin Wni. blockmaker 403 S Front 
Griffitts Elijah, M. D. 9GN Third 
Griffitts Robert E. merchant 1 46 Mulberry 
Griffitts Samuel P. M. D. 62 S Front 
Griffith Caleb, taylor 131 S Third 
Griffith Robert, carpenter 282 Mulberry 
Griffith C. direct tax collector 210 Lombard 
Griffiili Elizabeth, gentlewoHian 77 S Third 
Griffith Evan, china store 182 N Thh'd 
Griffith /Tannah, gentlewoman 8 Noms alley 
Griffith Sarah, widow 174 south 5th 
Griffith John, sea captain 39 Perm 
Griffith widow of John, painter 337 Mulbeny 
Griffits Joseph, ship joiner 182 &: next 245 Swanson 
Griffith Isaac, carpenter 181 north Third 
Griffith Wm.. teacher 355 Mulberry 
Grimshur Wm. mariner 97 German 
Grimes James, carter 78 south Water 
Grimes Elizabeth, 411 S Front 
Grimes John, mast maker 504 S Front 
Grimes widow of H. M. ]). 292 soiith 4th 
Grimes Vv illiam, baker 22 Spruce 
Grim.esJohn, grocer 397 south Second 
GrofP Catharine, widow 40*i north 3d 
Groombridge Wm. miniature painter 1 1th below Lo- 
cust Sc 8 Lombard 
Gross Fi^derick, tobacconist 12 north Tth 
<iross John, shoemaker 102 north 9th 
(irossman John, stable keeper Lawrence 
(irotjanP. A. merchant 90 S Third 30 S \^'harvtfe 
Crrouse Woolcry, trader 28 Dock 
(Arouse Je&se, bricklayer 206 N Second 
Groves Ann B. widow 8 Prune 
CJ roves John, m€rchant 16 i S Third 
(Proves Margaret, widow l^illy alley 
Gi-oves Christian, bricklayer 19 i Mulbcrry 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer 323 north 2d 
Grover John, justice of the peace 343 sou-.h td 

( 99 ) 

npubb John, cedar cooper near 268 north 3d 
<irubb George, t^'unsmith Sc cutler 316 S 2cl 
Grumback Godfrey, shoemaker Drinkers cuiut 
Grum Williani, shoemaker 95 Muiheiry 
Guenneteau Jos. sliopkeeper corner Third &c Sassafras 
Guerin M. A. milliner &: storekeeper 92 Sassafi"as 
Guerin A. silversmith Poplar lane above 3d 
Guerin Ivlichael, ditclier Wood street 
Guest Sc Biinker, merchants 39 N Front 
Guier Sc Dield, wine merchants 199 /^''ig'h 
Cuier Adam, grazier corner 1 1th and Filbert 
Guier John, wine merchant 19 north 9th 
Guig-er James, taylor 36 N Seventh 
GuUager Christian, miniature painter 70 Mulberiry 
Gu'rlen Sc Green, stone cutters 285 Mulberry 
Gullen John, stone cutter Johnsons court 
Gumme John, blacksmith Brewers alley 
Gumminger Miss, flour and feed store 171 N Third 
Gumpert Abraham, shopkeeper 243 N 2d 
Gurling A. boardinghouse coroer Water oc Spruce 
Gum Conrad, rigger 175 south 3d 
Gurney 8c Smith, merchants 199 S Front 
Gurney Francis, merchant 2 Union 
Gutterson J. sea captain 79 Penn 
Guy Richard, bricklayer 29 George 
Cuyer Andrew, jun. 28 Branch 
Guyer Nicholas, cooper 493 N Third 
Guyer John J. mariner 35 Catharine 
Guyger Casper, taylor blackhorse alley 
Guyger G. hatter 176 S Water 177 S Front 
Guyse E. turnkey at the criminals apartment 1 1th be- 
low Locust 
Gwin Alexander, taylor 25 Gillis alley 

HA AG ADAM, baker back of K'O Vine 
Haas Conrad, baker 107 N Third 
Haas Christian, shopkeeper 66 Cherry 
Haas Frederick, stockirig weaver 377 N Third 
Kaas //ei '^-, oak cooper 391 N Third 
Habacker ^' Benezct, merchants 87 N Eighth 

( 100 ) 

Hacker wit^oMof L. tavernkecper 290 N Front 

iiadd(X"k Mathew, ropemaker 5C8 S Front 

Haclfe^^ Mrs. 100 Gaskill st 

Hafiine Cat)-;arme, widow next 61 N Fourth 

Haiiine J. stone cutter 133 N 6th and 31 Branch 

Hag^a Godfrey, merchant 1 S Sixth 

Haga G'odfrcy, and Co. merchants 194 -^igh 

Hagtir Jacob, taylor 267 Sassafras 

Hagner John, lining hoop maker 130 Coates 

Hi\q;ner C. taylor 1 II N Front 

Plagntrr ?. cl.ocoktc and mustard manufactory 25 Brown 

Hague 3iichaei, milkman Vine alley 

Hague //enry, caulker Bedford st 

H:ihn Fcter, nievcliant 14 Mulbtny 

Htihn k bpobii, groc^r-s comer of i»Iulberry k Front 

Hahn C. chocolate aud inuLtard factorv 104 N Front 

Huiler Frederick, bleedei 24 Mulberry 

Hailtr John, p>erfumer and hair dresser 55 MulbeiTy 

Haines Catharine, widow 135 N Third 

Haines /fannrJi, widow. Lodge street 

Haines William, engraver, 183 Pine 

Haines carter, 357 Mulberrj^ 

Haines Daniel, carter, Cherry [K] 

Haines E. mahogany yard, 1 1 ^Ifreths alley, 100 N Front 

Haines George, tobacconist, 7 Branch 

Uaines boarding house, 128 S Fourth 

Haines William, gentleman, 37 Pewtcrpkitter alley 

Flaldane Robert, soapboiler, 16 S Seventh 

Hale Mary, tavemkeeper, 54 "Swanson 

Hale ?>Iat. inspector of customs, 27 Cliurch alley 

Hale Thomas, broker 63 Chesnut street 

Hall Benjamin, acccomptant, St. Geerge above 10th 

Hall Ezekiel, distiller, 22 1 N Second 

Hall Isaac, tavemkeeper, comer of Front and Vine 

Hall John, carpenter, Tenth near Locust 

flail Joseph, coachmaker 161 ^'ine 

Hall John, clocU. ^ watchmaker 55 S Front 

Hall John, accomptant 44 south 5th 

Hall Maltha, widow, 72 Mulberry 

Hall Margaret, shopkeeper 71 ^igh 

Hall Samuel, shipv,right 467 S Front 

Hftll &c Sellers, printei^s 5 1 //igh '^ 

Hal] Thomas M. merchant 46 S 6th 

( 101 ) 

Uall widow of Robert, upholsterer 33 George 

Hull William, printer, 51 High street 

Hall Wm. C. mahogany merchant, corner of Chesnut 

and 7th, dwelling Sansom street 
Hallovvell Joseph, shoemaker 13 Passjunk road 
Hallowell John, attorney at law corner of 5th Sc Chesnut 
Hallowell Sarah, flour Sc feed store 131 N 4th 
Hallowell Wm. jun. ironmonger 197 N Third 
Halverson //annah, mantua maker 3 ^tampers alley 
Hulverstadt &.i?rown, cabinetmakers 103 N Front 
Halverstadt G. cabinet maker 221 N Front 47 Callowhill 
Halzel Philip, fancy chair maker 379 N 2d 
Halzel John, taylor 49 Brown 
Hamburg Ann, boaixling house 148 S FouilJi 
Hamel James, shopkeeper 2 1 8 S 2d 
Hamel Philip, sugar boiler 73 Brewers alley 
Hamill 8c Mussir, curriers 65 Chesnut 
Hamett W^m. carj^enter 42 German 
Hammett Thomas, sea captain 7 Mary (S) 
Hamilton Elizabeth, shopkeeper 37 N Front 
Hamilton Gavin k Wm. tobacconists i3 S 2d 
Hamilton -^ugh, grocer 426 N Second 
Hamilton //estor, umbrella maker 92 Cedar 
Hamilton John, shopkeeper 1 02 N Third 
Han»ilton John, biiishmaker 58 N Sixth 
Hamilton John, dealer in bees wax 36 Strawberry 
Hamilton Thomas, inspector of lumber 201 N Water 
Hamilton Richard, blacksmith 1 9 N 6th 
Hamilton Wm. sea captain 38 Cedar 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter Walnut above Tenth 
Hamiltons wharf opens next 119 S Water 
Hamilton Wm. carpenter 272 ^igh 
Hamlet Godfrey, blacksmith, 52 Vine and 158 N5th 
Hamm James, biscuit baker, 9 1 Lombard 
Hamm Jacob, blacksmith, 36 S Fifth 
Hammond Nicholas, conveyancer, 174 Vine 
Hammond Luke, sea captain, 6 Cherry 
Hampshire Peter, grocer, next 189 N Third 
Hampton Benjamin, carpenter, 2 Nicholsons court 
Hanckle John, M. D. 364 N Second 
Hancock Robert, silk, woolen and cotton dyer, 93 Vine 
Hancock William, printer, 233 S Second 

I 2, 

( 102 ) 

Hancock Benjamin, lime and coal merchant, 125 N 5th 

Hand Margaret, boaixiing house, 28 N Third 

Hand widow (of Ezekiel) 185 St. Johns 

Hand George, junr. sea captain, 42 Almond 

Hand Nicholas, shoemaker, 1 30 ^Sassafras 

Hand John, sea captain, 23 Green 

Handel Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 124 N 6econd^ 

Hanlon Edward, botler, 1 8 and 2 1 Walnui 

HannaEdwai*d, innkeeper, 145 Cedar 

Hannigan John, accomptant, 320 St. Johns 

Ilannigan Hannah, widow, 84 N Water 

Hannis Benjamin, plane maker, 107 Coates 

Hannold George, tayior, 74 N Water 

Hanse Samuel, book l^inder, near 1 2 Cressons alley 

Hanse Jphn, tayior, 56 N Fifth 

Hanse C. coachmaker, corner of 4t:h and Walnut 

Hansel! Barnet, tayior, 18 N Sixth 

Hansen Jacob, storekeeper, 1 60 Sassafras' 

Hansel! Charles, victualler, 255 N Eighth - 

Hansel! Jacob, blacksmith, 162 Sassafras 

Hanser Jacob, dealer, 106 N Third 

Hanson Joseph, farmer, 369 N -Second 

Hanson Samuel, baker, Pine above Eleventh 

Hanson, Waters, & Co. merchants, 46 N Second 

Harberger Henry, powder maker, 11th below Walnut' 

Harbeson B. k J. junr. copper merchants, 75 High 

Harbeson Benjamin, copper merchant, 178 N Third. 

Harby John, innkeeper, 404 N Second 

Harder John G. furrier, 20 Carters alley 

Harding rreorge, carpenter, 366 S Second 

Harding Ruth, washer, 114 Cherry 

Harding Richard, stable keeper, 36 S Fourth 

Harding William, carpenter, 152 Lombard 

Harding Ezekiah, sea captain, 210 S Front 

Hardie David, sea captain, 164 Spruce 

Hardy John, teacher, 17 Lombard 

Hardy Neil, blacksmith, 98 N Ninth 

Hardy Alexander, grocer, 117 German 

Hard V Joseph, innkeeper, 98 High 

Hare Rolxirt, porter brewer, 1'55 Chesnut 

H?.re Charles W. attorney at law, 94 S Fourths 

Half ord John, grocer, 392 S Second- 

■( 103 ) 

Harford Charles, accomptant, 79 Cherry 
Hargesheimer Samuel, smith and farrier, 437 S Second 
Hargeaheimer John, painter and glazier, 121 Plum 
Hargous John, sea captain, 93 S Fourth 
Harker Joseph, gentleman, 39 Green 
Harkh off Christian, accomptsoit, 394 N Third 
Harkins Neil, bricklayer, 220 S Fifth 
Harkius John, shoemaker, near 3 1 Fitzwalter 
Harkins William, shoemaker, 49 S Second 
Harlan Edward, carpenter, 10th near Pine 
Harlan George, carpenter, back of 109 N Fifth 
Harlan Joshua, merchant broker, office at the coffee 

house, dwelling 183 Walnut 
Harlan William, merchant, 55 S \Vharvest 
Harland John, woolen draper, 66 Chesnut 
Harley Thomas, optician and mathematical instrument 

maker, near 65 Meade alley 
Harman widow (of George) baker, 184 Sassafras 
Harnian Jacob, blacksmith, 139 N Second 
Harman John, baker, 162 N Fourth 
Harman John, tobacconist, 33 Vine 
Harman Jacob, coach painter, 42 ^S Fifth 
Harmer John, shipwright, 45 1 N Front 
Harmes & Holtzbecher, merchants, 5 1 Chesnut 
Harmstead Catlierine, boarding house, 7 Elbow lant 
Harmstcad Martin, shoemaker, 163 N Second 
Harmstead Lawrence, carpenter, 26 Elizabeth 
Hamed John, tinplate worker, 43 High, 169 N Second^ 
Hamer Jacob, taylor, 35 pewterplatter alley 
Harper Rachel, flour and feed store, 237 N Front 
Harper John, late weigher, Harpei^ wharf 
Harper John, sea captain, Queen [K] 
Harper Mary, widow, 2 1 S Water 
Harpers wharf opens next 83 south water 
Harrell James M. mate, 1 84 Lombard 
Harris Joseph, bricklayer, 20 1 N Front 
Harris George, boarding house, 128 S Fourth 
Harris Charles, gixx:er, 7 S Second 
Harris /Tannah, widow. Biddies alley 
Harris James, sexton, near S5 S Third 
Harris John, sea captain, M'Culloghs courts 
Harris John, merchant, 77 Cherry 

( 104 ) 

Harris A/ary, saaDistress, 257 S Fourth 

Harris Robert, M. D. 293 //igh 

Harrison Ambrose, tallow chandler, 310 S Second 

Harrison Elizabeth, widow, 1 72 N "Second 

Harrison Francis, stevadore, 79 Penn 

Harrrison Francis, accomptant, 20 Coombs alley 

Harrison Geo. naval agent, store 33 S WhaiTes, dwell 

ling 156 Chesnut 
Hairison Geo. K. 54 S Sixth street 
Harrison Isaac, bricklayer, 43 Coates 
Harrison John, druggist, &c. 10 S Second 
Htirrison Josepli, grocer, 322 N Front 
Harrison John, shoemaker, 421 N Second 
Harrison Jane, shopkeeper, 44 N Fourth 
Harrison Benjamin, inspector of lumber, 197 N Water 
Harrison Robert, tanner, above 5 1 1 N Second 
Harrison Thomas, taylor, 72 S Third 
Harrison William, engraver, 27 N Ninth 
Harrison William, shipwright, 94 Swanson 
Harry Hannah, boarding house, 10 Norris alley 
Hart John, turner, 125 N Sixth street 
Hart Charles, teacher, Charles street 
Hart Samuel, gardner, 128 S Fifth street 
Hai't Bernard, blacksmith, Pembertons alley 
Hart William, oak cooper, //arpers wharf 
Hart John, druggist, 8<;c. 8 S Second street 
Hart Sc Hankin, store keepers, 68 Green street 
Hart Joseph, innkeeper, 184 N Third street 
Hart Mary, widow, 184 Lombard street 
Hart N. merchant, 48 N Third street 
Hart Nicholas, cedar cooper, 146 S Third street 
Hart Seymour, gentleman, 57 Vine street 
Hartley George, rigger, North wharves near Callowhili 

and Noble above Front street 
Hartley Martin, shopkeeper, 1 64 N Second street 
Hartly Elizabeth, widow, 198 N Second street 
Hartnock Justice, shoemaker, 386 N Third street 
Hartshorn Sarah, teacher, 28 Cable lane 
Hartshorn P. gentleman, 1 14 Mulberry 
Hartung Elizabeth, furrier, 31 N Third 
Hartung William, accomptant, 163 Vine 
Hartwell John, sea captain, 1 13 Swapsoi> 

( 105 ) 

Plarvey Isaac, juiir. merchant, .33 Sansom sireet 

Ilurvcy Sc Worth, merc.haitts, 61 N Front 

Harvey Henry, mariner, 202 Shippen 

Hirvty Sarnucl, taylor. Broad near Vine 

Hirvey Peter, coach maker, near 58 S Fourfch street 

Harvey vSt. Jbhn, teacher, 65 IVIeade alley 

Han'cy Joseph, shoemaker, 10 Oak (S) 

Harvey Samuel, iix;nmonger, 21 Branch 

Harwood Robert, meii:hant, 30 S Front 

Haslett W. mercht. 102 S wharves 8c Chesnut a'jove 10 

Hassall Joseph, shot^ store, 3f7 Sc 312 S Second 

Hassenclever Mary, widow, 70 N Seventh 

H.issinf^er Jacob, mercliaut, 207 Hh^h. 

H.ithaway widow, liuxter, 74 Georg;c 

Haughcy William, grocer, 153 S Water 8c 159 Front 

Haugherty George, cooper. Pear street 

Hiiup George shoemaker, 384 5 ^Second 

Hausler Christian, weaver. Eighth above Vine 

Haven Vincent, sea captain, 53 N "Sixth 

Hawaas, Frederick, shoemaker, 106 Green 

Haws i^enry, ropemaker, Christian above Third 

Haws Michael, shoemaker, 37 Passyunk road 

Hawke Christian, hozier, 440 -Sassafras 

Kawke //enry, shoemaker, Taper alley 

Hawke M. milkman, comer of Logan and Charles street 

Hawkes Wm. sea captain, 37 Artillery lane 

Hawkins Ann, gentlewoman, 27 Cable lane 

Hawkins //enry, sea captain, 6 1 Pine 

Hawkins John, shoemaker, 83 Chesnut 

Hawthorn Martha, widow, 64 Almond street 

Hawthorn Daniel, joiner, 33 Green 

Hay Ca.therine, widow, 53 S Third 

Hay John, innkeeper, 1 24 N Fourth 

Hay Edward, stone-mason, 234 Plum 

Hay Jehu, tavernkeeper, 59 N Water 

Hay dock Robert, painter and plumber, 38 S Second 

Haydock R. 8c Co. painters and plumbers, 37 Strawberry 

Haydock Saniuel, merchant, 48 Walnut 

Haydock E. painter and plumber, 5 Lodge street 

Haydon Wm. japanner and oraamental painter, 48 S^ 3<i 

Hayes Ades, carpenter, James street 

Hayes Lawrence, grocer, 140 Cherry street 

Hayes Patrick, tea captain 69 Pine 

( 106 ) 

Hayes James, carpenter, Emslies alley 

Hays .Samuel, merchant, 89 .S Thiixi 

llaymond A. \V. brewer, 308 S Front 

Huyns Joiui B. innkeeper, (32 N /'burth 

Hay ward John, baker, Grays alley 

Hazjird Ebenezer, gentleman, 145 Mulberry 

Hazel hurst Isaac Sc Son, merchants. Drinkers alley 

Hazelhurst Isaac, merchant, 1 1 7 X Second street 

Haz^dhurst Samuel, merchant, 1 18 Mulberry 

Hctzelhurst Robert, merchant, 1 17 N ifecoixl |tr€ct 

Hazell Charles, porter, 390 N Tliird 

Hefvdley Joseph, shoemaker, 25 Caliowhill 

Headman Wiliiam, porter 17 S Eighth 

Health Peter, oak cooper, 166 St Johns 

Healy John, teacher 32 Crown 

Healy James, grocer 46 S Eighth 

Healy Daniel giT>cer 46 Dock 

Heath Charles P. insu ranee office, 2 1 S Seventh 

Heatly Charles, counsellor at law 74 N Second 

Hebeith Catliarine, gentlewcm-an 139 Vine 

Heberton George, merchant 5 S Second 

Hebron John, caulker 1 1 1 Christian 

Heck George, carpenter Nonnetei's court 

Hederick Wm. labourer near 1 12 Walnut 

Hedderley Geoi-ge, bell founder Sc smith 63 S Fifth 

Hedegren widow, boarding house 119 S Third 

Hedihus Andrew, sea captrdn 17 Coats aJIey 

Hedges W. taylor 90 X Water M'CoUoughs court 

Hedges David, druggist 59 X Third 

Hedges Ludlow, M'. D. 59 X Third 

Hegner John, lining hoop maker 1 30 Coats 

Heidley Leonard, gentleman, 186 X^ Second 

Height Christian, blacksmith, 2 Philbert 

Height -Sophia, widow, 72 X Eighth street 

Heimberger Fred, appothecar)' and druggist, 200 N 2nd 

Heineken J. H. C. commercial agent from the Batavian 

Republic, 141 Mulberiy 
Heinold Charles, grocer, 138 Callowhill 
Heisler George, cedar cooper, 269 X Second 
Heisz John, taylor, Logan street 
Heisz Christian, trader, 148 X Fifth 
Helens Benjamin, vendue ciyer, Chesnut near Seveath 

( 107 ) 

,IIelfciisteinRev. Samuel, pastor of the German Reformed 
y church, 39 N Fourth street 

jHelfrich Francis, taylor, 208 S Fifth street 
,Hehii Chiistian, watch maker, 3S N Fifth 
Helm Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 17 N Third 
Flelni Lliza, tavenikeeper, 57 Cherry 
Flelm George W* grocer, 206 S Second 
Helm Jacob, blacksmith, 164 Walnut street 
xielmuth Rev. i/. C. 196 Hi^h street 
Helmuth John K. merchant, 151 S Second 
Helt Daniel, carpenter. Juniper alxjve Sassafras 
Hcit Mary, nurse, 97 N Sixth street 
Hembel ^^'m. senr. taylor, 16 N Water 
Hcmbel Wm. junr. merchant, 17 N Front 
Hembel »S'amuel, carter, corner of Callowhiil and 4th 
Hemphill Alexander, brewer, 20 Branch street 
Hempiil Joseph, attoiTiey at law, 2 S Fifth 
7Iempill Jane, midwife, 73PIuui 
Henchman Michael, brick maker, 174 "Sassafras 
Henchman Christopher, gentleman, 187 N -S'econd 
Henchman John, brickmaker, 198 -Sassafras 
Henchman John, senr. gentleman, 174 -Sassafras 
Henchman Adam, grocer, 28 N Ninth 
Henderson Joseph, carpenter, 28 Gaskill 
Henderson i7enry, Sc Co. hat warehouse, 43 -S .Second 
Henderson -Sarah, widow, near 2 Coombs alley 

Henderson harness maker, 2 1 N ^Seventh 

Henderson Martha, grocer, 5 ^'trawberry street 
Henderson Jolm, carpenter, 23 Gillis alley 
Henderson Thomas, weaver 75 Plumb 
Henderson James, carpenter 106 Cedar 
Henderson Mi<.ry, grocer 158 south 3d 
Henderson John, salt measurer 159 north 3d 
Henderson \\'m. jun. accomptant 145 Spruce 
Henderson Samuel, sawyer I'rankford road 
Henderson Wm. sea captain 159 Mulberry 
Henderson Thomas, grocer 89 south Water 
Henderson Thomas, M. D. 148 Cedar 
Henderson Wm. coal measurer 1 6 1 N Water 
Henderson William, tobacconist 9 Walnut 
Hendrick Rebecca, widow 61 Queert 
Hennessy Thomas, accomptant 79 north Tenth 
Henrigel Jacob, taylor 188 Vine 

( iOS ) 

Henry Georg-e A. merchant 56 N Front 28 Sassafras 
Henry Alexander, merchant 225 High 
_ Henry Mary, shopkeeper 68 N 4th 
Henry Barney, stevadore 183 south Front 60 Penn 
Henry Christopher, carter ('harlotte 
Henry Casper, brickmaker York road 
Henry Andrew, plaisterer 80 Sassafras 
Henry Mrs. 26 south Third 
Henry //ugh, shoemaker 73 N 6th 
Henry Wm. shoe dealer corner 3d and Coates 
Henry John, grocer 15 Fitzwalter 
Henry William, printer Sterling alley 
Henry Wm. carpenter 70 Catharine 
Henson widow, 20 Callowliill 
Henszey Thomas, carpenter 176 Pine 
Heiiszey Joseph, Windsor chair maker 106 S 8th 
Hera John, pewterer230 N 6'econd 
Herbert Lawrence, store keeper, 161 High street \ 

Herbert Isaac, bricklayer, 1 60 Cherry street 
Herd Susannah, victualler, 13 Fayette 
Herils Francis, goldsmith, 373 N -Second street 
Herman Wm. whitesmith, 146 N Third (see 
Herinan widow, of William, baker 340 S Front 
Heron John, grocer 296 S Third 
HeiTinger B. painter Sc glazier 47 N Eighth 
Herrington Jonathan accomptant Wood above Eighth 
Herse Samuel, accomptant 14 S Seventh 
Herse Henry, carpenter 2 1 N Sixth 
Hertzhog Peter grocer 152 N Third 
Hertzliog Joseph, grocer 177 N Second 
Hess George, carter 102 Coates 
Hess Lewis, blacksmith, 178 N Fifth 
Hess Peter, shoemaker 149 Su Johns 
H«ster Isaac, shoemaker 198 N Second 
Heston 5c Fairlamb, taylors corner of Water & Spin^c 
Heston John, shoemaker 292 S Fourth 
Heston Jacob grocer 30 N Seventh 
Hetherington George, tavernkeeper 226 S Sixth 
lletherington Richard, victualler 224 S Sixth & 37 Hill 

Hetherington Ilenrj^ merchant 114 Chcsnut 
Hetzljurn John, brickmaker 200 Sassafras 
llewes Josiah, gentleman 15 S Third [see /Aighes] 

( 109 ) 

Hctherington Bernard, victualler, 224 -South -Sixth 

Hewson Thomas, M. D. 41 Spiiice 

Hewson John, jun. callico printer 421 Brown 

Hewson J. callico printer Point road 

Hewett William, trader 144 S Fourth 

Hewett Thomas, sea capttiin 86 Crown 

Heyberger Jacob, chocolate manufacturer 222 N Third 

Heybei'ger Geo. blacksmith, 351 N Front Sc Noble 

Heyde John, taylor 24 N 9th fsee Hyde) 

Heydel Sarah, milliiler 110 N Second 

Heyl George jun. attorney at law wid notary public, 

139 N Second 
Heyl George, tobacconist 1 60 High 
Hcyl John, bmsh maker 204 N id 
Heyl Philip, baker 106 N 2d 
Heylin Isaac, M. D. 13 south 7th 
Hibbard James, shoemaker 94 Coatcs 
Hibbs Brightwell, taylor 14 Swanson 
Hickey Michael, stable keeper 52 Union 
Hickey Thomas, taylor 57 Mulberry 
Hickman Benjamin, plaieterer near 149 Vine 
Hickman George, taylor 131 south Water 
Hickman Elizabeth, boarding house 128 N Front 
Hickman Selby, merchant taylor 'il Spinice 99 S 2d 
Hicks N. late city commissioner 23 Keys alley 
Hicks Benjamin, taylor 9 1 N Front 
Hicks William, city commissioner 9 Crown 
Higbee Jos. merchant 57 S Wharves 64 vS jth 

Higgerson Joseph, bricklayer 32 Bix)wn 

Higgins Prince, pilot 46 Plum 

Higgins John, grocer corner H\<^\ and Schuylkill 3d 

Higgs James, rigger 65 Coates 

Highlander Jacob, sea captain 275 south Front street 

High Jacob, shoemaker 94 Christian 

Hilbom Benjamin, wheelwright 339 Callowhill 

HilbornB. k J. wheelwrights CallowduU above Nintli 

Hilborn J. wheelwright near 339 Caljowhill 

Hilbom Joseph, merchant 12 N Fourth 

Hill Elizabeth, shopkeeper HON Third 

Hill /^ugh, bricklayer, neai' 32 Gaskill 

Hill John, shipwright Queen [K] 

Hill Joseph, taylor 74 N Water 


( 110 ) 

Hill Jolm, tobacconist, 247 south 2d 

Mill James, plaisterer 15 Gaskill 

Hill John, shoemaker 387 north Frojit 

Hill Mrs. widow 19 Elfreths alley 

Hill John, shipwri|^ht 9j Callowhill 

Hill Joseph, boat builder 26 Queen 

Hill Lawi-ence, shipwright Marlborough 

HUl Mary, innkeeper 56 Sassafras 

Hill Mary, teacher of ladies, 63 S 7th 

Hill Moses, lumber merchant 401 north Front 

Hill Robert, porter 42 Flum 

Hill Robert cabinet maker corner of Filbert and 9th 

Hill Robert, grocer corner of Swanson and Prime street 

Hill Samuel, carpenter 25 Pewterplatter alley 

HillcL;as Michael, one of the aldermen 20 6' 6th 

Hillmau John S. taylor 2 J Elfreths alley 

Hillman Cornelius, tavern k:eeper 36 Penn 

Hi!hi\an &c Lippincott, taylors corner Mulberry'&c Water 

Hildeworth Henry, grocer Sc tavernkeeper 24 N Front 

Hilt Christian, baker corner Cedar and Crab 

Hillyer Jacob, tavernkeeper 305 Vine 

Hillyer Jolm, shoemaker Shackemuxen 

Hilyard Abraham, merchant taylor 2 1 S Thiixl 

ililyard , bricklayer 1 1 8 Lombard 

Hilyard John, bricklayer j 39 Green 

Hinis I'redenc:, sandman 485 N Secoad 

Hinckle Adani, victualler Lawrence 

ITinckle Conrad, rope maker (lermriutown road 

Hiner ^-jamnel, porter Lawrence 

Hinkle John, potte>r236 //igh 

Minkle A. blacksmith St innkeeper 32 1 Ca^o^rhill 

IFinkle Peter, accomptant William street 

Hinkle //cnry, porter William st 

Hinkle John, porter Callowhill above the Ridge 

Hinkle John, victualler Lawrenee, 24 O shambles 

Ii,ii)klePeter, victualler Lawi*ence, 30 () shambU;s 

Hinney Jacob, tobaccoiiist 287 Callowhill 

Jlinsar J. toyman 34 High, 21 Pewterplatter alley 

TFinton P*. wulow cl, grocer 229 S Fifth 

yippensteil Wiilianij teacher Hannover 

Hlrrieisen Jacob, nuntner 25 N 7th 

liirneisvn George, grocer 42 N 7tb . 

Hitchcock Daiiibi, ttaolj^r Spruce above 6th 

( Hi ) 

Hittk Philip, slun^le dresser 58 St Jol.ns 

Hobart R. E. mmne insurance office, 86 S Front 169 

Walnut street 
Hobbart ivannah, Miclow 79 Walnut 
Hobbart Charles, news carrier 238 Cedar 
Hobson John, grocer 173 S 5th 

Hockler John, blacksmith comer of St. George k Fifth 
Hockenmiller Jacob, blacksmith 243 N Front 
Hockley Frederick, lace Sc fringe weaver 304 N 2d 
Hockley T. ironmonger 82 //igh and 204 Mulbcriy 
Hodgden and //arris, merchants 69 N Water street 
Hodgden 6amue.k merchant 126 Mulberry 
Hougden Benjamin, sea captain 277 -V Front 
Flodgden Robert, merchant 65 Pine street 
Hodge And. merchant, 92 Mulberry 87 N Water it 
Hodge /Tannah, widow 67 Nigh street 
Hodge William, caulker Frankford road 
Hodges wharf, opens next 85 N v-tater 
Hodges and Swate> grocers 83 south Front and 82 south 

Hodges John, grocer 359 N 2d street 
Hodgkiss Michael, accomptant 99 N Eighth 
Hoff Jacob, bricklayer 143 N Fifth street 
Hoff John, printer 48 Cherry street 
Hoff Valentine, upholsterer 1 1 N Fifth street 
Hcefman Nicliolas, 18, 32, and 51, Green street 
HcEg Cardinal, potter 159 St. Johns 
Hofeman Jacob, boarding house 38 Meade alley 
Hoffman V. and Daniel, blacksmiths 251 Sassafras 
Hoffman Wolfgang, comb maker 262 Sassafras 
Hoffman Valentine, blacksmith 166 Sassafras 
Hoffman Isaac, carpenter 1 42 Brown 
Hoffman Jacob, carpenter Beech above Warren street 
Hoffman Z. druggist and apothecary, comer of Spruce 

and Fifth street 
Hoffman George, carter A'^ienna street 
Hoffman Jasper, farmer \\''ood street 
Hoffner //enry, bricklayer 270 Mulberry street 
Hoffner Mary, boarding house St. George above 6th 
Hoffner Sophia, gentlewoman 1 19 N Fifth 
Hoffner widow, boarding house 18 Branch street 
Hogan James, dealer 234 south Third 
Hogan David? printer 51 6' Third 

( 112 ) 

Holahan Amos, blacksmith 72 Zane 
Hulcthun Jacob, bl?xksmith 10th near Locust 
Kolcraft Thomas, potter 372 N Third 
Holden Jeremiah, pilot 14 Christian 
Holderness Wm. merchant 252 S Second 
Holdship Henry, carpenter 52 Elizabeth 
Kolget SamueH shoemaker 389 S Front 
Holland Hannah, merchant 3 &: 3 N Front 
Holland John Joseph, artist 95 S Eighth 
Halland ^Samuel, hatter 23 Walnut 
Kolland X. hatter 60 5" 6'econd 
Holland C. &c F. English, merchants 23 Chesnufc 
Hollick Charles, grocer near 12 Cressons alley 
Hollingshead Edmund, saddler £cc. 6 S Fourth 
Hollingsworth Levi, merchant 16 Dock 
.Hoilingsworth L. Sc 5on, merchants 72 5" Wharves 
Hollineswortli Jehu h Co. merchants 47 Penn 


Hoilman Peter, chairmaker, 37 Coates alley 
Hollobush Youst, innkeeper New above Third 
Holloway Jacob, carpenter 19 N Eighth 
'Hollyday Wm. stone cutter 379 High 
Holmes /^ugh, merchant near 141 S Fifth 
Holmes Joshua carpenter 2» Plum 
Holmes J. bn Young, merchants 220 N ^»nt 
Holmes Abel, junr. saddler 75 New 
Holskim Jared, pilot 46 Penn 
Holt Saml. sea captain 399 S Second 
Holt George, hair dress*r 44 N Third 
kioman Abraliam, carpenter 332 ^assafraas 
Honimans John C. musician 43 N Seventh 
Honey G'eorge, clerk to the county commissioners 107 

Honey George, jun. carpenter Heydes court 
HoTK-y Benjamin, carpenter 169 S Third 
Hood John, storekeeper 7 1 Swanson 
Hood James, A. merchant 2 Noma's alley 
Hood Geort^e, tavenikeeper 102 Swanson 
Hjod J. P. blockmaker 139 N Front 
Hood John, silk Sc stuff shoemaker 114 N Fourth 
Hood Mury midwife 29 N Fourth 
ilood Thomas, oak cwjper 4 Little W^ater 29 Penn 
Hood Thomas, shoemaker 60 N Seventh 

( 113 ) 

Mood John, taylor 32 Plum 
Hood Garret, painter Sec. 29 N Fourth 
Hook John, potter 3 1 2 N 'Second 
Hook \Vm. potter St. John between Willow & Noble 
Hookey Anthony, grocer 349 N Third 
Hookey Catharine, widow 118 Brown 
Hoopes Amos, carpenter 158 N 8th 
Hoot Geo. painter and glazier 52 N Fourth 
Hoover Jacob, gardener Shakemuxen 
Hoover John, taylor Steinmetz court 
Hoover M. victualler Noble above 8th k 7 /Till market 
Hoover John, ropemaker 458 S 2d 
Hoover Jacob, carter Marlborough st 
Hoover Anthony, laborer 1 5 3 Green 
Hope Thomas, ship broker 69 Cherry k office Carpen- 
ters buildings 
Hopkins Sc /Zbwell, ironmongers 86 -fi?^igh 
Hopkins J. inventor of his much admired double cutting 

razor strop 65 S Third 
Hopkins Richard, ironmonger 28 High 
Hopkins Jokn, ironmonger 86 High 
Hopkins Robert, inspector of customs 166 S Front 
Hopkinson Joseph, attorney at law 132 Chesnut 
Hoppel George, victualler corner of Green St Third 
Hoppel Casper, tobacconist 40 S 4th 
Hopple widow of George, Prospect alley 
Hopple Andrew, chocolate factor)' 85 Shippen 
Hopper Isaac T. taylor 72 Dock 
Hopps Mary, grocer 339 N Front 
Horn Peter, shoemaker 100 N Fifth 
Horn William, grocer near 20 Bank street 
Horn Christiana, grocer 206 S Fourth 
Horn Jacob, 1 14 N Fifth 
Hornegroat Catharine, 88 N Front 
Hornor Benjamin, jun. ironmonger 8 Church alley 
Homor Benjamin, ironmonger 208 N Front 
Homor Benjamin and Son, ironmongei's 47 ^igh 
Hornor Stacy, merchant, 56 N Water and comer of 7th 

and Walnut streets 
Homer John, merchant 261 ^igh 
Horner and Wilson, grocers 214 -ff'igh 
Horner Jacob, shoemaker 240 St. Johais 

K 2 

( 114 ) 

Hornkcth Jeremiah, brickmaker, yard comer of Vine 8c 

Broad st. dwelling 464 Sassafras 
Hortman Jacob, brewer 286 N Eighth 
Hoskins Thomas, acccniptant 168 S Fifth 
Houck John, shopkeeper 1 45 N Sixth 
Hough Thomas, gentleman 20 Pine 
Hough John, 35 Powel street 
Houlter Nicholas, caulker 69 Christian 
House Adam, brickmaker 92 Green 
House Peter, carpenter 497 N Third 
House George, victualler Garden st 
Houseman Charity, victualler 17 Fitz\AKilter 
Houser John, porter and grocer 32 Passyunk road 
Houser Jacob, hog victualler 83 Brown 
Houston Jane, grocer 308 N Front 
Houston William, surgeon and dentist 50 S Sd 
Houtzell Jacob, jeweller York court 
Hovendon Richard, grocer 437 S Front 
How John, carpenter 107 Cherry 
Houard Lewis, taylor 47 Walnut 
Howard Mrs. nurse 50 Swanson 
Howard John, gentleman 29 Strawberry 
Howard Peter, ""blacksmith 483 N 2d 
Howard Peter, shoemaker IQO south 2d 
Howard Thomas, ironmonger 40 S 2d 

Howard ■ , mate 195 N Front 

Howard William, shallopman 427 north From 

Howard Ber.jamin, victualler Sweeds alley 

floward Jonathan, carpenter 28 Christian 

Howcraft Thomas, potter 310 N 2d 

Howell A. & Co. tanners and curriers 107 Chcsilut 

Howell Abraham, M. D. 393 N Front 

ITowcli Ephraim, carter York road 

Howell Ezekiel, taylor 17 N 6th 

Mowcif Joseph, leatlicT cutter 83 Pine 

Howell Hannah, widow 1 74 N Fifth 

Howf li James, silvei-smith 27 Keys alley, 50 S Fwtit 

Howell Richard, carter 131 Callowhill' 

Hcwi^ll R. surveyor and draftsman 132 N Third 

Hcwell P. innkeeper 94 N 2d 

Howell & Pleasants, merchants 8 Chcsnut 

Howell Samuel E. raerckant 17 S Wharves 270 High 

Howell Samuel, mocharU 54 Chcsnut 

MOOw _ 

( 115 ) 

Howell Wnj. accomptant 137 south Ninth 

Howell Charles, cabinet maker 1 4 German 

Howland Patrick, tavern keeper 138 N Front 

Hownian John, mariner 32 Lombard 

Hoy Peter, mastmaker Duke street 

Hoy Thomas, shoemaker 177 Cedar 

Hoy John, shoemaker 33 Giliis alley 

Hozey Isaac, lumber merchant 327 -S Front and 142 

Hubbert Anthony, carpenter 504 N Second 
HubeF Henry, grocer 142 N 2d 
Hubley Michael, hatter 4 Garrigues court 
HuckeJ Wm. taylor 79 S Water. 
Huddell Joseph, sen. stave merchant 87 Swaniom 
Huddell Joseph, jun. stave merchant 362 S Front 
Hudgeson John, sea captcun 1 1 7 Cedar 
Hudson James, taylor 457 N Third 
Hudson Edward, dentist 52 S Third 
Huff Jacob, victuallar 355 Callowhill 4 O. 5hcimbl€S 
Huff John, carpenter next 3 1 5 Callowhill 
Hufty Joseph stone cutter 149 k 151 >{ Sixth 
Hufty John taylor 138 S Fourth 
Hughes Caleb, merchant taylcM* 307 N Third corner of 

St. Tammany 
Hughes James teacher 2 Watkins court 
Hughes Edward, porter 259 Catharine 
Hughes Thomas tavern keeper Beach et 
Hughes Henry ropemaker Shakemuxen 
Hughes James, sea captain 36 Queen 
Hughes John, merchant, N. E. corner 2nd. & High 
Hughes Humphreys sea captain 2 1 Swanson 
Hughes Robert, sea captain 475 N Second 
Hugh Elizabeth, boarding house 41 N Eighth 
Hugg Jacob, tavernkeeper Sc ship joiner Says wharf 
Huggins Benjamin, sea captain 66 Swanson 
HuUock Michael, shoemaker 214 Cheriy ' 
Hulijngs Lawrence, shipwright 506 S Second 
Hull Jacob, tax collector HON 6'eveBth 
Hull Johu, shopkeeper 78 Almond 
Hull Jokn, grocer Smiths wharf 
Hull John, carpenter Charles st 

Hull John, cabinet maker 84 N •S'eTenth ^ 

Hull Jokn, grocer 158 Mulberry '! 

( 116 ) 

Huller Isaac sea captain 40 Pine 
Humes Thomas, grocer 87 German 
Humphreville E. cabinetmaker 121 New 
Humphreys T. china merchant 203 High 24 S 7th 
Humphreys Richard, china merchant 227 High 
Humphreys Eliza, teacheress near 1 1 North alley 
Humphreys Clement, head inspector and measurer of 

lumber 94 S 5th 
Humphreys Daniel, printer and stationer 272 S Front 
Humphreys James, shipwright Warren st 
Humphreys Jas. printer corner of Walnut & Dock 
Humphreys Thos. shipwright Queen [K] 
Humphreys Joshua, ship builder 240 Swanson 
Humphreys Mary, widow 30 Carters alley 
Humphrys Abel, merchant 1 5 Dock 
Hunt Jesse, shoemaker 30 north 7th 
Hunt Christopher, accomptant 12 Oak 
Hunt Richard, constable 28 south Fourth 
Hunt Edward, sea captain 80 south Fourth 
Hunt J. coach wheelwright 299 & 313 Mulberry 
Hunt James, victualler 154 N 5th - ^- 

Hunt Pierson, merchant 62 S 5th 
Hunt Thomas, sea captain 118 5 2d 
Hunt Wilson, merchant 1 6 S Front 1 5 N Bth 
Hunt William, perfumer 66 N Fi-ont 
Hunter George, druggist 114 S 2d 
Hunter James, attorney at law 60 S 6th 
Hunter John, soap boiler 36 Cix)wn 
Hunter Wm. coachmaker 111 Chesnut & 171 Walnut 
Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 Cedar 
Hunter Matthew, fuller Cedar above 10th 
Hunter Sarah, shopkeeper 59 S 2d 
Hupfield Charles, grocer 126 Sassafras 
Hurly John, painter & glazier 199 S Front 
Hurley James, tanner 53 Coates 

Hurley Tnomas, piper hanging manufactory 80 Chesnut 
Huron Laurence, merchant 90 S Front 
Hurry S. merchant 5o S 6th 

Hirst Thos. tinplate Avorker comer of High 8c N Third 
Hurst Charles, gentleman corner of Cedar and 5th 
Hurst John Harvey, attorney at law 37 N 8th 
Hurst John, carpenter 266 S Fourth 
Hustler Wm. merchant 69 S 4th 

( nr ) 

Huston Ann, grocer 561 Mulberry 













Thomas, sadler 4S N Fourth st 
ns Jolrn I. sea captam 313 N Front 
ns Joseph, D. D. 83 and 90 S Third 
n i^enry, accomptant Frombergers court 
nson S. widow 4 Church alley 
nson James, taylor 29 1 south Front 
nson John, carpenter 7th near Spruce 
nson Margaret, grocer 29 N Tenth 
nson Mahlon, merchant 61 N Second 
nson Thomas, taylor 326 S Fi-ont 
nson John, blockmaker 3 1 Penn street 
nson //imnah, widow Pine above 7tk 
Huttman George, hair dresser 70 Coates 
Hutton James, ironmonger 53 i/igh 
Hutton M. ship joiner 29 Catharine 135 Swanson 
Hutton Nathaniel, sen. ship builder 382 S Front 
Hutton John, office of the Baltimore packet, HamikoHS 

wharf 502 5 Front 
Hutton Benjamin, ship builder 260 Swanson 
Hutton John, merchant 17 Queen 
Hutton Thomas, carpenter 40 Almond 
Hutton Thomas, grocer 1 38 south Eighth 
Hutts Jonathan, carter Spruce abore Eighth 
Hutz Peter, Tictualler 270 Sassafras 
Hutz P. victualler Wood above 6th, 45 O Shambles .^ 
Hyde George and Co. patent rulers, stationers and book.- 

binders, 7 1 Chesnut 
Hyde John, sea captain 183 N Front 
Hydel Elizabeth, shopkeeper 71 Green 
Hyler John, shopkeeper 109 N Third 
Hyuier Jiohn, victualler 306 Vine 
Hymer William, carpenter Cherry st (K) 
Hymer Adam, carpenter Marlborough 
Hymes Samuel, chair maker 6 1 Walnut 
Hymes Francis, drawing master 140 S Fifth 
Hymes widow of Andrew, tavern keeper Beech st 
Hyndman Samuel, publisher 268*S Fourth 
Hyneman John, taylor 120 N W^ater 
Hyneman William, grocer 9 1 Pluna 
Hyneman John, accomptant 36 St Johns 
Hyneman George, teacher 85 Callowhill 
Hysler Peter, grocer above 5 1 1 N Seoond 

( Hi ) 

1GNACE Peter, dancings " master 105 Spruce 
Imlay Johnston, merchant 48 N Water 
Imluy b« Rogers, merchants 83 N Water 
Imlav Robert, merchant 5 N Water 
Immel J. Sc Co. inn and storekeepers 76 N 3d 
ImmelJohn, painter 159 N 6th 
Inches Thomas, weaver 84 S 3d 
Ingersoll C J. attorney at law east wmg of the State 

Ingersoll Jared, counsellor at law 1 8 1 Che^nut 
Ingels George, naval store keeper I-.ab<jratoiy 
Ingels John, shingle dresser 291 S 5th 
Ingiis Joseph, accomptant 95 N Fifth 
Inglis Catharine, spinster 99 Pine 
Ingraham F. merchant 279 High 
Ingraham John, blacksmith 273 S 4tli 
Inkson Rebecca, shopkeeper 170 N Front 
Innes Wm. £c Co. brewers 131 & 133 N Water 
Innes Henry, shoemaker 128 N 5th 
Innes Thomas, carpenter 164 S 6th 
Innes Joseph, carpenter 27 Coates 
Inskeep Abraham, merchant 63 Dock 
InskeepSc Wood, merchants 159 High 
Inskeep John, merchant 98 S Front 
Inskeep John, well digger 142 Cherry 
Ireland Alphonso C. carpenter 27 Powell 
Ireland George, porter 30 Budd 
Irick Christopher, deputy flour inspector 178 S 6th 
Irons Solomon, shingle dresser 27 Filbert 
Irvine Robert, grocer N W corner of Shippen 8c 4th 
Irvine James, blacksmith 385 6' Front 
Irvine Wm. General, 92 S 8th 
Irving David, boarding house 30 Sprucr. 
IrM'in Sarah, widow 42 Union 
Irwin John, bricklayer 35 Shippen 
Irvin John M. auctioneer 101 S Fifth 
Isaacs Isaac, hairdresser 226 Cedar 
Isborn Isabella, widow i9 Crabb 
Isdell James, " shoemaker Queen (K) 
Israel Israel, late high sherritf 89 Chesnut 
Israel Wm. H. merchant 27i6 Mulberry 

( 119 ) 

IsrHcl SamueU 8c Co. auctioneers 56 S FiY>nl 
Dry Cioods Sak- — Monday &. Thursdays, afternooiii 
Grociiiies S<:.le— Tuesdays Sc Fridays, forenoon. 
Ives John, caipcnter 87 N Seventh 
Jvory Matthew, biscuit baker (J nssels alley 

JACK FRANCIS, bncklayer 218 S Thif4 
Jack John, M. D. 243 High 
Jack Wm. printer 69 -S Front 
Jack Robert, mate 1 60 S ^ixth 
Jackaway Nat. plaistei*er corner Noble $c St. Johns 
Jackson John, grocer 1 56 Lombard 
Jackson M. surveyor of the port 186 Pine 
Jackson Catharine, teacher Lodge alley 
Jackson Anthony gardener 10th near Spruce 
Jackson Caleb jun. taylor 250 S iecond 
Jackson C. k J. blacksmiths 55 S 'Second '26 Dock 
Jackson /Mvid Si Co. druggists Sec. 127 Mulberry 
Jackson Joseph, baker 9 Callowhill 
Jackson Isaac H. merchant 16 Union 
Jackson Thomas, sea captain Johnsons court 
Jackson John, merchant 233 High 
Jackson Jolm, blacksmith 35 ^ecks alley 
Jackson Mary, gentle wonian 36 Walnut 
Jackson Benjamin, mariner 64 German 
Jackson Robert, carpenter 129 Cedar 
Jackson Richard, taylor 237 N> Front 
Jackson and \Vha.rton, merchants 59 5 Whai'vc* 
Jiickson Thomas, stoi*ekeeper 47 N Third 
Jackson Thomas, merchant 16 U)uon 
Jackson ^\'illiam, surveyor of the port 257 Chesnut 
Jackson Hugh, gentkinan 66 Spruce 
Jacobs Israel, gentleman 5 N Second 
Jacobs James, sea captain 23 N Tenth 
Jacobs Benjamin, black l)all maker 88 Grern 
Jacobs Conrad, oak cooper poiplar lane above Secon*! 
J;»col)S Nicholas, shoemaker 50 Almond 
Jacobs W. S. M. D. 16a Mulberry 
.lacoby Leonard, mere liant 137 N Second 
James Margaret, widow 2^ QiK-en 

( 130 ) 

James Johru waiter 200 Cheny 

James Martha, teacher 85 N Sixth 

Jamfes James, tavemkeeper 2 Almond 

James Otto, cabinet maker near 350 S Front 

lames John, merchant 1 8 N Fifth 1 3 5" Front 

James ThomLS C. M» D. 68 S Third 

James Thomas, m?<.riner 235 Mulberry 

January David, gentleman 123 Cedar 

January R. mantu-i maker Goforth alley 

Jaquett Thom..3x upholstei-er 25 S Front 

Janis Richard, mr.riner 88 Gaskill 

Jarvis Joseph, sea captain 96 Plum 

Jarvis Elizabeth, boarding house 26 N Fifth 

Jardella Andrew, sculptor next 192 Mulberry 

Jardelia Joseph, carver 32 German st 

Joudon Daniel, teacher 226 Mulbeny 

Jaussaud Peter, grocer 191 S Second 

Jazel George, coppersmith 226 S Third 

Jeangu Jolm, jeweller 12-i 6' Second 

Jeanes Isaiah, salt merchant 196 N Front & Wftter 2 

dooi-s alx)ve \"ine 
Jeans Isaac, carter 372 N Third 
Jean Elizabeth, seamstres Queen [K] 
Jeffcrs Vv'm. waiter back of 38 S Fifth 
JeficrsJohn, carpenter 6 Branaers alley 
Jaffreys Edward, supervisor of roads 137 Coafe-s 
Jefferys John, carpenter Wood above Fourth 
Jefferson Wm. labourer Etris court 
Jenkins Joseph, brewer 3 and 24 'S6th 
Jenkins David, brush maker 338 south FroRt 
Jenkins Thomas, boat builder Liberty alley 
Jenkins Plenry, shoe dealer 52 High 
Jeniis Sc Fell,' merchants 38 N2d 
Jenks Jonathan, merchant 20 S Wharves 
Jennings Richard, printer 10th below High 
Jennings John C. potter 1 3 1 '"St Johns 

Jennings , oak cooper 10lx)cust 

Jennings Nathan, carter Catharine street wharf 
Jennings Mary, widow 15 Coates alley 
Jermain Abraham, watchman 6'assafras alley 
J^rmiin Ezekici, labourer 140 Swanson [see Ger] 
Jewell Kenneth, taylor 78 Mulbeiry 
J»ad John, upholsterer 1 1 8 H'v^h 

( 1^1 ) 

Jobson •S'amuel, glue maker Noble above 2d 

Johns Richard mastmaker Liberty court 

Johns Johnston, carpenter 4 1 1 S Front 

Johns Mary, tavemkeeper 470 S Front 

Johns David, grocer 140 S 9th 

Johnson Henj. printer Sc bookseller 3 1 High 

Johnson Benj. oysterman 1 8 Pewterplatter alley 

Johnson Barney, carter 105 German 

Johnson Charles, carpenter 18 Budd 

Johnsan Conrad, Hopkins court 

Johnson Charles, grocer corner 10th and -Spnice 

Johnson David, labourer 201 Lombard 

Johnson Frederick, caulker 393 S 2d 

Jonnson Isaac, coachman 187 south 4th 

Johnson George, shipjoiner 14 Plumb 

Johnson Isaac, grocer 182 north Water 

Johnsan Isaac, tax collector 171 ^St Johns 

Johnson Isaac, shopkeeper 217 S 2d 

Johnson Jacob, cabinet maker 207 N 8th 

Johnson J. bookseller 147 High and 16 N 4th 

J[ohnson James, painter 6 Pewterplatter alley 

.^)hnson John, carpenter 69 Plumb 

Johnson John, soap boiler 176 Shippen 

Jo'inson John, teacher Hanover near Duke street 

Johnson John, dry goods store 249 south Second street 

Johnsan Jonathan, caipenter Hopkins court 

Johnson Joseph, carpenter 1 2 north Sixth street 

Johnson Joseph, ship chandler, store 77 south Wharves 

dwellifig Moyamensing road 
Johnson Josiah, letter earner St George near 6th 
Johnson Martha, boarding house 15 south Fifth stree.t 
Johnson Rachel, washer 14 Appletree alley 
Johnson Moses, sweep 1 8 Wagners alley 
Johnson Richard, printer 5 Summers court 
Johnson Samuel, waiter 2 1 6 Shippen street 
Johnson Samuel, mariner 1 10 Green street 
Johnson Samuel, cai'penter 294 south Third street 
Johnson Sarah, seamstress 107 Pine street 
Johnson Peter, mariner 59 Shippen street 
Johnson Wm. boardinghouse 18 Little Water 
Johnson Wm. shoemaker 170 S 6th 
Johnson Wm. oak cooper, shop 109 Swanson 


( 122 ) 

Johnson David, letter carrier St. George above 6th 

Johnston David, labourer 17 Swanson 

Johnston John, bricklayer 285 N Third 

Johnston Thomas, maltster 184 Spruce 

Johnston John, stucco plaisterer 83 N Second 

Johnston Mrs. boarding house 18 Lombard 

Johnson Peter, blacksmith 27 George 70 Cedar 

Joh.nson Robert, bookseller 8c stationer 2 N Third 

Jolinston Francis, Elockley township west of Schuylkill 

Johnston Wm. stave merchant 26 Almond 

Jolly Jaques, gentleman Chesnut between 8th & 9th 

JolJy Charles, merchant 1 40 Sassafras & 97 N Water 

Jones Rev. Absalom 1 65 S Third 

Jones Benj. porter 79 Queen 

Jones Benj. merchant 56 Almond Sc 4Penn 

Jones Benj. engraver 47 Chesnut and 48 S 2d 

Jones Benjamin, grazier 7 t edar 

Jones 8c Clai-k, merchants 8 Penn street 

Jones David, hatter 153 N 2d 

Jones Edward, sea captain 43 Almond 

Jones Evan, paper hanger 4 Fiumb 

Jones Israel, taylor and tavern keeper 2 Penn ^i 

Jones Elizabeth, stationer 30 N 4th - ^ 

Jones Elizabeth, teacher 23 Carters alky 

Jones George W. merchant 1 17 New street 

Jones 8c //owell, iron merchants 18 S Wharves 

Jones Isaac, late street com.missioner 17 Phie 

Jones Isaac, tobacconist 164 N Water and 169 Front 

Jones Isaac C. merchant 79 Mulberry 

Jones Isaac, taylor and tavernkeepcr 2 Penn 

Jones Isaac and Co. merchants 84 Hi«;h 

Jones JiinC) shopkeeper 22 ijank street 

Jones ^ohn, dealer 237 S Fourth 

Jones James, hatter 154 Spruce 

Jones Jbhn, inspector of salt provision 67 N Water 

Jones ^ohn, taylor 156 N Water 161 N Front 

Jones J' one of the proprietors oftlie N. Y. stages Plart- 

zungs alley 
Jones w^ohn H. sea captain 257 N Front 
Jones John C. merchant 127 N \V^at'vij; 
Jones John K. wlieel and carriage mal;er 219 St. Johns 
and corner of Ei^own 

( 123 ) 

Jones ^ohn, corn chandler 326 N Front 

Jones /ohn, innkeeper 1 5 Branch street 

Jones /oseph and Co. merchants 68 High 

Jones v/oshua, shoe maker 192 St. Johns 

Jones Joseph, sadler Cressons court 

Jones and Kinsey, sadlers corner of Chesnut and Third 

Jones Lloyd, sea captain 225 6' Front 

Jones and Longstreth, merchants 34 N Third 

Jones Isaac, taylor 121 S Water 

Jones Mary, milliner &c. 144 N Third 

Jones Nicholas, bricklayer 277 S Fifth 

Jones Nathan, shopkeeper 48 S Second 

Jones Owen, merchant 154 S Second 

Jones Mrs. widow 23 Curters alley 

Jones and Paxson, merchants 7 N -Second 

Jones P. umbrella maker 88 S Second Sc 5 1 Walnut 

Jones Robert, sea captain 22 Meade alley 

Jones Reese, tobacconist 45 N Seventh 

Jones Richard C. merchant Bicklcys wharf 

Jones Robert, sea captain 19 1 Cedar st 

Jones and Smith, merchants 81 5" Wharves 

Jones Samuel, store keeper 82 Vine 

Jones Samuel, hatter 239 5 Second 

Jones M. milliner 28 N 5'econd 

Jones Rebecca, gentlewoman Brookes court 

Jones Samuel P. shoestore 68 High 

Jones Samuel W. merchant 1 9 Branch st 

Jones Samuel Z. pump maker 128 S Fifth 

Jones Sarahj milliner 57 S Third 

Jones Solomon, carter 287 N Third 

Jones Thomas, grocer 82 S Water 

Jones Thomas, innkeeper corner of ShackemuJicn street 

and Frankford road 
Jones and Thomson, grocers 4 N Fourth 
Jones William, plaisterer ^Spruce abovfe 7th 
Jones William, sadler 105 Chesnut 
Jones William, merchant 144 S Fourth 
Jones William, carter 265 Catharine 
Jones William, 28 N Third 
Jones William, shoe maker Sweeds allfej^ 
Jones William, glass framer 86 N 9th 
Jones Mrs. boardinghouse 411 High 
Jordaij Mary, shopkeeper 77 N Thn^l 

( 124 ) 

Jcrden Corfey, ble^jder^ Cherry (JT) 

Jurclen Sarah, widow 13 Brewers alley 

Jouat Daniel T. sea captain 197 S Fourth 

Joubeit Tliomas, agent 28 5hippen 

Jourdun Sarah, widow Bre^vers alley 

Jourdeii Alexander, plaisterer 396 6'assafras 

Joyce Elizabeth, back of 343 S Front 

Joyce Doininic, merchant 174 S Front 

Joynt (-Charles, surgeon barber 222 N Front 

juiion William) carpenter 367 Mulberry 

Justice Charles, shoemaker 49 Sassafras 

justice Margaret, brewers alley 

Jii«iice Pliilip, carpenter 192 N Fifth 

justice Joseph, ph.isterer 78 Crown 

Justice Barnes, tay lor 16 Plum 

Justice c/acob and Co. ironmongers 149 High 

Justice ^acob, iron merchant 82 Crown 

Justice ^ohn, sign painter 1 1 8 Chesnut 

Justice and Hillman^ merchants 30 N Front 

Juvenal N. starch Sc hair powder manufactory, York road 

KACJT CHRISTIAN, grocer 179 N Third 
Kaighin John, shocstore 52 N Front 
Kahmer William, harness maker 59 New st 
Kalhaeffcr Fred, stable keeper Scheivelys alley 
Kallaghan J. soapboiler St. /ohns above Noble 
Kamp Mrs. boardinghouse 236 S Fixjnt 
Kampher Jos. type founder 286 Lombard (see Cam.) 
Kampher Jac. type founder 284 Lombard 
Kane John, grocer 27 Union (see Keen isf Kean) 

K.ane Michael, shoe dealer 48 High 
JCane Daniel, grocer 394 S 2d 
Kane Elisiiaand Co. merchants 121 S Front 
Kane Peter, shoemaker 183 Cedar 
Kane Patrick, shoemaker 157 Shippen st 
Karacher John, victualler 1 19 N 6th 
Karachtr S. victualler Logan st 
Kartsher Charles, baker 322 S 2d 
Karr widow of Robert, shopkeeper 10 N 2d 
Karr Susan, boarding house 15 QuaiTy st 

( 125 ) 

Karrick Joseph, merchant 356 S Front 
Kars Elizabeth, boarding house 241 Mulberry 
Karsper Martin, baker 95 Shippen 
Katz Michael, carter Kunckle st 
Katz Jacob, shoemaker 116 N Water 
Kauck Christian, grocer 34 N Sixth 
Kauff ./. merchant 337 High 
Kay Joseph, hatter 42 N Front 
Kean John, grocer 22 George 
Kean Thomas, accomptant back of 15 NFifth 
Kean John, hair dresser 1 1 Chesnut 
Kean John, grocer 38 south Water 
Kean Robert, boarding house Noith alley 
Kean widow of Roger, 66 south 2d 
Keaney Michael, drover 250 Cedar 
Kearny and Martin, sail makers 101 S Wharves 
Kearney Philip, sailmaker 5 1 Pine 
Keasby Jesse, currier bl and 59 S Third 
Keating L. shoemaker 72 Dock 
Keaton Williami, tavemkeeper 290 S Fourth 
Keble John, gentleman Pearsons court 
Keck George, victualler 486 south 2d ' 
Keef Dorothy, boarding house 287 south Front 
Keel Baltus, painter Sc glazier Sassafras alley 
Keel Jacob, shoemaker 266 St. Johns 
Keel Henry, brick maker Sassafras alley 
Keeley Mathias, merchant 61 south Water 
Keeley Mi'^. seamstress comer of 6th 8c Vine 
Keehmle George, biscuit baker 30 Queen 
Keehmle John, M. D. 33 N Fourth 
Keehmle Leonard, 80 N Third 
Keen Jonas, 29 Pine 
Keen Andrew, carpenter Brusters court 
Keen John, sen* carpenter 26 Green st 
Keen John, jun. carpenter 80 Green 
Keea James, shipwright Bee h (see Xane) 

Keen Jacob, tanner and currier 5 1 1 N Front 
Keen Joseph, currier 19 S Fourth 

Keen Rachael, tayloressand mantua maker 143 Cherry 
Keen Mathias, grocer 142 S Ninth 
Keen and Stilwell, merchants 38 N Water 
Keen and Sellers cuiTiers 1 15 Chesnut 

L 3 

( 126 ) 

Keen Andrew, shipwright Queen [IQ 

Keller John, corclwidner 123 N Front 

Kehr John, baker 440 N Third 

Kehrom Thomas, innkeeper 333 N Front 

Keighler Jacob, coppersmith Filbert above 9tk 

Keim John, turner York road 

Keir Charles, baker 1 1 4 Spruce 

A'eirl John, shoemaker 125 N 2d 

Keith John, grocer comer of Broad and Vine 

Keith Wm. & Samuel, merchants 379 south Front 

Keller Adam, baker 194 N Third 

Keller C. tinplate worker 59 N Front 

iTclIer George, carpenter 99 N 5th 

Kelley Barney, hatter 37 Keys alley 

Kelley Edward, sea captain 23 Sassafras 

Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 N Water 
Kelley John, shoemaker 31 Union 
Kelley John, distiller Queen [K] 
Kelley John, sea captain 25 Sassafrai 

Kelley John, taylor 31 1 N Third 

/Telly John, grocer 20 Swanson 

Kelly Hugh, grocer comer of Walnut 8c 5th 

Kelly Jolin, mill stone maker 26 & 32 Little Wat^ 

Kelly Mary, upholsteress 7 Callowhill 

Aelly Patrick, mariner 47 Gaskill 

Kelly Philip, merchapt Pear st 

^elly Sarah, mantua maker 9 Norris alley 

Alslly Thomas, truakmakcr 36 Bank st 

Kelly Thos. &c Philip, shoe Sc trunk store 70 High 

Aelly William, taylor & tavemkeeper 150 N Front 

Kelson Robert, sweep Fourth above Brown 

Ktmhlc George, shoe maker 35 S Third 

-Aerop George, accomptant 92 S Fifth 

Kemp Wm. baker 146 Spruce 

Aeniiird Anthony, carpenter 206 St John* 

Kennedy Samuel, innkeeper 171 High 

Kennedy A. soap boiler 37 S 2d and 4 1 4th 

Kennedy Arthur J. k Co. merchants next 188 HIgJ> 

Kennedy Thomas, conveyancer &c broker 30 S 6th 

Kennedy David, accomptant 16 X Sixtli 

Kennedy Fleniy, innkeeper 220 High 

Kennedy Henr)' I. mate 45 Shippen 

Xtuiiedy Flenry H. sea captain 43 Shippea 

( 127 ) 

Kennedy James, boarding house 75 S Water ? 

Kennedy David, glass 8c picture store 1 34 High 

Kennedy Hannah, widow 45 George 

Kennedy H. carter 98 Shippen 

Kennedy Andrew T. grocer 1 6 St Marys 

Kennedy Mauiice accomptant 22 Lombaixi 

Kennedy William, grocer 72 S 8th 

Kenney Daniel, sea captain, 40 Sassafras 

Kenney Robert, dealer 7 Plumb 

Kenney Matthew, sea captain 32 Almond 

Kener Hen.y, ropemaker 123 Christian 

Kenrick John, supercargo 8 N 8th 

Kensel John, blacksmith 29 1 Mulbeny 

Kentzell William, hair dresser 206 Mulberry 

Kepple Michael, attorney at law next 140 Chesnut 

. Ker James, tavernkeeper 7 1 Dock 
Ker Joseph, corder Race street wharf 1 19 Mulberry 
Kerlin Jonathan, bricklayer 19 Passyunk road 
Kerlin Sarah, widow 186 S Front 
Kerlin Davis, Deputy marshal 328 S 2d 
Kern Gabriel, taylor 117 S Water 
Keman Elizabeth, grocer corner of 4th and Shippen 
Kern John, store keeper 54 Shippen 
Kerr 8c Pyle, coach makers corner of Gaskill and 3d 
Kerr James, grocer 96 N Water 
Kerr Walter, sea captain 260 S 2d 
Kessler John, baker 1 Chancery lane 
Kessler Frederick, shoemaker 300 N Front 
Kessler Conrad, tobacconist 29 Pewterplatter alley 
Kessler John, assistant to the boaixl of Health, 339 N 3d 
KeAsler Leonard, late cabinet maker 125 Mulberry 
Ketland Thomas, merchant 315 High, Chesnut abovn 

Tenth street 
Key James, accomptant 1 3 1 N Sixth 
Keyser Adam, baker 3 1 6 N 2d 
Keyser Charles, muff maker near 1 3 Branch 
Keyser Jacx)b, baker 33 N Front 
Keyser Benjamin, grocer 195 N 2d 
Keyser Sc Gorgas, lumber merchants 225 N Water 
Keyler Isaac, shoemaker 284 Sassafras 
Kibler John, flourstore 277 High 
Kibler Joseph, brushmaker 104 N 3d 
iidd Robert, copper merchant 192 High 

( 128 ) 

Kiernan Hitgh, distiller 121 & near 17*2 Cedar 

JTiglar Jacob, livery stable 2 1 9 Cherry 

Kig'hler \Vm. stable keeper near 77 N 5th 

Killinger George, shoemaker 58 Lombard 

Killingsworth Edward, shoemaker corner 8th Sc Walnut 

Killingsworth Luke, taylor back of 1 1 Letitla court 

KillougJi Robert, taylor 93 S Water 

Killpatrick Ann, midwife 96 Swanson 

Kimber Emmor, bookseller &: sfeationer 170 S 2d 

Kincaid John & Co. distillers 226 N Front 

King Mrs. widow 55 south Fourth 

King and Britton, lumber merchants 353^ High 

King John, merchant 198 High 

King Asa, taylor 92 N Second 

King Robert, joiner Queen [JT] 

King Daniel jun. brass founder 76 south Front 

King D. E. lumbei' merchant 45 Filbert 

King John, brush maker Black-horse alley 

King James, gentleman 210 N Front 

King Isaiah, carter 59 Budd 

King Thomas, botler 198 south 5th st 

King John, carpenter 26 Lombard 

King Joseph, painter and wire worker 68 S 4tTi 

King William, silver plater 153 Mulberry 

King Reay, ironmonger Sc seedsman 27 N 2d 

King William, oysterman Callovvhill st wharf 

Kingston Stephen, counting house 8 Walnut, dwelling 

17 Prune 
Kingston Simon, sea captain 54 Almond 
Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 south 5th, 50 Gaskill 
Kinley Charles^ M. D. 1 35 Walnut 
Kinley Jacob, victualler 299 N Eighth 
Kinnan John, ivory turner 22 south Third 
Kinnard Thomas, coachmaker 1 1th above High 
Kintzle Jacob, blacksmith 441 N Third 
Kinsey Edmund, sadler 93 Chesnut 
Kinsley John, printer 7 Elfreths alley 
Kinsley Michael ciwrier 38 N 3d 
Kintzmg Abranam jun. merchant 96 N Front 
Kintzing Abraham, sen. grazier 178 High- 
Kirk John, shoemaker 49 Christian st 
Kirk Isaac, grocer ISaN 3d 
Kirk John, merchant 53 N3d 

( i29 ) 

Kirk Joseph, carpenter 333 N Third 

Kirkham Charles, dry goods store 41 N 3d 

Kirkpatrick Sarah, grocer 332 N 2d 

Kirler Daniel, flour-store 79 Callowhill 

Kirkpatrick Robert shoemaker N Second 

Kisselman Frederick, merchant 1 66 S Second 

Kisselman Charles, attorney at law 166 S Second 

Kite lien James, city tavern 8c excliangc 86 S Second 

Kitchen & Beattey sadlers 66 High 

Kite Joseph, china store 34 S Fourth 

Alte Isaac, carpenter Juniper above sassafra* 

Kite Benjamin, teacher 2 1 S Fourth 

Kittera Ann, shoe-keeper 45 N Third 

Kitts Michael, innkeeper 58 High 

Kitts Mary, tavemkeeper 58 High 

Klafke John, bleeder 185 High 

Klampffer Adam, deputy sherriff Coates alley 

Kline Abraham, grocer 90 N Seventh 

Kline Peter, bricklayer 374 N Third 

Kline John, carter Fourth above Poplar lane 

Klingle A. cooper &c guager 56 Callowhill 

Kingle George, oak cooper 224 N Front 

Klofc Christian, baker 8 1 Passyunk road 

Klotz John L. weave? 423 N Third 

Knight Charles, miniature painter 105 N Second 

Knight Daniel, carpenter 12 8c 174 Cherry 

Knight Daniel, P. stave merchant 361 N Front 

Knight J. lumber merch 39 Artillery lane 177 N Water 

Knight Mary, boarding house 61 N Sixih 

Knipe Philip, carpenter near 550 N Third 

Knodle John, hair dresser 1 1 N Seventh 

Knerr Samuel, baker 3 1 S Front 

Knerr H. tavemkeeper Middle ferry 

JTnerr Geo* gentleman 6 1 Cherry 

Knorr 8c Hill, lumber yard on Coates street wharf 

KnoiT J. bridlebitmaker 50 S Fourth near 1 1 2 Walnut 

Knorr George, lumber merchant 40 1 N Front 

Knorr Jacob, jun. ironmonger 40 N Third 

Knoor George, baker 2 1 N Fifth 

Knott John painter 329 N 3d 

Knouse Philip, bricklayer Frankford road 

Knowles Marmaduke, mate 5 1 6 south Front 

( 130 ) 

Knowles Jacob, shoemaker 30 Hi^h 

Knowles Sarah, shopkeep>er 190 south Fourth 

Knox Fi-ancis, grocer 8 1 S Second 

Knox and Deas, merchants 60 N Fronl 

Knox James, grocer 259 High 

Knox John, labourer 102 Cedar 

Knox Joseph, innkeeper 62 Shippen 

Knox AVilHam, shipwright 395 N Front 

Knox Widow, gentlewoman 74 N 7th 

Knox John, teacher 234 Cedar 

Knox William, grocer 94 German 

Koechling Frederick A. baker 303 Vine 

Kohelai' John, wheelwright 5 Prune 

Kollick Jane, shopkeeper 125 south 2d 

Kmfft George, innkeeper 464 N 2d 

Krafft Peter, taylor 36 south Water (e^ Craft) 

Ki'aift Jacob, tavemkeeper 169 south i^ront 

Kreamer Phihp, taylor Steinmetz court 

Krebel Mathias, innkeeper 390 N 2d 

Krebs George, bricklayer 17 N Fifth 

Krep Anthony, rigger 22 Artillery lane 

Kreps Margaret, shopkeeper 313 N 2d 

Kreps , sea captain 83 N /Ifth 

Kncier William, carpenter High above Eleventh 

Krigermeyer Samuel, blacksmith 459 N Third 

Krigermier Jacob, labourer 134 Coates 

Krim Peter, taylor 71 N 10th 

Krin Adam, baker next 29 Swanson st 

Krumbhaar Ludwic, merchant 24 soutk Froftl 

Kucher Mary, store keeper 84 N Second 

Kucher Christiana, shop keeper 227 N 2d 

Kugler Charles, innkeeper comer of 4th & SassafraS 

Kugler John, oak cooper 143 Plum 

Kuhn Adam, M. D. next 140 Chesnut 

Kuhn Daniel, shoemaker SB X 7th 
J Kuhn Frederick, gentleman 143 N 2d 
^ Kuhn John, bricklayer 343 Sassafras 
J Kuhn Michael, justice of the peace 22 Passyunk road 
3 Kuhn Peter, merchant 221 High 
^Kuhl Conrad, stationer 143 N Second 
-Kuhl Henry, accomptant 142 Sassafras 

Kunckle C. baker comer Callowhili &: St John* 
^Z'unckel John, victualler Charles st 

( 131 ) 

Kunkel Mary, shopkeeper 249 N 2d 

Kunius John, hatter 102 Hig^h 

Kurtz Peter, tobacconist 125 X Second 

Kurtz Henry, tobacconist 131 Green 

Kurtz Henr}', taylor 25 Cherry 

Kurtz Ceo. jun. victualler comer George (N. L.) and 

York road 
Kurtz Geoi-ge, victualler 440 N 2d 
Kurtz Peter, porter 270 S Fifth 
Kyle John, blacksmith 105 S 8th 
Kyiler Henry, labourer Christian above Fourth 
Kyser Ann, widow 332 X Front [See Keyser] 
Kyser Michael, shipwright 9 1 Coates 
Kysi^r Peter, lumber merchant 35 Callowhill 

LA BASTE J. B. drawing master Xorth alley 
Lttbee Sarah, widow 10 Coombs alky 
L&cave John, hair dresser 137 S Fifth 
Lace Vi'm. coach spring maker 46 Caipenter (C) 
Lackie Robert, baker near 27 S Water 
La Combe John, M. D. 246 S 3d 
La Combe Peter, merchant, 2 1 Sassafras 
La Compian Francis, merchant 294 X"" 2d 
Lafferty Patrick, labourer Christian above 5th 
Laffitte Peter, perfumer 32 1 S 2d 
La^^-nel Mrs, boarding house 108 X Fourth 
La2;^rand Augustus Sc Thomas, shopkeepei'S 60 High 
I-ahie M. plaisterer 27 Pewter platter alley 
Liiidley James, taylor 1 12 Chesnut 
Lake John, tanner 77 S 5th 
Lake Wm. sea capt<un 15 1 X 2d 
Lidor John, tavenikeeoer 142 S Water & 143 Front 
Lamarcelle Peter, hairdresser 42 Artillery lane 
Lamb Jacob, shoemaker 133 Pine 
Lambert Jere^niah, merchant 140 N Second 
Lambert Peter, grocer comer 3d & Vine 
Lambert George, victualler Gaixlen 
Lambert John, ship joiner 396 X Front 
Lambeth Cathaiine, teacher Brewers alley 
Lancaster Thomas, carpenter 152 S 9th 

( 155 ) 

I^ancastcr Jacob, waterman New near Third street 

Lancaster John, sea captain Penn btlovv Cedar 

Lancaster John, carpenter 205 N Third 

Landell Miir>', tavemlceeperSn N Front 

Landreth David, seedsman High above 12th 

Landsberry Carpenter,, shipwright 35 Artillery Jane 

Landy John, cabinet maker 43 Coates 

Lane Henry, blacksmith 3 Watkins court 

Lane Edward, accomptant 152 Spruce 

Lane Wm. merchant 166 Walnut 

Lane Patrick, mahoifaiiy sawyer 7 Summeis court 

Lane James, clock & watchmaker 56 Cedar street 

Lang Benj. carter 79 Passyunk road 

Lang Sarah S. milliner 3 J I N Second 

Lang John, cai-penter 255 S Front 

Langstroth 5c Grambo, paper and dry goods merchants 

22 N Second 
Laning James, cabinetmaker 221 Mulbeiry 
Landsdram James, mariner Birds alley 
Lansinger Jacob, shoemaker 54 Passyunk road 
Lapess Hannah, boarningliouse 30 Spruce 
Laporte Charles, gentleman 130 Lombard 
Lapsley David, merchant 18S2d 
Laremore Jane, shopkeeper 47 S 2d 
Larer Melchior, brewer 50 N Sixth 
J^arge E. & Son, merchants 6 Chesnut 
Large Ebenezer, merchant 46 S I- ront 
Larken Thomas, taylor 1 34 north Front 
Larkum Thomas, tavernkeeper 280 S Front 
La Roche Rene, M. D. 98 S 5th 
La Roche JoJm G. gentleman 264 Sassafras 
i Lasher George, blacksmith Queen [IC] 

Lasher Jacob, grocer 298 north 2d 
Lasher Maria B. innkeeper 300 north Second 
Lasher Mary, boardinghouse 80 Pluna 
Lassalle John, merchant 21 Christian 
Lasshy Cathaihie, widow, 109 Vine 
Latimer W. G. 8c R. C. merchants 83 >? Wharres 
Latimer James &: Co. merchants Walnut sti-eet wharf 
Latimer Geo. merchant 85 S 6th 
Latimer Sc Muixlock, flour merchants 75 N Water 
LatimLT Thomas, fiour merchant 55 N Fourth 
^ Latimer Wm. G. merchant 250 Mi^benj 

( i33 ) 


Latimorc John, sea captain 172 S Third 
Latopie Peter, M. D. 3 1 Siissafras 
Lauck David, oak cooper 94 N J-cturth 
Lauck Jo^hn, cedar cooper 123 Sassafras 
I^audenslager Richard, t-aylor 1 52 Sassiifra.s 
Laudenslager George, victualler 251 CallowhiN 
Lauder Jo!m, carter 8 1 Cedar 
Lauderback Jonathan, shipwright 219 Swanson 
Lauderbrun F. merchant 58 Union 
Laurence Thomas, hatter Emlins alley (See Lawrence) 
Laverty James, grocer, Pfieffers alley 
Lawerswyler Jacob, gentleman 90 N Second 
Lawler Matthew, mayor of the city 34 Wahuit 
Lawler Tliomas F. teacher of mathematics Queen (K) 
Lawrence Rel>ecca, widow 13 Sansom 
Lawrence Thomas, guager 8c cooper 19 N Water 
Lawrence Benj. inspector of customs 3 Strawberry 
I^avYKence C blacksmith 91 N Sixth [See Laurence] 
Lawrence Christian, victualler 172 N Eighth 
Lawrence Hanse, boarding house 75 Penn 
Lawrence H & Co. merchants 32 N Second 
Lawrence Henry, merchant 1 Frombergers court 
Lawrence Jacob, carter 45 7 S Second 
Lawrence John, carpenter 297 Vine 
Lawrence J. silk dealer 8c haberdasher 6 1 Walnut 
Lawrence Wm. feedstore 273 Sc 275 Vine 
Lawrence Wm. hatter Sc tax collector 208 S Second 
Laws Robert, sweep 4th above Coates 
Laws Samuel, paper rstainer 102 Christian 
Laws Charles, stevadore 64 Christian 
Lawson Alexander, engraver Spruce above 7th 
Lawson John, sea captain 1 1 9 Callowhill 
Lawson Wm. accomptant 377 High 
Lawson Mrs. boardinghouse 7 S Fourtli 
Lawson Joseph, grocer 10 Strawberry 
Lawton George R. commission merchant 1 8 Dock 
Lawyer Christian, porter 166 N Fifth 
Leake Robert, painter he. 200 Pine 
I^aman Wm. rigger 39 Green 
Leamy Jolin, merchant 69. Walnut 8c 79 S Third 
I -earning Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine 


( 134 ) 

Leaver John, inkccper 8 Sc 10 S Sixth 

Leay Pc'trick, i.rocer 159 i ine 

Lea y Thos. s'r oemaker 74 Passyunk road 

Leati.erman F. pun^p maktr Fitz waiter above 7tli 

Lecitherman John, taylor 7 Stra\A'b^rry 

Leather man Michael, porter Lilly alley 

Le Brousse Pauh gentleman 178 Pine 

Ledent Lambert, bcttkr 70 Dock 

Ledru Mary, g-entle^voman 274 S Front 

Lee Benjamin, bricklayer 108 N front 

Lee William, genllemam 324 S Second 

Lee Joseph, hatter 75 S Second 

Lee Christopher, sea captain 87 5 Wc;ter 

Lee Z?aniel, sugar boiler 8S N 4th 

Lee Benjamin, shoemaker 1 \0 N 4th 

Lee J. druggist S E comer of Lombird and 2d 

Lee Wm. grocer corner of Plumb and iiiUi 

Lee Wm. teacher 79 N Sixth 

Leech Jane Sc Margaret 156 Spruce [ •'^ee Lcacli] 

Leech Caleb, machine ma?;er coiTi.r Maiden and Beeck 

Leech Henry, stay maker 100 Vine 

Lechler Adam, peed maker 158 Lombard 

Leedom W. & J. iron merchants 76 S Wharves 

Leedom W. iron merchant 172 S 4th 

J^edom J. iron merchant 58 Almond & 182 S Front 

Leedom Joseph, M. D. 322 N Second 

Le Met — , miniature painter 1 S Third 

Lees &o Barry, turners Chesnut near the Theatre 

Lees Henry, victualler 38 Cro^T) 

Lees Philip, grocer comer 5th & Phim 

Leeson Matthev?, sadlcr W^alnut above Tenth 

Lefevre Lewis, paper maker 2 1 N 9th 

Leger Nicliolas, gi-ocer 97 N Third 

Lehman Joseph, apothecary 222 High 

Lehman Maria, mantua maker 8 Branch 

Lehman Wm. druggist 97 S 2d 

Lehi-s Henry, taylor 238 N Front 

Leib J. L, attorney at law 16 S Fourth 

Leib Michael, M. D. 28 Callowhill 

Leightmann George, cabinet maker 98 N Second 

Leinau Andrew, hatter 101 N Third 

Leii>e George, meal merchant 125 Green 

^/tiper Thomas, tobacconist 274 H%h 

( 135 ) 

Leiper George, blacksmith Queen K 

Leisliman W. saddle tree maker comer Broad 8c Hig^h 

LeistLT Henry oak cooper Maiden 

LemaireJ. B. 28 Carters alley 103 Walnut 

Lemaire Baptiate, silversmiths 6 High 

Lemon Wm. shoemaker 41 Prime 

Lenix Isaac, bricklayer Johnston court 

Lenix Hui^h, merchant 44 N Eighth 

Lentner G. C. fancy chair maker 254 N Front 

Lentz Henry, grocer 240 8c 252 N -Second 

Lentz Georcje, victualler 145 Coates I 2d st market 

Le: tz Frederick, baker 127 Callowhill 

Lentz Sc Wood, grocers 238 N Second 

Lentz Jacob, carter 369 N Third 

Ltntz John, cabinet maker 378 N Third 

Leonard John, sea captain Hanover [K] 

Leonard John, ladies shoemaker 83 S Fourth 

Leonhard Wm. tavernkeeper 50 Callowhill 

Leroy Joseph, hair dresser 98 Vine 

Lescure Wm. grocer 174 N -Second 

Lesh widow of Zechariah sen. 170 Sassafras 

Lesher G. coachmaker 6 Elizabeth 8c 10 Lombard 

Lesher Geo. innkeeper 43 N Third [5ee Lasher] 

Lesley Peter, cabinet maker 151 Vine 

Leslie Robert, late watch maker 177 Mulbeny 

Lester Joseph, grocer 190 N Third 

Letchworth Wm. sexton 26 north 4th 

Letchworth John, chairmaker 78 S Fourth 

Letts Wra. oak cooper, 262 S Third 

Letzinger John, taylor 75 Lombard 

Levering Israel, skindresser 1 1 9 Green 

Levering Jonathan, carpenter 478 Sassafras 

Levering Samuel, carver 28 1 N Front 20 Cable lane 

Levis Wm. paper manufacturer 2 *S Third 

Levy, Aaron, gentleman 58 N Fourth 

Levy Aaron jun. storekeeper 160 N Second 

Levy Joseph, shopkeeper 168 N Second 

Levy Moses, recorder 101 Chesnut 

Levy Martha, 123 S Second 

Levy 5amson, counseller at law 68 Walnut 

Lewis Da\id, merchant 140 S 2d 

Lewis Joseph S. merchant 150 S 2d 

Lewis George, painter &c. 122 S Fifth [M S] 

( 136 ) 

Lems Henry> hsdr dresser 1 37 N Third 

Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 295 Callowhiil st 

Lewis Hannah, widow 1 1 2 -S' Front 

Lewis Jcimes, taylor 50 Mulberry 

Lewis John, ship joiner 32 Gi*een 

LeM'is widow of John A. scnvener 60 N 4lh 

Lewis John, shopkeeper 45 Cedar 

l^ewis Joseph S. and Co. merchants 25 Dock 

Lewis John, 292 N Front 

Lewis Michael, sea captain 45 Catharine 

Lewis Samuel, draftsman k.c. ^ 1 6 Sassafras 

Lewis Samuel, sea captain 258 5 Front 

Lewis Reeves, merchant 130 Spruce 

Lewis Joseph, skindresser 501 N Third 

Lewis William, bnish maker 10 Elizabeth 

Lewis \yilliam, counsellor at law, S. W. comer of 3d St 

64 AValnut 
Lewis widow of Wm. merchant 268 south Second 
Lex Peter, grocer 283 High 
Lex John, victualler Noble above Garden st 
Lex Henry, victualler Logan st 
Lex A. victualler corner of Logan and Gaixicn »t 
Lex widow of Jacob, grocer 1 1 2 N 6th 
Lhulier John P. musician 153 south 5th. 
Liddle William, botler 44 Sassafras - 
Liddle John, cooper 192 south Water 
Liddon Abraham, shopkeeper 36 N Third 
Ligiitfoot Edward, hair dresser 249 S Fourth 
Likings George, nailornear 440 N Front 
Likmgs Jonathan, carter Poplar lane 
Lillebridge Robert, sea captain 13 Sassafras 
Limeburner Philip, bookbinder 45 Vine 
Limeburner John, coach maker 4 Cbates court 
Limehouse Richard, carter Lillcy alley 
Lindemuth Christian, baker 151 Cheriy 
Lindsay Wm. accomptant 60 S 6th 
Lindsay James, grocer 138 S Water 
Lindsay Robert, joiner 12 N Sixth 
Lindsay Andrew, coppersmith Spafford Street 
Lindsay Wm. china store 58 Zane and I N Third 
Lindsay Susannah, teacher 194 St Johns "* 

Lineham Patrick, oak cooper 50 Penn 
Linnington Maria, shopkeeper 48 Green 

( 13/ ) John, coachmaker 45 Cable Lane 

Link Henry, sl.oemaker Brewers all. y 

Link Fiiilip, rope muker 120 nirislian 

Lii)k George, carter Says alley 

Linker John, shoemaker bt i ammany 

Linn ^Vlrs Mary, 155 S 2d 

l.iiiii Rev. John B. 16j Walnut 

Linnaixl John, m-istmaker 39 Callowhill 

I-iimard \Vm carpenter 307 S 2d 

Linjieman John, weaver 390 Sc^ssafras 

Liiirton James, boot and sb.oemaker 1 16 N 4th 

Linton Benjamin, cut'iail m.Jiufactory 269 Sassaft'as 

Linton George, shoemaker 107 Queen 

Lip[)incott Joshua, iuictioneer 47 N Front 

Lippincott Tliomas, shopkeeper 181 Pine 

Lij)pincott rlrs. gentlewoman, 25 Mulberry 

Lippip.cott bamtiel, accomptant 28 N Second 

Lisle John, jun. merchant 145 High [see Lysle] 

Lisle Henry, gentleman 127 S 2d 

Ltston Ferry, chimney sweep 78 N Fifth 

Lithgow Edward, carpenter 238 S 2d 

Lithgow Margaret, widow 149 S 6th 

Lithgow John, accomptant Boltons court 

Little Archibald, grocer 136 Swanson 

Littman E. grocer corner of Front Sc Queen 

Little James, teacher Cypress alley 

Little Susannah, widow 1 2 Swanson 

Little Jacob, porter near 22 Kunkle 

Litde William, ship joiner 459 S Second 

Little Mary, widow 3 Laurel st 

Littlewood William, tavernkeeper 17 Filbeit 

Livingston Ann, gentlewoman 230 Mulberry 

Livzey John, taylor 50 N Water 

Livzey John, wheelwright 60 Queen 

Lloyd Isaac, merchant 53 S Wharves 164 5 4th 

Lloyd Thos. merchant 60 N 6th 

Lloyd Joseph attorney at lav/ 70 N Fourth 

Lloyd John, carpenter 88 Green (See Loyd^ 

Uoyd N. innkeeper 218 Sassafias & 104 N Tth 

Lloyd Mary, boardinghouse 1 2 Shippen 

Lloyd William, carpenter 86 Green 

Lock Nathaniel, cabinet maker 148 N Front 

( 138 > 

Locklon John, shopkeeper 150 S Front 
Lcckwood L. carpenter 12 Purds alky 
Lodor Benjamin, tavemkeeper f N Front 
Lodor John, taylor 171 S Front 172 Witter 
Logan Adam, grocer comer New k Fourth 
Logan George, pumpmaker 3 (iillis alley 
Logan Jas. stone cutter Yorke court & Carters alley 
Logan Samuel, sVioemaker 73 S Third 
Lonra Peter, notary public 65 Dock 
Lohra & Carlisle, ironmongers 139 High 
Lohra John, ironmonger 75 Cherry 
Lolar Alexander, gentleman 328 N Front 

Lommillier , gentleman 134 N Third 

Long Joseph, grocer comer Mulberry & Third 
Long John, tavernkeeper 224 N Third 
Long John soap boiler 172 Sassafras 
Long Jacob, slioemaker 323 Muiberiy 
Long K. milHner 7 Strawberry 
Longi?obert, taylor 8 Coombs alley 
Long John, accomptant 1 1th below Locust 
Long David, carpenter 1 2 1 Queen 
Longport George, victualler James street 
Longstreth, Morris & C-o. merchants 6 N Third 
Longstreth Joshua, merchant Spruce above 7th 
Longstreth Joseph, shopkeeper 92 N Fourth 
Looker James, shoemaker 177 Sassafras 
Lorain John, carpenter 195 south 6th 
Lorain John, jun. merchant 28 N Front 
Lorrin John, cook 22 Farmers alley 
Lorain John, sen. merchant 5 N Front 
Lorange Lewis, grocer 289 Vine 
Lord Benj. sea captain 52 Green 
Lorent John D. merchant 108 south 2d 
Lotier Benj. carpenter 148 5 9th 
Lott Hemy, carpenter 149 Pine 
Louden i?ichard, taylor 83 Vine 
Louden widow of John, tobacconist 317 5 Front 
Lofberry John, shipwright Bishop st 
Louge Thomas, taylor 1 30 south Ninth 
Loughead Thomas, sea captain 192 north 2d 
Loughery Edward, shopkeeper 317 N Third 
Loughary J. A. distiller 391 and 367 N Front 

( 139 ) 

Louis 5o!;n, per^um-r 115 N Ve oii 

Lovf '♦vivi. bi o. -vad s 'O m iker oays i,M.j 

Lovelass Wm. se . cjpt-in 28 "/ine 

Low Benj. merchunt :}7 Hii;h 

Lowber lichael cir. ricr 68 owanson 

Lo'.vber P. &• 'v\ . curriers 57 Dock 

Lowe Winscr, p. lot 42 Qiu^en 

Lov^er A. cabinet maker Coats alley, and 3 Quarry 

Lower Hjnry, t ylor New above Third 

Lower .jeorije, baker comer of Walnut & 8th 

Lownes Caleb, near 3 1 S Whai-ves 

Lownes Jacob, taylor 34 N Water 

Lownes ZMv id t:\ylor 1 4 N Water 

Lownes David, watchmaker 33 5 Third 

Lownes Joseph, silversmith 124 S Front 

Lownes John, gentleman 33 S Third 

Lowns James, hatter Brewers alley 

Lowery Peter, victualler Laurence 34 O. shambles 

Lowery P. victualler 271 Callowhill 10 O. shambles 

Lowery John, victualler Gaixien street 

Lovrery Wm. cabinet maker 17 Pewterplatter alley 

Lowry Daniel, grocer 479 N 5'econd 

Lowry Wm. cabinet maker 33 Coates alley 

Ix)xley George, merchant Loxley's court 

Loxley Mary, widow 117 Mulberry 

J>oxley Richard currier 8 1 Dock 

Loyd Thomas sen. fiour merchant 62 Mulberry (See LI) 

Loyd T. jun. merchant 30 S Wharves 62 i^/ulbeiTy 

Lozier Jacob, baker 343 Sassafras 

Lozier Lewis, taylor 46 Spinice 

Lucas James, carpenter 1 37 N Fifth 

Ludlam ^eorge, plumber 96 S Second 47 S Wharves 

Ludley Sarah, boarding house 83 Shippen 

Ludwick JE. victualler 260 N Eight^i 19 O. shambles 

Ludwick Henry painter near 52 S i^ourth 

Ludwick John, victualler 260 N 8th 23 N shamble* 

Lugar Jacob, drover above 5 1 1 N Second 

Lukens Jonathan, saddler 96 High 

Lukens Jacob & Son, merchants 28 S Wharves 

Lukens J. flour merchant 32 S Wharves & Quarry 

Lusberry Andrew, ship carpenter 47 Christian 

Liitz Frederick, cedar cooper 467 N 2d 

( 140 ) 

I^usby Joaiah, carpeting store 53 N Second. 
Lutz Conrad, shipwright, Beech 
Lutz George, cedar cooper 38 5 N2d 
I^utz Jacoln cedar cooper 17 Crown 
Lutz Martin, cailer above 26 Scheivelys alley 
Liizader S. picture frame maker 93 Passyuukroad 
Lybrand Jacob, carpenter 33 N Eighth 
Lybrand Samuel, taylor 293 Mulberry 
Lybrand C. brickmaker 59 Filbert 
Lybi-ant George brickmaker 123 New 
Lyell Margaret, boarding house 16 Lombard 
Lyle Wm. grocer 246 south 2d 
Lyle James, merchant 19 south 7th [see Lisle] 
Lyle John, blacksmith 414 and 425 south 2d 
Lyle Wm. smith 46 Almond and 96 Penn 
Lynch Edward, jun. merchant 16 N Eighth 
Lynch Francis, taylor 79 south Water 161 south Front 
Lynch James, turner 89 New 
Lynch W^m. merchant 234 S Front [seeLinch 
Lynd James, shopkeeper 24 N 2d 

Lyndall B. cabinet maker 104 Lormbard 203 south 4tk 
Lyndall John, shipjoiner 226 and 236 Swanson 
Lyne John, coppersmith 1 69 High 
Lynes J. lumberyard 109 5wanson 49 Almond 
Lynn Michael, blacksmith Beech 
Lyons John, board yard 49 Almond 
Lyon J. shopkeeper 3 1 N Front street 
Lyon Patrick, smith near 166 Walnut 35 south 5tfe 
Lyon John, farmer Coopers court 
Lyons Isaac, merchant 158 N Second street 
Lyon Joseph, merchant 106 S Front 
Lyons Eleazer, shopkeeper 3 1 N Front 
Lyons Francis, taylor 151 S Sixth 
Lyons John, coppersmith 6 N Fifth 
Lyons M. smith & farrier near 23 Appletree alloy- 
Lyons Matthew, grocer 106 N Third 
Lyons Wm. ship joiner 450 S Front 

( 145 ) 

M'ADAMS ROBT. stable keeper Boltons court 
M' Adams Thomas, carpenter, Tenth near Locust 
M'Affee Ann, tavern keeper 305 S Second 
M'Affee David, mill-stone maker, 93 N Eighth 
M'Affee John, Passyunk road near Christian 
M' Allester Alexander, tavern keeper 244 S Third 
M'Allester Charles, sea captain 79 Union 
M' Allester Mary, fancy store 90 Chesnut 
M*Allister Alexr. grocer, 276 Sassafras 
M'AUister D. labourer near 5 Pewter platter alley 
M'AUister Abraham, laborer Schakamuxen 
M'Allister Andrew, plaisterer 140 German 
M'AUister John, whip maker kc. 48 Chesnut 
M'Alpin Andrew, taylor 123 Mulberry 
M'Alpin James, merchant layior 3 S Fourth 
M'Alpin Thos. breeches maker 30 Passyunk road 
M'Anall Wm. store keeper Tenth near Spruce 
M'Aree A. millwright Sassafras,near Schuylkill 8t1i 
M'Barren Michael, laborer Cable lane 
M' Bride Hugh, shoe maker 105 Catherine 
M'Bride James, mariner 13 Plumb 
M'Brien Patrick, carman 123 Plumb 
M'Cabe Mrs. midwife 241 S Sixth 
M'Cabe Matthew, stone cutter 241 S Sixth 
M'Cacharn James, sadler Carter's alley 
M'Cacharn and Primrose saddlers 99 south Second 
M'Cafferty Patrick, porter 39 German 
M'Call Archibald, merchant 79 S Fourth 187 S Seconal 
M'Call Judith, gentlewoman near 85 Pine 
M'Call Margaret, gentlewoman 77 S Fourth 
M'Call Wm. shoe maker 8 Christian 
M'Call Robert, sea captain 3 1 Queen 
M'Call Patrick, accomptant Ninth near Walnut 
M'Call Richard, attorney at law 143 Chesnut 
M'Calla Andrew? shoe maker 263 S Second 

( 146 ) 

M'Calla John, shopkeeper 35 N Fourth 

M'Calla Wm. shoe maker 154 S Fourth 

M'Callawedge Anthony, mariner 69 Christian 

M'Can James, laborer 320 S Sixth 

M'Cahn John, printer 25 Appletree alley 

M'Carlane G. blacksmith, Prune street 

M*Carr John, taylor 84 Mulberry 

M'Carter Rachel, nurse 64 N Seventh 

M'Carty Sc M'FIenry, carpenters 49 Small 

M'Carty Felix, hatter 364 N Front 

M'Cauly ^vidow back of 1 5 1 Spruce 

M'Cauley John, coppersmith 9 1 S Front £c 90 Water 

M'Caulley George, boatbuilder 10 Green 

M'Cawley James, stable keeper 46 Cherry 

M'Chrystler Jacob, store-keeper 3 N Third 

M'Clane Isabella, seamstress, 4 1 Prime 

M'Clane L. painter Sec. 25 Becks alley 

M'Clane Lewis, oysterman 231 S Fourth 

M'Clane v/idow, shopkeeper 377 N Front 

M'Clane Thomas, bottler 105 S Fifth 

M'Clane Vv m. taylor Passyunk road near Christian 

M'Cjane Daniel, laborer 377 N Front 

M'Claren Wm. taylor 133 N Third 

M'Claskey Patrick, grocer 80 S Water 

M'Claskey Charles, laborer Spafford 

M'Claskey John, cabinet maker St. Mary above 7th 

M'Claskey John, laborer Mary st. 

M'Claskey Patrick, coachman 147 Cherry 

M'Claskey Thomas, shoe maker 29 Crab 

M'Claskey Edward, bricklayer 44 Queen 

M'Claskey Patrick, taylor 90 Gaskill 

M'Clay Alexander, porter 276 S Fifth 

M'Cleland Wm. taylor I S Third 8c 133 N Third 

M'Cleland widow, 10 Shippen 

M'Cleland Wm. laborer 77 Gei*man 

M'Clem.on Samuel, mahogany sawyer Sc grocer 417 8c 

440 S Second 
M'Clennachan Robert, wine merchant 267 S Third 
M'Clennachan Blair, merchant 167 Walnut 
M'Clearen Samuel, carpenter 4 1 Passyunk road 
iVl'Clearen Duncan, carpenter 88 N Sixth 

M'Clous , harness maker 6 Almond 

M'Cluney Marthjv, shopkeeper, 27 S Second 

( ur ) 

M^Clure Alice, \vidow 7 Penn 

M^Clure Samuel, carpenter 134 S Ninths ^^^ j^^^^^^ 

M^CIine \\ ilham, carpenter 1 Small 3 

M'Clurg Samuel, oak cooper 43 Callowhill 

M'Collm John, taylor 12 Pear 

M'Collas^an , laborer St. Mary above Seventh 

M^Coliister and Douglass, grocers 240 S Fourth 
M^Coilister George, labourer Coopers court 
M'Collom John, widow of sea captain 152 S Front 
M'Comb Elizabeth, grocer 124 Plumb 
M'Conaghy Archibald, pLaisterer 1 12 N Eighth 
M'Conaghy John, labourer 53 Passyunk road 

M'Connelly , laborer 133 Plumb 

M'Cornel Matthew, broker 82 Chesnut 

M'Connell William, sea captain 55 Shippen 

M'Connomey Michael, taylor 64 Penn 

M'Cook Alexander, widow of grocer 169 S Third 

!M'Connick Elizabeth, seamstress 3 Callowhill 

M^Cormick Ann, widow 57 Passyunk road 

!M'Cormick John, soap boiler Laurence st. 

M'Cormick John, innkeeper 243 S Sixth 

M'Coun James, taytor Pine above Eleventh 

M'Cown Robert, sea captain 384 S Front 

M'Cowen Martha, widow 39 1 S Front 

M'Cowen Hugh, laborer Market lane 

M^Coy Alexander, laborer 497 S Front 

M'Coy Daniel, laborer, 435 S Second 

M'Coy George^ laborer 62 Callowhill 

M'Coy Margaret, washer 147 Cherry \_see M'Kayl 

M'Coy M. boarding house Pewter platter alley 

M'Crackin Philip, mast maker 65 Queen 

M'Crackin Thomas, stone cutter 1 1th below Pine 

M'Crea Thomas, laborer 73 George st. 

M'Crea John, teacher 8 1 Walnut 

M'Crea Robert, baker 83 S Fourth 

M'Crea Wm. shoe maker Walnut near 12th 

M'Crea James, merchant 68 S Front 

M'Crea Ann, widow 39 Union 

M'Crea Daniel, porte! 41 Cable lane 

M'Crelish John, soap bjoiler 337 N Third 

M'Cullagh Wm. accomptant 136 Cedar 

M'Cullagh Robert, 1^8 S Sixth 

M'Culley Wm. shoemaker 44 S Front 

( 148 ) 

M'CuUoch Wm. printer 48 Chesnut 

M^Culloch Hugh, flaxseed merchant 142 N Front 

M-Culloch John,' printer &.c. 1 N Third 

M'Cullough Anna, widow 8/ S Sixth 

M'Curach James, commission broker G5 Walnut 

M'Cuiley Samuel, carpenter Spruce above 10th 

M'Curdy John, boot Sc shoemaker 36 Chesnut 

M'Curdy Marg;aret, washer Smiths court 

M'Curdy Daniel, shoemaker near 68 St. Johns 

M'Cutcheon Ebenezer, merchant near 40 N Second 

M'Cutcheon Charles, mariner 45 Swanson 

M'Dade Patrick laborer Woods court 

M'Daniel Daniel, pilot 328 S Front 

M*Dermott John, bottler 39 Walnut 

M'Dermot John, laborer 122 Christian 

M'Dermot C. corner of Schuylkill 8th and Sassafras 

?vI'Dtrmot Kii^h, laborer Woods court 

:=I'D;ivlti: N;iii, bricklayer 220 Cedar 
M'Donagh Wm. grocer 37 Powell 
M'Donald Elizabeth, widow 13 Fitzwalter 
M'Donald Ann, widow Loxleys alley 
McDonald Elijah, coachman 58 Coates 
M'Donaid M. merchant 155 S Front & 157 S 5th 
M'Donnald Wm. grocer 135 S Sixth 
M'Donnald widow of John, 353 Mulberry 
M'Donnal James, tavernkeeper 64 High 
M'Donnald John, carpenter 220 Cedar 
M'Donnald Wm. carpenter 26 Gemnan 
M'Donaid John, carter Locust near Broad 
M'Donnell John, shoemaker 38 St. John st. 
M'Dougal Mrs. shopkeeper 32 S Third 
M'Dougal John, sea captain 6 Union 
M'Dowell George, boarding house 14 Cedar 
M'Dowell George, taylor 121 S. Water 
M'Dowell James, clock and watch maker 1 30 S Front 
M-Dowell Robert, 24 Gaskill 
M'Entee Bernard, tobacconist 412 N Third 
M'Elroy Hannah, shopkeeper 182 S Fourth 
M'Elroy James, victualler 473 N. Third > see 
M'Elroy John, bricklayer 4 Garrigues courts MsHroy 
M'Euen Thomas & Co. brokers 63 Chesnut 
M'Euen Henry, shopkeeper 77 Plumb 

( 149 ) 

M'Euen Thos. broker 251 Mulbery 
M'Euen Hannah, Avidow 86 N Ninth 
M'Faden Wm. gentleman 150 Chesnut 
M'Fall James, laborer 162 N Eighth 
M'Fall Rosina, midwife, 163 Mulberry 
M^Farlan John C. sea captain 21 SAvanson 
M^Farlane John, shipmaster 16 Catherine 
M'Farlan John, grocer 131 Mulberry 
M'Farlane Andrew, grocer 92 N Front 
M'Farlane Margaret, grocer 101 Spruce 
M'Farland Wm. distiller near 440 N Front 
M'Fariin J. millwright Sassafras near Schuylkill 7th 
M'Ferran Mary, grocer 424 N Second 
M'Gailon Andrew, carpenter 291 Mulberry 
M'Gargan Margaret, widow GermantoAvn road 
M*Garvey John, vendue cryer 272 S Second 
M'Gargy John, stone mason Shackemuxen 

M<Gaugy , tavernkeeper corner Cedar and Penn 

M'Gaughy John, laborer 46 Lombard 
M<Gath Thomaa> shipwright 38 iV/eade alley 
M<Gee Samuel, tallow chandler 15S and 160 Vine 
M'Gee Gabriel, tallow chandler 326 S Front 
M^Gee William, oak cooper 332 N Front 
M'Gill Henry, sadler 21 N Fifth 
M<Gill Margaret, boarding house 97 S Front 
M<Gill Stephen, blacksmith 6 Starr alley 
M'Gines Arthur, laborer St. Mary above Seventli 
M'Giness John, taylor 48 Cedar 
M^Ginnis Philip, soap boiler 148 S Front 
M^Ginness Neal, soap boiler. Sec. 110 Plumb 
M'Ginness George, mariner 4 little Oak st. 
M^Glathery James, ironmonger 50 High 
M^Glaughlen Edward, sail maker 239 S Second and 

32 N 5ixth 
M'Glaughlan John, laborer 254 5 5ixth 
M^Glaughlan Edward, shoemaker 85 German 
M*Goldrick John, carver and gilder 42 6' Fourth 
M'Gowen Mary, widow 213 5'assafras 
M'Gowen Edward, grain measurer 1 1 1 Plumb 
M'Gowan Jane, widow 237 Cedar 
M*Gowan Wm. umbrella maker 231 N. Second 
-l/'GoAvan Patrick, dealer 321 6'assafras 

( 150 ) 

M'Gowan James, g^cer 184 N Water 
M'Gowan M. and J. shopkeepers Water above Vine 
M'Gowan Thomas, labourer 127 Green 
M'Grady Daniel, taylor Carlisle-alley 
M'Graw Patrick, 1 10 Christian 
McGregor James, sea captain 32 Artillery lane 
McGregor John, laborer 397 5 6'econd 
M^Grougherty James, -S't. Marys near Seventh 
M'Guire Sc Connor, smiths and farriers 90 Cherry 
M'Guire Hugh, baker 1 18 iSVanson 
M'Guire G. ink pawder maker Water above CallowhiU 
M'Gundy Henry, soap boiler 70 Plumb 207 N. Water 
M'Gurk Catherme, huckster 194 S Water 
M'Henry John, laborer Grissels alley 
M'llhenney Wm. sen. taylor 52 Mulberry 
M'llhenney Wm. J. attorney 34 N Fifth 
!M'Ilroy Thomas, cabinetmaker 125 Mulberry 
M'lhvaine F. merchant 17 Lombard 8c 66 S wharves 
M'llwaine George, accomptant 25 George 
M'lhvaine John, jun. printer 151 Cedar 
M' II wham Thomas, brass founder 6 1 S Fifth and Lo- 
cust above ^Seventh 
M'Intire Margaret, mantua maker Hunters court 
M'Intire Patrick, labourer Farmers Row 
M'Intire John, carpenter Hanover st. 
M'Intosh Alexander, laborer 15 N Sixth 
M'Karraher Daniel, innkeeper 235 S Seoond 
M'Karron James, laborer MifHins alley 
M'Karron! Charles, shoemaker 241 S Second 
M'Kay Thomas, bricklayer 7 Farmers alley 
M'Kean Thomas, governor of the commonwealth^ 

S Third between Union and Pine 
M'K«an Joseph B. attorney at law 95 N Second 
M'Kean James, grocer University yard Fourth st. 
M'Kean Thos. Sc James, sail makers 191 N Water 
M'Kee Thomas, teacher Jupiter lane 
M'Kenzie John, ship-joiner 64 Vine, shop Pools Bridge 

289 N Front street 
M'Kenzie Mary, widow 36 Union (see M^Kinzie) 
M'Kenzie Mary, shopkeeper 361 S Second 
M'Kelvy Michael, type founder Cedar above 10th 
M'Kever John, sea captain 98 south Second 
M'Kever Anthony, rope maker 89 Passyunk 

( 151 ) 

M*Kever James, sea captain 1 1 1 Vine 
M'Kever Wm. taylor 32 1 Mulberry 
M'Kinley R. 526 north Third 
M'Kinley James, shoe maker 5 1 Plumb 
M'Kinley Alexander, bricklayer Liiley alley 
M'Kinley Jane, widow 162 Pine 

M'Kinnely , stevedore 90 Cedar 

M'Kinley Martha, shopkeeper 90 Sassafras 

M'Kinley Wm. porter Grizels alley 

M'Kinney John H. hatter Farmers row 

MacKinzey James D. man midwife Sec. 5 Little Dock 

M'Kiazie John, carpenter 40 Gaskill 

M'Kinzie Charles, taylor 42 Strawberry 

M' Knight George, grocer 281 S Fourth 

M' Knight John, trader Elever^th belav/ St, George 

M'Knight Rob. laborer Center alley [see M'-Kni^ht'^ 

M'Knowles Wm. grocer Tenth above Locust 

M'Koy Isabella, boarding house 34 Strawberry 

M'Koy Margaret, washer 147 Cherry \_see M'-Coy'] 

M'Koy Robert, smith 355 N Second 

M'Lane Saml. breeches maker 8c glover 8 S Third 

M'Laughlin James, taylor 2 Penn [^see M^Glaughliril 

M'Laughlin Wm. F. printer 3 Frombergers court 

M'Laughlin Patrick, tavernkeeper 270 S Front 

M'Leveen Myles, sea captain 145 N Front 

M'Leod John, ship chandler near 36 Swanson: 

M'Leod Mordecai, grocer 44 Cedar 

M'Leod £c Claxton, ship chandlers 7 S Wharves 

M'Leod Malcolm, carpenter 154 Sassafras 

M'Mahan B. garden 5c grass seed merchant 129 Chesnut 

M'Mahon John, silversmith 19 Vernon 

M'Mahon Thos. stocking manufacturer Emslies alley 

M'Mannis Mrs. midwife:; Walnut near Twelfth 

M'Mannis Cornelius, taylor 9 Swanson 

M'Masters John, shoemaker 125 Cedar 

M'Minn John, oak cooper 5 Hopkins court 

M'Monagel John, grocer 146 Lombard 

M'Mickin John, laborer 8 Plum 

M'Minee Wm. porter 228 Catharine 

M'^Iinney John, weaver Walnnt near 12th 

M" Morris Joseph, grocer 30 N Eighth 

M'Mullen John, silversmith 120 S Front Sc 24 Almond 

M'Muiien Michael, painter 6;c. 227 S Third 

( 15S ) 

M^ Mullen William, carpenter 46 Zane 

M^Mullin J. R. blacksmith 2 1 Prime & 268 Swanson 

M'Mullin Robert, ship joiner 62 and near 161 Swanson 

M'Mullin William, ship joiner 309 S Second 

M^Murtie Wm. merchant 198 Spruce 

M'Nabb James, plaisterer 4 Stalls court 

M'Nair George, taylor Loxleys court 

M'Neely Andrew, hatter 30 S Fourth h 1 N Third 

M'Neely Wm. porter 228 Catharine 

McNeil Wakeford, porter SpafTord st. 

M'Neir & Krebbs, grocers, corner Fourth k Branch 

M'Ne ran Malcolm, sea captain 336 S Front 

M^Nulty Daniel, taylor 5 Gaskill 

M'Fhail Alexander, widow of 122 Cedar 

M'PhailJohn, grocer ION Fifth 

M'Pherson Alex, huckster 283 S Third 

M^Pherson Daniel, sea captain 100 S Fifth 

M'Pherson John, confectioner 109 Walnut 

M'Pherson W^m. gentleman 267 Chesnut 

M'Pherson Hugh, mate 45 Christian 

M'Quilling Abraham, \'ictualler 5 1 Fitzwalter 

M'Quaid Felix, soapboiler 7 Quarry 

M' Randies Sc Ekcns, grocers, near 339 S Second 

M'Roy John, corn chandler 467 N Third 

M' Shane Francis, attorney at law 59 S Third 

M'Shane late Barnabas, innkeeper 43 N Third 

M'Sparran W^m. skindvesser, 35 Cable lane 

M' Williams George, weaver 5 Hopkins court 

Maas Jacob, musician 185 S Fifth 

Maas David, baker 185 S Fifth 

MacGregor John, merchant 6 S Third 

Macferren Samuel, grocer 456 N Thii*d 

Mack N. wheelwright, corner High and Schuylkill 8th 

Mack Catharine, 1 feo Lombard 

Mackason Wm. & John, shipwrights Groffs court 

Mackie Thomas, merchant 164 S Front 

Mackie Jacob, wheehvright 265 S Third 

Mackie Peter, merchant 38 S Sixth 

Mackey William, boarding house 2 1 Plumb - 

Maclure William &c Co. merchants i02 S Front 

Madaria George, carter, William street 

Maddock E. E. Sc W. L. merchants 59 S wharves 

Maddock Ezekiel, merchant 3 1 3 High 

( 153 ) 

Maddock Thomas, grocer 26 Strav/berry 

Maddock William L. grocer 5 1 Spruce 

Madden Stacy, shoemaker 4 Hoffman's alley 

Madrera J. perfumer 244 S Front 

MaffetDavrd, sea captain 36 Cedti.r [_see Mojfet^ 

Maffet Pvobert, tavernkeeper 23 Walnut 

MafTet james, painter 13 Wagners alley 

Maffet James, sea captain 248 S Front 

Maganon Ann, widow 73 S Fifth 

Magaw Algeinon S. attorney at law 94 Mulberry 

Magaw Rev. Samuel, D. D. 94 Mulberry 

Maggi Anthony, 90 Shippen 

Magee James, brewer, Elmslies alley 

Mager Philip, taylor, next 43 Artillery lane 

Magasson Thos. shopkeeper 34lCallowhiH 

Magoffin Joseph, merchant 153 S Ninth 

Maissonet John, baker 49 Lombard 

Mtigr.Ltli r,l*^Ii::i!, Ul-c*; c!i:.n:l: ji- 2 :- Brewers alley 

Magrath George, carver 1 1 Quarry street 

Mahan Laurence, porter Charlotte 

Mahan James, shipwright i:^ Butlers court 

Mahony Mary, boarding house 38 Catharine 

Maher Sc M'Dermot, merchants 9 S Water 

Mahurter Thomas, laborer 143 Cherry 

Maillard Lewis, merchant 65 S Eleventh 

Major Robert, carpenter, near 145 S Ninth 

Major James, laborer Sixth, below Fitzwalter 

Makins Sarah, widow 1 2 1 Spruce 

Mselambre Jacob, shoemaker 1 1 3 S Second 

Malcolm Jane, boarding house 109 Sassafras 

Maley Wm. sea captain, Vine street wharf 

Maley Michael, carpenter 6 Prospect alley 

Malin James, teacher Broad above Mulberry 

Mailer C. T. V. sea captain 14 Queen 

Mallington John, carpenter 62 Cherry 

Malone John, oak cooper 304 S Front 

Malone William, cabinet maker Juniper above Cherry 

Malone John S. constable 361 Mulberry 

Mallon Mrs. academy for young ladies 106 Walnut 

Malone Peter, taylor 45 1 S Front 

Maltby Sarah, widow 264 S Front 

Manderson Andrew, storekeeper 445 N Second 

Mandeville David, accomptant 89 N Sixth 

( 154 ) 

Mane ry Robert, shoemaker 271 St. John 

Manger John, surgeon barber 403 N Third 

Manker Christian, victualler, Charlotte 

Manley Mary, huckster North alley 

Mann Margaret, widow Relief street 

Mann Daniel, sea captain 57 Sassafras 

Mann John, blacksmith Garden st. 

Mann, widow 66 Passyunk road 

Mann William, tavernkeeper 1 1 Walnut 

Manning Thomas, printer 143 N Third 

Manning William, tin plate worker 226 S Second 

Mansell John, umbrella imaker 75 Chesnut 

Manson Thomas, carter 416 S Second 

Mansfield Jacob, carpenter 83 S Fifth " 

Mansfield Thos. silver-smith 320 Sassafras 

Mansfield Sarah, widow 153 Cherry 

Mansfield Mary, gentlewoman 10 Moravian alley 

Mansfield B. W. carpenter Rose alley 

Mansfield Margaret, seamstress Juniper alley 

Marble Joseph, mariner 5 1 Passyunk road 

Marcer Joseph, taylor 1 3 1 Sassafras [see Mercer'] 

Marache Mrs. widow, boarding house 12 S Fourth 

Marcker Philip, blacksmith 506 S Second 

Marcker Andrew, taylor 9 1 N Eighth 

Marcker John, carter Eleventh above Spruce 

Marcker Jacob, grocer 34 Green 

Marchmint Jesse, shoemaker 271 S Fifth 

Marcoe Abraham? merchant 328 High 

Mariam Charles, grocer 385 N Third 

Mariner John, pilot 12 Christian 

Mariner Fenwick, pilot 372 S Front 

Mariner Andrew, mariner 28 Artillery lane 

Mariner Benjamin, carpenter 55 Passyunk 

Marinot Michael, confectioner, 93 S Second 

Maris W^m. merchant 27 S wharves 8c 263 S Front. 

Maris John, taylor 347 S Front 

Markland J. plaister of Paris manufactory 204 Sassafras 

Marks Robert, laborer 242 St. John's 

Marks Jacob, merchant 1 39 ^^/ulberry 

^larks James, mariner 44 Queen 

Marks John, dealer Cable lane 

Marks Isaac, shop keeper 176 N Fifth 

Marks Henry, bottler 141 N Fourth St 116 N Front 

( 155 ) 

Marks Nicholas, grocer 1 62 Spnice 

Marks Jol n, grocer York road 

Marley Ricliard I. shoe maker 1 5 N Sixth 

Marley William, cordv.ainer, 208 High 

Marley William, k borar. near 22 1 Callowhill 

Martin Edward, bricklayer. Hunter court 

Marpel Abraham, ship-vii- ht FranLford road 1 

Marrot D. spinni..t^ wheel maker 18 Coombs' alley 

Marr Geor|;e, china merchant 1 3 1 S Front 

Marr John, saddler 5- Quarry 

Marriot Stacy, shipwright 156 Swanson 

Marrs Robert silver plater, Greenleaf's alley and 52 

N Fourth 
Marsh Jos. sen. ship chandler 211 SAvanson and 23 

Marsh Jos. jun. lumber merchant, near 18 Christian 
Marshall Alexander, baker Schievelys alley 
Marshall Alexander, laborer 164 N Eighth 
Marshall Amos, carpenter Sc wafer maker 59 Walnut 
Marshall Charles, sen. chymist 56 Chesnut 
Marshall Charles sen. Sc Son, chymists Sec. 46 Chesnut 
Marsha!"! Charles, druggist Bank near corner Chesnut 
Marshall C. jun. tea w^are house 34 N Second 
Marshall Christopher, gentleman 24 Srawberry 
Marshall Hannah, boarding house 1 16 N Front 
Marshall John, bricklayer 1 Marys alley 
Marshall William, tayior 79 S Front 
Marshall Henry, mariner 1 Gillis's alley 
Marshall Thomas, painter Sc glazier 68 Spruce 
Marshall, widow of tue Key. Wm. 1 18 Spruce 
Mitrshall T. glass, oil & colour man 1 1 N Second 
INlarshalL widow 33 Cillis alley 
Marstier Frederick, blaclisnith 99 Passyiink 
Martin Ann, widow 87 N Front 
Martin Benjamin, shoemaker 202 S Fifth 
Martin Charles, boarding house 4 Swanson 
Martin Danl. storekeeper corner of 13th Sc Sassafras 
Martin Charles, accomptant 67 N Water 
Martin Maria, seamstress 167 N Sixth 
Martin Henry, laborer 487 N Third 
Martin Henry, m::riner 1 1 1 Catiiarine 
Martin Roberi; C. sadler 162 High 
Martin Henry, tavernkeeper 242 S Front 

( 156 ) 

Martin Wm. cabinet maker 87 N Front 

Martin Jacob, hair dresser 368 N Second 

Martin John, grocer 281 S Fourth 

Martin James, accomptant 66 George 

Martin Isaac, tavernkeeper 175 S Front 

Martin John, taylor 216 N Third & 1 12 Sassafras 

Martin John, flour merchant 65 N Seventh 

Martin Jacob, accomptant 38 Queen 

INIartin John, oak cooper 150 Odar 

Martin Joseph, ostler 178 S Fourth 

Martin Rob. merchant 8 1 N Vv'ater 

Martin Ezra, grocer 4 Callowhill 

Martin, widow 59 Penn 

Martin Peter, oysterman 48 Cedar 

Martin Samuel, sail maker 342 S Front 

Martin Philip, sea captain Pfiffers alley 

Martin Thos. v/hitesmith corner of Fiftli & Passyunk 

Martin Wm. blacksmith 58 S Eighth 

Martien Mibsam, plain maker Church alley 

Marvereau Nicholas, coppersmith 178 S Second 

Marygaine Mrs. gentlewoman 88 N Ninth 

Mashman Wm. shoemaker Christian above Third 

Mason Robert, accomptant 50 N Sixth 

Mason John, carpenter 4 Knights court 

Mason Hamstead, boarding house 10 German 

Mason Isaac, merchant New near Third 

Mason Philip, engine maker 1 3 1 S Sixth 

Mason Priscilla, widow 1 3 Vine 

Mason Mrs. gentlewoman 202 S Second 

Mason Tanton, baker 367 Catharine 

Mason Wm. oak cooper Turners alley ? 

Mason Thomas, Windsor chair maker 120 Callowhill 

Mason Wm. blockmaker 15 S Wharves & North alley 

Massey Charles, biscuit baker 14 S Wharves & lOs 

Massey Daniel, victualler 474 Sassafras 
Massey John, merchant 9 Penn 
Massey Charles jun. merchant 159 Vine 
Massey Charles, gentlem>an 108 Mulberry 
Massey Wm. merchant 55 S Seventh 
Master Wm. shoe maker 75 S Third 
Master Joseph, guager 1 5 Coombs alley 
Marthar Peter, boarding house 1 1 6 Sassafras 

C 157 ) 

Mathers widow of late John, blacksmith 58 N Second 

Mathias Thomas, hatter 80 Cedar 

Mathias Abel, carpenter 129 N Fifth 

Mathias Joseph, M.D. 16 Branch 

Mathison Niel, grocer 12 Pine 

Matlack Amos, laborer Eleventh above Saffafras 

Matlack Hannah, widow 174 N Fifth 

Matson Israel, laborer Locust above Broad 

Matson Thomas F. painter 10th below Walnut 

Matson Joseph, flour merchant Heydes court 

Matson Peter, carter Swedes alley 

Mattern Andrew, potter 247 N Second 

Mattes Charles, sandman 477 N Second 

Matthews James, hair dresser 6 1 S Front 

Matthews Mary widow. Sassafras above Broad 

Matthews John, sea captain 93 6" fourth 

Matthews John, paper store 8 1 N Third 

Matthews James, vendue cryer 128 Plumb 

Matthews Lucy, shopkeeper 47 N -Second 

Matthews Peter, laborer 165 Lombard 

iliatthews Wm. weaver Bearstickers court 

iWaul J. sail maker 1 8 Carters alley and Cliffords wharf 

Maul R. and J. sail makers Cliffords wharf 

iVfaul N. boat-builder, near 159 and 148 Swanson 

M&h\ Robert, sail-maker next 1 1 Elfriths alley 

il/aule Israel, carpenter near 1 1 5 N Fifth 

iV/auler , M. JD. 44 Meade alley 

3/aver John, taylor 5 Cressons alley 

Jl/axfield Joseph, lumber merchant 103 N Fifth 

jVaxseiner Adam, taylor 2 1 8 N Third 

J/axwell Hugh, printer and stationer 25 N Second 

iVfaxwell Hester, widow 182 Spruce 

Afaxwell Elizabeth, widow 233 S Front 

iWaxwell John, weaver 1 1 6 Christian 

il/axwell John, stone cutter 339 N Second 

ikfaxwell Thomas, grocer St. George above Tentk 

Afaxwell William, shipwright Hanover st 

iWayher , merchant 33 5 Front 

-Way her Michael, bricklayer 158 Coates st * 
Mays John, hatter 285 5 Front 
iV/ay Adam, grocer 30 N Ninth 
JVfay George, porter 191 Lombard 

( 158 ) 

jl/ay Wm. carpenter corner of Locust and 10th 

May iarah, shopkeeper 9 St. Mary 

iT/ays Charles, shopkeeper Biddle alley 

i^/ayberry John, carpenter 106 Union 

iV/ayberry Richard, blpxksmith 203 S Fourth 

iV/ayberry Rebecca, widow 74 Mulberry 

^"t/ayberry Thomas, iron-merchant corner of Mulberry 

and Third 
ilfaybln J. merchant 5 Chesnut and 124 Mulberry 
il/aybin, widow 63 Walnut 
il/ayers John, sen. & jun. 147 N Fifth 
Afayers Andrew, limner 7 1 Budd 
iV/ayer N. dyer and coverlaid weaver Sec 284 N 2d 
aliayfield Catherine, widow 104 Gaskill 
iJ/ayland Jacob, tobacconist 99 5'assafras 
ilfasey John, Avhitesmith 395 -S Second 
iV/azure James J. merchant 28 5' Front Sc 35 Union 
Meade George, merchant 92 «S' Eighth 
Mt&de Edward, sea captain 155 \'ine 
iV/eally John, shoemaker 328 Sassafras 
ilfeans John, copperplate printer 2 1 5 *S 5'ixth 
71/eans John, carpenter looking glass and picture frame 

maker 172 Pine 
/(/ears Benj. teacher 156 Lombard 
il/ease James, M. D. 109 «S'pruce 
ilfease John, merchant 4 Norris' alley 
il/echlin Samuel, accomptant 149 5'assafras 
il/eckelberg Charles, glue factory 105 Cedar 
./l/ecke John, cabinet maker 1 14 and 179 Mulberry 
il/ecke George A. baker 88 N 5'cventh 
iV/ecke F. T. hairdresser 273 N Front 
iV/eeker Sc Baldwin, shoe makers 88 High 
3/eeker, Denman Sc Co. merchants 188 High 
iVeeker "Samuel, merchant 2 1 7 High 
Mter John, artist 28 N Sixth 
iV/eguire Wm. cabinet maker 177 S Second 
-A/ein Andrew, teacher 64 "Spruce 
Meisncr John, taylor 46 Meade alley 
!Meisson Joseph, grocer 62 High 
Melbeck John, commission merchant 64 N. -Second 
Meller Martin, shoemaker 45 Brown 
ISlendenhall Isaac, carpenter 12 Cypress alley 
Mendenhall Adam, accomptant 108 5' Eighth 

C 159 ) 

Menderfelt John, taveriikeeper 35 Coates st 

Mentz George W. book-bindei- 79 'Sassafras 

Menully Anthony, accomptant 289 5 Fourth 

Menzies J. clock and v/atch maker 159 5 Front 

IMercer Robert, sea captain 1 Mary 

fiercer George, shoe maker 235 Cedar 

r»I»ircer Robert, grocer and corder 129 5 Water 

Mercer Rachel, boarding house 256 5 Front 

Mercer Peter, grocer 47 Callowhill 

Mcrcier John, confectioner and distiller 266 Lombard 

Meredith Mrs. widow, 68 N 5ixth 

Meredith Benjamin, grocer old York road 

Meredith J. 311 High and corner York road and Noble 

Meredith widow 141 N Fifth 

Meredith AVm. attorney at law 40 Walnut 

Merkel Lot, furrier 1 5 Third 

Merrelield Joseph, merchant 20 S Second 

Merrie Robert, cabinet maker 65 5 Fifth 

Merrick Joshua, carpenter 8 Mary st 

Merrick Jane, widow near 6 Mary 

Merrick Samuel, merchant Mulberry couKt 

Merriman John, tayior 142 5 Fourth 

Merrot Elizabeth, seamstress 1 9 Queen st 

M«rrit John, laborer 27 Meade alley 

Merrit Marmaduke, boat-builder 1 18 -Swanson 

Merrit Henry, laborer Beech st 

Mervine George, grocer 79 Plumb 

Mervine John, tayior 19 N Eighth Sc 64 Chesnut 

Messechert Catherine, widow 225 St. Johns 

Messer Peter, Inuscian 5 -Sterlings alley 

Metzger John, baker Germantown road 

Meyers Henry, innkeeper 108 N Fifth 

Meyers Laurence, ship smith 82 Christian 

Michaels Joseph, sea captain 100 iSwanson 

Middah Daniel, turner 59 Dock & 3-2 Pine 

Middleton Aaron, gentleman 39 Christian 

Middleton G. lumber merchant 136 N Fifth 

Middleton George, sea captain 42 Almond 

Middleton Wm. tayior S45 S. Second 

Middleton Hannah, widow Brewers alley 

Middleton Sc Woolley, lumber merchants 345 N 2d 

Midlen Walter, sea captain 379 5 Front 

Miercken Henry, gentleman 4 1 -Shippen 

( 160 ) 

Miercken Peter, and Co. sugar refiners 37 5hippen 
Miffiin Benjamin, accomptant 22 N Eighth 
Mifflin John F. counsellor at law 5 8c 9 Union 
Mifflin Samuel, merchant 431 High 
Mifflin Thomas, merchant 128 Spruce ware-house 46 

N Front 
Mifflin Richard, mariner 120 Lombard 


Milan Samuel, tobacconist 26 -Sassafras alley 

Milbank Samuel, brewer 10 Pear 

Miles & Son, gun manufacturers 30 5 Third 

Miles John sen. gun manufacturer 500 N -Second 

Miles Thomas, carpenter 10th below Walnut 

Miles Robert, carpenter Tenth below Walnut 

Milles Ephraim, laborer 460 N Front 

Miley John, victualler 136 BroAvn 

Miiey Frederick, carter Juniper above Cherry 

Millberry Lydia, widow 30 N W^ater 

Millard Thomas, wheel and chair maker 408 N Front 

Milledoller Rev. Philip, pastor of the 3d Presbyterian 

church 208 S Third 
Miller Alex. J. merchant, 17 Sansom st 
Miller Alexander, carter 158 Spruce 
Miller Andrew, sea captain 5 5 Union 
Miller Andrew and son, potters 7 Zane st 
Miller Anthony, shoemaker 109 Cherry 
Wilier Barbary, 4 Branners alley 
Miller Charles, grocer corner Vine and Third 
Miller Christian, bricklayer Juniper above Cherry 
Miller Daniel, painter &c. back 17 Cressons alley 
Miller Daniel, tavernkeepcr 4 1 6 north Second 
Miller David, grocer 230 south Second 
Miller Eliza, widow 54 Lombard 
Miller Frederick, painter 107 Gr«en 
Miller David, cedar cooper 269 north Second 
Miller Elijah, waiter 32 German 
Miller George, blacksmith 446 Sassafras 
Miller Hester A. baker 158 south Second 
Miller George, stone cutter 1 1 1 Cherry 
Miller Henry, accomptant near 146 Sassafras 
Miller Henry, taylor Laurence st 
Miller Henry, saw shai-per 299 north Third 
!Miller Henry, tobacconist 208 north Second 

( 161 ) 

Miller Henry, victualler 196 Cherry- 
Miller Henry, shoemaker Cable lane near Margaretia 
Miller Jacob, carpenter 260 Sassafras 
Miller Jacob H. blacksmith 43 Cable larie 
Miller James, stevedore 75 ^MulbeiTy 
Miller Joel, grocer 3 Mulberry 
Miller John, innkeeper 63 north Fourth 
Miller John, grocer 83 north Second 
Miller John, tavernkeeper 127 south Water 
Miller John, shingle dresser near 299 north Tliird 
Miller John F. glazier 350 north Third 
Miller John, jun. merchant 202 south Front 
Miller John, carter 197 Lombard 
Miller John, shoemaker 82 Green 
Miller John, stone cutter next 356 and 367 High 
Miller Michael, potter 314 north Second 
Miller John, baker 190 St. Johns 
Miller Jonathan, merchant 239 BUgh 
Miller John, baker 249 south Third 
Miller John, merchant Chesnut near Sixth 
Miller John, grocer near 24 Moravian alley 
Miller Mary, near 297 south Third 
Miller Magnus, gentleman 129 south Second 
Miller Margaret, boarding house 167 Mulberry 
Miller Jacob, tavernkeeper 422 N Second 
Miller ^largaretj boarding house 62 north Second 
Miller Michael, wheat fan maker 42 Sc 172 Spruce 
Miller Peter, brush maker Nicholsons court 
Miller Philip, carter 145 Cherry 
Miller Philip, blacksmith Hanover 
Miller Peter, M. D. 62 north Second 
Miller R. blacksmith 75 north Tenth 
Miller S. boarding house 82 George st 
Miller Samuel, wheat fan maker 168 Spruce 
Miller Simon, cabinet maker 264 south Fifth 
Miller Wm. tobacconist 259 north Second 
Miller Wm. cabinet maker 193 Noble 
Miller W"m. carter 135 Cherry 
Miller Wm. J. merchant 13 Prune 
Miilford B. musician 152 north Third 
Milligan James, gentleman 263 Chesnut 
Miiiigan W^illiam, grocer 3 1 6 south Sixth 

( 162 ) 

Millikin Robt. shoe maker 33 Stra^vbel•ry 
Milliken Sc Torens, grocers 49 Chesnut 
Millikus Catherine, widow 99 Coates st 
Mills John, silversmith 79 Pine 
Mills Aan, widow 4 1 9 south Front 
Mills Mary, widow Johnsons court 
Millson John, painter kc. 102 Gaskill 
Millson Wm. gracer corner Second and Queen 
Milne Edward, boarding house 157 Mulberry- 
Milne Richai'd, merchant 1 8 1 IVIulberry 
Milnor Samuel, carpenter Johnsons court 
Milnor James, attorney at law, 97 Mulberi-^ 
Milnor John, commission broker, 101 Sassafras 
Milnor Isaac, guager 37 Union 
Milnor Larken, supercargo 26 Vine 
Milnor Wm. states guager 5 Norris alley 
Miltenberger Catherine, 108 Green 
Miltenberger G. tin plate Avorker, 2d near High 
Minek Catherine, widow 86 Lombard 
Mincks Catherine, china store 284 Sassafras 
Mingle John, bellows maker, 26 Appletree alley 
Mingle John, blacksmith 66 north Sixth 
!Mingus Thomas, black and white smitli near 89 Crown 

and York Road near Wood st 
IMinier widow, tayloress 157 north Sixth 
Minnick Fi-apces, gentlevroman, 90 north Ninth 
Minnick Joseph, M. D. 30 High 
Minnor George, baker Black horse alley 
Minilis James, tanner 107 south Fifth 
Mintzer Joseph, victualler 5 50 north Third 
Mintzer Adam, carter 321 north Third 
Mintzer John, carter 32 1 north Third 
Mintze J. G. taylor 380 north Second 
Mintzer Joseph, victualler 43 Budd 
Miskey Apthony, taylor 386 north Second 
Missner Jacob, taylor 12 Almond st 
Mitchell James, paper stainer 102 Christian 
Mitchell Abraham, oak cooper, 159 Sc 170 north Water 
Mitchell Alexander, hairdresser 125 north Front 
Mitchell Charlotte, widow 1 7 1 south Sixth 
Mitchell Amos, saddler 19 Cressons alley 
Mitchell Francis, trunkmaker 48 Filbert 
Mitchell James, ship chandler 33 S wharves £c 82 S 5th 

( l«3 ) 

Mitchell Robert, boarding house 75 George 
Mitchell John, mariner 318 Second 
Mitchell Jacob, mahogany yard 131 Cedar 
Mitchell James, carpenter 155 south Sixtli 
Mitchell- John, laborer 58 Artillery lane 
Mitchell John, hairdresser oO Meade alley 
Mitchell Rachuel, widow 26 Cable lane 
Mitchell George, laborer 12 Christian 
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer 195 south iSecond 
INlitchell William, merchant 10 Chesnut 
Mitchell V#iUiam, mate 431 south 5'econd 
Mitman Philip, taylor 122 N Water 
Mitman Philip, ship joiner 41 Green 
Mittman Sc Lewis, ship joiners 292 north Front 
Mitten Robert, teacher 9 Gaskili 
Moftett James, grocer 3 1 8 south Front 
?»Ioffet Rol^ert, carter Locust above Ninth 
Molder jMargaret, boarding house 24 Pear street 
Moliere H. ship chandler 50 S wharvesk 290 2d st 
Molineaux widow of James, 189 Cedar 
Molineaux John, 49 Plumb st 
Mollinger Henry, clock and watchmaker 1 north 3d 
Molony James, currier 80 Chesnut 3 1 Carters alley 
Monegan Daniel, segar maker 28 Passyunk road 
Moneypenny John, laborer 70 Passyunk road 
Mongea ^.M.D. 81 south Third 
Monizer J. P. painter 278 Mulberry 
Monk Hannali, widow 66 Catl-terine 
Monk George, sea captain 54 Vine 
Montieth Benjamin, sea captain 201 south Fourth 
^Montgomery Andrew, teacher 369 south Front 
Montgomery Charles, shoemaker 7 Greeuleaf alley 
Montgomery David, carter 16 Prune 
Montgomery Dorcas, vridow 31 Lombard 
Montgomery James, gentleman 93 Pine 
Montgomery Andrew, 97 south Second 
Montgomery k Newbold, merchants 39 north Water 
Montgomery Liberty, 262 Sassafras 
Montgomery Mary, widow next 134 Mulberry 
^lontgomery Wm. merchant 128 Mulberry 
U^ontgomery Wm. Shoemaker 62 south Second 
Montgomery William, jun. merchant 1 1 Lombard Sc 
163 south Water 

( 164 ) 

Montier Robert, bottler, 130 north Front 

Montmollin Frederick, merchant, 202 north Thirti 

Monya Maria, seamstress 28 St Mary 

Mood John, biscuit baker, Wood 

Mood Jesse, laborer corner Queen and Third 

Moodey James, taylor 70 Catharine 

Moodie Mrs. midwife, 4 Oak st(S) 

Mooney Matthew, laborer Wests st 

Mooney Jane, seamstress 166 Shippen 

Mooney Henry, woodsawer 238 St John 

Mooney Wm. ferryman Sweeds alley 

Mooney Thomas, taylor 122 south Fifth 

Moore Charles, silversmith 8 Coombs alley 

Moore Abraham, grocer 303 south Fourth 

Moore Alex, tavernkeeper corner Chesnut & Fourth 

Moore Anna, gentlewoman 27 Sansom 

Moore Christiana, shopkeeper 308 north Second 

IVIoore James bricklayer 2 1 4 Sassafras 

Moore Dugal, ropemaker Prince st 

Moore James, carpenter Heydes court i 

Moore , M. D. 75 north Ninth 

Moore & Ferguson, gold and silversmiths 42 N Front 

Moore J. oak cooper 28 Moravian alley 139 N Water 

Moore James, gardener 65 Gaskill 

Moore Jane, widow, grocer Juniper above Cherry 

Moore John, shoemaker 39 Small 

Moore John, bricklayer 214 Sassafras 

Moore John, Victualler 369 Mulberry 

Moore Joseph, shopkeeper 2 Bank st 

Moore James, bottler 8 Almond 

Moore Mary, widow 64 Passyunk, road 

Moore Mary, seamstress Queen (K) 

Moore Mrs. shopkeeper 169 south Seventh 

Moore Reuben, chimney sweep 193 Lombard 

Moore Sarah, widow 116 Mulberry 

Moore Samuel, carpenter St. John near Coates 

Moore Thomas, sea captain 2 1 Vernon 

Moore Thomas L. gentleman 42 Pine 

Moore Thomas, merchant 13 north Fourth 

Moore William, carpenter 55 Passyunk road 

Moore Wm. grocer corner of Second Sc Christian 

Moore William, mariner 69 south Front 

Morehom Mrs. schoolmistress 118 Brown 

( 165 ) 

Moos Christopher, victualler Laurence st 
Morehane Joseph, teacher next 409 north Third 
Moreland Martha, boarding house 43 Vine 
Morgan Benj. R. attorney at law, 41 Mulberry 
Morgan Peter, laborer West st. 
Morgan Esther, Penn (K) 

\Morgan, Douglas 8c Schaffer sugar refiners 88 N 2d 
Morgan George W. brewer 77 Mulberry 
Morgan J. cai-penter Sassafras near Schuylkill 7th 
Morgan Patience, widov/ 1 8 Swanson 
Morgan John, pocket book manufactorer 10 S. Front 
Morgan Tho. merchant 106 Mulberry 23 S Water 
Morgan Thomasj sea captain 55 Queen 
Morgan William, shoemaker 216 south Second 
Morgan Wm. H. carver and gilder, 221 N Fourth 
Morrel J. &Son,chinak glass merchants 24,74 N Front 
Morrel Joseph, shoemaker 483 south Front 
Morrel Robert & Co. china merchants 4 Pligh 
Morrel James, hatter 171 north Second 
Morrel Robert, carpenter 124 south Fifth 
Morrel Mrs. midwife 71 Union 
Morris Anthony, attorney at law 72 south Second 
Morris Benjamin, wine merchant Chesnut near 7th 
Morris James, musician 6 German 
Morris Benjamin, W. & Co. wine merchants 60^ 
Dock and 108 Walnut 


















s Casper, brewer 1 5 1 High 

s David, waiter 124 Pine 

s Elizabeth, widow Heydes court 

s Israel, W. merchant 128 south Second 

s 8c Gaul, brewers between 147 & 149 High 

s Isaac, W. brewer 54 Walnut 

s Isaac W. 8c Co. brewers corner of Dock 8t Pear 

s George, book -binder Relief alley 

s J. mast maker 1 1 Queen and Humphreys wharf 

s James C. baker 262 south Front 

s John, hatter 36 Sassafras 

s John, chimney sweeper 232 Sassafras 

s John, mariner 14 Equality court 

s Joseph, carpenter 78 north Eighth 

s Joseph, brewer 32 Mulberry 

s Littleton, 242 Lombard 

s James, oak cooper 25 George 

( 166 ) 

Morris Longstrcth, Sc Co. merchants 6 ncrth Third 

]Morris John, laborer 503 souih Second 

!Morri3 ^Maria, widow 327 iNIulben/ 

Morris Mary, "widow-Sll south Second 

Morris Oliver, comedian 1 1 south Sixth 

Morris R. secretary to the Land C. of N. A. 246 Higli 

Morris Richard H. sugar rehner, store 13 Church alley 

and dwelling 23 Sansom st. 
!Morris Samuel, merchant 65 south Second 
Morris Susan, gentlewoman 39 liibtrt 
Morris Thomas, sen. gentleman SG north Second 
^Morris Thomas jun. & Co. brewers 86 north Second 
Morris Thomas, wood sawytr 208 Cedar 
Morrison Tlios. sea captain S Carters alley 
^Morrison Janies, grocer 320 south Second 
Morrison William, sea captain 142 south Fifth 
Morrison Alexander, shoemaker 45-1 south Front 
Morrison Thos. carpenter Spruce above 8th 
Morrison Hugh, tavernkeeper 238 south Third 
Morrison Ann, widow 201 south Front 
Morrison Sarah, Avidow 88 south Third 
Morrison Joseph, accomptant 223 Mulberry 
Morrison John, stonemason 154 Sassafras 
Mort J. inspec. of customs St. John near George (N L) 
Morrow Abraham, travernkeeper 191 ChesQUt 
Morrow Wm. carter 68 Passyunk road 
Morrow John, carter Clverry above 13th 
ISIorse W. W. printer 24 Chesnut st. 
JNIorse Joshua, saddler 30 north Seventh 
Morton Andrew, shipwright Apps lane 
Morton John, taylor 184 Lombard 
IVIorton George, sea captain 305 south Front 
Morton Benj. hatter 339 south Second 49 Catharine 
-Morton John, merchant 1 16 south Front 
Morton John jun. merchant 149 south Second 
Morton Ebenezer, porter Swedes alley 
jNIorton 8c Wilson, merchants 56 S Wharves 
Moses Abraham, storekeeper 454 north Third 
Mois George W. sea captain 272 south Front 
Moss John, shopkeeper 9 north Second 
IMcsser Frances, washer 41 Cable lane 
^lossinaz, shopkeeper 145 north Second 
Mossier Frederick, 301 Vine - 

( 167 ) 

Mott Edward Sc Co. haixlware merchants Church alley 
Ivloulder Mary, widow 129 north P'ront 9 Sassafras 
Moulder Margaret, boarding house 24 Pear 
Moulder \Villid.m, teacher 3 1 Cable Lane 
Mount Thornas, grocer 467 south Front 
Mountayne William sea captain 22 Vine 
Moutea George, shoemaker 17 Farmers alley 
Moyer Hannah, widow 494 north Third 
Moyes & Tatem,6ail makers 93 S wharves 
Moyes Sam. sail maker neu.r 97Pine Sc 93 S wharves 
Moylan Capser, counsellor at law 147 south Front 
Moylan Stephen, commissioner of loans comer of 

Walnut and Fourth 
T'^^onihan Maria Ann, china store 1 15 Cherry 
Mozer £c Jennings, potters 310 north Second 
Mozer Martin, poiter 310 north Second 
Much Jeremiah, ship wright 418 south Front 
Much Widow, Sweeds ^.Iley 

IVIuffington Catharine, toarding-house Loxleys court 
Muhlenberg Henry W^ merchant 267 High 
Muhlenberg Peter, collector of Customs for the port 

59 north Fourth 
I'-Iuir Wm. mate 30 Catharine 
Mulchay V/m. grocer N. E. comer Chesnut Sc 4 th 
Mulford Thomas tavernkeeper 272 Swanson 
IhIuU John, shoemaker 353 north Third 
ISIullerC. I. V. sea captain 14 Queen .^ 

Mullen Edward, teacher 122 Plumb 
Mullen Sc Beevard, milliners 229 south Second 
Mullen James, baker 76 Budd 
Ivluilin James laborer Bradford s alley 
Mullia John, hairdresser 65 north Eighth 
MuIIin Barney, 4 St Marys st 
Mullin W^liiiam, grocerOak st (S) 
Mullin Joseph, mariner 32 Lombard 
MuUikin Joseph, shoemaker 9 1 Callowhill 
Mullock L. shopkeeper 33 south Fourth 
Mulvey Charles, secretary to the Cor^ulate of Spam 

120 south P'ourth 
Mumford Turvil laborer Coxes alley 
IMunday E. boarding house 26 Pewter-platter alley - 
Munhall F. broker corner of Lodge st Sc Gofortli alley 
Munns Thomas, dry good store, 382 so^h Second 

( 168 ) 

Murdock Elizabeth, seamstress 14 SasSsfras 
Murdock Samuel, ship chandler 1 5 1 south Front 
Murdock William, flour merchant 14 Branch 
Murdock widow of Wm. 84 north Seventh 
Murdock John, Perfumer 57 Walnut 
Murferd Lewis, bricklayer 393 north Front 
Murphy Cornelius, shoemaker back 1 12 Walnut 
Murphey Ann, widow Centre alley 
Murphey Zachariah, wheelwright 1 30 south Ninth 
Murphy E. shoemaker 66 High 
Murphy Daniel, stone cutter 390 Sassafras 
Murphy Daniel, hair dresser Boltons court 
Murphy Jacob, laborer 244|south Fourth 
Murphy Jane, grocer 15 Callowhill 
Murphy John, tobacconist 1 7 north Water 
Murphy Michael, grocer 29 Lombard 
Murphy Nicholas, shipwright 36 Swanson 
Murphy Thomas, shopkeeper 30 Little Water 
Murphy Owen, shoemaker 16 Swanson 
Murphy Robert, shoemaker 95 north Third 
Murray John, tanner St John st. Bath-town 
Murray Edward, carter 246 Lombard 
Murray Alexander, capt. in the U. S NaVy 129 S ^ 
Murray Charles, porter 293 south Fifth 
Murray James, accomptant 30 Cable lane 
Alurray John, oak cooper next 1 2 1 Pine 
Murray Margaret, washer 53 Meade alley 
Murray Martha, widow 122 Swanson 
Murray Edward, grocer 346 Lombard 
Murray John, book binder 43 Sassafras 
Murray William, ladies shoemaker 183 south 2d 
Murray Thomas, stevedore 80 south W^ater 
Murtaugh C. soap boiler 94 north seventh 
Murtaugh Jas. grocer 8c paper hanger 70 Shippen 
Murvene John, taylor 64 Chesnut & 1 9N Eighth 
Musgrave Aaron, merchant 168 south Fourth j 
Musgrave James, goldsmith Sec. 44 south Second 
Musgrave Joseph, soap boiler 336 N 2d 68 Green 
Musgrave Joseph P. merchant 82 south Fifth 
Mushett Thomas, chairmaker 53 Catharine 
Muschert. Mrs 127 Lombard 
Musintine John, tavemkeeper 5 Vernon 
Mustin George, taylor 179 north Second 

( 169 ) 

Musser John, inspector of customs 146 Sassafrajs 

Mussi Joseph, gentleman 246 south Seventh 

Mybcrt Elizabeth, milk woman St Tammany 

Myer Adam, brick maker 1 13 Callowhill 

Myerly Esther, James st 

Myer Godlieb, baker 46 Vine 

Myers Catharine, widow opposite 195 Walnut 

Myers George, innkeeper 269 Vine 

Myers H. sen. Queens ware store 133 north Third ' 

Myers Henry, potter 133 north Third 

Myers Henry, innkeeper 108 north Fifth 

Myers John, shoemaker 13 Catharine 

Myers Lewis, taylor 1 8 Almond 

jMyerS'Maiy, washer 32 Cherry 

Myers Nathan, tavernkeeper Mulberry ferry 

Myers Jacob, wheelwright 197 St John 

Myers John, silversmith 8c shopkeeper 44 N Second 

Myers J, victualler 289 Callowhill 22 O, Shambles . 

Myers L. ship smith 202 Swanson 32 Christian 

Myers Peter, tobacconist 498 north Second 

Myers Sarah, seamstress Cherry near Eighth 

Myers William, bookbinder 1 18 north Fourth 

Mynick Jacob, painter Sec. 8 1 north Fifth 

Myrtetus Christopher, taylor 43 Christian 

IN AGLE George, shopkeeper 191 north Third st - 
Nagle Mrs. shopkeeper 31 north Fourth 
Nagle Wm. shipwright 62 Catharine 
Nagle John & C. hair dressers 31 north Fourth 
Naglee John, lumber merchant 501 north Front 
Nagle Susannah, grocer 67 Shippen 
Naglee E. boarding house 363 north Front 
Naile John, oak cooper 55 S Water and 44 Grays alley 
Nail Christiana, widow 100 north Fifth 
Naiilor Thos. boat builder Piieifcrs alley 
Nailor Leonard, carpenter \\ est st 
NailOr Samuel, shipwright 239 north Front 


( iro ) 

Napier Thomas, plain maker and proprietor of Na- 

piers pills, Relief st 
Napier Ale^r. stone cutter 10th above Lombard and 

near 20 south Seventh 
Napier John, taylor, 58 north Fifth 
Narraa Francis, grocer 92 Shippen 
Nash Sarah, widow 12 Kunkle 
Nassau Charles, baker near 297 Callowhill 
Nassau Charles, jun. baker 19 north Sixth 
Nassau Wm. tobacconist 77 High 
Nathan Isaiah, shopkeeper 232 north Front 
Nathan Moses, merchant 53 north Third 
Nayl John, distiller 473 north Front 
Naylor T. and S. boat builders Pools Bridge 
Naylor Joseph, carter 20 Green 
Neal Conrad, trader 7 Christian 
Neal James A. principal in tlie young ladies academy 

9 Cherry 
Neal John, accomptant 94 Spruce 
Needham John, baker 1 6 Carters alley 
Neff Rudolph, carpenter 153 north Sixth 
Neath James, mariner 45 German 
Neglee Rebecca, shopkeeper 30 Catherine 
Negus John, tavernkeeper 2 south Wharves 
Neil David R. carpenter 26 Gillis alley 
Neil Charles, corder hayscales Noble st 
Neil Moses, carpenter 138 Cherry 
Neill Lewis, merchant 223 High 
Neilley James, boarding house Farmers row 
Nilson Andrew, tavernkeeper 97 south Fifth 
Neilson Charles, porter Wood above Fourth 
Neilson Thomas, dealer 99 Shippen st 
Neilson Noble Caldwell, 113 south Third 
Nelson Susannah, teacher Laurence st 
Nelson John, storekeeper 6 north Fifth 
Nelson John, carpenter Hunters court 
Nelson Wm. tavernkeeper 214 south Second 
Nesbitt Alfred, waiter 119 Green 
Nesbit Wm. accomptant and grocer 416 south Front 
Nesbitt Francis teacher 27 Cherry 
Neveu P. A. professor of music 58 Walnut 
Nevill Tliomas, mariner 385 south Front 
Nevill John, diaper weaver 548 north Third 

C 171 ) 

Nevin David, carpenter 235 south Third 
Newark William, mariner 18 Artillery lane 
Newborn George, oysterman 1 60 Sassafras 
Newbold John, merchant 212 noith Front 
Newbold William, merchant 39 south Fourth 
Newcomb Boyse, 1 1 Callowhill 
Newell Nicholas, sea captain 442 south Front 
Newell William, grocer corner of W^ater Sc High 
Newell John, laborer Charlotte 
Newkin Ann, milliner 18 south Front 
Newlin William, oak cooper 60 south Wharves 
Newnam Rebecca, milliner 236 south Second 
Newman Abia, carter 99 south Fifth 
Newman John, dealer 26 Lombard 
Newman John, china store k. cheap shop 212 S 2d 
Newman Mary, shopkeeper 176 north Second 
Newman Thomas, broker 38 W'alnut 
Newnam Daniel, grain measurer 236 south Second 
Newnliam Charlotte, dyer and scourer 145 nortli 2d 
Newport David & Benjamin, wheelwright and plough- 
makers Frankiord road 
Nensham Sc Grant, medal casters Schuylkill Eighth 

near Vine 
Newton Thomas, grocer 90 south Fifth 
Ne^vton Ann, widow Germantown road 
Newton Forbes, tin plate worker 7 South alley 
Newton George, carter 231 north Eighth 
Niblo Patrick, baker 1 9 Lombard 
Nice Jacob, carpenter, 40 Coates alley 
Nice Thomas, shoemaker 1 1 Norris ailey 
Nichols widow, 1 8 1 W^alnut 
Nichols James, pilot 465 south Front 
Nichols James, waiter near 1 North alley 
Nichols Woodbum, sea captain 83 Penn 
Nichols W^illiam, merchant 1 17 Sassafras 
Nichols Francis, bookseller &c. next 68 Chesnut 
Nicholas Peter, laborer 70 north Sixth 
Nichols Wm. shipwright 12 Christian 
Nicholson Patrick, boot 8c shoe maker 185 south 6th 
Nicholson Hannah, tea ware house 52 Walnut 
Nicholson Susannah, seamstress 62 German 
Nicholson Robert, mariner Relief st 
Nicholson James, pilot 452 south Front 

( 172 ) 

Nicholson widow, gentlewoman 1 2 1 Mulberry 
Nicholson J. gunsmith 93 S. Water 8c Locus above 8th 
Nickels Wm. grocer corner of High Ec Schuylkill 3d. 
Nicklin Philip, merchant 165 Chesnut 
Nicklin & Griffith, merchants,counting house N. E cor- 
ner Chesnut and Fifth store 4 1 south wharves 
Nightingale Thomas, merchant 48 south wharves 
Nightingale Isaac, taylor Cypress alley 
Niglee Wm. shipwright 69 Queen st 
Nigler Wm. Pilot 34 ^Nleade alley 
Niles Baltus, broom maker 373 north Second 
Niles William, shoemaker 5 1 New st 
Nisbit Robert taylor 227 Cedar 
Nixon Geo. accomptant 133 Lombard 
Nixon Jane, shopkeeper 7 Chancery lane 
Nixon Henr}', merchant 106 Spruce 
Nixon, Walker h co merchants 93 south Wharves 
Nixon John, President of the Bank N. A. 44 Pine 
Noals William, mate 68 Catharine 
Noble-Mary, widow 69 north Seventh 
Noble James, accomptant 78 south Front 
Noble Samuel, tanner 284 north Second 
Noble Richard, tanner 234 north Second 
Noblet Abel, stone inason Eleventh above Sassafras 
Noblet D. cabinet maker 25 Carters alley 
Nohouse Philip, laborer near 297 Callowhill 
Nonamaker George, carter Fourth above Brown 
Nones Benjamin, broker 29 Chesnut 
Noneviller Andrew, lavernkeeper 15 Cherry 
Nonnater Jacob, hatter corner 10th and Mulberry 
Nonnater Peter, v.-eaver Nonnaters court 
Norman Joseph, grocer corner Fifth and Sassafras 
Norman John, oak cooper 209 north Eighth 
Norquay John, rigger 403 south Front 
Norris Elizabeth, teacher Queen (K) 
Norris Isaac, hatter 40 north Front 
Norris James, 11 Queen 
Norris Joseph R. gentleman 140 Chesnut 
Norris Joseph, shipwright 157 north Front and Beecii 
Norris Thomas, bricklayer 280 Mulberry 
Norris Isaac W. accomptant 157 north Front 
Norris Thomas, sea captain 25 5 south Front 
Norris Thomas, shipwright Beach st 

( 1^^ T 

Norris Wm. shoemaker 36 Meade alley 
Norris Wm. mariner Groffs court 
North Caleb, col. 19 Crown st 
North Stephen, druggist Sc apothecary 63 High 
North & Ilaskins, grocers 31 north Water 
North John, stable keeper 172 Cedar 
North Richard, stone cutter 289 High 
North John, tavernkeepcr Catherine st wharf 
North Joseph, shopkeeper 66 Sassafras 
North Joseph, ship chandler 86 Union 
Northoup Enoch, meal merchant 182 St. Johns 
Norton widow, nurse 22 Queen 
Norton John, mate 469 south Front 
Norton George, oak cooper Sterling alley 
Norton Nathan, sea captain 189 north Front 
Norton Thomas, carpenter 28 Kunckle 
Norton Thomas, gentleman 25 Cable lane 
Nottnagel, Montmollin Sc Co. merchants 58 S Front 
Nowiock Frederick, taylor 14 Sassafras 
Nowlan Patrick, taylor 13 Willings alley 
Nowland Deborah, boarding house 69 Cedar 
Nugent Edmund, shopkeeper 29 south Second 
Nugent George, merchant 27 south Second 
Nugent Wm. shipwright Franlvford road 
Nungaffer John, blacksmith 627 north Third 
Nuskey John, laborer 96 Plum 

O AKFORD Charles, seed store and grain measurer 

30 Lombard 
Oakford Isaac, brush maker 13 Strawberry, 61 High 
Oakford Samuel, coal measurer 319 south Second 
Oakford Wm. measurer of grain 312 south "Second 
Oakford Charles, brush maker 13 Strawberry 
Oakley George, gentleman 20 Dock 
Oakley Robert, currier 22 Dock 
Oakman Isaac, merchant 197 south Second ■ 
Oat Jesse, coppersmith 184 north second 8c 76 Vine 
Oat Joseph, bookbinder 24 Moravian alley 

rc2^. •/ 

f in ) 

Obia Peter, laborer 241 south -Second 
Obrin Elizabeth, widow 15 Wagners alley 
O'Brien John, taylor 74 Lombard 
O'Callaghan Michael, laborer 68 Plumb 
O'Connor Christopher, sea captain 22 Almond 
O'Connor Patrick, skindresser 52 south Eighth 
O'Conway Jas. M. interpreter, York court 
O'Conner Dennis, grocer 54 south Eighth 
O'Donnel Con, bottler corner of Shippen and Third 
O'Donncll Daniel, laborer Locnstnear Broad 
O'Hara James, travelling stationer, bill sticker, vendue 

cryer Sec. Rose alley bet^^een Coates and Brown. 
O'Hara John, brush maker 4 Prune 
O'Hara Edward, teacher 416 Sassafras 
O'Neal Henry, mariner 225 north Third 
O'Neill C. stone cutter 83 German 
O'Neil Henry, shoemaker 7 Cresson's alley- 
O'Neill Susannah, gentlewoman 82 Cedar 
O'Neill James, grocer 265 south Fourth 
O'Reilly J. bottler corner Front & Spruce & 78 Cedar 
Odenheimer George, baker 54 Plumb 
Odenheimer George, grocer 54 Cedar 
Odenheimer Philip, victualler 150 5'assafras 
Oellers James, hotel corner Fourth and Spruce 
Offley Ann, widow 178 south Front 
Ogden Esther, widow 493 Sassafras 
Ogden J. regulator of weights and measures, 2 south 8th 
Ogden Michael, mariner 14 Sassafras 
Ogden Wm.tavernkeeper 86 Chesnut 
Ogilby Joseph, measurer of carpenters work 188 Arch 
Ogilby Joseph Sc John, shipwrights 5 6 Swanson 
Ogle Thomas, coach maker 7 and 1 3 south Sixth 
Olden James, merchant 4 1 north Front 
Olden Benj. shoemaker 72 north Front 
Olden Mary, gentlewoman 33 Chesnut 
Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter 39 Market street 
Oldenburgh Martin, hairdresser 277 High 398 Arch 
Oldfield Benjamin, shoemaker 501 south 6econd 
Oldmixon John, grazier 258 Mulberry 
Oldsten Peter, commissioner from his Danish majesty, 

corner of Chesnut and Tenth 
Oliphant and Wilson, upholsterers Dock near Third 
Oliver Nicholas, store keeper 180 north Second 

( irs ) 

Oliver 8c Smith, merchants 36 south Front 

Oliver Andrew, tavernkeeper 36 Dock 

Oliver B. widow of stable keeper, Drinkers alley 

Oliver Wm. boarding house 47 south Water 

Oman John, shoemaker 84 north Ninth street 

Oman Christopher, blacksmith Prospect alley 

Omensetter Frederick, baker 62 Green 

Omensettcr Michael, feedstore 164 Vine 

Oram Cooper, boarding house 29 south Water 

Ord Geo. ship chandler 99 S wharves 354 S Front 

Ormsby John, biscuit baker Taper alley 

Orr James, tavernkeeper 167 south Front 

Orr John, grocer 112 Plumb 

Orr Robert, coppersmith 89 south Front 

Orr Thomas, merchant 52 south Front 

Orr James, plaisterer, 247 south Fourth 

Orso John B. accomptant 156 Pine 

Orth Henry, china merchant 24 north 8th & 288 High 

Osborn Jane, widow 17 Branch 

Osborn Mary, milliner 47 Cedar 

Osbourn Ebenezer, carpenter 41 Cedar 

Osborne Elizabeth, teacher 29 south Fourth 

Osbourn Joseph, carpenter 43 Cedar 

Oswald John H. printer 179 south Second 

Ott David, gold refiner 86 north Sixth 

Ott John, coach trimmer, next 366 north Third 

Otto John C. M. D. 139 Mulberry 

Otto Jacob S. merchant 133 north Second 

Ouram Henry, Printing Press manufactory Cedar 

above Tenth 
Overstack Jacob, shopkeeper 227 south Second 
Overstay Jacob, mariner Shackemuxen 
Overstiff Jacob, grocer near 92 Green 
Overy John, silk dyer &c. 71 Cedar 
Owen Felix, currier near 32 Callowhill 
Owen Edward, blacksmith 100 north Sixth 
Owen Griffith, clock & watchmaker 73 Mulberry 
Owens Michael, tinpiate worker 39 Keys alley 
Owen J. gold Sec turner Sterling alley 
Owen Jane, shopkeeper 141 north Second 
Ov/en John, boot & shoemaker 213 north Second 
Ovv^en widow of T. 120 north Fifth 
Owen Owen, blacksmith Cauffmans alley 

( 176 ) 

Owen John, silversmith 1 1 1 north Second 

Owens r'.-artha, tayloress 18 German 

OwenB Patrick, sJiopkeeper 217 north Second 

Owens Reuben, saddler \7 Cressons alley 

Oxford Hannah, widow Liberty court 

Ozeas Peter, inspector of customs 3 1 1 Mulbcny 

Ozeas George, niercliant 7 Swanson 

i AGAN M. boarding house 162 south Pront 

Page •Samuel, copperplate printer corner of -Seventli. 

and Lombard 
Page Vv'm. merchant, 31 Chesnut 
Page James, corder 7 Vine and Vine street wharf 
Paine Wm. shopkeeper 488 north 'Second 
Painter Philip, shoemaker 397 north Second 
Painter Jacob, grocer 169 Sassafras 
Painter Isaac, grocer'236 High 
Painter George, caulker Apps lane 
Painter Henry, shipwright Bedford st 
Painter Geo. coppersmith 236 N Front &: 271 N 2d 
Painter John, carpenter 528 north Front 
Painter John, shoemaker Beach st 
Painter INIary, widow- 5 1 1 north Third 
Painter John, carpenter St. Tammany 
Painter ?vTargaret, grocer Hanover street 
Paleske Charles G. merchant 212 south Third 
Pal ins Jonathan, gardener High above 12th 
Palm Henry, tavernkeeper 240 south Third 
Palmer Gregory, shopkeeper 57 south Front 
Palmer Eliza^ boarding house 154 Mulberry 
Palmer John 3. merchant 38 Almond 
Palmer John, shipwright 46 Budd 
Palmer Thomas, composition maker 34 Carters alley 
Palmer Ann, 88 south Third 
Palmer Clement, shoemaker 52 Plumb st 
Palmer Richard, china store 46 north Fourth 
Palmer Richard, gentleman 107 Lombard 
Palmer Samuel, druggist 26 south Second 
Palmer Thomas; caulker Queen st (K) 

( \77 ) 

Palmer Thomas Sc George, printers next 58 Zane and 

116 High 
Palmer Thomas, shoemaker 74 Chesnut 
Palmer William, blacksmith Frankford road 
Palyart J. consul general from Portugal 204 Spruce st 
Pancake Philip, innkeeper 1 10 Union 
Pancake T. G. professor of music 44 Green st 
Pancoast &. Walker, ironmongerers 148 High 
Pancoast -Samuel, carpenter 21 6'ansom st 
Pancoast Jas. lumbi:r merchant -Spruce above 7th 
Pancoast -Samuel, ironmonger 127 south Third 
Parent John, carter back of 573 north ^Second 
Paris S. gentleman 104 Vine street 
Pans George, callico glazier 42 Mulberry- 
Parish Wm. currier ot. Johns above Noble 
Parke Samuel, letter carrier 12 Mulberry 
Parke Jacob, ironmonger 49 High 
Parke Thomas, M. D. 20, iouth Fourth 
Palus Adam, baker 26 south Fifth 
Parke Si M'Farland, grocers 183 High 
Parker Archilles, v/ine merchant 13 Norrii alley 
Parker Andrew, taylor Brewers alley 
Parker Beulah, teacher 2 Garrigues court 
Parker Thos. mariner 165 Plumb 
Parker Catharine, boarding house 45 north Eighth 
Parker David, sea captain Emlens court 
Parker Isaac, mariner 35 Almond 
Parker John, grocer 76 north Sixth 
Parker Josiah, gentleman 5 Chancery lane 
Parker Richard, cork cutter 1 13 S Second Sc 100 High 
Parker Samuel, brass founder 137 Mulberry 
Parker Moses, oysterman 4 1 Sassafras 
Parker Thomas, corn chandler 9 Pear 
Parker Thcs. clock & watchmaker 13 south Third 
Parkes Solomon, clock £c watchmaker 146 N Front 
Parmcntier Charles, accompant 264 Mulberry 
Parrish Isaac, hatter 17 north Second 
Parrish Wm. inspector of the customs 35 Coates alley 
Parry Benj. flour merch. 4 Cable lane 8c 24 S wharves 
Parry &; Cresson, storekeepers 27 north Third 
Parry John I. clock and watchmaker 245 High 
Parry Benjamin Sc Co. merchants 123 north Water 
Parry Thomas, merchant 127 Sassafras 

( 178 ) 

Parsons Richard, mate 282 south Front 
Parsons Stephen, sea captain 5 5 Spruce 
Parsons Thomas, mariner 64 Catharine 
Partill Samuel, carpenter 207 St. Johns 
Parvin Pearson, teacher 25 north Fifth 
Parvin Wm. grocer 176 south Fourth 
Pascalis Felix, M. D. 281 south Front 
Paschall Ann, widow 19 north Fifth 
Paskill Wm. mariner 12 German 
Passmore Thos. tin manufactory 1 5 north Seventh 
Passev Samuel, teacher Watkins court 
Pastorius Francis D. sea captain 28 Kunckle 
Patterson John, baker 5 12 north Front 
Patterson John, ship joiner 143 north Front 
Patterson J. sen, k. jun, seed Sc flour store, 444 Sassafras 
Patterson Rosina, -vridow 348 south 6'econd 
Patterson Matthew, laborer 237 Catharine 
Patterson John, grocer 5 1 north Fourth 
Patterson James, laborer 469 north 'Second 
Patterson Robert, professor of mathematics, Univer- 
sity yard south Ninth 
Patterson Lemuel Mariner 4 Meade alley 
Paterson Stephen, accomptant 132 south Fifih 
Patton Abraham, clock and watchmaker 44 High 
Patton Da.vid, book binder £c stationer 12g S Front 
Patton George, accomptant Lsetitia court 
Patten Robert, postmaster 27 south Third 
Patton Thomas, gentleman 361 Mulberry 
Patton £c Jones, clock 5c watch makers 44 High 
Patton John, carpenter near 305 Vine 
Patton, widow of Thomas 34 Brown 
Patton Wm. printer Spruce near 10th 
Patton Wm. grocer 87 north Third 
Patrick Rebecca, widow 128 north Fourth 
Paul Mary, widow 97 north Fifth 
Paul Thos. last maker 280 Mulberry 
Paul Jas. merchant 34 north Fourth Sc Chesnut st whf. 
Paul Jeremiah, teacher comer Chusnut & Fourth 
Paul William, jun sea captain 12 Green 
Paumgret Jacob, baker 28 Pewter platter alley 
Paxson Wm, ironmonger 40 soutk Sixth 
Paxson Israel, currier 96 north Fifth 
Paxsoa IsaJic ^ Wm. ironmongers 10 south Third 

( 179 ) 

Paxson Timothy, flour merchant 65 north Water and 

20 Keys alley 
Payemess Francis, confectioner 82 north Third 
Payne Bernard, tavernkeeper 289 south Front 
Payne William^ carpenter 214 south Third 
Pay ran Stephen, hatter 375 south Front 
Peacan Thomas, tavernkeeper 12 Spruce 
Peacan Thomas, jun. grocer corner Front and Spruce 
Peacock Ralph, merchant 56 north Fourth 
Peake Edward, shipwright 504 south Front 
Peale Charles Wilson, proprietor of the Museum Fifth 

below Chesnut 
Peale James, portrait painter 62 Lombard 
Peale Raphael, portrait painter 28 Powell 
Pealer Henry, painter. Sec. 191 -Sassafras 
Pearce Thos. P. merchant 14 k 93 south Fourth 
Pearce T. furrier and fancy store 7S High 
Pearce Caleb, hatter 189 Front 5c 188 5 Water 
Pearce John, hatter Kunckle st 
Pearce Henry, gentleman Chesnut above "Seventh 
Pearce John, painter corner Chesnut Sc Seventh 
Pearson Phcsbe, m.antua maker 147 
Pearson John, bricklayer 97 north Eighth 
Pearson David, skin dresser 282 north Eighth 
Pearson Elizabeth, widow 68 Dock 
Pearson George, carpenter 374 south Front 
Pearson Isaac, bookseller £c stationer 109 High 
Pearson James, late city surveyor 17 north Seventh 
Pearson Thomas, saddler 1 1 6 High 
Peart Joseph, 282 Sassafras 
Peart Jane gentlewoman 7 Norris alley 
Pease Dennis, sea captain 108 south Second 
Pechin John, collector of taxes 3 Elfriths alley 
Pecholier G. merchant and broker 1 15 Norris alley 
Peckworth John P. shoe maker 149 south Second 
Peck Adam, laborer 294 Mulberry 
Peck James, bricklayer Noble above Eighth 
Peck William, bricklayer near 193 Noble 
Peck Edward, shipwright Queen K. 
Peck Jeremiah, oysterman 426 north Front 
Peddle Sc Potts, oak cooper 63, north Water 
Peddle Joshua, oak cooper 2 13 S Front 8c 2 12 S Water 
Peirce Caleb, ironmonger 20 north Front 

( 180 ) 

Peirsol Wm. ?c Co. ironmongers 36 north Third 

Pellet Peter, tobacconist 67 Sassafras 

Peltes John, gentleman Stampers alley 

Pember Edw. picture frame maker 9 1 Passyunk road 

Pemberton James, gentleman 74 south Second 

Pemberton Hannah, widow 213 High 

Pemberton Joseph, gentleman Chesnut above Eighth 

Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeeper 61 north Third 

Pemberton Sarah, •Spinster 77 Walnut 

Pennington Edward, sugar refiner 155 Sassafras and 

73 Vine 
Pennington James, widow of, taylcress 63 north 8th . 
Pennington Michael laborer 281 south Sixth 
Peniston Elizabeth, 40 Vine 
Penn Abraham, ship joiner 75 Queen 
Pennock Robert, innkeeper 218 north Third 
Pennock Isaac, iron merchant 38 north Sixth 
Pennock £c Waters, iron merchants 10 south Wharres 
Penrose Joseph, carpenter 6 1 Shippen 
Penrose Sophia, widow 223 south 6'ixth 
Penrose Charles, gentleman 93 Penn 
Penrose Thomas, shipwright 93 Penn 
Penrose William, sea captain 88 5pruce 
Penrose William, merchant 1 Almond 
Pentland James, chair maker 224 north Front 
Peplow E. D. victualler 23 Fitz waiter st 
Pepper Henry Sc son, brewers 4 south Fifth 
Pepper Michael, waterman back of 6 South alley 
Peran Elizabeth, widow 257 south Third 
Peres Peter, M. D. 31 Callowhill 
Pcrcival Andrew, tin plate worker 16 south Third and 

1 Elbow lane 
Percival Joshua, merchant 223 south Front 
Percy ro Jacob, tobacconist 255 north Second 
Perkinpine David, skindresser 335 Callowhill 
Percumpine John, gentleman 47 Budd st 
Perine Wm. tavernkeeper 85 north W^atCr 
Perkins Elijah, M. D. 231 ?,Iulberry 
Perkins John, laborer Maiden st 
Perkins William, carpenter 188 Cherry 
Perkins Washington, merchant 15 north Water 
Perkins Isaac, carpenter Loxlcys alley 
Perkins Benjamin, laborer Fraukford road 

f 181 ) 

Perkinson Martin, mariner 214 south Fifth 
Perot Elliston, merchant 299 High 
Perot John, merchant 251 High 
Perot Ellistor Sc John, merchants 4 1 north Watei* 
Perots wharf opens next 39 8c 43 n. water 
Perry Debora, widow near 181 south Sixth 
Pen-y John & Charles, grocers 7 north Water 
Pferry Margaret, milliner 88 Cedar 
Perry Robert, coach painter 1 6 Greenleaf ulley 
Perry Elias, clock Sc watchmaker 77 north Front 
Peson Isaac, merchant '35 Sassafras 
Peter Nicholas, bottler 239 north Second 
Peter Peter, rigger 32 Plum 

Peterman George, grocer and feed store ^ north Tenth 
Peters Thomas, mariner 93 Shippen 
Peters William, bookbinder MO Walnut 
Peters George, merchant 103 north 'Second 
Peters Richard, bottler Boltons court 
Peters John B. grocer corner of 4th and German 
Peters John, tavernkeeper 1 1 Laetitia court 
Peters Joseph, merchant 193 north Second 
Peters Mary, widow 1 2 Waggoners alley 
Peters Christian, coachman 62 Cherry 
Peters Henry, silk dyer St. Marys above 6th 
Peters John, sea captain 125 Swanson 
Peters Richard, judge of the district court of Pennsyl- 
vania 85 Walnut street 
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at laAV 113 Walnut 
Peters Wm. shoemaker 93 south Front 
Peters Thomas, bookbinder 3 Cherry 
Peters William, shipwright 69 Budd 
Peterson Pet^r, shipwright 77 Christian 
Peterson Jaftjfe, sea captain 105 north Fifth 
Petherbridge John C. cabinet maker 24 Queen 
Peticolas F. August, miniature painter 50 Lombard 
Petrie Jane, boarding house 362 south Second 
Pettit Andrew, merchant 80 N. Front 
Pettit Esther, nurse 74 Vine 
Pettit A. Sc Co. auctioneers 1 5 south Froiit 
Pettit Charles, gentleman corner Walnut and Front 
Pettit Nicholas, tayior 18 S Water Sc 121 N Second 
Pettit & Bayard, auctioneers 1 5 south Front 

< 182 ) 

Peymer widow of George, 93 Brown 

Pfeiffer Christian, baker 485 north Third 

Pfeiffer Esther, huckster 125 Callowhill 

Pfeiffer Henry, victualler 57 north Sixtli 

Pfeiffer George, M. D. 236 north Second 

Pfieffer Herman, laborer 33 north Fifth 

Pfeiffer Joseph, M. D. Fourth near Poplar lane 

Pfeiffer John, ropemaker 3 1 7 north Third 

Pflaume Francis, baker 346 north Front 

Phelan Maurice, grocer corner Chesnut and Fourth 

Phile John,^§foet^-l^€J north Third 

Philkr John, tanner 6 1 Coates st 

Philler Andrew, boot and shoemaker 156 south Front 





















ps , gilder 70 Mulberry 

ps Samuel, coachmaker 17-5 south Fifth 
ps Sarah, widow 1 Branch 

ps Benjamin, ship builder 245 and 266 Swanson 
ps widow, grocer 92 Sv.anson st 
ps Elizabeth, tavernkeeper Maiden st 
ps Jacob, accomptant Cedar above Tenth 
p John, nailor 51 north 5th k 167 Sassafras 
ps J. circulating library Sc bookseller 24 5" 4th 
ps Mary, widow near 219 Cherry st 
ps John, shoemaker St. Johns above Callowhill 
ps John, merchant 7 Pine 
ps Wm. merchant 230 south Front 
ps John, hair dresser 353 south Fifth 
ps Jonas, broker 4 1 north Fourth 
ps Mrs. midv/ife 9 Cox alley 
ps Mary, widow 28 Swanson 
ps Wm. B. saddler 144 High 
pson Simon Sc J. merchants 18 Chesnut 
pson S. merchant 74 Vine 
Philips Zalegman, attomey at law 147 Chesnut 
Phipps Isaac, grocer 4 1 Mary st 
Phipps Isaac, gentleman 324 north Second 
Phipps John, carter 30 Mary 
Phipps Stephen, shopkeeper 1 67 High 
Phipps Thomas, druggist Sec 7 north Third 
Phleeson Rev. Water above Callowhill 
Physick Edmund, justice of the peace 207 north 3d 
Physick Philip S. M. D. 120 Mulberry 
Pickands Thomas, carpenter 298 Sassafras 

( 183 ) 

Picard Peter M. porter Cedar street wharf 

Pickering Elislia, teacher Keys alley 

Pickering James, blacksmith 296 south Third 

Pickering Thos. mariner 48 German 

Pickering Samuel, taylor Water above Vine 

Pickel Nicholas, blacksmith 126 Cedar 

Pieling Jonathan, gardener corner Chesnut and Tenth 

Pidgeon John, printer Browns court 

Pidgeon \Vm. shoemaker 352 south Second 

Piesh Abraham, merchant 167 north Front 162 Water 

Pierce Caleb, hatter 134 Callowhill (SeePeirce, 

Pierie 8c Caner, coachmakers 65 north Fourth 

Pierie John, hairdresser 10 north Fourth 

Pierson Daniel 8c A. shoemakers 175 south Front 

Piercy George, ship wright 3 1 Green 

Pigot George, carpenter 28 Becks alley 

Pike John, mariner 53 south Water 

Pila Mary, widow 147 south Third 

Pile Samuel, sen. carpenter 164 Swanson 

Pile Samuel, jun. sea captain 403 south •Second 

Piliegar Jacob, shoemaker 245 'S't. Johns 

Pincon Martin, liair dresser 83 Pine 

Pinkerman Henry, bricklayer 155 Coates 

Pinkerton John, ironmonger 133 south Front 

Pintard Henry, boarding house 78 north Second 

Pinyard Elizabeth, widow 84 Swanson 

Piper Frederick, currier 384 north Second 

Pitfield Robert L. accomptant 40 north Sixth 

Pistor Jacob, shipwright Hanover st 

Pistor John, carter Poplar lane above Third 

Pistor Conrad, shipwright Beach st 

Pistor Jacob, oysterman Poplar lane 

Pistoras Margaret, widow 175 north Front 

Pitchen Jonathan, sea captain 14 Plum 

Pitcher Rufus, ladies shoe maker 7 1 Shipper 

Pitner Aaron, ship master 1 8 Cable lane 

Pitt Wm. shoemaker Queen st (K) 

Pjttman Wm, shoemaker 126 Coates st 

Pittman Jonathan, wharf builder Frankford road 

Pittman Sc Curtis, taylors comer of High & S Water 

Pittman Ephraim, taylor 31 north Front 

Planckenburg widow, 162jiorth Eighth 

Plankenhorn Thos, H. merchant 5 Zane 

( 184 ) 

Flanckinhorn Jacob, flour inspector 62 Almond 

Planckinhorn John, plaister-of Paris grinder 39 N 6th 

Pleasants Chas. &: Joseph, ironmongers 33 High 

Pleasants Charles, merchant 132 Spruce 

Pleasants Samuel, merchant 335 High 

Pleasants James, merchant 335 High 

Plots John, tayior 97 north Ninth 

Plowman Thomas L. printer 39 Carters alley 

Plume Francis, baker 346 north Front 

Pluraste^d George, merchant 200 south Front 

Plosh John, sugar boiler Kunckle 

Plyler Abraham, blacksmith Frankford road 

Poalk Robert, auctioneer 43 north Fourth 

Poit George, printer, 6 Branch st 

Poggy Anthony, picture store 185 High 

Point John, pump maker Richardsons court 

Pole Edward, auctioneer 34 Dock 

Polk Midov.- of Joseph, 33 Lombard 

Pollard John, attorney at law 194 south Fourth 

Pollard Ann, widow 221 south Front 

Pollock John, ferryman back of 460 north Third 

Pollock A. biscuit baker 14 Oak st (S) 

Pontylon Henry, victualler Garden st 

Poole Wm. boot Sc shoemaker 72 north Front 

Poor Eleanor, grocer 8 south Fourth 

Poree John B. 57 south Eleventh st 

Pope Wm. laborer 136 Budd st 

Pope Isaac, laborer Queen st (K) 

Poppal George, victualler and innkeeper 178 CedaP^ 

Pote ^Matthias, laborer Wood (K) 

Pote Peter, fisherman Queen (K) 

Pote Peter, laborer Queen (K) 

Porter Cyrus, coachman 159 Lombard 

Porter Margaret, boarding house 157 north -Second 

Porter widow, 1 74 Cedar st 

Porter John, M. D. 244 north Second 

Porter John, soap boiler 1 1 1 Swansou 

Porter John, brushmaker 89 Mulberry 

Porter Robei't, attorney at law 127 Chesnut 

Porter Jonathan, laborer 53 Coates st 

Posty Wm. 65 Mulberry 

Poth Conrad, tallow chandler 178 St. John st 

Poynter Wm. mariner 8 Almond 

( ^185 ) 

Potier Thomas N. merchant 89 south Fourth 

Potts Rev. G. pastor of the 4th Presbyterian churck 

239 Cedar 
Potts James, oak cooper 33 ^Mulberry 
Potts Elizabeth, widow 7 north Eighth 
Potts John, shoemaker 28 German 
Potts Thomas, accomptant, near 56 St. Johns st 
Potts Wm. tavernkeeper St. Johns st (Bathtown) 
Potts John, ladies shoemaker 328 south Front 
Potter Sam. 8c Wm. Page, merchants 31 Chesnut 
Potter Richard C. wholesale store, 103 north Third 

Potter , coppersmith 1 8 north Front 

Poulson Zachariah jun. librarian, & publisher of the 

American Daily Advertiser 106 Chesnut 
Poultney John, hardware merchant 124 High 
Poultney Catharine, widow 143 Mulberry 
Poultney James, ironmonger 104 High 
Poultney & Cumming, hardware merchants 56 High 
Pouparfl James, seal See. engraver 69 New 
Powell Andrew, tobacconist 127 Sassafras 
Powell Isaac, carpenter 164 Cherry 
Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman Chesnut above Sixth 
Powell Ephraim, shipwright 1 1 3 Christian 
Powell Ann, shopkeeper 1 5 south Third 
Powell Mary, shopkeeper 133 !Mulberrf 
Powell Feter, jun. wheelwright Germantown road 
Powell Rebecca, tayloress Shepherds court 
Powell Sarah, teacheress 54 Green 
Pov/ell Sampson, mariner 99 north Ninth 
Powell Wra. carpenter 10 Nicholsons court 
Powers Wm. miariner 5 Birds alley 
Prager Mark, jun. merchant Walnut above Stk 
Poyntell William, 70 Chesnut 
Prade Sc Lay shopkeepers 52 north Second 
Prager John, accomptant 33 Union 
Prahl Lewis, cutler Taper alley 
Prahl Levvis. cutler 465 north Second 
Prell James, cooper 74 Lombard 
Pratt James, tobacconist 1 1 6 Cedar 
Pratt, Son Sc Kintzing, merchants '95 north Water 
Pratt Henry, merchant 1 1 2 north Front 


( 186 ) 


Pratt Thos. merchant 105 south Water &c near 50 
south Eighth 

Pray John, victualler Charlotte 69 O. Shambles 

Premir Adam, yeoman 132 south Sixth 

Premir Mary, widow 242 south Third 

Prentice Benjamin, stable keeper 87 south Fifth 

Prentze Charles S. baker 129 Sassafras 

Preston Amos, bricklayer Elmslies alley 

Preston James, rigger 25 Buddst 

Preston John, shoemaker 294 south Fourth 

Preston Sarah, shopkeeper 89 north Third 

Preston Jonas M. D. 1 1 Sansom st 

Preston Wm. bricklayer 231 south Fifth 

Preston Wm. carpenter and board measurer 26 El- 
freths alley 

Preston Wm. Sc Son, boat builders &c. 5 1 Sc 65 Artil- 
lery lane 

Prevost Lewis M. tobacconist 69 south Front 

Price Rebecca, widow 195 Walnut i 

Price B. turnkey 188 south Fourth 

Price Benjamin, blacksmith 45 and 66 Lombard 

Price Chandler, merchant 2 1 4 S Front & 1 2 Lombard 

Price Charles, laborer Shackemuxen 

Price John, laborer 3 Cable lane 

Price Elizabeth, widow boardinghouse 103 High 

Price Isabella, shopkeeper near 388 south Front 

Price Jacob, carpenter 46 Queen 

Price Luke, paper carrier 178 Sassafras 

Price Joseph, hatter 79 High 

Price John M. merchant 202 Mulberry 

Price Rebecca, teacher near 33 Elfreths alley 

Price R. lumber merchant 196 S Fourth 1 11 Lombard 

Price Joseph, nailor 473 north Third 

Price Jacob, bricklayer 264 Lombard * 

Price Samuel, merchant 26 south Front 

Price Wm. pilot 5 1 Queen 

Price Wm. I. grocer 235 south Fourth 

Priest Emanuel, caulker 1 80 north Vv'ater 

Friestman Wm. merchant 266 Mulberry 

Prichett John, merchant Spruce above Sixth 

Priclaett & Murray oak coopers 204 south Water 

( 187 ) 

Prichett Wm^R. ship joiner Penn (K) 
Prichett Wm. 8c John, merchants 25 south Wharves 
Prichett Wm. merchant 98 S Eighth 8c 25 S Wharves 
Pritchard James, carpenter 112 Vine 
Pringle Rosina, shopkeeper 1 1 north Third 
Priscoe George, porter 255 Vine 
Proctor Thomas, superintendant of the state maga- 
zine 1 74 south Sixth 
Prosser Thomas, south Eleventh 
Prosser James, 73 north -Seventh 
Prosser Uriah, shoemaker 454 south Front 
Prost George, sugar boiler 49 Plum 
Proudfit James, M.D. 49 W^alnut 
Proud Robert, gentleman S3 north Fifth 
Proff George, printer 6 Branch 
Provost Roderick, coach maker 1 8 Filbert 
Pryor Charles, gentleman 47 Union 
Pryor Charles, scrivener 30 Appletree alley 
Pryor Daniel, taylor 74 north Eighth 
Pryor John, mastmaker 82 Budd 
Pryor Joseph, grocer 33 N Water 8c 27 Elfreths alley 
Pryor Norton, broker 47 Union 63 Walnut 
Pryor Norton, gentleman 1 17 Mulberry 
Pryor John, mastmaker 82 Budd 
Pryor W. Thomas, commission broker 40 Brown and 

Warders W^harf 
Pryor George, carpenter 7 Powell 
Pue Hugh, morocco dresser St. Mary st 
Pugh Tliomas, tax collector 52 George st 
PuUen Robert, silver plater 132 south Sixth 
Puilings Collen, sea captain Elmslies alley 
Puncheon Robert, accomptant 17 Swanson 
Purdey widow, grocer 373 north Front 
Purdon John, shopkeeper 122 south Front 
Purless Simon, laborer 299 south Third 
Purvess Alexander, merchant 22 south Second 
Purvison Wm. hatter 291 IMulberry 
Pusey Iviary, shop keeper See. SO Chesnut 
Pyle John, mariner St. George above Eighth 

( 1&3 ) 

y UANDRIDL CHARLES, sea captain 78 N 6tk 

Quail Mary, widow 48 Peiin 

Quandrill John, sea captain Hanover st 

Queen Catherine widow of Henry, 66 Plum 

Queen & Seabrook, taylors 71 south Third 

Quicksale Margaret, widow 24 Gaskiil 

Quig Henry, taylor 9 Shippen 

Quidge Patrick, laborer Bradfortls alley 

Quigley Michael, ship wright 424 south Front 

Quigley James, sandman Matlock court 

Quine James, grocer 8 south Fourth . 

Quin Andrew, hair dresser ^o south Fourth 

Quin Martin, mate Drinkers court 

Quinlan John, shop-keeper 107 Walnut 

Quinner Michael, blacksmith back 317 north Thii-d 

Quirk Philip, mariner 68 Union 

Quarrel widow, nurse 14 St. Marys 

Quesnet B. dancing master 64 south Fourth 

Quinlara John, taylor 34 Coombs alley 

R ABJOHN JOHN, taylor 229 St. Johns 

Rabson Henry, shoemaker 480 Sassafras 

Rabson George, accomptant 147 north Third 

Rabson Parker, carpenter 18 Greenleafs alley 

Racesinger Adam, umbrella maker 158 north Third 

Radford Mrs. umbrella maker 77 south ^Second 

Rae John, merchant 1 1 Birds alley 

Rain Thos. chair maker 63 south Front 

Rain John, bottler 15 Combes alley, 22 north Secondl 

Rafield John, accomptant 14 north Sixth 

Raine Nathaniel, carter 127 Cedar 

Rake John, mariner 12 Christian 

Ralston Ann, tayloress 74 Lombard 

Ralston Pvlargaret widow, 278 south Second 

C 189 ) 

Ralston Robert, grocer 1 5 1 Swansoii 

Ralston Robert, merchant counting house 103 south 

Front, dwelling 140 Mulberry 
Ralston Wm. gentleman 80 Lombard 
Ramage Adam, printers joiner corner of Carter and 

Relief alleys 
Ramage John, brickmaker Centre alley 
Ramage Benjamin, stocking weaver centre alley 
Rambo Sc Ashton, boat builders Oak st (N L) 
Rambo Daniel, boat builder 43 Green 
Rambo Joseph, boat builder 49 Green 
Rambo Peter, shipwright Hanover 
Ramsey Wm. teacher 84 south Third 
Ramsey Mrs. boarding house 26 south Front 
Ramsey Alexander, carpenter 175 Cherry 
Ramsey John, currier 78 Dock 
Ramsheart Chris, furrier Callowhill above the Ridge 
Randall Christopher, oak cooper 84 Budd 
Randall George, porter 167 south Fifth 
Randall Joseph, carpenter Wj^lnut above 8th 
Randell Peter, bricklayer 74 Passyunk road 
Randolph Edward, merchant 126 north Second 
Randolph Joseph, painter Sec. corner 5th Sc Prune 
Rankin Alexr. merchant 33 Fenn 
Rankin G. cabinet maker 37 h 55 north Fifth 
Rankin D. shipwright 496 south Front 
Rankin Alexander, shoemaker 377 north Front 
Raphun John, taylor Prune near 5th 
Raphun Christopher, baker Griffiths alley 
Rapp Godfrey, wireworker 64 Shippen 
Rapin Joseph, tavernkeeper 100 High 
Rapsom Henry, grocer 94 Coates 
Raser Catharine, v/idow 5 Artillery lane 
Raser Bernard, sea captain 45 Coates alley 
Rathitler A. whitesmith 170 Lombard 
Rawle William, eousellor at law 260 High 
Rawle Francis, rope maker Germantown ixjad 
Rawlins E. boarding house 145 Lombard 
Rawls Benj. wheelwright Lilley alley 
Ray Andrew, store 8c tavernkeeper 168 Swaiison 
Ray John, grocer 390 south Second 
Ray Joseph) grocer High near Broad 
Ray David, grocer 8 Pine & 124 Queen 

( 190 ) 

Ray John, gentleman 124 Queen (see Wray 8c Rea> 

Ray bold Samuel, baker 45 Fitzwaiter 

Ray bold Sc Batson, bakers 3 Filbert 

Raybold Joshua, constable 53 Fitzwaiter 

Raybold Philip, victualler 1 3 Budd 

Ray man Wm. carter 14 Fitzwaiter 

Raymond Pierce, grocer Sc box maker 92 Spruce 

Rayner Thomas, whitesmith 97 Walnut, 65 S Fourth 

Razer widow, meal 8c fiour store 102 Sassafras 

Rea & Black, umbrella makers Chesnut near 6th 

Rea Pleasant, boarding house 140 Cedar 

Rea Alexander, umbrella maker 137 Chesnut 8c next 

37 south Third 
Rea J. upholsterer 8c Venetian blind maker 45 south 4th 
Read Alexander, grocer 190 Cedar 
Read Collinson, counsellor at law N W corner . of 

Third and Walnut 
Read John, ladies shoemaker 87 south Second 
Read H. shoemaker Fourth above Brown 
Read John jun. attorney at law 2 i 9 High 
Read James, merchant 1 North alley <^ -a 

Read Peter, weigher 1 1 5 Plumb 
Read and Lauderbrun, merchants 135 S Front 
Read Samuel, merchant 185 south Second 
Read Samuel, shopkeeper 45 north Second 
Read Wm. Sc Co. merchants 5 1 S Wharves 
Read Wm. F copperplate printer 40 Strawberry 
Ready John, grocer opposite 36 Branch 
Reahart John, grocer 439 north Second 
Rebo Ann widow, 44 Coates 
Recker James, accomptant 1 6 south Third 
Redhair Martin, shoemaker 294 Vine 
Redduck Jannet, widow 234 south Eighth 
Redman John, M. D. 42 north Second 
Redman Rebecca widow, 185 Walnut 
Redman Martha, Shopkeeper 15 North Third 
Reed Henry, blacksmith Locust above 7th 
Reed Sc P'orde, merchants 73 south Front 
Reed Charles, shoemaker 93 Plumb 
Reed Ec Whitman, harness makers 12 south Fiftk 
Reed John, merchant 102 Mulberry 
Pveed John, cabinetmaker 27 1 north Second. 

( 191 ) 

Reed Joseph, attorney at law and clerk of quarter 

sessions 54 south Sixth 
Reed James & John, tanners 32 St. Mary's 
Reed John, shipwright 322 south Third 
Fteed Reuben, plaisterer 44 Small 
Reed John, tanner 142 south Seventh 
Reed Saml. sadler 14 south Fifth 
Reed James, Sweeds alley 

Jleed Lewis, tay lor boarding house 85 south Water 
Reed Peter, laborer 1 1 5 Plumb 
Reed Wm. carpenter corner Locust and Tenth 
Reed Mary, washer 20" south Fifth 
Reed Wm. porter 1 Gaskill 
Reed Wm. shopkeeper 47 south Water 
Reed Wm. 5c Co. merchants 51 S Whan'es 
Reef Martin, victuuller Charles st 
Reel Richard, milkman Palmer st 
Reel John, fisherman Bishop st 
Rees George, shoemaker 265 south Second 
Rees Henry, sen. & jun. bakers 126 north Fifth 
Rees Henry, tayior Steinmetz court 
Rees Jacob, merchant 104 Mulberry 
Rees Jacob, Cedar cooper 77 basscifras 
Rees John, grocer corner Sassafras and Third 
Rees Nicholas, watchman back of 14 Margaretta 
Rees ri^'ary, 200 north Front 
Reese Adam, shoemaker 1 1 5 north Front 
Reese Andre -.v. mariner 111 Catharine 
Reess \ alentine, victualler 62 south Eighth 
Rees James, cabinet maker 165 Mulberry 
Reeve G. clock Sc wiitcbmaktr 120 High 
Reeve Richard Sc George, watchmakers next 55 north 

Refold Fliz.'beth, milliner 29 south Third 
Reffert Philip, innkeeper 85 Sassafras 
Regin Ann^ midwife 16 6*1. Johns 
R^naud A. broker ?0 south Second 
Rego John, shipwright 58 Christian 
R«hle John, grocer 209 St. John 
Rehn Eve, widow 63 New 
Rehn John, brewer 62 New 
Rehn 8c Hay man, brewers 365 south Front 
Rehn Casper, merchant 25 S Wharves 

C 192 ) 

Reibsom John, grocer 64 south Front 

Reick John, engraver 1 4 Philbert 

Reid Adam Sc Samuel, botlers 67 Pkimb 

Reifsnyder Mary, grocer 100 south Sixth 

Reilly John, storekeeper 170 High 

Reilly John, grocer N W corner of Spruce and 5th 

Reilly Pat. grocer and tavernkeeper 180 Swanson 

Reilly Boyd, coach spring maker 317 Mulberry 

R.eij:iboth Frederick, shoemaker Drinkers court 

Reinoldt Mary, widow 86 north Fifth 

Reinhard widow of Martin, Christian above 3d 

Reinhard Jacob, carpenter Christian above Third 

Reinhard John, ropemaker Christian above Third 

Reinhard G. coachpainter 132 north 4th & 72 Crown 

Reip widow of Nicholas, shoemaker 32 Sassafras 

Reip John, shoemaker 341 Callowhill 

Relf Samuel, publisher of the Philadelphia Gazette 

office 2 1 Chesnut and dwelling 6 Lodge st. 
Relf Ann, boarding house 5 6 Walnut 
Remer Mary, widow Shackemuxen 
Remer Matthew, shipwright Shackemuxen 
Remer Joseph, ladies shoemaker 1 1 Cressons alley 
Remer Wm. rigger 23 Artillery lane 
Remick Enoch, grocer 104 Swanson 
Remington Isaac, sea captain near 48 Shippen 
Remington John P. sea captain 37 Christian 
Reni Fougeray, w^hitesmith 135 south Second 
Renshart Frederick, baker 172 Coates 
Renick Lewis, baker corner Sixth and Cedar • 

Rennison Jos. grocer Sassafras near Schuylkill 7th 
Regulph Francis, paper hanger 260 south Third 
Renshaw Ann, widow 90 Union 
Renshaw Richard, attorney at law 175 Walnut 
Rento John,' sea captain 164 Pine 
Rentzhimer Christian, carter Hanover st 
Repplier J. Q. merchant 159 north I'hird 
Revere Maiy, widow back of 10 Hoffmans alley 
Reyn.nlds E. mantua maker 138 south Fifth 
Reynolds Elias, carpenter 58 south Eighth 
Reynolds Henry, carver and gilder 1 69 Mulberry 
Reynolds Joseph, sea captain 20 Cable lane 
Reynolds James, I\L D. York court 
Reynolds John, mate 23 Coates alley 

( 193 ) 

Reynolds Samuel, taylor 53 south Third 

Reynolds Simon, teacher 142 north Second 

Reynolds Joseph, carpenter Walnut above 8th 

Reynolds Mrs. widow, 78 north Seventh 

Reynolds Peter, bricklayer Beck st 

Reynolds Francis, tanner Relief st 

Reynolds Benjamin, guager and oak cooper 27 north 

Water & Cliffords wharf 
Reynolds Sarah, shopkeeper -1 12 Swanson 
Rhea Mary, shopkeeper 30 north Second 
Rheem and -Silver, grocers 166 High 
Rhoads Charles, carpenter 104 W^alnut 
Rhoads Philip, carpenter 1 39 north Sixth 
RRoads ^Samuel, merchants corner Pine and Penn 
Rhoades Sarah, widow 288 south Third 
Rhoades John, carpenter 196 north Third 
Riahart John, grocer 439 north Second 
Rice Rachael, widow 89 Callowhill 
Rice George, shoemaker 344 north Second 
Rice Henry Sc Patrick, booksellers, &c. 16 south 2d 
Rice John, carpenter Queen st (K) 
Rice Ann, teacher 58 Almond 
Rice Edward, sea captain 381 south Front 
Rice Sarah, shopkeeper 76 Lombard 
Rice A. widow tavernkeeper 366 north Front 
Rice William, porter Christian above 4th 
Rich Rush, widow 30 Branch 
Richard Adam, rope maker <Shackemuxen 
Richardet Samuel, gentleman 33 Dock 
Richards Catharine, innkeeper 54 Callowhill 
Richards Catharine, huckster 58 north Eighth 
Richards Jesse, shoemaker 160 Coates st 
Richards Joseph, sea captain 9 Hoffmans alley 
Richards John, nail-cutter 1 67 Sassafras 
Richards John, ironmonger 52 High 
Richards John, jun. currier 3 Dock and 103 Spruce 
Richards Joseph, carpenter Spruce above 5'eventh 
Richards Henry, merchant 130 north Third 
Richards widow of Nathaniel, grocer 266 south 5th 
Richards Richard, mariner 112 Lombard 
Richards Rachel, widow 206 north Front 
Richards Samuel, iron merchant 1 1 1 north Water 

( 194 ) 

Richards Samuel, currier 1 Dock 

Richards •Samuel, sen. lime merchant 136 south Front 

Richards Samuel, jun. jeweller, kc. 136 south Front 

and 90 Spi'uce street 
Richards Susannah, widow 98 north Sixth st 
Richards Thos. grocer 8 1 north Second 
Richards William, grocer 126 High 
Richardson widow, 1 9 north Eighth 
Richardson Sc Woodhouse, soapboilers comer of St. 

Georges and 10th 
Richardson Isaac, laborer 114 north Eighth 
Richardson Robert, shipwright Oak st (N. L.) 
Richardson John, ropemaker Queen st (K) 
Richardson William, saddler Eleventh below Pine 
Richardson Wm. accomptant 106 Cedar 
Richardson Joseph, silversmith 50 south Front 
Richardson Robert, shoemaker 1 7 1 north Second 
Richardson Wm. optician 15 south Second 
Riche George, shoemaker 489 N Third (See Ritchie) 
Richie John, tobacconist 150 High 
Richie Wm. tanner 156 High 
Richmond Isaac, trader near 28 Kunckle 
Richmond William, laborer 145 St. Johns 
Richter Eve, 1 5 Waggoners alley 
Ricker Samuel, sea captain 7 Artillery lane 
Ricketts Henry, porter Laurence st 
Rickett Joseph, 194 north Fifth 
Rickey -Samuel, grocer 16 north Front 
Ridabock Philip, blacksmith 1 4 south Fifth 
Riddle Catharine, widow 85 Cherry 
Riddle David, carpenter 131 Pine 
Riddal James, bookbinder 133 Chesnut 
Riddle William, mariner 78 Penn 
Ridge Thos. mariner Liberty court 
Ridgway Allen, merchant 273 High 8c 17 north Ninth 
Ridgway Dillaplain, bricklayer corner of North alley 

and "Sixth st 
Ridgway Jacob, merchant 1 60 north Front 
Ridgway John, bricklayer 3 Knights court 
Ridgway Jane, widow 2 IMoravian alley 
Ridgway &c Wright, curriers corner Dock & Walnut 
Ridgway Joseph, taylor 133 north Front 
^iever John, baker 68 Catherine 

( 195 ) 

Riffet Britannia, teacher Shackemuxen 

Riffetts Rebecca, milliner 2 1 north Third 

Rigby Joseph, merchant 17 Sassafras 

Rigby Henry, cabinet maker 122 north Front 

Rigdam Thos. carpenter 207 south Second 

Rigler Mary, huckster 195 Sassafras 

Rigler Stephen, stocking weaver 429 north Third 

Riggler H. victualler 502 Sassafras 30 N. Shambles 

Rigley Francis, printing-ink maker 12th near Spruce 

Rihl Mary, boarding house 40 Queen st 

Rihl George, coachmaker 199 Mulberry 

Rihl Jacob, laborer Frankford road 

Rihl Jacob, carpenter 503 north Front * 

Riker Elias, shoemaker 128 German 

Riley John, sea captain 37 south -Seventh 

Riley John, bottler 1 1 south Second (See Reilly) 

Riley Jacob, tobacconist 2 1 Greenleaf alley 

Riley Joseph, shoemaker New above Third 

Riley John, watchmaker 1 1 south ^Second 

Riely John, store and tavern keeper 150 Svransoii 

Riely Patrick, tavern keeper 1 80 Swanson 

Riley Wm. shoemaker 1 1 3 Christian 

Riley John, carpenter 92 Cedar st 

Riley John, teacher 13 Branch 

Riley Thomas, sea captain 57 south Seventh 

Riley Wm. starch manufacturer 259 north Eighth 

Riley Thomas, taylor 4 1 south Water 

Rimer Thomas, shoemaker 56 south ^Second 

Rindt widow of David, Nonnaters court 

Rine Joseph, potter 334 north Front 

Rinedollar Emanuel, taylor 5 Shippen 

Rinedoller Jacob, shipwright 538 north Front 

Rink Peter, brush maker 225 north Third 

Rink Sebastian, carter 7 Shippen 

Rinker Samuel, mariner 7 Artillery lane 

Rino George, merchant 331 High 

Rino Wm. baker 86 south Third 

Ripberg Conrad, hair dresser 25 north Fourth 

Ripley John P. attorney at law 81 Coates st 

Risberg Gustavus, merchant 221 south Front 

Risdel Mrs. silk dyer and scourer 66 south Fifth 

Risdel Anthony, grocer 66 south Fifth 

Ristine Jacob, taylor near 3 1 3 north Front 

( 196 ) 

Ritchie Robert, merchant 232 south Front 
Ritchie James, merchant 18 Pine 

Riteque , tobacconist 196 Cedar 

Ritter George, laborer 4 1 St. Tammany 

Ritter Jacob, shopkeeper 70 north Front 

Ritter Jacob, boarding house 14 Almond 

Rittenhouse Christian, shoemaker Frankford toad 

Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter 1 7 north Eighth 

Rivel John, shoemaker Etris court 

Rivelle Peter, shopkeeper 248 south Fourth 

Rivers Mary, nurse 76 Penn 

Rivardi Mrs. academy for young ladies 204 south Front 

Rizer George, teacher 449 south Front 

Rizer E. widow 138 north Fourth 

Rizer Martin, innkeper 222 south Second 

Roach Sarah, washer 6'miths court 

Roach Christian, watchman 244 Sassafras 

Roach Isaac, master of the Revenue Barge 48 Almond 

Roadhand Frederick, shoemaker Palmer st 

Robb James, porter 381 High 

Robb James, grocer 7 1 Passyunk road 

Roberts James, grocer 194 south Sixth 

Roberts Benj. hatter 137 north 2d Sc 99 Callowhill 

Roberts Catharine, ironmonger 97 High 

Roberts Daniel, teacher 33 Keys alley 

Roberts Edward, carpenter 347 Callowhill 

Roberts E. corder at Almond street wharf 147 S 3d 

Roberts Elizabeth, gentlewoman Grindstone alley 

Roberts George, carpenter Rose alley 

Roberts Hugh S. merchant Mulberry court 

Roberts James, grocer 107 south Fifth 

Roberts John, cabinet maker 280 High 

Roberts Israel Sc Nathan coppersmiths corner of Third 

and NeAV 
Roberts widow of Joseph, merchant 1 4 north Front 
Roberts Isaac, taylor 163 Chesnut 44 Carpenters st 
Roberts James B. grocer High near Schuyl. 3d 
Roberts Jonathan, carpenter 36 Kunckle 
Roberts George, Rev. 33 Cherry st 
Roberts Joseph, accomptant 133 Mulberry 
Roberts Martha, widow 1 4 1 Walnut 
Roberts John, shoemaker corner of ^Sthuylkill 8th and 


( 197 ) 

Roberts John, mate 292 south Front 

Roberts Lewis, taylor 4 south Fourth 

Roberts Mary, boarding house 60 south Sixth 

Roberts Thomas, shoemaker 12 Plum 

Roberts M. fancy Sc ironmonger store 87 Chesnut 

Roberts .Sarah, grocer 93 Christian 

Roberts Wm. carpenter 163 Chesnut 

Robertson Wm. merchant 33 south Front 

Robertson Ann, shopkeeper 194 south Front 

Robertson John, stocking weaver 1 1 Equality court 

Robertson Alexander, baker 145 Walnut 

Robertson Ishmael, w^aiter 32 German 

Robertson John, merchant 102 south Front 

Robertson James, merchant 159 Walnut 58 5 Front 

Robeson Thomas, ship wright 149 Shippen 

Robeson John, mariner 438 south Front 

Robeson John, baker 18 Mulberry 

Robeson Sc Paul, merchants 53 north Water 

Robeson Levy, shoemaker 242 Lombard 

Robeson Morris, merchant 98 north Third 

Robeson Henry, blacksmith 38 south Eighth 

Robinett Joseph, shipwright Cherry (K) 

Robinett Richard, merchant 5 Powell 

Robins Hannah, mantua maker 387 north Front 

Robins John, bricklayer 153 Vine 

Robins Sc Bowles, blockmakers 9 Little Water 

Robins Samuel, boarding house 72 Penn 

Robins Ann, widow 144 south Fifth 

Robinson W. carpenter 136 north Eighth 

Robinson Elizabeth, nurse 7 Callowhill 

Robmson John, mariner 9 1 Swanson 

Robinson James, jun. merchant 33 north Second 

Robinson James, printer 46 Spruce 

Robinson James, mariner 90 Swanson 

Robinson James, teacher 177 St. Johns st 

Robinson John, shoemaker back of 484 north Front 

Robinson James, coachmaker 69 Union 

Robinson Gordon, baker Juniper lane 

Robinson John, shipwright Shackemuxen st 

Robinson Joseph, pilot 28 Catharine 

Robinson Robert, sea captain 1 1 6 Walnut 

Robinson Mary, widow 28 1 soutli Third 

( i^s ) 

Robinson M. boarding house Frombergers court 

Robinson R. sea captain 136 south Ninth 

Robinson Rebecca, tayloress SST' south Fifth 

Robinson Rebecca, widow 78 Spruce 

Robinson Rudeman, accomptant 208 south Second 

Robinson Rachel widow, 84 Sassafras 

Robinson Samuel, carpenter 309 High 

Robinson Sam. hatter 41 south Front & 40 Water 

Robinson Wm. carpenter 335 north Third 

Bobinson Wm. sen. justice of the peace 330 S Front 

Robinson Wm. jun. attorney at law 1 Shippen 

Roche Michael, ileecy hosier 1 Grays alley 

Rockenburg Samuel, constable 53 south Water 

Rodman Joseph, merchant 21 S Wharves 

R-odric/je Andrew, merchant 92 north Seventh 

Rodolph Benj. hatter 30 North alley 

Roe Jesse, carpenter Hoffsmans alley 

Roebuck J. millwright corner of German Sc Third 

Rogers John, shoemaker 15 north Sixth 

Roger Robert, morocco dresser Walshs court 

Rogers widov,' of Benj. 39 Sassafras 

Rogers Elizabeth, widow 18 Bank st 

Rogers John, shoemaker 114 Shippen 

Rogers Jane, mantua maker 387 north Front 

Rogers Jacob, innkeeper 1 30 north Second 

Rogers John, shoemaker 138 Cedar 

Rogers IMichael, oak cooper Juniper above Sassafras 

Rogers Ebenezer, 17 Queen 

Rogers Wm. Y-. agent IS south Third 

Rogers Wm. tayior 46 south Third 

Rogers Maurice, merchant 67 Pine 

Rogers Patrick, M. D. 262 north Second 

Rogers Thomas, merchant 4 1 High, 1 8 Bank st. 

Rogers Thomas, brass founder 92 north Second 

Rogers Wm. grocer 131 north Second 

Rogers P. Sc J. druggists, Sec. 262 north Second 

Rohr John, H. black and whitesmith 1 15 north Second 

Rohrman Henry, wheelwright 441 north Second 

Rohrman John, wheelwright corner of Sassafi-as & 

Schuylkill Seventh 
Rolet Francis, shipwright 1 5 Artillery lane 
Kolph James, keeper of the Debtors Apartment 
Roney James, shoemaker 90 Lombard 

( 199 ) 

Roncy John, turner 64 Cherry 

lloosey Francis, hair dresser 60 Cedar 

Rook Michael, carter Queen [K] 

Rookstool Uh'ich, shoemaker 136Coates 

Rootcraft Francis, porter 462 north Front 

Roots Conrad, shipcarpenter Beech si 

Roots Michael, baker 141 south Ninth 

Rosbury John, porter 326 south Second 

Rose Ann, midM-ife 74 New st 

Rose Atkinson, merchant taylor 57 High 

Rose Croplcy, wine merchant 37 south Third 

Rose David, grocer Vine st whaif 

Rose David, bricklayer 9 Brewers alley 

Rose Susannah, midwife 9 Brewers alley 

Rose John, bricklayer 9 Brewers alley 

Rose Peter, shingle dresser 36 Coxes alley 

Rose Ann, midwite 9 Brewers alley 

Rose Thomas, merchant 45 High 

Rose Thomas, brickmaker 155 Vine 

Rose Wm. sea captain 41 Almond 

Rose Jonathan, taylor 32 north Water 

Rose Jane, midwife 7 BreMer's alley 

Reset Jacob, shopkeeper 24:^ Mulberry 

Rolliea widow (of John) 128 Cedar 

RossAan, raamua maker Elmslic's alley 

Ross Aqviilia, carpenter 99 N Eighth 

Ross David, sea captain 6^ Mulberry 

Ross Henry, painter and glazier ^42 S Second 

Ross & Jenks, merchant? 32 south wharves 

Ross Margaret, teaclier 2 Kniglu*s court 

Ross Samntri, carpenter Cypress alley 

Ross Elizabeth, widow 224 Lombard 

Ross John, jun. broker corner of Spruce and Third 

Ross Samuel, merchant 67 High 

E.0S3 Robert, broker i23NFifLh, 14 Chesnut 

Ross S:irah, seamstress 241 S Fourth 

Ross Thomas, counsellor at law near 140 Chesnut 

Ross William, merchant ^^ N Srcond 

Ross William, sea captain 429 S Second 

Ross David, carpenter 107 N Ninth 

Ross Michael, cooper Lombard above Ninth 

Ross's Wharf opens at 97 S Water 

Ross Wiiiiaai, printer Locust above Eighth 

( 200 ) 

Rosset Joseph, hatter 135 S Second and 73 Higk 

B-Osetter John rev. next 15 Willings alley 

Rossetter John, sea captain 263 S Front 

Rote Philip, music master 33 Crown 

Rothery J. C. china a'^d glass store, 99 N Third 

Roundenwater Nicholas, potter 22 North alley 

Rouse Eleanor, 16^ S Fifth 

Roush John, skin dresser 58 Sassafras 

Ronsh Isaac, trader 91 Sassafras 

Rousseau John C. M. D. 132 ^ Front 

Rouvert Edmond, grocer 57 Chefnut 

Row Martin, bifcuit baker 146 S Front 

Row Richard, carpenter 205 N Eighth 

Row George, acconiptant 199 S Fourth 

Row Ann, widow Rose alley 

Rowan Hugh, tavernkeeper 202 Cedar 

Rowen Mealey, nurse 27Qiieen 

RowenMary, boarding house 78 S Fifth 

Rowen John, calico printer Pine above Eleventh 

Rowen Jane, widow 133 Walnut 

Rowland Francis, shipwright 14 Equality court 

Rowland James & Co. iron merchants 93 N Second 

Rowland James, iron merchant 2 Frombergers court 

Rowland William, faw fadlory 162 High 

Rowlett John, acconiptant 19 Church alley 

Rowley Edward, storekheper 10 N Front 

Rowley Frederick, cedar cooper 67 N Fourth 

Rownd Samuel, M. D. 48 Spruce 

R.owvoudt William, M. D. Wood above Fourth 

Roy James, plaifterer Charles 

Roy Manuel, oak cooper Garden 

Rubecam Charles, hatter 387 N Second 

Rubecam Daniel, innkeeper 106 Sassafras. 

Rubman George, taylor 14 Grcenleafs alley 

Rubman John, shoemaker 14 Greenleafs alley 

Rudiman James, mariner {^5 Mead alley 

Rudolph G. carpenter, aSssafras near Schuylkill Seventh 

Rudolph Mary, shopkeeper 264 Sassafras 

Rudolph & Fearis, flour and grain merchants i Spruce 

Rudolph Ann, grocer 168 N Water 

Rudolph John, flour merchant Spruce above Seventh 

Rudcy Rachel, widow 112 N Fifth 

Rue Benjamin, grocer Old Ferry 

( 201 ) 

Ruff Henry, currier 360 Second 

Rugan&Rodes, merchants 8 south wharves 

Rugan John, merchant 248 Sassafras 

RugglassS. Imith and farrier 22 S Seventh 

Ruhl George, coachmaker 199 Mulberry 

Ruhlman John, shoemaker 84 N. Third 

Ruling Joseph, shipwright Marl borough 

Rumer George, porter 178 N Eighth 

Rummel George, bricklayer Juniper above Cherry 

Rummel Michael, labourer 328 S Sixth 

Rumsey Charles, joiner 440 N Front 

Runchay William, foap and candle maker 216 S Sixtfe 

Runner John, victualler York road 

Runner Martin, victualler Noble above Third 

Rupp John, shoemaker 108 N Second 

Rush Benjamin H. distiller 60 Green 

Rush Benjamin, M. D. corner of Walaut and Fourth 

Rush Mrs. widow 26 Branch 

Rush Rich, counsellor at law corner of Fourth & Walnut 

Rush Elizabeth, shopkeeper 199 N Front 

Rush George, carpenter 207 Cherry 

RushL. skindrefTer and parchment maker 95 Sassafras 

Rush Nathan, ship carpenter Hanover 

Rush William, grazier 94 Sassafras 

Rush William, carver 172 N Front 

Rusk William, victualler 439 N Front 

RusselAnn, widow 3 Penn 

Russell Alexander, mariner 370 S Front 

Russell James, carter j Gilliss alley 

Russell widow (of Andrew) 164 S Sixth 

Russell & Boone, merchants 88 south wharves 

Russell Robert, mariner 211 S Fifth 

Russell John, black and white fmith 7 Knight's coiirt 

Russell Samuel, shoemaker 10 Hoffman's alley 

Russell William, grocer 306 N Front 

Russell William, grocer 248 Lombard 

Russell Francis, grocer 39 S Second 

Ruston Thomas, M. D. 13 Branch 

Ruth J. M. baker near 140 S Ninth 

Ruth Richard, tanner St. Johns [Bath-townJ 

Rutherford Agnes, boarding house 30 Walnut 

Rutherford William, saddler 140 Brown 

RutterMrs, widow 24 N Fifth 

( 202 ) 

Rutter Martha, widow 19 Pine 

Rutter Samuel, grocer 235 S Front 

Rutter George, grocer 170 N Water 

Ryan Edmond, shipjoiner 72 Catherine 

Ryan Elizabeth, shopkeeper 194 N Fifth 

Ryan Jan^es, merchant 42 N Sixth 

Ryan John, carter Garden 

Ryan Jofeph, potter 14 Artillery lane 

Ryan Lewis, boot and shoemaker, next door to the U- 

iiited States bank, S Third 
Ryan Timothy, carpenter 9 Norris alley 
Ryan Vv" ill lam, bottler 43 Cedar 
Ryan William, flable keeper 22 N Second 
Rydey John, porter 97 Coates 
Ryerlbn Thomas, merchant 189 i" Third 
Ryner widow (of William) 97 Cherry 

O^DLER ELEANOR, widow near 251 Mulberry 

Sadler Mary, grocer 168 Shippen 

Sagar Michael, baker 274 Mulberry 

Sailor John, taylor 18 N Water, 17 Front 

Sailor H. stone cutter corner of Eighth and Sassafras 

Sailor Samuel, painter, &c. 43 Vine, 99 N Water 

Saint Douglas, grcer and bottler 44 Cedar 

Salade Sebastian, fringe and lace weaver 4 Laetitia court 

Salmon'& Brown, hat warehoufe 57 N Second 

Salsburg Andrew, grocer 76 south wharves, 34 Union 

Salter Anthony, compting house 6^ Dock, dwelling 39 

N Sixth 
Salter Jacob, brewer 18 ^fourth 
Salter Samuel, c_arver and gilder 58 .S Fourth 
Saltonstall J. grocer and coal merchant S E corner of 

Coates and Second 
Sanders Elijah, carpenter 172 N Fifth 
Sanfield Henry, mariner 36 Mead alley 
Sandford William, accomptant 201 Mulberry 
Sandford Rowland, coachmaker 261 Sassafras 
Sang Charles, confectioner 158^ Fourth. 

( 203 ) 

Sankey Charles, taylor 8 Moravian alley 

Sarisford Rowland, coachmaker 136 .9 FIftk 

Sansom William, gentleman 96 Mulberry 

Sansom Joseph, merchant next 43 N Front 

Sansom Samuel, merchant 43 N Front 

Sanson & Holiday, stone cutters 2S8 High 

Sanson John, stonecutter 379 High 

Sap Jacob, potter 177 N Third 

Sap James, taylor 10 Carter's alley, 14 vS" Water « 

Sarin Caleb, shoemaker 347 S Second 

Saring John, shoemaker 72 Christian 

Sarnighausen Eliza, widow 87 N Ninth 

Satterly Nathan, shoemaker 18 German 

Satterthwaite Abel, ironmonger 52 N Third 

Saul Solomon, carpenter 74 Budd 

Saulnier Joseph, buttonmaker 438 Sassafras 

Sanlnier John, storekeeper 71 N Sixth 

Saunders Francis, grocer Cedar above Tenth 

Saunders Jesse, carter 281 St. Johns 
Saunders John, carpenter 17 Budd 

Saunders William, hatter 267 N Front 

Saunders Johannah, tavernkeeper Cedar above Ninth 

Saurnian Martin, hatter 169 N Second 

Savage James, copperplate printer 28 Elizabeth 

Savage John, merchant 91 S Third 

Savage John, carpenter near 21 5 S Fifth 

Savage iieuben, flour and feed-store 381 Sassafras 

Savage & Dugan, merchants, compting house York court 

Savery Thomas, carpenter 20 N Fifth 

Savery William, tanner 14 Cable lane 

Savill Mrs. grocer 314. S Third 

Sawer James, (tore keeper 201 S Second 

Sawer William, cabinet maker Baileys alley 

Sawn Daniel, tavernkeeper Callowhill wharf 

Sawyer Robert, blacksmith 33 Green 

Sawyer L. ladies shoemaker 117 S Second 

Saxton Daniel, taylor 58 N Sixth 

Say Benjamin, M. D. i^zCiiesnut 

Sayburn William, baker Walnut near Twelfth 

Sayr Joseph, shoemaker 15 Carter's alley 

Scaife Elizabeth, grocer 75 Cedar 

Scantling Peter, bricklayer 88 New 

Scarret Joseph, silversmith Etriss court 

{ 204 )' 

Scattergood John H. storekeeper 270 N Front 

Scattergood & son, curriers 276 N Front 

Scattergood Thomas, tanner and currier, 278 N Front 

Scattergood Joseph, currier 280 N Front 

SchafFer Charles, sugar refiner 82 N Second 

Schafferjohn, victualler 371 Mulberry 

Schappeck Jacob, gentleman 76 Cherry 

Schaumenkessel Frederick, baker 46 Green 

Scheets Adam, sexton Sweeds alley 

Schell Henry, tinplate worker 127 New and 123 High 

Scherzinger John, oil and colourraan 66 N Fourth 

Schetkey George, professor of music i6iChesnut 

Schievely Henry, culler and surgeons' instrument maker 

49 3" Third 
Schindler Michael, baker corner of Shlppen and Fifth 
Schmidt rev. John Frederick, minister of the German 

Lutheran church 27 N Fourth 
Schneider Casper, lumber merchant 313 N Front 
Schneider Mary, widow grocer corner of Spruce & Sixth 
Schnyder Christian, baker 11 Plum 
Schoals Mrs. grocer 2 Little Water 
Schoen Cafper, teacher 199 -St. John's 
Schoch G. innkeeper Frankfort road above Marlborough 
Scholfield Samuel, gentleman 87 Sassafras 
Schrack Abraham, innkeeper 38 High 
Schrack Joseph, baker 85 New 
Schreiner Jacob, ironmonger 122 N Second 
Schreiner Elizabeth, shopkeeper 11 Cherry 
Schreiner Susannah, widow 448 Sassafras 
Schreiver P. viftualler 245 Vine and 6 old shambles 
Schroeder Charles, confedioner 1 12 High 
Schroeder C. N. accomptant 82 Union 
Schrunck George, professor of palmistry 432 N. Third 
Schueppenkiesser Nicholas, taylor Coatess alley 
Schuereman Matthias, shopkeeper 18 Appletree alley 
Schumo Barney, turner, 15 Elfreths alley 
Schwartz Peter, carver Pemberton's alley 
Schweitzer Michael, porter Steinmetzs court 
Scott Abraham, carpenter Locust above Seventh 
Scott Catherine, widow back 35 Mulberry 
Scott David, whitesmith 379 High 
Scott John W. printer 28 Bank street 
Scott Gilbert G. oak cooper i Callowhill 

( 209 ) 

Scott James, plaisterer 56 Passyunk road 

Scott John, mate 66 Almond 

Scott John, tavernkeeper, &c. 18 Spruce 

Scott Juliana, gentlewoman corner of Eleventh and High 

Scott Mary, nurse 40 Strawberry 

Scott Martha, shopkeeper 65 N Third 

Scott Andrew, foap boiler St. George's above Eleventh 

Scott Robert, engraver in the mint 115 Wakiut 

Scott Robert, teacher 244 Lombard 

Scott Samuel, carpenter 40 Green 

Scott William, accomptant 125 Pine 

Scott Job, shipwright 417 N Front 

Scoit Phoebe, boarding house 36 German 

Scotton P. & M. bonnet makers 2 Strawberry 

Scravendyke Peter, soap and candle maker 23-7 .S Second 

Scull Benjamin, hatter 26 <S Fourth 

Scull William, tavernkeeper Water above Callowhill 

Scully John, bottler 32 Walnut 

Seaborn Elizabeth, shopkeeper 56 N Sixth 

Seaife Elizabeth, grocer 75 Cedar 

Seaman Paul, merchant 2 N Ninth 

Seckel David, grazier 305 High 

Seckel Lawrence, wine merchant 155 High 

Seddinger Matthias, saddletree maker 492 N Second 

Seeger David, confectioner 184 High 

Segers John, sea captain St. Tammany 

Seidel John N. tobacconift 241 N Second 

Sein Thomas, carter 490 N Third 

Seip Henry, carter Britten's alley 

Seip Bernard, taylor 160 N Water, 165 Front 

Seitz Charlotte, shopkeeper 60 Sassafras 

Sell Henry, painter 4(^2 N Second 

Sell Solomon, taylor 76 Brown 

Sellers Andrew, brassfounder next 56 St. John's 

Sellers Isaac, brassfounder 42 St. John's 

Sellers Nathan and David, wire workers 231 High 

Sellers David, wire worker 8 N Sixth 

Sellers Ptobert B. printer 83 Mulberry 

Sellers William, printer 83 Mulberry 

SsUick John, boarding house, 276 aS Fourth 

Semple A. carpenter Tenth near Locust 

Semple John, grocer and carpenter Tenth near Locust 

( 210 ) 

Senderling Nicholas, tanner 58 Artillery lane 

Senderling Rosina, widow 442 N Third 

Sendoz Dominique gentleman 156 Mulberry 

Sener Philip, baker next 165 Vine 

Senifft George, tavernkeeper 25 North alley 

Senior John, labourer 78 N Seventh 

Senix Arcadia, boarding house 202 Spruce 

Senn John, shoemaker i24Callowhill 

Senn Henry, shoemaker 151 Green 

Senneffjohn, Taylor 108 Coates 

SennefF Jacob, carpenter 290 N Eighth 

.Sequin Andrew, shipwright 369 N Front 

Sergeant Elizabeth, ^vido\v Mulberry above Seventh 

Sergeant John, attorney at law 113 Mulberry 

Sergeant William, attorney at law, and clerk of the 

Mayor's court 86 Mulberry 
Sergeant Thomas, attorney at law next 40 N Fourth 
Serick Mary, railkwoman ^5 Coates 
Shriek William, wheelwright Passyunk below Sixth 
Seringer Robert, type founder Cedar abo\'« Tenth 
Sermon Richard, smith 26 N Second 
Sermon Isaac, M. D. 23 N Second 
Server George, grocer Schuylkill Eighth near Vine 
Service Andrew, merchant 42 S Front 
Servine Benjamin, milkman 66 Zane 
Servoss widow (of John, hatter) 221 N Front 
Servossjohn, labourer near 22 Kunckle 
Sewalj Stephen, gentleman 23 N Front 
Sexton Jarcd, taylor 35 S Water 
Sexton John, wharf builder Beech 
Sexton Charles, farmer Beech 
Seybert Adam, M.D. 114 High 
Seybert Sebastian, vidtualler 127 Brown 
Seyferhelt John C. hair dre(Ter 263 S Front 
Seyfert Conrad, constable 50 Sassafras 
Seylist Michael, baker 26 Pewterplatter alley 
Seymour Joseph H. engraver Middle alley 
Shade Peter, brush maker 81 High 
Shaf'er Mary, widow 275 .S Fourth 
Shaffer Martin, labourer Vienna 
Shaffer John, carpenter 401 N Third (see SchaiTer) 
Shaffer Henry, shoemaker 314 N Second 
Shaffer Peter & John, carters 24 Passyunk road 

( 211 ) 

Shaffer widow, keeper of carts 24 Passyunk road 

Shaffer Joseph, brick nmker Locust above Eleventh 

Shallcross Leonard, shoemaker 8i 6 Front 

Shallus Francis, engraver 30 Strawberry 

Shanahan widow 3 N Water, 2 N wharves 

Shankland Edward, carpenter 25 N Tenth 

Shankland Joseph, laylor 156 *$" Water, 157 Front 

Shane Michael, carter Juniper above SafTafras 

Shane George, blacksmith 37 Crown 

Shannan Andrew, taylor 28 i" and 32 N Fourth 

Shannon & Poalk, auctioneers 177 Hij;h (Days of sale, 

Tuesdays m the afternoon, and Friday mornings) 
Shannon Hugh, gunsmith and cutkr 76 vS" Water 
Shannon jajnes, piaisterer AValnut above Eighth 
Sharp Samuel, pilot 330 S Second 
Sharp William, mariner 246 J Fourth 
Sharp James, stone cutter Juniper lane 
Sharp R. tinplatc worker 113 High 
Sharp Solomon rev. 54 N Fifth 
Sharp George, carpenter Orange 

Sharp & Harkins stone cutters, corner of Tenth & HigH 
Sharp Daniel, grocer 32 N Seventh 
Sharp Ludwick, accomptant Johnson's court 
Sharpe Benjamin, merchant taylor 94Chesnut 
Sharpless Jesse, merchant 153 High 
Sharpless & Drinker, mantua makers 56 Mulberry 
Sharpless John, coach maker 6 Farmer's alley 
Sharswood James, gentleman 92 N Sixth 
Shaw Alexar.der, cabinetmaker 84 N Front 
Shaw John, tavernkeeper 242 N Second 
Sliaw George, medical, perfumery and fur store, corner 

of Chesnut & Third 
Shaw V/illiam, M. D. 105 Chesnut 
Shaw Andrew, gentleman, 14 Equality court 
Shaw David, tanner Ci Coates 
Shaw Matthew, carpenter 38 Pine, 179 S Front 
Shaw Thomas, shoemaker 58 Penn 
Shaw George, accomptant 12 Sassafras 
Shaw Thomas, merchant 51 N Tenth 
Shaw Francis B. attorney at law 147 N Second 
Shaw & Sykes, merchants 107 »? Water 
Shaw widow (of Valentine) 145 S Second 
Shaw Samuel B, merchant 100 Lombard 

( 212 ) 

Shaw William, carpenter 49 Pine 

Shaw William, taylor 169^ Third 

Shaw R, professor of music 3 N Eighth 

Shea John, oysterman Little Oak 

Sheafi- Elizabeth washer 164 St Johns 

Sheaff Philip, jun. grocer corner of Chesnut and Sixth - 

Sheatf" Henry, M'ine merchant 180 High 

Sheafi George, merchant 168 High 

Sheaff widow (of William) i N Seventh 

Shearman Robert, clock and watch maker 333 N Third 

Shearman Isaac, accomptant 115 Callowhill 

Shearer Nicholas, glass blower Wood-ft. (K) 

Shearrer Vale;itMe, labourer 80 Brown 

Sheas John, marble paper stalner 200 St. Johns 

Shebk- John, grocer 77 N Fifth 

Sheble Jacob, shopkeeper 79 N Fifth 

Sheejohn, head inspector of fiour 177 Walnut 

Sheed George, sen. plaisterer 275 S Fifth 

Sheed George, jun. constable 319.5 Third 

Sheed Isabella, gentlewoman 123 German 

Sheed Thomas, plaisterer 7 ^ 

Sheed William, plaisterer j " 

Sheetz Christian, justice of the peace Vienna 

Sheetz Daniel, milkman Cherry (K) 

$heetz Matthias, milkman Poplar lane 

Sheffer C. baker 10 St. Mary 

Shelburn James, mariner 8 Marys alley 

Shelmire William, meal merchant loi N Fourth 

Shellingforth James, constable Frankford road 

Shellingforth Thomas, caulker Vienna 

Shellingsforth William, caulker Sweeds alley 

Shelmerdine Edward, hatter 21 N Fourth 

Shelraerdine Samuel, hatter Cherry near Sixth 

Shephard James, Tenth between High and Mulberry 

Shepherd Benjamin, Shepherds court 

Shepherd Thomas, merchant 36 N Third 

Shepherd Jacob, caulker Hanover 

Shepherd John, caulker Frankford road 

Shepherd John, victualler 371 Mulberry 

Shepherd Samuel, shoemaker 36 Plum 

Shepherd Randal, grocer i 89 »S Seventh 

Shepherd Mrs. shopkeeper corner of Shippen and Crabi 

Shepherd John, foap boiler Hanover 

( 213 ) 

Shepherd Nicholas, caulker Beech st 

Shepherd ^Vm. accomptant corner Fourth and Cedar 

Shepherd ^Vm. whitesmith and bell hanger corner of 

Race street and Wagners alley 
Sherard John, tobacconist 12 Shippen 
Shercr Wm. grocer 159 south Sixth 
Sherer Hannah, widow 4 Quarry st 
Sherer Henry, hair dresser 5 1 north Sixth 
Sherling Valentine, bill sticker 5 Crab 
Shermer Joseph, carver and gilder 33 north Fifth 
Shermer Jacob, cabinet maker 3 1 5 north Third 
Shermer John, clock &c watchmaker 8 1 north Fifth 
Shesler Valentine, laborer Noble near Fourth 
She well Sallows, merchant 54 north Second 
Shewell Thomas, shopkeeper 67 north -S'econd 
iS'hewman Frederick, porter Pine above Tenth 
Shiedel Wm. cooper 57 George 
Shields Andrew, bottler 2 north Front 
Shields James, bookbinder 14 Carters alley 
^Shields widow of James, late grocer 29 south Wharves 
Shields Sc Pov/el, lumber merchants 275 High 
-Shields Joseph, ladies shoemaker 121 south Second 
Shields John, metal founder 47 Fitz waiter 
Shields Robert, sea captain 9 Lombard 
Shields Robert, storekeeper next 38 north Second: 
Shields Ruth, widow 1 1 3 Catherine 
Shields Thos. gentleman 13 Dock 
Shields Wm. brickmakec Sassafi'as corner of Schuyl 

kill and Seventh 
Shill Henry, carter 50 Brown 
Shinckle Fred. sen. gentleman 155 Mulberry 
Shinckle F. jun. grocer corner of High & N 2d 
Shingler Philip, taylor 304 north Front 
Shinn Samuel, bricklayer 309 Lombard 
Shinn Moses, shoemaker Brookes court 
Shinneck Adam, painter &c. 375 north Third 
Shippen Edward, chief Justice of the S Court 98 S 4tii 
Shippen Wm. M. D. professor of anatomy 10 ppunt 
Shippen W^m. hatter 101 Vine 
Shippie Peter, taylor 348 south Front 
Shocheor Charles, baker Charlotte st 
Shoeber Susan B. gentlewoman 21 Strawberry 


C 214 ) 

Shoemaker Christian, comb maker 59 Coates 
Shoemaker Christian, porter above 5 1 1 north Second 
iSlioemaker Edward &: Co. 24 south Wharves 
Shoemaker & Dull, china merchants 275 High 
Shoemaker Daniel, shopkeeper 171 south Second 
Shoemaker Elizabeth, widow 254 St. Johns 
5'hoemaker E. ix. Co. hard ware merchants 127 High 
Shoemaker Sarah, widow, 60 north Second 
Shoemaker Edward, merchant 4 1 3 Hsgh 
Shoemaker Henry, shoemaker Prince st 
Shoemaker David, bookbinder 76 north Fourth 
Shoemaker Jacob, merchant 1 5 south Water 
Shoemaker Jesse, lumber yard High bridge 
Shoemaker Joseph, silversmith 12 north Front 
Shoemaker Joseph, merchant 92 north Second 
Shoemaker Thomas, iron merchant 58 north Water 
Shoemaker Samuel, attorney at law 3 north Fifth 
Shoemaker Rebecca, 48 north Second 
Shoemaker Mrs. 44 south Sixth 
Shoemaker A. land broker 8c conveyancer, 124 S 4th 
Shoeman John, lace weaver 6 Waggoners alley 
Shoch Michael, shoemaker 78 Brown 
Shortall Thomas, stave merchant 149 Swanson and* 

yard Christian street wharf 
Schrack Jacob, shipwright Liberty court 
Shreeve John, rigger 399 N Front & Bickleys wharf 
Shreeve Caleb, merchant 2 Cable lane 
^brieve Conrad, jun. grocer Penn st [K] 
Shriver Peter, shipwright Hanover st 
.Shriver Henry, victualler 296 north Eighth 
Shriver Peter, victualler 259 Callowhiil 
Shrum Baraey, sugar boiler 35 Crown 
6'hrupp Henry, gentleman corner of Wood 8c Fifth 
Shubard John, harness maker 43 1 south Second 
Sh ubert George, ladies shoemaker 105 Walnut 
Shulrlebottom Wm. china store 50 north Front 
Shugard Simon, taylor 366 north *Second 
Shull Frederick, inspector of customs 61 New 
Shuller Frederick, laborer 1 5 south Sixth 
Shuller Jacob, tavernkecper 189 north Third 
Shults C. juR. kidics shoemaker 215 6' 2nd 5 6 PIuiA 
-Shuitz John, laborer next 17 Appletree alley 
*Shuhz Charles, sand Sc feed store 1 6 Passyunk road 

( 215 ) 

5'hultz Nicholas, carpenter 100 north "Seventh 

6'hultz Frederick, harness maker 8 north 6'eventh 

-Shueman Frederick, porter 122 Brown 

^hurdell widow, paper hanging factory 327 -Sassafras 

iShuster Andrew, oak cooper 42 Vine 

^huster Adam, victualler Pleasant Sc 35 old shambles 

5hiister Jacob, oak cooper 1 10 north Water 

iShuster Andrew, oak cooper 317 north -Second 

^hute Daniel, dry good store 251 south -Second 

-Sicard -Stephen, dancing master 12 Quarry st 

•Siddons John, shallopman 294 south Front 

•Siddons Josiah, taylor 193 south -Second 

-Siddons Joshua, shallopman 78 Christian 

-Siddons Joseph, carpenter 1 19 north Fourth 

-Sides -Sarah, widow 12 -Strawberry 

•Sides William, carter 26 Brown 

-S'idleman Casper, brush maker 10 -South alley 

-Sikle George, carter 9th below -St. George 

-Silly man Isaac, sea captidn 16 -S'assafras 

-Silver John, shoemaker 70 Callowhili 

-Silvey John, mariner 304 south Front 

-Simering Henry, tavernkeeper 375 north Third 

-Simon John, taylor 13 south alley 

-Simon John, baker 27 Walnut 

-Simon Joseph, bath-house 67 north Third 

-^mmonds Wm. accomptant 157 Vine 

-Simmonds James, gentleman next 1 3 south Fifth 

-Simmons x\nthony, goldsmith &c. 27 Sassafras 

-Simmons Isaac, mariner 120 -Swanson 

-Simmons Edward, lumber merchant 145 north Thiixl 

-Simmons Joseph, ironmor.ger 9 1 High 

-Simmons -S'. mate 467 north -Second 

-Simmons Leeson, sea captain 32 6'assafras 

-Simmons -Stephen, lumber merchant 43 Cable lane 

-Simmons -Stephen, hairdresser 18"! south Front 

-Simons Hill, grocer 245 north Second 

•Simonds J. inspector of customs corner of 12th and 

Simons, Furze & -Simons, linen and woollen drapers 

253 south -Second 
-Simpson A. 269 north -Second street 
Simpson D. teacher Coxs' alley 
fiimpson Flaanah, widow 15.a north Water 

( 216 ) 

'Simpson George, cashier of the United States bank* 

10 i Chesnutst 
•Simpson widow, nurse 190 south •Sixth 
•Simpson James, shipwright Frankford road 
Simpson John, merchant 139 south Fifth 
Simpson John, bottler 62 Catharine 
Simpson Lydia shopkeeper 156 south 5:econd 
Siiipson Lydia, shopkeeper 56 Spruce 
Simpson & White, merchants 46 Walnut 
Sims' wharf opens at 153 south water 
Sims James, laborer Christian above Fourth 
Sims Joseph, merchant 154 S Water Sc 170 •S Third 
Sims Sarah, widow 46 Plum 
Sims Henry, cabinet maker o7 N 5th > ^ ,. 
Siras John, painter Sec. Kace near 3d 5 ^ ^^"^^^ ^^^"^ 
Sims \Valter, merchant 267 Chesnut 
Sincener Philip, drover 325 Callowhill 
Sinclair INIargaret, tayloress 269 south ^Second 
Sinclar James, grocer 377 High 
Singer John, mciehant 137 High 91 -Sassafras 
Singerey George, taylor 235 ^'t. Johns st 
Singleton Elizabeth, widow 1 1 Christian 
Singleton Thomas, caulker 159 6'wanson 
Singleton ^Sarah, boarding house 192 south Front 
Sink Abraham, hardware store 2 1 High 
Sink Lawrence, cabinet maker 222 soutli Fourth 
Sisty Mary, widow 1 38 south Ninth street 
Sitgreaves Susannah, gentlevroman 380 High 
Siwely George, M. D. 490 north Second 
Sivert Barbara, boarding house 26 north Ninth 
Skellinger Daniel, pilot 441 south Front 
Skiliinger FL pilot 39 Prime st 
Skelly Thos. sea captain 24 north •Sixth 
Skelton Mary, nurse 74 New 
Skclton John, grocer 8o north Eighth 
Skerret Sc Bonsall, smiths Locust above Ninth 
Skerret James, blacksmith 155 south Ninth 
Skerret Joseph, collector of taxes 154 south Ninth 
Skinner Elizabetli, v»idow 38 ^'ine 
Skinner F. H. sea captain 1 3 south Fifth street 
Slack Daniel, shipwright 12 Ikown st 
Slater Anthony, merchant couiiting house 63- Dock? 
dwelling 39 north -Sixth 

( 217 ) 

Slaughter Peter C. carpenter Rose alley- 
Slaughter Godfrey, laborer Passyunk near Catharine 
Slaughter Thos. sea captain Liberty court 
Slaughterer John, baker 210 north Second 
Slesman Henry, gentleman 98 north Front 
Slesman John, grocer 65 Cedar 
Slimmer Jacob, tavernkeeper 434 north Third 
Slingluff Joseph, cornchandler 140 north Third 
Sloan & Bridges, merchants 198 south Water 
Sloan 8c Wilson, taylors 66 south Water 
Sloan Dunbar, 105 Swanson 
Sloan widow, 287 south Third 
Sloane Mrs. widow, boarding house 92 south Third 
5mall Abraham, printer 74 south Eighth 
Small widow of James, laborer 57 Catharine 
Small Charles, shipwright 82 Green st 
-Smallwood Thos. shoemaker 48 German 
^mallwood Manly, calico printer Queen [K} 
Smallwood Jonathan, back of 89 Sassafras 
Small wood widow, 392 Sassafras 
•Smallwood Martha, tavernkeeper 2 Dock 
Smart E, 8c A. shopkeepers 235 High 
Smart Elizabeth, shop keeper 17 north Third 
Smeltz R. painter Sec. 4 Cherry st 
Smiley Wm. taylor 74 south Water Sc 75 south Front 
-Smilie Wm. taylor 263 Catharine 
Smith Abigail, widow 103 Chesnut 
Smith Adam, caulker 72 Christian 
Smith Charles, trader 377 north Second 
Smith Charles, coach maker 197 south Third 
Smith Chasrie, storekeeper Eleventh near St. George 
Smith 8c Brother, merchants 265 High 
Smith Constant, blacksmith 50 Almond 
Smith Abraham, sailmaker 205 Cherry 
Smith 8c Conrad, shoe ware -house 52 High 
Sniith Caspar, whip maker 129 Sassafras 
Sniith Cornelia, boarding house 46 Walnut 
S^^ith Dockeray, merchant 36 south Front 
Si^ith David, grocer corner of 8th 8c Locust 
Siiiith Dennis, stevadore 4 1 Plum 
Sii^ith Elisha, teacher 5 Moravian alley 
smith Daniel, merchant 1 8 1 south Third 
S^ith Edward, merchant 1 13 north Water 

( 213 

Smith Edward, mariner 5 Shippen 
Smith Elizabeth, shopkeeper 123 High 
Smith Elizabeth, widow 23 Walnut 
Smith Elizabeth, widow 493 south Front- 
Smith Francis, shopkeeper 49 German 
Smith George, milkman Prince st 
Smith George, porter 104 Plum 
Smith George, porter 3 1 5 Callowhill. 
Smith George, shopkeeper 192 north Third 
Smith George, laborer 176 north Eighth 
Smith Hugh, carpenter 71 Cherry st 
Smith Henry, baker 135 Mulberry 
Smith k Helmuth, merchants 196 High 
Smith Hannali, widow gentlewoman 62 Christian 
Smith Harriot, paper card maker 72 Lombard 
Sraiith Henry, laborer 1 18 German 
Smith Henry, oak cooper 208 High 
Smith Hannah, gentlewoman 1 33 south Thii*^ 
Smith Isabella, boarding house 27 Shippen 
Smith Isaac, iron m.erchant 1 1 6 north Seveoit 
Smith Jacob, accomptant 190 Vine 
Smith Jacob, carpenter 1 1 1 north Fifth 
Smith Jacob, innkeeper 69 Sassafras 
Smith Jacob, taylor Vienna st 
Smith Jacob, farmer Brown st [K] 
Smith Jacob, plaisterer 179 Cedar 
Smith Jacob, dentist 269 south Second 
Smith James, blacksmith 20 south Feventh 
Smith James, jun. cc son, merchants 54 south Front 
Smith James S. attorney at law 162 south Front 
gmjth James E. merchant 130 south Eighth 
Smith James, inspector of customs 142 south Fifth 
smith James, ir.erchant 153 Chesnut 
smith James, merchant 158 north Front 
smith John, grocer 17 Pine alley 
smith John, mariner 292 soutii Third 
smith John, blacksmitii 5 2 Cedar 
smith John S. merchant 24 south Third 
gmit'i John, grocer 137 south Water 
gmith widow oi John, boarding house 264 south 3d6t 
gmith Joiin, laborer 386 nor>h Tnird 
gmith John, mate 74 Catharine 
gmith John, gentleman 76 Plum 

( -19 ) 

Smith John, artist High above 12th 
Smith John, boarding house 33 shippen st 
Smith John, innkeeper 53 Vine 
Smith John, laborer 542 N Thiixi 
Smith John, shoemaker 96 Vine 
Smith John, B. accomptant 100 Union 
Smith Rev. John F. 27 N Fourth 
Smith John, ironmonger 249 FFigh 
Smith John, stone cutter 266 High 
Smith John, M innkeeper 154 Vine 
Smith John, marshal of the eastern district of Pennsyl- 
vania 102 south Eighth 
Smith John, R. attorney at law 58 V\'u.lnut 
Smith John, carpenter 12r N Fifth 
Smith John, sea captain 17 Vine 
Smith John, merchant 52 Sc 54 Spruce 
Smith John, sadier 17 Cressons alley 
Smith Jonathan, B. one of the aldermen 71 X 3d 
Smith Jonathan, chashier of the Bank of Pennslsania 

73 Walnut 
Smith Joseph, mariner 117 Cathanne 
Smith Joseph, B. ironmonger 2 1 north Front 
Smith Joseph, silversmith 38 north Front 
Smith Jo;:eph, merchant 173 Walnut Sc 23 S wharves 
Smith Joseph, S sea captain 103 Lombard 
Smith J'jshua, R, bricklayer 111 north Fifth 
Smith Lambert, carpenter 6 Cressons alley 
Smith Islary, ^vidow 10 Oak st (S.) 
Smith Jvlar)', widow Prince st 
Smith Mason carpenter 1 5 Cressons alley 
Sniith Matthias, hai dresser 1 15 north Third 
Snrdth Margaret, boarding house 132 noith Fourtli 
Smith !Margart;t, shopkeeper 192 north Thiixl 
Smith Sc Mason, oak coopei-s Turners court 
Smiih Nathan, shoemaker 2^ Appletree alley 
Smith Newberry, merchant 62 north Second 
Smith Pat, shoemaker St. Johns above Callowhill 
Smith Peter, boarding house next 5 1 1 north •Second 
Smith Philip, grocer 165 south Front 
Smith Richard E. merchant 1 1 3 nortii Water 
Smith Richard, carter Bearstlckei's court 
Smith Ralph, carpenter 314 north Third 

( 220 ) 

Smith Richard, R. merchant 22 Chesnut 

Smith R. W. sea captain 135 German 

Smith Richard, shoemaker 263 south Fifth 

Smith Robert sein maker 33 Fitzwater 

Smith Robert, merchant 58 south Front 

Smith Richard, turner back of 149 Chesnut 

Smith, RidgeM'ay 8c Co. merchants 154 north Front 

Smith R. sailmaker 134 Swanson & 93 south wharves 

Smith Rol^ert, hardware store 68 High Sc 28 5 2d 

Smith Robert Sc Co. merchants 58 south Front 

Smith 8c Sansom S. jun. lumber merchants north W 

corner of Vine Sc Fourth 
Smitii Samuel, gentleman 87 Mulberry 
Smith L;aml. tanner &c currier 91 AValnut 68 S 3d 
Smith Samuel, porter 14 south Seventh 
Smith Samuel, brewer 373 Mulberry 
Smith Stephen, merchant 176 south Front 
Smith vtephen, merchant 113 north Fifth 
Smith Sarah, widow ispruce above 7th 
Smith Samuel, grocer 128 south Water 
Smith Thos. accomptant 227 Mulberry 
Smith Thos. lumber merchant 75 north Fourth 
Smith Thos. judge of the S. P. C. C. 356 High 
Smith Thos. accomptant 3C south Eighth 
Smith Thos. sail maker 41 Coates alley k Hamiltons 

Smith Thos. accomptant next 172 Chesnut 
Smith Theobald, blacksmith 174 Pine 
Smith Thos. mariner 41 German 
Smith Wm. accomptant 157 south Sixth 
Smith, widow 1 3 1 north Third 
Smith Wm. merchant 6 north Fourth 
Smith Wm. jun. commission merchant 5 1 south Front 
Smith Wm. M. taveriikeeper 19 £c 21 Walnut 
Smith W. grocer corner of Poplar lane Sc Charlotte 
Smith Wm. gilder Sc japanner 174 south Second 


Smith Wm. T. gentleman 77 north Water 
Smith Sc Wood, merchants 47 north Water 
Smith Wm. carpenter 271 north 8th 
Smith Wm. shoemaker 112 Christian 
Smith Wm. V. merchant 265 High 

C 221 ) 

Smith James S. attorney at law, 180 S Front 

Smith Wm. printer 67 north 'Seventh 

Smith Wm. taylor 271 south Second 

Smith Wm. biscuit baker St. Tammany 

Smith Wm. druggist 4 north Third 

Smither James, engraver 100 Chesnut 

Smither John, confectioner 80 Mulberry 

Smyth Frederick, gentleman 77 Union 

Smyth James, blacksmith 20 south Seventh 

Smyth Wm. stablekeeper 11 south Fourth 

Smylie Wm. sail maker 19 Shippen street Sc 54 south 

Snalvaker Philip, tobacconist 178 N Front 
•Sneck George, victualler Laurence 40 O. shambles 
Snell Matthew, mariner 152 .S't. Johns 
Sneed Laven, accomptant St. George above 8th 
Snowden Isaac, merchant 141 south Second 
Snowden George, carpenter ilth above Filbert 
Snov/den Joseph, ship chandler 8 8 south Fifth 
-Snowden £^ North, ship chandlers Spruce st wharf 
Snowden Thomas, carpenter near 98 north Eleventh 
Snovvden 8c Fisher, brewers back 107 New 
Snowden Margaret, widow 103 Cedar 
Snowden Leonard, brewer 107 New 
Snyder Adam £c Jacob, grocers 189 High 
Snyder Adam, chairmaker near 444 north Third 
Snyder Benedict, stocking weaver North alley 
Snyder Catharine, widow 27 Chesnut 
Snyder Catharine, teacher 29 Brewers alley 
Snyder, widow St Johns near Brewers alley 
Snyder Christian, baker 1 1 Plum 
Snyder George, laborer St Tammany 
Snyder George, innkeeper 162 north Third 
Snyder George, carpenter 168 north Eighth 
Snyder George, coachmaker 109 New 
Snyder Jacob, carpenter 27 north Sixth 
Snyder Henry, painter &c. 109 north Water 
Snyder Jacob, shoemaker 44 Zane 
Snyder Henry, bookbinder 12 Knights court 
Snyder Henry, tin plate worker 88 New 
Snyder John, bargeman Matlacks court 
Snyder Jacob, shoemaker 20 Brewers alley 

( 2^2 ) 

Snyder HernKin, cabinet maker next 142 Cherry 

Snyder John, brush maker 251 north Second 

*Snyder John, cabinetmaker 47 Sassafras & lOSNFront 

Snyder George, shoe maker 24 Artillery k,ne 

Snyder John, cabinet maker 381 north Front 

Snyder John, innkeeper Poplar lane 

Snyder Joseph, blacksmith 75 Penn 

'Snyder John, grocer 52 Sc 54 north Fourth 

Snyder Ludwick, cutler 465 north Third 

'Snyder Mary Ann, shoemaker corner German & 3d 

Snyder C. cabinet maker 60 north Fifth 

iSnyder Peter, oysterman 25 Crabb st 

Snyder Peter, dealer in books 480 north Third 

Snyder William, taylor near 37 Zane 

Snyder Jacob, taylor 70 north Eighth 

Sober Elizabeth, Sc Catiiarine Hollingshead, widows, 

29 Cable lane 
Soby David, blacksmith, 304 north Front 
Soderstrom Richard, consul general from Sweden, 

Chesnut between Eighth and Ninth 
Solomons Mrs 14 Knights court 
Solomon M. M. shopkeeper 33 -Sassafras 
Sommer John J. merchant 6 1 Sassafras 
Sommers Peter, merchant 125 New 
Sommervill Christian, china store 233 south Second 
iSonntag William, merchant 28 n©rth Fifth 
'Sork George, laborer Duke st (K) 
-Souder T. M. bricklayer 29 Coates 
louder Casper, rope maker Prince 
Souder Charles, bricklayer Noble above Front 
Souder Israel, shingle dresser Water near Pools Bridge 
-Souder Jacob, victualler Shackemuxen 
Souder Charles, bricklayer 301 north -Second 
Souder Christopher, victualler Shackemuxen 
Souder Mrs. widow 196 north Fifth 
houder Jacob, bricklayer 315 north -Second 
Souder John, innkeeper 214 north Third 
-Souder John, bricklayer 268 Sassafras 
Souder Casper, shoemakers Brcw^ers alley 
Souder Philip, shoemaker Sackcmuxen 
Souffront John, gentleman 84 Gaskill 
^oullier John, merchant,,92 Lombard 
Sourwalt John, tobacconist 88 north Sixth 

( 223 ) 

Sours Henry, porter 128 Sassafras 

Sours William, brickmaker William st 

Sours John, laborer James st 

South John, boarding house 174 Pine 

Sourly Mary, widow 1 5 Mulberry 

Spangler Henry, blacksmith 34 Appletree alley 

Spangler George, blacksmith 250 south Front 

Spangler George, blacksmith 32 Sc 34 Cedar st 

Sparhawk vridow of John, bookseller 67 south Second 

'-puvks David, grocer 6 Walnut 

Sparks Jacob, tobacconist 6 Walnut 

Sparks Henry, merchant 165 3 2d &c 54 S whan-es 

Sparks Henry, tallow chandler 1 6 Spruce 

Sparks R. F. block maker 163 S Second, 115 Water 

Speakman Hannah, widow 196 IMulberry 

Speckel Frederick, turnkey 1 1 1 south Fifth 

-Specht George, grocer 146 St. Johns 

Specht widow of John, James st 

Specht Jacob; victUiiiier Charles st 

Specht Jacob, victualler Charlotte st 

Speel John, baker 46 Strawberry st 

Spe!:ce Ariorew, dentist 123 south Third 

Spencer J ohn, attorney at law 206 south Third 

Spe "icer Jose :h, merchant 96 N j econd 1 67 Front 

Spencer widow- of John, nariiier 228 north Second 

Spen^^-r John, grocer 284 south Third 

Sperry John, brickmaker Market lane 

Sperry Jacob, merchant compting house next 1 north 

F'ftij dwe'i-ag ilO Mulberry 
Sperr)' Sc Hiiffnag'ie, merchants comer of 5th & High 
SpiceKennaul Wm. cabinet maker near 156 Chesnut 
Spiegel John, comb maker 247 Vine 
Spici' George, taylor 19 Cressons alley 
Spillard Henry, grocer 73 Shippen 
Spillard ?J. innkeeper corner of 7th Sc Cedar 
Spotswood \\m. printer £c bookseller, 17 Chesnut 
Spragg Richard, dealer 1 7 Dock 
Spriggs James, shoemaker 313 north Third 
Spiinginberg John, mastmaker 452 north Second 
Springer Joseph C. merchant 60 north ASecond 
Springer George, shoe maker 146 Cedar 
;pringer Joseph, shipwright 419 north Front 
.jpringer J. constable Sassafras opposite Wagners alley 

( 224 ) 

Springer Francis, shoemaker 24 Almond 

Sprogell Edwai^, grazier Stampers alley 

Sprogell L. cabinet maker 448 north Second 

Sproul John, gentleman 1 30 Plum 

Sproul R. accompiant Sassafras near 6'chuylkill 8th 

Spurck Peter, clock 8c watch maker 86 north Fourth 

Stackhouse Ebenezer, 246 Mulberry 

Stackhouse Amos, china store 176 north Front 

Stackhouse ^Martha, widow 178 north Front 

Stackhouse William, plaisterer 290 north Eighth 

Stackhouse John, 321 north Front 

Stacy Jolm, shipwright 39 Almoi^d 

Stafford Robert S. M. D. 110 south Fourth 

Stall Sc Massey, plane makers 10 Cherry st 

Stall F. ship chandler next 1 N Water k 131 N 6tb 

Stall Elizabeth, widow 78 north Third 

Stallard James, painter 14 Stamper alley 

Stam John R. tavernkeeeper 76 north Water 

Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman 68 Pine 

Stampers wharn opens at 127 south Water 

Stanbury Rebecca, seamstress 200 south Fifth 

Standly Susannah, widow 54 south Sixth 

Stanert Wm. oak cooper Pembertons alley 

Stanley Norris, sea captain 1 1 German 

Stanton Jonathan, hairdresser 40 1 south Front 

Stanton P. laborer near 297 Callowhill 

Starke John, millwright 41 Brown 

Star A. blacksmith St. Johns above Callowhill 

Staples John, store keeper 152 north Water 

Starr Isaac, merchant 20 Bank st 

Starr John, salt and iiour merchant 152 north Front 

Starr Joseph, blacksmith corner of 4th Sc Callowhill 

Starr Sc Thomas, merchants, corner of Vine Sc Water 

Starr James, gentleman 3 1 Vine 

gtatsbury Arthur, sea captain 196 south Front 

States Cyrus, carpenter 4 PeAvterplatter alley 

Stays Mathias, ropemaker Shackemuxen 

gtatzell Jacob, carter 96 Green 

Staylor W^m. porter near 20 Prune 

Stear John, porter 291 Callowhill 

gtear Joseph, skin dresser 291 Callowhill 

Cjteir widow, tavernkeeper 95 N Fourth 

Steel Alejw, measurer of carpenters work, 15 G^rmau 

( 225 ) 

Steel Antliony, chairmaker 1 12 south Second 

Steel George, accomptant Clover alley 

Steel James, merchant 4 Union 

Steel James, shipwright next 47 Budd 

•Steel John, laborer 67 Queen 

Steel John, shopkeeper 30 High, 8c 228 south Second 

Steel John, wheelwright 149 Cherry 

Steel John, taylor 132 Brown 

Steel Thomas, morocco dresser, 119 Cedar 8c shop 

Steel Wm. 8c James, flour merchants 85 S Wharves 

Steel Wm. merchant 29 Walnut 

Steel Joseph, carpenter 6 Elizabeth 

Steelman •S'oloman, hair dresser 345 south Front 

Steenberg Abraham, shopkeeper 102 south •Second 

Steever Henry dealer 37 Lane 

Steever Daniel, flour merchant 79 south Fifth 

•Stein Abraham, dealer in watches 86 N Third 

•Stein James, carpenter Marys alley 

•Steins Edward, mariner Loxleys Court 

•Stein Philip, 6 1 Vine 

-Steiner Frederick, taylor North alley 

iSteinoer Michael, shoemaker 33 Vine 

•Steinman John, blacksmith 86 Brown st 

•Steinmetz Mary, widow 2 1 Pewter platter alley 

•Steinmetz John C. grocer 205 Sassafras 

•Steinmetz John jun. merchant 69 N Water, 239 Mul- 

^Steinmetz wharf opens at 51 N Water 

Stell S. S. tavernkeeper Old York road near the 1st gate 

•Stentz Frederick, baker 390 south Second 

-Stephens Isabella, tavernkeeper black -horse alley 

Stephens -Samuel, carpenter 9 -Small 

•Stephen Sarah, widow 15 Carters all'- 

•Stephens David, innkeeper 322 ^ 

Stephens Walter, mariner 26 c 

-Sterling -Samuel S. merchant 9 

Sterling George, baker 149 -Spri. 

•Sterne William, carpenter 38 Za 

-Sterrit Samuel, laborer 231 Cath 

-Sterrit Ezekiel, carter 121 Queen 
'Stevens Christiana, washer •Sassaf, 


C 2^ ) 

Stevens Amey, tavernkeeper 320 north Frortt 

Stevens Beiisley, mariner 57 Meade alley 

Stevens George, cut nailor next 462 N Front 

Stevenson Cornelius, carpenter 174 Spruce 

Stevenson Crooke, merchant 42 N Water & 43 Front 

Stevenson Wm. carpenter 152 south Fourth 

Stevenson George, sea captain Shackemuxen 

Stevenson Elenor, widow near 19 Vernon 

Stevenson Andrew, sea captain 32 Union 

Stevenson Samuel, accomptant 1 15 Callowhill 

Stevenson Wm. currier 2 14 N ^3econd 

Stewardson Thomas, merchant 90 INIulberry 

Stewart And S. bridle-bitt maker Brittons court 

Stewart Andrew, tavernkeeper comer Race & Water 

Stewart Charles, laborer Says alley 

Stewart Charles, shopkeep)er 1 9 N Front 

Stewart Charles S. accomptant 62 Cherry 

Stewart Francis, blacksmith next 27 Appletree alley 

Stewart Duncan, gentleman Lilley alley 

Stewart Elizabeth, washer 1 1 1 south Front 

Stewart Francis, sea captain 40 Christian 

Stewart Mary, widow 438 south Front 

Stewart James, distiller 256 N Front 

Stewart & Wilberger, lumber yard 171 N Watet 

Stewart Sarah, widow, 69 N Seventh 

Stewart James, carpenter, 34 Farmers alley 

Stewart John, teacher, Relief alley 

Stewart John, smith, 32 Appletree alley 

Stewart Charles, carpenter. Walnut above Seventh 

Stewart Sc Edwards, taylors, 1 50 S Water 

Stewart William, carpenter, 1 1 Knights court 

Stewart Thomas, painter, 39 Stra^vberry alley 

Stewart Margaret, widow, 164 Cherry 

Stewart Moses, grocer, 397 Sassafras 

Stewart Peter, printer, 34 S Second 

Stewart Robert, soapboiler, 100 Cedar st 

Stewart Sarah, widow, 1 7 Plum 

Stewart Sarah, 209 Sassafras 

Stewart Susannah, widow, Walnut above Tenth 

Stewart Thomas, sailmaker, 3 Swanson, 76 S Wharves 

Stewart Thomas, carpenter, 19 Coxes alley 

Stewart Mrs. widow, 96 S Fourth 

Jjfeewart William, bricklayer, 20 Queen 

( 227 ) 

Stewart WilliaTrt, shallopman, 52 Grfeett 

Stewart William, laborer, 17 S Sixth 

Stewart William, carpenter, 47 1 N Secontl' 

Stibe Jacob, wheelwright, 104^ N Fourth 

6'tief John F. baker 32 Penn 

Stifif Thomas, hair dresser 147 Walnut 

Stiles Edward, gentleman 70 Walnut 

Stiles John, lumber merchant 41 1 north Front' 

Stiles Robert, bricklayer 44 Vine 

Stil John, shoemaker 56 Penn 

Stille John Sc Co. merchants 33 south Water' 

Stille John, merchant Chesnut above Fourth 

Stille Mrs. widow gentlewoman 40 south Front] 

Stilwaggon widow, Wood above Eighth 

Stilwaggon F. iron merchant corner of Vine & Water 

Stilwaggon Mary, milliner 1 1 1 north Second 

Stihvell Savage, merchant 17 Mulberry 

Stimel Philip, tobacconist 169 High 

Stine Adam, malster 1 1 3 Cherry 

Stine Catherine, widow 245 High 

Stine Jacob, grocer corner Fourth & Mulberry' 

Stineford George, baker 12 Fayette st 

Stineman Caspar, caulker Hanover st 

Stintzman John, gravedigger West st 

5tites Robert, bricklayer 44 Vine 

Stitler Jacob, 126 north Fifth 

St. John Mary, shopkeeper 182 Cedar 

St. John Charles, grocer corner Shippen and 4th 

St. Mary Jane, gentlewoman 1 1 5 Pine st 

Stock Philip, gardner St. Tammany above Fourth 

Stock John, painter &c. 1 1 south Seventh 

Stock G. jun. gardner comer Coates and Old York road 

Stock George, painter kc. Old York road 

Stockdale Geraldus, grocer 6 Plum 

^tocker Margaret, widow 193 south Front 

Stocker John C. merchant 188 south Front 

Stockman Jabez, tavernkeeper 83 north Water 

Stockman Christian, mariner 103 Christian 

Stockton Samuel, accomptant 2 1 north Eighth 

Stoddard John, merchant 22 north Third 

Stoger Martin, baker 454 north Second 

Stokes Mary, shopkeeper 54 south Second 

Stokes James, merchant 2 south Front, 1 north 8tb 

( 228 ) 

£'toVe J Benjamin, stable keeper 60 Vine 

Stokes Thomas, lumber merchant, chvellir.g 107 Vine, 

yard 1 60 north Fourth 
Stokes John, brickmaker 31 Gillis alley 
Stokes William, umbrella maker 3 1 Coates st 
Stokes William, cordwainer 69 Mulberry 
Stokes Hannah, Avidow 115 north Fifth 
Stone Daniel, shopkeeper 1 1 9 north Second 
6'tone Samuel, boarding house 1 12 north Water 
Stone W^illiam, hair dresser 22 Little Water 
Stoneburner Martha, shopkeeper 67 north Third 
Stone widow of 5'oiomon, 28 Brown 
Stoneman Samuel, mate 380 south Second 
•Stoops Ann, teacheress 22 Coombes alley 
Stoops Elizabeth, teacheress 46 Spruce 
Story Benjamin, taylor 88 north Water 
Story George, carpenter 22 Plum Sc 85 Penn 
Story Sc Bake, cut nailors 124 Lombard 
Story Samuel, currier 1 1 i Chesnut 
Story Thomas, dealer 236 S Third 
Story Wiliiam, nailer and grocer 126 Lombard 
Stotesbury Arthur, sea captain 196 S Front 
Stothard John, farmer Juniper near Cherry 
Stout Esther, widow 375 N Second 
Stout Thomas, taylor Fcose alley 
Stor.t William, sugar boiler 51 Callowhlll 
Stout Charles, taylor 81 S Wa^tr 
Stout G. blacksmith, 263 Sassafras, 93 N Eighth 
Stout George, broker 147 Spruce 
Stout George P. well digger 125 Coates 
Stout Jacob, cryer 238 Cedar 
Stout John P. vendue cryer 106 Coates 
Stow Charles, taylor J9N Fourth 
Stow Edward, merchant 201 Sassafras 
Stow E. jun. merchant 73 Chesnut* 40 K Fourth 
Stow Robert, mariner 175 N Front 
Stow John, turner 76 Sassafras and Moravian alley 
Stow Isaac, shoemaker 1 8 Brown 

Stowee Frederick, watchmaker 83 Cherry, 83 N Third 
Srowers John, constable, 7 Ljelitia court 
Stoy Peter, mast maker Beech ft. (K) 
Strachtoi) Gregory, porter 190 S Eighth 
Straker Susannah, gentlewoman 5 Laetitia court 

( 229 ) 

Straly Mary, sliopkeeper 25 N Eighth 

Stransburry John, shoemaker 9 Summers court 

Stratton Benjamin, blockinaker 26 Lombard 

Stratton Levi, carpenter Says alley 

Stratton George, shipwright Penii-ri:. (K) 

Strayline George, taylor 302 Vine 

Stretch Jan'.es, mariner 44 S Eighth 

Stretcher Thomas, carpenter- 129 S Sixth 

Strembeck John, tavernkeeper 9 Christian 

Strembcck Wiiliani, painter, &:c. 381 N Front 

Strembeck J. painter, Sccr-j Walnut, 37 south wharves 

Strecker Daniel, tobacconist 93 N Third 

Strieker Isaac, coppersmith Margaretta 

Strieker Adam, deputy sheriif 15 Brewers alley 

Strieker George, carpenter Noble above Fourth 

Strieker B, bottler 8 German 

Strickland Charles, mate 386 S Front 

Strleby Adam, carpenter 402 N Front 

Strong Joseph, M. D. corner of Walnut and Secoad 

Strong Matthew, sea captain 19 Sassafras 

Stroop Jacob, vif^ualler Lawrence, 23 N shambles 

Stroud Joshua & Thomas, merchants 55 south wharves 

Stroud Joshua, merchant Pine above Sixth 

Stroupjohn, taylor, 12 N Water, 127 Front 

Stroupjohn, blacksmith 388 N Third 

Stryker Peter A. Innkeeper 92 N Eighth 

Sturkjohn, wheelwright 291 Mulberry 

Stuckert Henry, baker 362 N Third 

Stuckert Conrad, baker 161 St Johns 

Stuart James, grocer 241 S Second 

Stuart James, M. D. 195 S Fourth 

Stuart James, grocer & clerk of Hill market 155 Cedar 

Stuart A. tavernkeeper corner of Front and Sassafras 

Stuart Alexander, accoraptant 156 S Fifth 

Stuart James, merchant 100 S Front 

Stuart Grissell, widow 315 S Second 

Stuart James, blacksmith 102 Shippen 

Stuffin John, ropemaker 449 S Second 

Stull Adam, shoemaker 336 Sassafras 

Stull William, labourer 288 Mulberry 

Stultz William, malster 382 N Second 

Sturgess Jonathan, shoe dealer 159 St. Johns 

Sturgess Stockel, oyster house 300 N Front 

( 250 ) 

Sturgls Daniel, whitesmith 32 Union alley 

Sturgis Peter, boot and shoemaker 138 S Fifth 

Stutzbaugh John, carter Sassafras near Schuylkill Eighth 

Styer Leonard, tavernkeeper 133 Sassafras 

Stytler Jacob, brewer 349 Mulberry 

Subas Amos, potter 424 N Front 

Snber Jacob, shoemaker Wood-fr. (K) x 

Snlger Jacob, sea captahi 50 Almond 

S 11 Iger Margaret, gentlewoman 176 Sassafras 

S'-illender Jacob, blacksmith 484 N Third 

Sullivan Samuel, potter ij^rNSixth, 177 High 

3uir:vaM Jrremiah, fruiterer 51 Mulberry 

Sullivan S. & Co. potters 177 High 

Sullivan John, stevadore 188 Cedar 

Sullivan Margaret, widow 128 Callowhill 

Sullivan John, ropemaker Burds alley 

Saltan John C. cabinetmaker 24 N Eighth 

Sumbards Philip, tobacconist 148 Spruce 

Summer! J. merchant Steinmetz wharf, 73 N Water 

Summers Andrew, sen. geritleman 15 Summers court 

Summers Andrew, jun. broker 32 Chesnut 

Summers Arthur, shoemaker 49 Bndd 

Summers John, shoemaker 25 Mary (S) 252 i" Second 

Summers P^lartin, blacksmith 1 1 Waggoners alley 

Samrners Cath. corner of Noble and Second 

Summers George, carpenter 25 Powell 

Summers Peter, merchant 22 N Water 

Summ^ers Martin, labourer 151 Cherry 

Summers William, shoemaker 157 St. Johns 

Summersal Joseph, shoemaker 66 St. Johns 

Sumner Philip, gentleman Lilley alley 

Sunlighter George, carter next 72 Cherry 

Sunnockjohn, cabinetmaker 378 N Third 

Super Jacob, cabinet maker St. Johns above Callowhill 

Super & Fritz, cabinetmakers 164 N Front 

Supert John, shoemaker 5 Summers court 

Suplee Rebecca, tayloress 345 ^ Second 

SurtlifFAsa, cea captain 28 Almoid 

Suter widow (of Henry) innkeeper 52 .S Water 

Sutherland Daniel, gentleman 60 Hum 

Sutter Daniel, jun. deputy sheriff 136 S Sixth 

Sutter Dan. sen. grocer 3 and 5 N Fourth 

Sutter Jacob, carpenter 24^ N Second 

( ^^1 ; 

Sutter Mary, grocer 140 N Water 

Sutter Peter, sea captain 149 Mulberry 

Sutton M. & A. seamstresses 12 WiHing*s alley 

Sutton Benjamin, waterman 20 Artillery lane 

Sutton Williflm, shipwnght Appslane 

Swab Jacob, taylor 370 N Second 

Swain Elizabeth, nurse 182 N Second 

Swain Jacob, victualler 2 Locust, 33 Hill market 

Swain John, painter and glazier 185 N Second 

Swain James, storekeeper 363 N Second 

Swain Subael, fea captain, 33 N Tenth 

Swaine John, shoemaker 76 Green 

Swaine Martha, widow 65 Coates 

Swaine Silas, sea captain 35 Walnut 

Swan Robert, silversmith, 77 5 Second 

Swartz George, taylor 124 N Water 

Sweatman Willis, shoemaker 9 Knights court 

Sweeney Neil, grocer 22 ^ Water 

Sweeney Thomas, taylor 319 N Front 

Sweeney Elizabeth, tavcrnkeeper 16 Cedar 

Sweeney Edward, bricklayer 16 Marys alley 

Sweeney Doyle, accomptant, 3 ^S" Second, 183 Front 

Sweeney Martha, seamstress near 72 Zane 

Sweeney Hugh, labourer 61 Passyunk road 

Sweeney William, painter and tavernkeeper, 46 Cedar 

Sweetapple Thomas, brewer 70 Vine 

Sweitzer John G. taylor 73 New 

Sweitzer Henry, printer corner of Sassafras and Fourth 

Swift Charles, register and probate of wills, and attorney 

at law 124 Spruce 
Swift John W, merchant 211 .S" Front 
Swift Joseph, jnn. merchant 103 Pine 
Swope A. M. shopkeeper 116 N Sixth 
Sword John E. fea captain 233 S Front 
Sybert Sebastian, hog victuijlle/ 125 Brown 
Sybert Christiana, milkwoman 207 Cherry 
Sykes William, gentleman 150 Pine 


AGE ROGER, tavcrnkeeper Water above Vine 
Tage WiiliaiiJ, cusiom-house or:;ccr near 4 Coatcs's court 

( 232 ) 

Tagart Thomas, sea captain, 37 Sassafras 

Taggart J. merGhant 7 N Water, 76 S Sixth < 

Taggart Patrick, tayior 513 N Third 

Tallianna Christiana, widow 80 Sassafras 

TaRman George, viclualler 262 N Front 

Tanner jAnn, teacher 59 Qjieeu 

Tanner Jesse, engraver corner of Minor and S Sixth 

Tapa John, tayior 76 Pena 

Taper Beiijamin, shipwright ^ueen (K) 

Tarascon, jun. Jam. Berthoud & Co. merch. 55 N Second 

Tarascon L. A. merchant 217 Mulberry 

Tarrant Thomas, pilot 3 34 S Front 

Tarris John, sea captain 489 S Front 

Tate Jonn, sea captain 254 S Second 

Tate Jaines, porter at the custom-house, 82 N Sixth 

Tatem Jeremiah, shipmaster 38 Penii 

Tatem Mary, ^vidow• 80 Vine 

Tatem Samuel, merchant tayior 70 N Third 

Tatem Joseph R. merchant 8 N Tnird 

Tatem Thomas, sail maker 98 Union, lof"t Pine- ft. wharf 

Tatem Jan;es, merchant 42 Dock, 197 N Front 

Taws C. instrument maker 60 Walnut, 92 S Third 

Taxis George, cabinetmaker 345 N Front 

Taylor Alexander, shipwright 15 Beck's alley 

Taylor Amos, merchant 109 Sassafras, 46 N Water 

Taylor Anthony, merchant 70S Third 

Taylor Ann, widow 81 Mulberry 

Taylor Ann, boarding house 30 Mulberry 

Taylor widow (of Amo.\) Schuylkill Eighth near Race 

Taylor Abra. soapboiler corner of Callowhill& Fourth 

Taylor & Baird, merchants 259 S Fifth 

Taylor Cnarles, millwright. Sec. 387 S-ssafras 

Taylor Charles, mialster next 97 New 

Taylor Cranston, 19 Hopkins's court 

Taylor Ezekk«.!, tayior 22 S Third 

Taylor George, baker 21 Bank 

Taylor George, gentleman 8 Nicholson's court 

Taylor George, broker, and translator of the French and 

Spanish languages, 85 S Second 
Taylor George, oysterman back of 369 N Second 
Taylor James, shipwright 67 Budd 
Taylor Jaraes N. merchaiit 63 N Tenth 
Taylor John, mariner Brewer's alley 

( 233 ) 

lor Isa ac, milkman Germantownroad 

lor James, carter 480 Sassafras 

I5r widow (of John) 76 New 

lor John, shipwright Brooks's court 

lor John, bricklaj/er 326 S Sixth 

lor John, gentleman 60 S Fifth 

lor John, labourer near 198 N Second 

R. fail maker Spruce-fl. wharf, 159 S Front 
[ane, shopkeeper 25 N Front 
[ohn M. merchant 6^ N Front 
[oseph, deputy surveyor 16 Cable lane 
[oseph, plalsterer 252 Sassafras 
[oseph, mariner 32 Gil las's alley 

lor William, bricklayer 134 Cedar 

lor Lewis, boarding house corner of Arch & Water 

lor R. tavernkeeper opposite 266 Lombard 

lor Robert, Windsor chair maker 99 S Front 

lor Thomas, 28 Pewterplatter alley 

Iqr JVIary, widow 55 Vine 

lor Moses, teacher Black-horse alley 

lor Mary, baker 32 Strawberry 

lor Mary, widow 476 Sassafras 

lor Maria, mantua maker 72 Brown 

lor & Newbold, merchants 28 Chesnut 

lor Lewis, shoemaker 80 High 

lor Lewis, tayior, gi S Water 

lor William, tavernkeeper Vernon 

lor William, jun. merchant 50 Water, 51 S Front, 
107 High 

lor Robert, fruiterer 239 S Second, 62 Spruce 

lorRenne, musician 06 N Sixth 

lor Robert, gardener 7 Gillis's alley 

lor Robert, gentleman 60 Spruce 

lorson Robert, shoemaker 50 N Second 
Tearney Hugh, carpenter Juniper alley 
Teaney John, tayior, 77 S Water 
TearPhilip, grocer 88 Shippen 
Tearech Joseph, shopkeeper 87 N Third 
Teas Charles, turner, York court 

Teas John, china store S W corner of Mulberry & Thiri 
Teas Lewis, grocer Cherry {K) 
Teel Jeremiah, labourer io6Coates's 

C ^^4 > 

Tempest R-obert, carpenter 94 Cedar 

Tempest William, type fouude "^ Odar above Niutji 

Terr George, huckster 447 N Third 

Terry Joshua, blacksmith (K) 

Terry Mrs. shopkeeper 3&2N Front 

Terse Richard, fea captain i6Chri(lian 

Tessoii & Lee, printers church alky 

Thackara Jawes, engraver 72 Spruce 

Thackara William, plajsterer, 6'pruce above Seventh 

Thackara William, fait and coal measurer ^{t S SiKtk 

Thatcher Andrew, lumber merchant 312 N Front 

Thatcher John, carpenter 242 -Sassafras 

Thatcher Joseph, lumber merchant 305) N Third 

Thatcher Elizabeth, widow 35 Vine 

Thatcher Joseph, lumber merchant 32 1 nqrih TroUX 

Thaw Benj- taylor 37 and 39 Mulberry 

Thaw John, accomptajit 48 Union 

Thibaut John, hair dresser 5 I Lojnbard 

Thiboult widow of Francis, jeweller 47 Loittburd 

Thiery John, grocer corner Green ^nd Froot 

Thomas Si Brohs, cabinet m.akers near 138 soutli 2d 

Thomas Amos, weaver 43 Artillery lajie 

Thomas Amos taylor 6 1 Mylberry 

Thomas Ben j. custom house officer 137 Sw^nsoH 

Thomas Daniel, gentleman 1 30 Mulberry 

Thomas Edward, rush lx)ttom chair naak^r 93 Gi?eeD 

Thomas Enoch, sexton back 43 Green 

Thomas George, merchant Frombergers court 

Thomas Henry, rigger near 112 Christian 

Thomas I«aac, shoe store 123 N Second 

Thomas Jacob, taylor 27 south Fourth 

Thomas J. M. French teacher near 1 N aJiey 

Thomas John, painter and .glazier 268 south Sixth 

Thomas John, shoemaker 1 taylors alley 

Thomas John, merchant 32 N Front 

Thomas Jonathan, grocer Yoi-k ros^d 

Thomas Joseph, flour merchant 22 Cable lape 

Thomas Lydia, 285 Callowhill 

Thomas Michael, rigger 57 Christian 

Thomas Mary, widow 60 N Fifth 

Thomas Nat. tea ware-hQuse 24 High 

Thomas Robert, tayloi' 4-L5 8c 345 N Front 

Thomas Richard, shipwright n^ar 378 south Front 

( 255 ) 

Thomas R. silverplater comer of 1 1th St J«ni]^ aHey 
Thomas Wm. soap 8c candle manufactory- 203 S Sixth 
Thomas Sc Shrteve, merchants upper 45 N Front 
Thomas Sarah, seamstress 62 Passyunk road 
Thomas Susannah, china mender 144 St. Johns 
Thomas Timothy, storekeeper 3 Chancery lane 
Thomas, Wm. fiiiiterer 44 south Fourth 
Thompson Atcheson, tavernkeeper 308 south Front 
Thompson Alexander, carter 125 Cedar 
Thompson Alx. painter kc. 187 Mulberry 
'I'hompson Andrew, shoemaker 225 N Second 
Thompson David, shoemaker 67 south Front 
I'hompson George, painter &c. Deans alley 
Thompson Charles, carpenter near 88 Union 
Thompson David, biscuit baker 7 Budd 
Thompson David, boarding house 62 Penn 
Thompson Jas. t\'hite horse Gi-ays ferry r^SEd 
Thompson ^I. widow 9 •Sti-aWberry 
Thompson widow of Geoi'ge, 301 Mulberry 
Thompson Geoi*ge, grocer 4 N Fourth 
Thompson Susan, next 52 Netv 
Thompson George, oak cooper 45 Little Penft 
Thompson HeniT", Painter ^c. 142 south Fourth 
-Thompson James, nailor 48 South Eighth 
Thompson Jas. tavernkeeper corner Front and Cedar 
Thompson Jesse and Co. Druggists 34 Sassafras 
Thompson John, sea captain 42 1 south FroRt 
Thompson John, gent. 27 N "Sixth 
Thompson John, laborer 25 Penn 
Thompson John, merchant 38 south Fro^t 
Thompson John, tavernkeeper corner Crab Ss: Shippeti 
Thompson John, tavernkeeper 242 south Front 
Thompson John, boot and shoemaker 298 south Front 
Thompson John, printer Juniper lane 
Thompson John, carpenter 183 Cedar 
Thompson John, carpenter 162 Cherry 
Thompson John, grocer 276 south Second and ewner 

of Cedar 
Thompson Maiy, milliner 177 south Second 
Thompson Mary, storekeeper 345 Sassafras 
Thompson Margaret, tavernlieepef 2 Swan son 
Thompson R. inspector of tobacco 69 Pme 15 Vy^alnut 
Thompson Samuel, shoe stoPc 2^€ «Hith 8«cofid 

( 236 ) 

Thompson Wm. teacher 85 south Fifth 
Thompson Mary, huckster 7 1 Penn 
Thompson Wm. & Co. oak coopers 17 Penn 
Thompson Thos. stone cutter 8c grocer 203 Cherry 
Thompson Thos. ladies shoemaker 299 N Second 
Thomson Jesse. & Co. druggsits 34 Sassafras 
Thomson G. merchant 195 High 8c Chesnut above 8th 
Thomson James, cabinet maker 70 south Fourth 
Thomson £c Summers, 22 N Water 
Thomson Peter, conveyancer 43 Mulberry 
Thomson Thos. mast maker 160 Swanson 
Thomson Mary, teacheress 4 1 Lombard 
Thomson Jacob, grocer 210 High 
Thomson Edward, merchant 88 Mulberry 
Thorn John, carter Fearris court 
Thornhill Richard, plasterer 7 Pewter Platter alley 
Thornman Nicholas, rigger 155 Swanson 
Thornton Elizabeth, boarding house 75 George 
Thornton John, innkeeper 39 north Second 
Thornton John, tavernkeeper 300 south Front 
Thornton John, sea captain 29 Keys alley 
Thornworth Samuel, grocer 334 Sassafras 
Thum George, gentleman 267 south Second 
Thum Jacob, cabinet malcer 105 N Fourth 5c 25 Ap^ 

pletree alley 
Thum John, baker 267 south Second 
Thuger Thos. shoemaker 120 south Fifth 
Tibo John, hair dresser 120 Lombard 
Tice Richard, sea captain 52 Spruce 
Tiebout C. engraver Chesnut near 8th 
Tier Cornelius, blockmaker 8cc. 30 Christian 
Tiffen James, merchant 70 south Second 
Tilghman Wm. judge of the 3d circuit 205 Chesnut 
Tilghman Edward, counsellor at law 1 1 6 Chesnut 
Till George, shipwright 34 Coates 
Tiller Robert, bricklayer next 139 Green 
Tillinghurst Daniel, sea captain 307 south Front 
Tilton Wm. deputy naval officer corner of 11th and 

Timanus Catharine, widow 381 Sassafras 
Thimings Thos. cabinetmaker 405 N Front 8: 4 But- 
lers court 
Timlow John, dealer Grissels alley 

( 23r ) 

Tittermary John, jun. ropemaker and ship chandler 153 

south Front 
Tittermary Richard, merchant 34 Almond 
Toby Simon, sea captain 1 6 Queen 
Tod Alexander alderman 219 south Front, office Pine 

opposite Water 
Tod Wm. H. attorney at law 24 Walnut 
Tod John, baker Goforth alley 
Todd James, merchant 8 1 Cherry 
Todd Manuel, gentleman Walnut above 8th 
Toland Henry, merchant 14 8c 29 N Third 
Tomlen B. porter 46 brown 
Tomlin Samuel, porter 78 Budd 
Tombleson Margaret, nurse 62 coates \ 

Tomlinson John, innkeeper 285 High 
Tomlinson Richard, cai'penter 146 Coates 
Tomkins Jacob, 102 Vine 
Tomkins Thos bricklayer Little Seventh 
Tomkins I. bricklayer Schuylkill 8th near Vine 
Toner Philip, gTocer comer 2d & Mulberry 
Tool Simon, carpenter Little 7th 
Toole Mary, widow Mifflins alley 
Topham Reuben, tinplate worker 194 Mulberry 
Toram Stephen, taylor 72 north Fourth 
Torr Joseph, carpenter near 355 CallowhiU 
Torr John, shoemaker 1 66 N Second 
Torres Manuel, merchant Juniper lane 
Tousard Colonel, 179 Walnut 
Touschat John, tobacconist 79 north Third 
Tov/ell John, brush factory 338 south Front 
Towers John, sea captain 23 south 7th 
Town & Begler, sailmakers, Hamiltons wharf 
To^Yn John, shipwright 56 Green 
Town John, coppersmith Lilley alley 
Town John, sailmaker 152 Sassafras 
Town Thomas, millwright 310 north Front 
ToAvn Robert, accomptant 85 Green 
ToAvn Thomas, grocer 359 north Front 
Townham John, fisherman 476 north Second 
Towns Ann, gentlewoman 37 north Eighth 
Townsend C. clock and watchmaker 136 south FrCBftt 
Townsend James, cooper back 37 Cable lane 

( 338 ) 

Townsend John, cabinet tnaker 85 Spruce 

Townsend L. shipwright 15 Artillery lane 

Townsend Jonathan shallopman 54 Brown 

Townsend N. Hour and feed store 173 North Third 

Toy Andrew, shipwright 1 3 Becks alley 

Toy Hannah, doctoress corner German & Third 

Totten John, shoemaker Rose illley 

Tracy John, grocer 115 Jihippen and 18 Crab 

Tramels John, sea captain 261 South Front 

Traquair James, stonecutter corner 10th and High 

Trautwine Wm. surgeon barber 192 North Second 

Traste M. gentleman 37 Coates alley 

Travers Isaac, shoendaker 243 Cedar 

Traves Hannah, widow 1 12 Plum 

Travis Adam, sea captain 346 South Second 

Travis John, merchant 237 South Front 

Trebout Francis, hairdresser corner Walnut Sc front 

Tree John, sea captain 52 Shippen 

Tremtier Francis, teacher of music 20 North Sevepth 

Tremper Henry, merchant 7 North Front 

Tribet Samuel, carpenter 209 Sassafras 

Tribet William, bricklayer Bradford alley 

Tribout Francis, hairdresser corner Walnut 8c Front 

Tricket William, brass founder 239 Cedar 

Trifle Charles, accomptant near 77 North Fifth 

Trimble Casper, shopkeeper 73 North Fifth 

Trimble Robert, cari>eriter 141 North Fifth 

Tripner George, shoemaker Janles^t. 

Tripp Adam, teacher 25 Green ^ 

Troll Frederick, baker Queen (K) 

Troth William, jeweller 56 Cedar 

Trott Benjarhin, miniature paintier 231 Mulberry ' 

Trott Frederick, labourer 1 6 1 North Si^Cth 

Trotter W. merchant 100 N. Front 8c 2^ Cable lanfe 

Troubat John, taylor 12 1 North Second 

Trout John, collector of taxes 28 Callowhill 

Trout Hannah, washerwoman Garden st 

Troy Chai'les, hairdresser 457 North Second 

Truman George, ropemaker Nonnators court 

Truman J. tin plate v/orker 102 N Seventh & 27 Hi^Il 

Tnraian Richard, collector of takies 26 NoltU Eighth, 

Trump, widow 8 Chancery lane 

Trunk Daniel, carpenter 47 North Seventh 

( 239 

Trusty Theodore, tobacconist 433 North Front 

Trusty Jonathan, 4 Locust st 

Tryon Frederick, baker 26 CalloVhili 

Tryon G. tin plate worker, 1 1 Sassafras, Sc 152 N 2d 

Tubbs Michael, sea captain 8 Elfreths alley 

Tucker Benjamin, teacher 98 Mulberry 

Tucker Joseph, teacher 30 North alley 

Tuckniss Henry, printer Church alley 

Tuckniss L.uke, bookbinder Pattons court 

Tuckniss John, bookbinder Pattons court 

Tudor John, laborer 25 Mary 

Tufts -Samuel, ropemaker 486 North Second 

Tullinder Gabriel, grocer 97 Christian 

Tully widow of John, »Shoem.aker 49 Meade alley 

Tully David, accomptant 24 Oak (S) 

Tully widow of Patrick, grocer 58 South Fifth 

Tully William, shoemaker 63 German 

Tunis Sc Annesiey, merchants 40 S wharves 

Tunis Richard, merchant 58 South Sixth 

Tunis Sc Annesleys wharf opens 71 S Water 

TurnbuU John, huckster Kunkle 

Turnbull John, 33 German 

Turnbull Mathew, shopkeeper 60 -Shippen 

Turnbull Alexander, cabinet maker 5 South Sixth 

Turnbull Eliza widow of Robert, 379 South Second 

Turnbull W. merchant centre 190 High 

Turner John, m.astmaker 184 5wanson 

Turner Joseph, accomptant North Eighth 

Tutner Jesse, shipwright 2 1 Becks alley 

Turner Rev. Joseph, 370 South Second 

Turner Martha, grocer 103 Passyunk 

Turner Sc Thompson, mastmakers 161 Swanson 

Turner B. combmaker 193 -Sassafras 

Turner Francis, teacher 20 Budd 

Turner Samuel, mariner 246 south Front 

Turner Robert, mariner 86 Shippen 

Turner Williana, accomptant 23 North Eighth 

Turner William^ gentleman 212 High 

Turner John, mariner 3 Pear st 

Tui-ney Jpb-n, plaistferer 223 South Sixth 

Turney Hugh, taylor 166 South Water . . 

Tuttle Jacob, caulker Queen st (K) 

Tuttle Andrew, sea captain 7 Callowhill 

( 240 ) 

Tustan William, brass founder 37 1 N Second 

Tustian Thomas, perfumer 55 S Third 

Tuttoii John, Rigger 123 Plumb 

Tuze Francis, ship caulker 30 Artillery lane 

Twaddle J. B. ironstore 65 S wharves dwelling 3 N lOth 

Twells widow of Godfrey, brewer 175 High 

Twamley Elizabeth, widow 153 North Third 

Twigley Hugh, caulker Beech st 

Twigler Frederick, mariner 16 Marys alley 

Tybout Andrew, dealer in furs 55 Chesnut 

Tybout Richard, hatter 21 Pear £c 53 Chesnut 

Tyson Joseph, merchant 171 Mulberry 

Tyson Isaac, shopkeeper 351 North Third 


BER FREDERICK, victualler Garden st & 72 

Old shambles 
Uber Lawrence, victualler Charles street 
XJber David, victualler 25 5 Callowhill 
Uhle John, surgeon barber 45 North Fourth 
Uhler Frederick, baker 204 Fligh 
Uhler John H. baker 412 North Front 
Ulrick John, shoemaker 156 North Third 
Ummensetter G. sadler &c. 2S6 High 393 N Second 
Umstead Jonas, merchant 9 1 North Fiflh 
Umpeham Jacob victualler Garden st 
Unckle Henry, paper manufacturer 399 North Thirfi 
Underwood 8c Thomas, merchants 205 High 
Underwood John, painter Sec. Locust above 9th 
Underwood Jehu, merchant 205 High 
Underwood James, grocer Frankford road 
Underwood Jehu, merchant 206 Cherry 
Unberhent Valentine, porter 2 1 6 Sassafras 
Upperman Adam, milkman Vienna 
Uran Mary Ann, 46 George 

Urquhart Alexander, collector oi taxes SI Catherlfi^ 
UstickRev. Thomas, 79 North Third 

( 241 ) 


ALLENC JOHN, upholsterer 101 south Front 
Vallence, widow of Capt. 47 Shipper) 
Vallence, widow of Wm. sea captain 1 1 Queen 
Vallender John, taylor 244 Sassafras 
Vallen Francis, D. Refiner 43 Piumb 
Vallet Ely, accomptant 134 North Eighth 
Valliant James, merchant 33 Callowhill 
Vallier Francis, boarding house 107 North Second 
Vallon Lewis C. French teacher I Norris alley 
Vallour Albert, carpenter 150 south Fifth 
Vallum Henry, joiner Locust above Tenth 
Valpool Catharine, widow 198 Sassafi^s 
Vanpool Mrs. widow 206 Sassafras 
Vanarsdall Lydia, milliner 88 Sassafras 
Vanarsdall J. innkeeper corner Second 8c Mulberry 
Van Blunk Richard, Schuylkill 8th near Vine 
Van Beuren Abraham, merchant countinghouse 10? 

South Front dwelling 22 North Sixth 
Vance John, shipwright Marlborough 
Vance Adam, blacksmith 172 5'vvanson 79 Christian 
Vaunce Barney, carter 194 Cherry 
Vance Caleb, blacksmith 26 Parrams alley- 
Vance Arthur, shipwright Marlborough 
Vance Philip, blacksmith 3 & 26 Parrams alley 
Vance Mary, widow 94 Swanson 
Vancleve widow of John, W. attorney 209 N Front 
Vanderveall Lewis, accomptant 104 Gaskill 
Vanderslice Anthony, tavernkeeper 397 N 'Second 
Vanderslice Daniel, hair dresser lOO'N Fifth 
Vanderslice George, hair dresser 105 Sassafras 
Vanderslice Jacob, baker 360 North Front 
Vanderslice Henry shoemaker 4 Green 
Vandevere Peter, mariner near 13 Mary st 
Vandine Samuel, carter Rose alley 
Vandusen Mathew, blacksmith Beech 
Vaneman John, sea captain 27 Branch 
Vaneman William, taylor 34 Plumb 
Vaneman F. taylor 4C Meade alley 

( 24^ ) 

Vanhoit A. widow of Valentine, midwife 186 Lombard 
Vanholt Valentine, blacksmith Juniper near Mulberry 
Vanhoit Ann, boarding house 190 South Sixth 
Vanhorn James, shoemaker 362 North Front 
Vanleer Benjamin, M. D. S Eighth above Chesnut 
Vannest Peter, blacksmith 49 Christian 
Vannosten James, carpenter Brewers alley 
Van Reed John, jun. attorne)^ at law and ageivt general 
for the United States, under the 6th article of the 
treaty of amity with Great Britain, 50 Fiibeil: st 
Vansciver, ^idow of Jacob, 326 Sassafms 
Vansciver John, st^^Iekeeper 33 Pinine 
Vansise Joseph, shipchandler 193 N Front ^nd eoHier 

of Water i<. Vine 
Vantine John, shallopman 5 Taper alley 
Vanuxem Wm. taylor 34 Plum 
Vanuxem £c Clerk, merchant Minor st 
Vanuxem James, merchant 186 High 
Vantrump Elizabeth, widow 14 Chancery lc^€' 
Varner Philip, tobaccomst 1S5 North Third 
Varuer Andrew, cakeman 136Coates 
Vauchy Jane, grocer 77 North Sixth 
Vaughan Madam, 30 Elfreths alley 
Vaughan Thomas, shipwright V/ood (K) 
Vaughan William, shipwright 63 Queen 
Vaughan Jeremiah, teacher Spruce above Sixth 
Vaughan Wm shipwright Queen (K) 
^"aughan J. merchant 109 S Front 6c chesnut above 8th 
Vaux George, attorney at law, } ^^ ^t .i. t^i • i 
Vaux Jame?, gentleman, ^ 72 North Third 

Venable Robert, white washer 87 North Sixth 

A'eneman John, sea captain 9 Queen 

^"ennest Mary, tayloress corner of Walnirt k Water 

A'erdier John, grocer 55 Vv'alnut 

Vermilya Elizabeth, boarding house 83 North Third 

Vernau John, hair dresser 10 High 

Vethouven L. tavemkeeper 301 South Front 

Veau Benjamin, cabinet maker 153 South Fifth 

Viau M. Avidov/ 30 Elfriths alley 

\'idler Richard, bricklayer 297 Mulberry 

Vidner David, blacksmith 561 N Third 

Viguers Philip, teacher near 101 Catharine 

Virtue James, shocmaksr 422 'South Second 

( 24^ ) 

Vetry Anthony^ embroiderer ajid hatter 116 N Third 

Vivant Charles, gilder 146 South Fourth 

Vizer Thomas, paper hanger 1 30 South Sixth 

Vodges Joseph, tavernkeeeper corner Chesnut 8c 6th 

Vodges Jacob, carpenter Little Seventh 

Vogel George, bricklayer 84 Vine 

Voight Henry, chief coiner in the mint 39 N Seventh 

Volegau, painting Sc architecture teacher 209 S Second 

Volumes Edward, tanner 127 Green 

Vrieston, porter 28 Moravian alley 

Vorsfett Nicholas, painter 2 Stamper alley 

Vory wilier Andrew, tavernkeeper 1 5 Cherry st 

Vredenberge & Son, merchants 74 High 


ACHMUTH G JOHN, merchant 1 50 Chesnut 
Wachmuth Sc Soullier, merchants 123 Walnut 
Waddington k Harwcod, merchants 32 south Front 
Waddington- John, merchant 171 Chesnut 
Wadlow Moses, sadler Sc harness maker 1 N Front 
Wadnijui Praise, boarding house 8 Union 
Wadman Peace, corner of Third Sc Cedar 
Wagei' Philip, wine merchant 136 N Second 
Waggoner Adam, laborer Cherry (K) 
Waggoner Henry, grocer above 5 1 1 North Second 
Waggoner John, taylor Oak (N. L.) 
W^agner John, victualler Garden st. 
Wagner G. tanner 123 CallowhiU Sc Noble above 3r4 
Wagner Peter, merhant, jun. 7S Vine 
Wagner John, tamier Noble above Third 
Wagner John, merchant 1 3 North Eighth 
Wagner Adam, innkeeper 262 North Eighth 
Wagner Mrs. widow Noble above Third 
Wainwright Isaac, block maker 81 N Front 61 Water 
Wainwright John, bricklayer 24 Cocmbes alley 
Wrakefoi'd Thomas, painter, 8cc. 84 Union 
Wakeford Onslow, late coachmaker 72 South. Eighth 
Walburn Thomas, skin dresser 105 Walnut 
Walch Thomas, baker-56 Union 

( 244 ) 

Wjildman George, hog victualler 213 N Eighth 36 

Hill market 
Walheimer George, ship joiner 363 North Front 
\Valk Jacob, shoemaker Bix)ad near Race 
Walker Alexander, merchant 17 Prune 
Walker Andrew, carpenter 104 North Eighth 
Walker Christopher, baker 5 59 & 561 5outh Front 
Walker George, painier Sec. •Sterling alley 
Walker George, goldsmith &cc. 19 North Third 
Walker Joseph, blacksmith 324 5outh Front 
Walker John, shopkeeper 1 13 High 
Walker Catharine, widow 184 Lombard 
Walker John, shoemaker 7 Parrams alley 
Walker James, sadler 32 North Fourth 
Walker Joseph, merchant 1 7 Fayette 
Walker John, silversmith 12 North -Second 
Walker Lewis, hatter 146 High 
Walker Margaret, widow 343 5'outh Front 
Walker M. soap boiler 8 1 N 5ixth & -Starr alley 
Walker Martha, widow St George 
Walker Nathaniel, carpenter 92 Christian 
Walker Philip, painter Sec. near 103 Coates 
Walker £c Kennedy, merchants 25 6 High 
Walker Robert, grocer 179 Cherry 
W^alker S. merchant corner 5'econd and Mulberry 
Walker -Stephen, constable 19 Filbert 
Walker Willitim, jeweller he. 381 -South Second 
W^all Mrs. teacher 15 -Strawberry 
Wall John, chairmaker 1 13 North Front 
Wall Elizabeth, tobacconist 217 South -Second 
Wall George, taylor corner Swanson &c Cedar 
Wall John, flour merchant 20 Walnut 64 -S wharves 
Wall Mary, widow next 17 Pewter platter alley 
Wall R. w'indsor chairmaker 12, 108, 8c 95 N Front ^ 
Wallace Alexander, accomptant 1 4 Passyunk 
Wallace Burton, bricklayer 67 -South Eleventh 
Wallace James, shoemaker 13 Gaskill 
Wallace John, bookbinder 127 North -Sixth 
Wallace J. B. attorney at law 96 -South Third 
Wallace Joshua, M. junr. merchant 96 -South Third 
Wallace Thomas, taylor 7 German 
Wallace Wm. M. D. 114 German 
W^allis Thomas, silversmith 48 Gaskill 

( 245 ) 

Wallace Mrs. embroiderer 93 South Front 

Wallace Wm. teacher Wood (K) 

Wallace Wm. shipwright Hanover 

Wallis Charles, ornament cutter Green 

Wallen Catharine, 50 Union 

Wallington Edward, sea captain 1 5 Queen 

Wain Jesse Sc Robert, merchants Spruce st wharf 

Wain Jesse, merchant 1 1 5 South Third 

Wain Jacob, attorney at law 144 South Second 

Wain J. S. merchant Bickleys wharf & 5 S Fourth 

Wain Robert, merchant 138 -South Second 

Wain Nicholas, gentleman 146 South Second 

Wain Wm. merchant 144 S Second 

Walns wharf opens next 135 S Water 

Walnut Mary, gloveress 372 North Second 

Walpole Thomas, grocer Pear near Third 

Walpole Sc Nevett, grocers corner Vine & Fourth 

Walsh John, lumber yard opposite 323 8c 165 N 3rd 

Walsh Michael, accomptctnt 82 Sassafras 

Walter Adam, shoemaker 123 Mulberry 

Walter Joseph, tobacconist 376 North Second 

Walter J. shoemaker 250 South ^'econd 

Waiter Abraham, blacksmith 1 30 Brown 

Walter George, inkeeper Sc carter 77 Callowhill 

W^alter George, taylor 24 i^'outh Water 

Walter Jacob F. bricklayer 140 North Eighth 

Walter Jacob, tinplate worker 177 North Third 

Walter Isaac, bricklayer 1 4 South Seventh 

Waltar Matthias, carter James st 

Walter Michael, glover 6 Coates court 

Walter P. corder at the Hay scales wharf 380 N Front 

Walter Peter P. merchant 17 Wood above Crown 

Walter Peter, biscuit baker Water above Vine 

Walter Mrs. widow Juniper near Cherry 

Walter Rosina, 2 1 Cable lane 

Walters Rebecca, boarding house 178 Spruce 

Walters Wm. sea captain Lodge alley 

Walters Stephen, shoemaker 5 Equality court 

Walters George A. shoemaker 285 south Front 

Waltman Michael, grocer corner Locust & 12th 

Walton George, carpenter 339 north Second 

Walton Joseph, grocer 83 New 

( 246 ) 

Walton Joseph, &c Co. grocers 23 High 

Walton Samuel, cabinet maker 58 Spruce 

"Walton &c Bo'vven, cabinet makers next 328 S Front 

Wann, widow 13 Summers court 

Walton Samuel, cabinet maker 331 north Third 

"Wampole Isaac, deputy register of wills 124 N 3d 

Ward John, shoemaker Goforth alley 

Ward John, coach maker 2 1 6 Lombard 

Ward John, rigger 32 Mead alley 

Ward Frances, washer 28 south Third 

Ward Patrick G. paper hanger 314 Sassafras 

Ward Daniel, shoemaker 1 1 Summers court 

Warder Parker Sc Co. merchants 12 north Third 

Warder John, baker 89 Cedar 

Warder Jeremiah, merchant 12 north Third 

Warder John & Son, merchants 132 north -Second 

Warders Wharf, opens next 385 N Front 

Ware A. boarding house 306 south Second 

Ware John, ship joiner 223 north Front &c Noble 

Ware David, ship chandler 220 Sc 231 Swanson 

Ware B. oak cooper 88 S ^Vater 85 Front 8c Ton alley 

Ware John, shipwright 123 Callowhill 

Warf John, boarding house 75 Christian 

Waring Matthew, porter 236 Catharine 

Waring Elijah, merchant o3 north Second 

Warner Charity, widow 217 south Front 

Warner Hannah, widow 20 Mulberry 

Warner Carr, taylor 6'hackemuxen 

Warner Heronimus, brass founder 36 north Eighth 

Vv^arner John, innkeeper 25 South alley 

Warner Wm. victualler Garden st 33 X -Shambles 

Warner W. merchant 43 S Sixth k 45 S Water 

Warner Wm. &c Co. grocers 43 8c 45 south Water 

Warner John, sea captain 39 Callowhill 

Warner widow of Joseph, carpenter 9 north Third 

Warner John, carpenter 99 north Sixth 

W^arner Nicholas, blacksmith 24 north Seventh 

W^arner Samuel, sieve maker 2 1 Artillery lane 

W^anier Martha, ^vidow shopkeeper 5 6 nortli •Second 

Warner Matthew, shopkeeper 56 north Second 

Warner Philip, shoemaker 1 3 Farmers alley 

Warner John, carpenter Pine above Seventh 

Ty'arner Wililam, carpenter 104 Coates 

( 247 ) 

Warns William, printer 5 south Eighth 
WarrJohn, coachmaker 216 Lombard 
Warren Jacob, cheesman 102 north Sixth 
Warren William, comedian 231 Cherry 
V/artman George, victualler Vine alley 
Vv'artman Matthias, victualler 123 Brown 
AVartman Abraham, victualler Noble above Fourth 
Warwick T. smitli k farrier 463 and 446 N Second 
Warwick Elizabeth, 194 Cedar 
WateiTnan J. S. grocer 180 & 184 north Front 
Watkins Thornis, sailmaker 443 south Front 
"Watman ]Mr5. widow 441 north Third 
\Vatmough James H. merchant 1 6 1 Walnut 
Watson Arthur, sea captain 23 Catharine 
Watson & Bunting, lumber yard corner Pine Sc 5th 
Watson Charks C. and J. woolen drapers, mens mepr 

cers and taylors 92 Chesnut 
Watson Thomas, teacher 73 Pine 
Watson Hanriah, milliner 326 south ^Second 
Watson Isaac, lumber merchant 11 north Sixth 
Watson John, merchant 118 Pine and 24 S w^harvcs 
V\'atson John, merchant taylor 3 1 Ransom street 
Watson Joseph, merchant 32 south Water 
Watson Tvlargaret, milliner 207 south Second 
Watson rvloses, milkman West street (K) 
Watson Phineas, coachmaker 4 south ^eventli 
Watson Sc Umstead, merchants 18 north Second 
Watson Richard, sea captain 82 -Spruce 
Watson Robert, rigger 8 Butlers court 
Watson 8c Paul, merchants 24 south wharves 
Watson Matthew trader 1 38 north Eighth 
Watson Wm. coachmaker St. Georges above Eighth 
Watson Thomas, accomptant 167 High 
Watson William, sea captain 148 ^t. Johns 
Watson Charles, merchant taylor 43 south Third 
Watson Thomas, dry good store 48 Lombard 
Watt James, manner 246 south Front 
Waterhouse John, storekeeper 187 north Third 
Waterhouse ]SL boarding house 1 1 Penn 
AVatterman Jesse, teacher Pattons court 
Waters John, taylor 347 north Front 
"Waters John, teacher comer Shippen and George 

( 248 ) 

Waters Thomas, well digger Locust above Seventh 

Waters Lewis, iron merchant 184 south Fourth 

Waters Hanson, merchant 24 north Third 

Waters Stephen, shoemaker 5 Butlers court 

Waters James, teacher 278 south Second 

Waters Esther, widow 68 north Seventh 

Vv'aters John, glove maker 'St. Johns st 

Way, A. Sc G. printers and stationers, 63 north Third 

Way Andrew, sen. taylor 63 N Third 

%Vay Joseph, pilot 378 5 Front 

Wayland Frederick, labourer 147 Cherry 

Wayne William B. gentleman 119 Vine 

Wayne Jac. lumber merchant 166 N Front, 195 Water 

Wayne Samuel, carpenter 17 Keys alley, 285 N Front 

Wayne /Thomas, inspedlor of salt provision, 67 N Water 

Wayne Wm. & J. lumber merchants 223 N Water 

Wayne Caleb P. publisher of the History of the late gen. 

G. Washington, 41 Chesnut 
Weatherby Joseph, 36 Coates 
Weaver Albright, ivatchman 149 Cherry 
Weaver Adam, dealer 14 Union 

Weaver cabinetmaker 68 N Fifth 

Weaver George, constable 40 Plum 

Weaver Elizabeth, wido'.v 97 New 

Weaver John, rigger Margaretta 

Weaver John, accomptant loi Cherry 

Weaver John, M. D. 417 N Second 

Weaver John, painter, &c. 17 N Eighth 

Weaver J. shipjoiner 26 Artillery lane, 325 N Front 

Weaver John, saddler near 150 S fourth 

Weaver John, shipwright 22 Budd 

Weaver Henry, carter 56 Brown 

Weaver Henry, shoen)aker 52 N Fifth 

Weaver William, storekeeper 193 N Third 

Weaver William, hatter 138 N Fourth 

Weaver Matthew, feed-store 1 14 N Seventh 

Weaver Peter, sugar boiler 137 Green 

Weaver Philip, blacksmith 38 Appletree alley 

Webb John, cabinetmaker 88 N Front 

Webb John, taylor 87 S Second 

Webb Thomas, seacap-.ain 427 S Second 

Webb Thomas, sea captain 47 Almond 

Webb William, grocer 2 N Fifth 

( 249 ) 

Webb Robert, jeweller 57 Shippen 

Webster Elihu, shoemaker near 29 Fltzwater 

Webster Thomas, carpenter next 66 Zane 

Webster Charles, coachman 139 Cherry alley 

Webster William, shallopman 22 Brown 

Wackarly Jacob, viclualler, 7 ^.^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ 

Wackarly Peter, grocer, 3 

Weckerly Abraha. viftualler i27Coates, 27 N shambloe 

Weckerly Conrad, merchant 205 N Third 

Weckerly Elizabeth, widow Sceipts court 

Weckerly Woolery, oak cooper corner Fourth & Coatcf 

Weed Mary, gentlewoman 183 Mulberry 

Weedon Sohn, ivory turner 38 S Third 

Week William W. sea captain 78 Unioa 

Weeks William, mate 97 N Ninth 

Weir Silas E. merchant 26 N Front 

Weier William, grocer 221 Cedar 

Weiser George, shoemaker 1 87 St. Johns 

Weisman Samuel, smith 347 N Second 

Weisman Margaret, grocer 196 N Water 

Weiss Elizabeth, shopkeeper 131 N Third 

Weistenbauch Henry, gentleman 229 N Second 

Welch John, saddler 152 Sassafras 

Welch John, cabinetmaker 106 N Fourth 

Welch Elizabeth, washer Walnut above Seventh 

Welch Thomas, stevadore 83 Christian 

Welsh John, merchant 31 south wharves, 42 .S Sixth 

Welsh Hannah, gentlewoman 244 High 

Welsh Joseph, merchant 1 49 S Third 

Welsh James, accomptant 9 S Fourth 

Welsh William, grocer 113 S Second 

Wellford Robert, composition manufa£tory 42 S Third 

Wells John, painter, &c. Wells alley 

Wells Gideon H. merchant 106 Mulberry 

Wells John C. attorney at law 76 N Front 

Wells Catherine, 145 Walnut 

Wells Mary, midwife St. Mary above Seventb 

Wells Mary, book-folder 3 oSuth alley 

Weiser Godfrey, M. D. 364^ Front 

Wernitz John F. hair dresser Queen (K) 

Wescott George, merchant 262 High 

Westcott Joel; ieed-store 407 N Secofii 


( J5<T J 

West Charles, gentleman, 1 86 N Front 

West Francis, merchant io3JFront 

West Francis, merchant 29 Dock 

West Hannah, widow 186N Front 

West James, saddler 26 Carter's alley 

West Sarah, shopkeeper 1 84 S Sacoud 

West Samuel, grocer corner of Coates and Third 

West William, salt mercliant 155 N Water, and corner 

of Vine and Front 
Wests wharf opens next 155 N Water 
Westphal Charles W. jeweller and watch-case maker \6S 

is Fourth 
Weston Sarah, mantua maker 28 Walnut 
WestafFJohn, corner of Cherry and Thirteenth 
Wetherhead Alexander, fruiterer 54 Coates 
Wetherill M. oil and colourraan corner of Front aii4 

Mulberry, 9 South alley 

Wetherill & son, oil and colourmen 6^^ N Front 

Wetherill Joseph, inspector of lumber 170 .S Fourth 

Wetherill Saix-vel, jun. druggist 16 Mulberry 

Wetherill Benjamin, china store 187 High 

Wetherill Christopher, hatter 7 c c j 

\\r .< -n -ri - r 304 »> Second 

Wetnenll Ihonias, carpenter^-' 

Wevill & Nicloas, upholsterers corner Cliesnut & Fifth 

Weyant John, porter near 511 N Second 

Weyman Jacob, innkeeper 15^ N Second 

Whartnaby Jacob, cabinetmaker 13 Artillery lane 

Wharton Charles, merchant 136 S Second 

Wharton Elizabeth, widow 128.5 Fourth 

Wharton Franklin, captain of marines 302 5 Second 

Wharton Isaac, merchant 107 .S Third 

Wharton John, surgeon barber 165 N Front 

Wharton Kearney, merchant 62 UvTion, 88 S Front 

Wharton John, shoemaker 87 S Front 

Wharton Joseph, gentleman next 165 .S Fifth 

Wharton & MiiSln, merchants 24 Spruce 

Wharton Moore, merchant, 64 Union street 

Wharton Kearney ScFishboum, merchants 125 .5 Front 

Wharton & Lewis, iBcrchants and insurance brokers 11^ 

S Front 

Wharton Peregrine H. merchant 47 Spruce 

Wharton Rebecca, widow 58 Cheshut 

( S5i ) 

Wharton Robert, merchant, and one of the Aldermeu 

135 S Third 
Wharton Samuel, cabiiiet roaker 331 N Third 
Wharton & Pahner, Piue-ft. wharf 
Wharton Thomas, sea captain 25 Elfriths alley 
Wharton William, gentleman 16 Pine 
Whealan James, soap boiler 202 N Second 
Wheaton B. tavenikeeper Palmer- ft. 
Wheaton Jacob, saddler near 123 Christian 
Whelan Israel, gentleman Chesnut above SeventH 
Whelen P. E. merchant 18 N Front 
Whelan Godfrey, labourer 147 Cherry 
Whelan Thomas, grocer 60 Walr^ut and corner of Pear 

and Third 
Whelan James, sea captain 48 Coates 
Wheeler Solomon, distiller Beach 
Wheeler J. tavernkeeper and grocer i Butlers court 
Wheeler Mary, gentleworaaiv 88 Vine 
Wheeler Samuel, blacksmith 7 tr- 
Wneeler Lnoch, grazier 3 

Whelock James, grocer 202 S Third 
Whitaker James, Windsor and fancy chair maker 19 Dock 

70 Spruce 
Whltal Mary, shopkeeper 216 S Third 
Whitall ryilliam C. grocer 2 High 
White Charles, pocket book maker 15 Strawberry 
White i\mo3, shoemaker Poplar lane above Second 
White Britton, jun. accomptant near 137 S Fifth 
White & Conrad, merchants 6 N Front 
White Charles, 145 S Fifth 
White Christopher, shopkeeper 20 N Second 
White fFilliam, tallow chandler 59 Vine 
White Isaac, ship bvillder Beach-ft, 
White Patrick, shoe dealer 36 High 
White & Harris, druggists 163 High 
White John, blacksmith Prosped alley 
White Josiah, ironmonger 29 High 
White Jonathan, carpenter Germantown road 
White Joseph, taylor 373 Mulberry 
K''hite Margaret, widow 31 N Eighth 
White Rosina, boarding house 15 Prune 
White Samuel, carpenter 8 PFaggoners alley 
White John, druggist 163 High 

( 252 ) 




le James, mariner 30 Mead alley 

te Solomon, merchant 6 N Front 

te John, gentleman St. Johns near Callcwhill 

te Thomas, china store 348 N Second 

te Rachel, widow 229 S Fourth 

te Thomas, teacher 29 Vine 

teli'illiam, storekeeper 4 S Sixth 

te fTilliam, shipwright Brusters court 

te H^illiam rev. D. D. 89 rralnut 

tebread Charles, shipwright 71 Christian 

teford Robert, mariner 291 S Fourth 

tehead FFilliam, sea captain i62Swanson 

tehead John & James, grocers 222 N Second 

tehead John, merchant 21 Vine 

tehead Richard, scrivener 62 Vine 

tehead James, merchant 24 Vine 
Whitely Daniel, grocer 456 Sassafras 
"VVhiteman Henry, porter 24 Branch 
^hiteman Jacob, feed store 1 1 8 N Fifth 
hiteman John, innkeeper 131 N Fourth 
vyhiteman Samuel, painter and glazier 96 N Fourtk 
-Yyhiteman John, carter William 
\yhiteman Margaret widow 37 Walnut 
Whitesides John, brewer next 20 S Sixth 
Whitesides Thomas, teacher Coates near Second 
Whitney Thomas, mathematical instrument maker 95 

tS Second 
Whitlow widow, boarding house 47 Mulberry 
Whittle William, soap bailer 214*^ Sixth 
WhoUey Elizabeth, midwife 36 Appletree alley 
Wickham James, taylor 181 N Front, 188 Water 
/^ickham Charles, tobacconist 44Do'-k 

ickersham Abraham, bedstead maker 148 N Third 
^ickersham John, wine merchant 5 1 N Second 
•y^T-ickes Benj amln, sea captain 64 Swanson 
"^iddifield James, carpenter 14 Cypress alley 
Widdifield Wm. ironmonger 42 N Third, 36 Mulberry 
Widdifield William W. chair maker 48 N Front 
Widdlow widow, 472 N Third 
Widdows Peter, teacher next 19 Church alley 
Wicatt Solomon, bookbinder 423 N Second 
/^iesarjohn, carpenter next 526 N Third 
'^^icssenbacli Henry, gentleman 229 N Second 

( 253 ) 

Wigglesworth John, soapboiler Tenth near Walnut 

WIgglesworth Samuel, hardware store i S Second 

Wigglesworth WiHiam, toyrrian 45 S Second 

Wight Thomas, shoemaker 2^8 High 

Wiggins Susannah, tayloress 62 Cherry 

Wigmore Joseph, bottler 72 Walnut 

WikoffHenry, gentleman i 17 N Third 

Wikoif J.C. druggist 35 High and Frombergers court 

Wilbank George, porter Wood above Eighth 

Wilcher B. coachman 185 south Seventh 

Wilberger George, lumber yard 358 north Second 

Wilcocks Benjamin, merchant 105 Mulberry 

Wilcocks Richard H. & Co. merchants 61 S Water 

Wilcocks Samuel, merchant 40 north Fifth 

Wilcocks wharf opens next 57 and 61 S wATza 

W'ildanger Joseph, merchant 148 south Second 

Wildes Joseph, taylor 99 north Second 

W'ildey Richard, ship joiner Eniiens court 

Wile Conrad, shoemaker 47 north fourth 

Wiley Nathaniel, accomptant 1 33 north Third 

W^ilsonton Robert, St. George above 12th 

Wilkey Robert, saddler 2 1 north Fifth 

Wilkey Jacob, victualler Pleasant st 

Wilkey Christ, hair dresser 20 north Fourth 

Vvilkins Caleb, taylor 62 Chesnut 

Wilkins Thos. tavemkeeper 240 south Third 

Wilkins Thomas, jun. sea captain 240 south Third 

Wilkinson Thos. sea captain 469 soutli Front 

Wilkinson Wm. taylor Rose alley 

W^ilkinson Frances, nurse 379 north Front 

Will E. victualieress 235 north 8th ond 58 Hill market 

Willard Parr, innkeeper corner Brev/ers alley and 4th 

Williams George, merchant 60 IVIulberry 

Williams E. agent, 34 north Eighth 

Williams Elijah, mate PfiefTers alley 

Williams Frederick, taylor Leechs court 

Williams James, painter &:c. next 4 Grays alley 

Williams James, carpenter 89 north Eighth 

Williams James, fruiterer Elmsleys alley and 64 High 

Williams Jesse, lumber merchant, •Spruce above 7th 

Williams John A. merchant 30 south Second 

Williams Charles, mariner 47 Green 

Williams Joseph, china store 6 1 N Front 

( 254 ) 

^\illiams Jesse, 203 Sassafras 
^^ illiams John, hatter 181 Shippen 
^Yiiliams John, carter 1 10 Catharine 
^\illiams Jones W. shopkeeper 37 Pine 
^\illiams Henry, jeweler 364 south Second 
^\illiams Leml. boarding house 1 60 S Front 
Williams Peter, baker 464 N Third 
^^ illiams Isaac, mariner 246 S Front 
^v iiliams Wm. boarding house 2 Lsetitia court 
"illiams John, sea captain near 1 1 Keys alley 
^\illiams Mary, widow 100 N Second 
'V^Jlliams Sarah, shopkeeper 35 S Second 

^^ illiams , victualler Wood above Eighth 

Williams Thos, cabinet maker 75 6'assafras 
Vvilliams T. painter Sec 149 S Eighth and 1 1 1 Walnut 
Williams Thos. &c Benjamin, tanners 455 N Front 
Williams Thomas mariner 75 Plum 
W^illiams Thomas, laborer 93 Brown 
Williams Robert, wood sawyer 103 Cherry 
WlliamsWm. pilot 13 Vernon st. 
W illiams S. jun. lumber merchant Walnut above 8th 
Williams Samuel, sen. gentleman Walnut above 8th 
Williams W. merchant L28 S Water and 129 Front 
Williams William, sea captain 36 Christian 
Williams Isaac, 83 Plumb 
Williams William, merchant 107 south Front 
Williams Robert, plaisterer 122 Lombard 
W^illiams S. 8c 6'on, lumber merchants 168 Walnut 
Williams William, taylor 154 north Front 
Williams Richard, taylor Coxes alley 
Williams Joseph, accornptant 92 Vine 
Willamson Jesse, carpenter 22 German 
Williamson Daniel, grocer Hamiltons wharf 
Williamson F. nurse 379 north Front 
Williamson William, sail maker 1 30 north Front 
Williamson Thomas, merchant 1 Fayette st 
Williamson John, grazer 349 south Second 
Williamson Samuel, gold &c silversmith 118 5 Front 
Williamson William, sea captain 158 south Fifth 
Williamson Wm. &: Vv right, sail makers 4 Sassafras 
Willig George, musical magazine 158 High 
Willing & Francis, merchants next 2 1 Penn 
Willing &; Curven merchants 109 south Front 

( 255 ) 

Willing Wm. pilot 417 south Front 

Willing T. president of the U. S. Bank 100 S Thii'd 

Willing Thomas IV! . merchant 105 south Third 

Willing Wm. merchant 131 Walnut 

Willington Elizabetli, widow 47 Meade alley 

Willington -Saml. paper stainer 106 Christian 

Willis John, shoemaker 50 and 69 High 

Willis Jonathan, flour merchant Mulberry court 

Willis John, accomptant 25 ^S'assafras 

Willis M. turner 35 Elfreths alley 

Willis, widow of 5. grocer 163 S Front 162 Water 

Willis "Solomon, turner Dock above 6'econd 

Willlis Thomas, city commissioner 203 Mulberry 

Willis Sc Yardley, merchants 2 1 S v/harves 

Willisford William, mariner 67 Christian 

Wills James Sc Son merchants 84 Chesnut 

Wills Joseph, rigger 13 Queen 

Wills Philip, carter 105 Pine 

Wills Thomas, sea captain 24 Swanson 81 Penn 

Wills John, pewterer 22 Elfreths alley 

Williams August F. accomptant 112 Walnut 

Wilmer Lambert, flour merchant 120 north Fourth 

Wilmore John, laborer Tapers alley 

Wilsher Henry, mariner 12 Marys alley 

Wilson Alexr. merchant 16 Union & 56 S wharves 

Wilson Ann, grocer 62 Sassafras 

Wilson &: Bryon hatters corner Front and Sassafras 

Wilson Benjamin, merchant 4 south Fifth 

AVilson Bird, attorney at law 74 Walnut 

Wilson Edward, merchant 2 1 Powell 

Wilson G. S. merchant, 161 Mulberry Sc 40 N Water 

Wilson George, book binder 19 Church alley 

Wilson George, grocer 10 Fayette st 

Wilson George, 165 south "Sixth 

Wilson James, taylor 70 north Water 

Wilson Richard, laborer 163 south Sixth 

Wilson James, carpenter 2; Callowhill 

W^ilson James, sea captain 48 Sassafras 

Wilson John Vv-. accomptant 164 Sassafras 

W^ilson John, builder Penn (K) 

Wilson John, sea captain 498 south Front 

Wilson John B. merchant 29 north Second 

Wiison Joseph, taylor 43 Coates alley 

( 256 ) 

Wilson John, nailer 382 south Second 

Wilson James, plaisterer Eleventh below Locust 

Wilson John, tavernkeeper 1 60 south Fourth 

Wilson James, shoemaker 1 9 1 north Second 

AVilson Mary, huckster 272 south Second 

Wilson Robert, sea captain 13 Catharine 

Wilson Robert, carpenter 8 Knights court 

Wilson Robert, shoemaker back 1 1 Lxtitia court 

Wilson Mary, boarding house 1 5 north Eighth 

Wilson Matthew, tobacconist south 1 1th near High 

W^ilson Mrs. widow 236 south Third 

Wilson Mrs. seamstress S5 north Second 

Wilson Mrs. seamstress 42 Prune 

Wilson John Sc Jos. merchants 14 south Front 

Wilson Robert, sea captain 168 south Third 

Wilson Robert, tobacconist 173 north Second 

Wilson S. grocer 163 north Third 

W^ilson Silas, innkeeper 34 1 north Front 

Wilson Wm. carter 9 Chancery lane 

Wilson Wm. stationer 31 north Second 

W^ilson Walter, merchant 64 north Third 

Wi''^on \V'illiam, carpenter 324 south Front 

Wilson \\'m. mariner 1 1 1 Catharine 

Wilson Kenneth, oak cooper 3 Stalls court 

Wikon Joseph, taylor 126 north Second 

Wilstack Charles, store keeper 178 north Second 

^Vilt Abraham, grocer 1 1 6 north Second 

Wiltberger Christian, gold k silver smith 13 north 2d 

Wiltberger Pe4:er, merchant 101 High and 74 north 3d 

Winier George, grocer 274 south Third 

Wimley John, shingle dresser 193 Vine 

Winiley VvVn. baker 152 Sassafras 

W inckler widow of Lewis. 33 Artillery lane 

WiJickler Anthony, bricklayer New above Thii'd 

Wing Frederick, baker 72 Spnice 

Winkhouse Catharine, widov.- Sterling alley 

Winn Moses, shoemaker Drinkers court 

Winneraore Jacob, grocer next 134 Swanson 

winner Andrew, porter 123 Christian 

Wingler Anthony, bricklayer 129 New 

winter Richard, boarding-house 1 1 south Fourth 

winters A. victualler Wood above 8th, 3 old shambles 

winters Patrick, grocer 130 north Fifth 

( 25r ) 

\VinsIow Elijah, sea captain 22 Callowhill 

^Vire J. Windsor chair maker 209 S Front, 208 Water 

"NVirts Matthew, baker Frankford road 

AVeise George, blacksmith 119 Walnut 

WQisely Edward, mast maker 563 north Front 

\\'isel Peter, laborer above 216 Coates Andrew, cooper 339 north Second 

Wiseman I'^Iar^ret, widow 44T south Second 

W'ishart Thomas, soap boiler 14 uortli Front 

Wisinger [Michael wire worker 79 noitli Front 

Wispait C. painter, kc. 162 Vine 

Wisper Adam k Daniel, carpenters 933 Green 

Wistar Caspar, AI. D. corner of Prune and Fouitfe 

Wistar Charles, merchant 197 'Walnut 

W'istar Daniel, gentleman 141 High 

Wistar John !M. merchant 143 High 

Wistar John Sc Charles J, merchants 143 High 

Wistar Sai'ah, gentlewoman 108 Chesnut 

V/istar Sc Kcnigmacker, ironmongers 1 13 High 

Wistar Richard, merchant 110 Chesnut 

Wistar Thomas, gentleman 133 High 

Wister Peter, wheelwright above 5 1 1 north Second 

Vv'itchell "Samuel, carter ITo north Sixth 

Withell Samuel, carter 176 riortli Sixth 

Witherston Samuel, calico printer Queen (K) 

Witherston Peter, laborer 5 1 Bro\vn 

Wither«ton Christian, victualler Charlotte 

Whitman widoAV, nurse Sweeds alley 

Witman Margaret, widow 400 nortli -SV^ond 

Wodger John, mariner 300 Gilles alley 

Wittenberg Alichael, bookbinder 23 south Fourth 

Woelpper George G. viciualler 138 Sassafras 

Wogiom Joim, hatter 20 Sassafras 

Woglom Peter, bricklayer 20 Sass^fi-as 

Wogiom Abraham, brickmaker 1 56 north Fifth 

Wolbert Frederick, justice of the peace 404 north 2d 

Wolbert Thomas, shoemaker corner St. Johns and St. 

Wolbert David, victualler 145 Vine 
Wolbert Charles, porter 193 St. Johns 
Wollmer Daniel, oak cooper 90 north Fourth 
Wolf Lewis, hair dresser 26 5outh alley 

( 253 ) 

Wolfe Andrew, professor of music 29 north Eighth 

Wolf Jacob, laborer 442 Sassafras 

Wolfe Jacob, wheelwright 435 south Second 

W^olfe David, carpenter 1 Green 

Wolfe Andrew, shoemaker 3 Butlers court 

Wolfe John, tavernkeeper 341 north Front 

Wolfe Mary, grocer 166 Lombard 

'Wolfe Catherine, widoAv Drinkers court 

Wolfe v.idow, seamstress 381 north Front 

Wolforde Avidow, storekeeper 454 ^Sassafras 

Wolforde Abraham, ropemaker near 66 Cheiry 

W^olford 8c Keyser, plasterers 1 48 N Fifth 

Wolffstick Francis, baker 433 S Front 

Womhoff Christian, shoem.aker 431 N Front 

Wolman Richard, laborer 262 High 

Wonderley David, victualler 17 Sassaf^-as alley 

Wonderly widow of Jacob, victualler 81 N Eighth 

Wonderly Wm. victualler 120 N Eighth and 9 Old 

AVood Catharine, storekeeper 8 N Second 
Wood Cornelius, dealer Woods court 
Wood George, carpenter next 185 S Fiftli 
^Vood Thomas, oak cooper next 3 1 Penft 
"Wood Thos. parchment maker 7 1 S Fifth 
W ood James, grocer 6 'Sassafras 
\V ood John, caq^enter 6 Cressons alley 
Wood Isaac, shipwright 23 Callowhill 
^Vood Ga ret, painter &c. 17 Appletree alley 
Wood Jonathan, shoemaker 1 18 Chesnut 
Wood James, merchant 47 x^ \Vater 22 Sassafras 
Wood Henry, cotton spinner corner 12th k Walnut 
\\ ood John, merchant 66 N Third 
W^ood widow, boarding house 159 N Front 
Wood widow of James^ 1 19 S Third 
Wood Mansfield, Ross alley 
Woodby Emanuel, mariner 2 Chraieery lane 
Woodby Margaret, cake baker 5 Coonibes a!ley 
Woodhouse James, M. D. 13 Cherry 
Woodhouse "Wm. bookseller Sic. G S Front 
^Voodland T. W. taylor 41 Cressons court 
Woodland Michael, caiter near 297 Callowhill 

oodman Joseph, sea cap tain 51 Almond 

oodman Wm. accomptant CA N Sixth 

( 259 3 

Woodruff , blacksmith Equality court 

Woodruff David, shocmakeu near 1 19 Plum 
Woodsides John A. painter S-.c. 37 N Fifth 
Woodward Charles accomplant 59 N Fifth 
Woodward Wm. W. printer, bookseller and stationer 

52 S Second, corner of Chesnut 
Woodward Thos. sea captain corner of Pine and 3d 
WoodruiT Hampton, hair dresser 80 N Third 
Woolrich Jonas, shopkeeper 290 South Third 
Woolley George, bricklayer 84 Crown 
W^oolbton J. tinplateworker 7-i FFigh Sv Bakers alley 
Wooiston Benjamin, carpenter 5 Strawberry alley 
W^ork Samuel, carpenter 277 S Third 
Workman k Clark, grocers 153 Sv/anson 
Worknot Conrad, farmer Duke 
Worknot Martin, farmer Hanover st 
Wormstead Michael, laborer 98 Swanson 
Worrel John, coach painter near 143 Walnut 
Worrel Isaiah, carpenter 13 St. Johns 
Worrel Joseph tayerukeeper 8 Strawberry 
Worrel Robert, shoemaker 44 German 
Worrel Joseph, carpenter 56 S Sixth 
Worrel Jonathan, shoemaker 93 Mulberry 
Worrel Jane, ^iidov/ 112 Christian 
Worth James, merchant 284 N Second 
Worthington Sarah, widov/ 352 N Front 
Worstall Matthew, shoemaker 186 N Second 
W'otherinjton Cezar, fruiterer 103 S Fifth 
Wotherspoon Thos. merchant 22 S Front 
Wray James, oak cooper 149 N Water 
Wray Andrew, grocer £c ta.vcrnkeeper 166 SwansoB 
Wray Wm. grocer 5, 7, 9 Sc 11 High 
Wright Caleb, currier 6 1 Dock 
Vv'right Enoch, taylor 80 Mulberry 
Wright John, carter Walnut above Eighth 
^Vrigllt John, innkeeper 8 Strawberry 
Wright John, oak cooper SIS Water 
W'right John, machine mal^^er 36 Cherry 
Wright John, accomptant 106 S Second 
Wright John, soap and candle maker 1 5f Lombard 
Wright Jg3. sailmaker 74 Union and 49 S wharves 
Wright M. coppersmith Sec. 20 High, 34 Mulbei r? 
Wright 6^ WillijaiiisQi;, sdlmakers Race st whar 

( 260 ) 

Wright widow, 5 1 N Eighth 

Wright Thos. shoemaker 238 High 

Wright Thos. shoemaker 115 S ifecond 

Wright Wm. sailmaker 42 Sassafras 

Wright Joseph, sailmaker 29 S Fourth 

Wright Sarah and daughter, Millers alley 

Wright W. E. taylor 9 Strawberry " 

Wroth Wm. sea captain 85 Christian 

Vv'yand Henry, baker 124 S Second 

Wye^tt Robert, carpenter 74 N Fourth 

Wyatt Peter, carpenter 198 Sassafi-as 

Wynman George, sugar boiler Callowhill near 7th 

Wynkoop Benjamin, gentleman 1 5 1 S Water 

Wynkoop Joseph, merchant 86 N Second 

Wynn Jacob, carter 194 Cherry 

Wynn Wm. shoemaker 39 Brown 

Wyand Conrad, blacksmith 70 N Sixth 

Wythe Daniel, painter I 3 Third 

Vv'ynne Peter, shoemaker 133 Spruce 

Weerts S. & Son, shopkeepers 207 Mulberry 


ACER John, blacksmith 266 Sassafras 
Yard James, merchant 37 S Front 
Yard Jesse, shipwright Queen (K) 
Yard Lewis, 137 &c 139 Plumb 
Yardley James, sea captain 150 Front 
Yardley Wm. merchant 58 Mulberry 
Yaixlley Richad merchant 40 N Second 
Yarmer George, shoemaker near 37 Cable lant 
Yarnall Ellis, ironmonger 39 High 
Yeager John, skindresser 284 N Front 
Yeager Jonn, shoemaker 193 Sassafras 
Yeater Charles, carpenter 128 Brown 
Yocom James, laborer 74 north Sixth 
Yohe George, inkeeper 200 &c 202 High 
Yopst John, shoemaker 318 north Front 
Yorke Sc Lippencott auctioneers 5 1 north Front 
Yorke Samuel, auctioneer 85 Mulberry 

C 261 ) 

Yorke Peter, sea captain 265 south Front 

Young Benjamin shdlopman 69 Cedar 

Young- A. taylor corner Poplar lane and St. Johns 

Young, widov/ glass h china store 16 Passyunk road 

Youilg Benjamin, shipwright Be>xh 

Young Charles, grocer corner Catharine and Front 

Young Henry, sugar boiler Cherry (K) 

Young Christian, wheelwright Frankford road 

Young James, plumber Locust above Eleventh 

Young John, teacher 258 High 

Young John, accomptant 98 north Fifth 

Young Thomas, carpenter 60 south Second 

Young John k Vvllliam, soapboilers 194 Vine 

Young C. broker 8c commission merchant 149 Chesnut 

Young .Jacob, carter 48 St. Johns 

Young Henry, gilder Sc carver near 37 Zane 

Young Jacob, blacksmith 267 Sassafras 

Young Jacob, painter Sc glazier 341 north Second 

Young James, boarding house 201 S Front 200 Water 

Young Mrs. Eleventh below Spruce 

Young Joseph, blacksmith Orange (K) 

Young John T. M. D. corner Pine and Second 

Young John, shoemaker 35 3 north Front 

Young Joseph, hog victualler 148 Brown 

Young Lewis, cabinet maker 79 Cedar 

Young Lev.ds, innkeeper 1 Carpenter (C) 

Young Philip, blacksmith near 38 Nevv 

Young Samuel harbour master 170 south Front 

Young Samuel, gentleinan 192 south Second 

Young Vv illiam soap boiler 174 Vine 

Young Charles, taylor 46 north Second 

Young Thomas, shoemaker 202 south Second 

Young Mary, widow Brittons alley 

Young \Vm. carver Spruce abo^e Eighth 

Young Wm.. grocer corner Shippen and Passyunk 

Young Wm. merchant 126 north Fourtii 

Young Wm. boot Sc shoemaker 44 south Third 

Young 5s: Bonnel paper makers next 2 1 Bank 

Young Samuel, fruiterer 175 north Second 

Youres George, blacksmith 546 north Third 


Z^ AKREXS ANTHONY skintlresser 297 N Third 
Zane John, accomptant 36 Farmers ailej- 
Zantzinger Thos. B. atiorney at lav/ and clerk of the 

Aldennans court, oHice City Hall and dwelling 

54 south Sixth 
Zargable Anthony, shoemaker 129 New st 
Zebly Rudolph, carter 468 Sassafras 
Zehender Pvudolph, grocer coiTicr Sixth and Sassafras 
Zeiss Andrew, baker 23 north Seventh 
Zeiilin Jacob, tavernkeeper 161 Chesnut 
Zeiner Thomas, laborer 431 north Third 
Zell Christopher, 21 Appletree alley 
Zeiler Daniel, merchant 126 north Third 
Zeller Jacob, bookbinder 1 2 1 north Third 
Zelier Philip, shopkeeper 1 1 6 Sassafms 
Zeller John, grocer 79 Sassafras 
Zeiler Mary, teacheress 1 1 9 north Third 
Zelier Wm. carpenter 115 Sassafi-as 
Zenns Francis, gentleman CO Coates 
Zerbin FhilHpina, tavciTil-eeper 162 north Third 
Ztsiein J. pastor cf tlie Moravian church 74 Sasssfras 
Zigler Ann, midwife 74 Nev/ st 
Zipler Jacob, inspector cf Lumber 74 New 
Zigler Samuel, drover 125 Callowhill 
^'^igler Wm. carpenter 312 north Second 
Zimmerman Adam, taylor S3 New 
Zimmerman Jacob, weaver 341 Callov»'hill 
Zimmerman Jacob, laborer James st 
Zottman Wm. taylor 69 south Front 
Zube Frederick, baker 3 1 1 south Third 

Ph v^iidcuis. Mid-wives, and Nurses, 

ALBERTI GEORGE F. 61 Mulberry 
Anson John, 147 north Sixth 
Barnwell William, 47 north -Second 
Bertron David, 29 Artillery iane 
Bcthaiisen E. corner \'ine and Second 
Blayney Arthur, 165 Sassafras 
Bleight Samuel, 100 Mulberry 
BroMTi Thomas, 1 1 2 Cedar 
Budd William, 223 north Third 
Caldwell Charles, 2 1 1 south Second 
Cat^irall Isaac, 23 Mulberry 
Christie David, 30 Spruce 
Church John, 366 south ^Second 
Conover Samuel, 26 north Fifth 
Coxe John R. 5 1 north Third 
Currie William, ISO south Second 
Dewees Wiliiam, 205 Mulberry 
Duffield 5amuel, 12 Chesnut 
Dunlap James, 107 Mulberry 
Firth Stubbins, Dispensary 37 south Fifth 
P'iss Joseph, 33 north Eip^hth 
Galiaher James, 42 north Fourth 
Giliaspy George, 175 Walnut 
Glentvvorth P. E. 144 Sassali'as 
Gos3 Joseph, 10 Plumb 
Griffiitts Elijah, 96 north Third 
Griffits Samuel P. 62 south Front 
Hanckle John, 364 north Second 
Harris Robert, 293 High 
Hedges Ludlow, 55 north Third 
Hew son Thomas, 41 Spruce 
Heylin Isaac, 13 south Seventh 
Howell Abraham, 393 north Front 
Jacobs W. S. 163 Mulberry 
James Thomas C. 68 south Third 
Keehmle John,- S3 north Fourth 
Kuhn Adam, next 140 Chesnut 
La Combe John, 246 south Third 
La Roche Rene, 98 south Fifth 
Latopier Peter, 3 1 Sassafras 

( 264 ) 

^M'Kinzie James D. 5 Little dock 
Mease Jumes, 10 'J Spruce 
^iinnick Joseph, 30 High 
]^.Iongen R. 81 South Third 

Moore -/ , 75 north Ninth 

Otto John C. 139 Mulberry 

}iarke Thomas, 20 south Fourth 

Pascallis Felix, 281 south Front 

Peires Peter, 31 Callowhill 

Perkins Elijah, 231 r>lulberry 

Pfeiffer George, 235 north Second 

Pfeiner Joseph, Fourth near Poplar lane 

Physick Philip S. 120 Mulberry 

Porter John, 244 north Second 

Proudnt James, 49 Walnut 

Redman John, 42 north Second 

Reynolds James, York court 

Rogers Patrick, 262 north Second 

Rousseau John, 132 ijouth Front 

Rownd Samuel, 48 Spruce 

Rowvoudt Wm. 3 Wood above Fourth 

Rush Benjamin, corner Vv'alnut k Fourth 

So-Y Benjamin, 152 Chesnut 

Sermon Isaac, 23 north Second 

Seybert Adam, 1 14 High 

Shaw "William, 105 Chesnut 

Shippen \Vm. professor of Anatomy 10 Prune 

Seixely George, 490 north Second 

Staftbixl Robert S. 110 south Fourth 

Strong J'oseph, corner walnut and Second 

StiKvrt James, 195 south Fourth 

Tood Isaac, 39 Plumb st 

Vanleer Beiijamiii, Eighth above Chesnut 

V/allace William, 1 1 4 German 

Watts , 250 south Second 

Weaver John, 417 north Second 
Welser Godfrey, 264 south Fiont 
Wistar Casper, 112 south Fourth 


Bowers T.Irs. 2 Farmers alley 
B^o^7n Mrs. 1 6 Cypress alley 

( 265 ) 

Clinton Mary? Locust above Seventli 
Dickerson Mrs. Coates st 
Ernes Ann, 206 Sassafras 
Hemphill Jane, 73 Plumb 
Killpatrick Ann, 96 5\vanson 
M*Cabe Mrs. south Sixth 
M'Fall Rosina, 163 Mulberry 
M'Mannis Mrs. NA'alnut near Twelfth 
Morrel Mrs. 71 Union 
Phillips Mrs. 9 Coxes alley 
Regin Ann, 16 St. Johns -^.r 
Rose Jane 7 Brewers alley 
Rose Ann, 9 Brewers alley 
Rose -Susannali, 7 Brewei's alley 
Vanholt Ann, 186 Lombard st 
Wwholley Elizabeth, 36 Appletree alley 
Vv'ells Mary, St. ^larys above ieventh 
Zigler Ann, 74 New st 


BAKER REBECCA, 66 Catharine 
Barry Ann, 94 north Seventh 
Churchill Ann, Emslies alley 
Coates Catharine, 456 north Front 
Fisher Mary, 5 5 north Sixth 
Howard Mrs. 50 *S wan son 
Kerr Sophia, 147 north Second 
Norton Mrs, 22 Queen 
Philips Rachel 48 south Eighth 
Petitt Esther, 74 New st 
Rowen Mealey, 19 Queen 
Sloopman Mary, 8 3 New st 
Swain Elizabeth, 182 north Second 
Trimble Ann, next 66 Union 
Williamson F. 379 Front 

C 2^0 ) 

Of th'j United States- resident in Foreign Countries. 

Rufus King, Minister Fienipotcntiary, resident at 

Robert l\. Livingston, jMinisltr Plenipotentiary, resi- 
dent at Paris 

Thomas riumpLer, jun. Secretary of Legation 

Charles Pinckncy, Minister Plenipotentiary, resident 
at Madrid 

John Graham, Secretary of Lerration. 


In the Kingdjni of Grca'.-Dritaifi a7id its De/icndeneles, 
George W. Irvine, consul at London, and agent for 
managing claims for spoliations.-— -David Lenox, agent 
for protecting American seamen in G. Britain. — King' 
ston ujicn Hull^ George Knox, consul. — Dtmerara iJf 
Essequibo^ Wiiiiam Gardner. — Cor A-, John Church. — iz- 
verporjU James Murray. — /^/u//a, Joseph Peelis. — Leith 
Harry Grant.-— C/^rr^JCoa, Benj. H. Philips. — Dublin, 
^osepii Wilson. — Belfast^ James Holmes. — Bristol, E. 
Vanderholt, consul. — Poole, Thos. Auldjo, vice con- 
sul. — Cajie of Good Hofie, J. Elmslie. — Falmouth, Ro- 
bert W. Fox. — Calcutta (India) Jacob Lewis. — Gibral- 
tar, John Gavino.— G/cc<?5:aw, John C. Murray. 

To the French Republic, and its Dominions. 
Ide of France and Bourbon, William Buchanan.— -Sbw- 
them Department, excluding Petit Guave, Barthol. Dan- 
bridge. — St. Domingo, Tobias Lear, resident at the 
Cape. — Ostend, Francis L. Teany. — St. Domingo, J. E. 
Caldwell. — Cayenne, Thos. Aborn. — Duiikirk, Charles 
D. Cox. — Bordeaux, William 'L^&s.— 'Antwerp, J. C. 
Barnet. — V Orient, Aaron Vale.— Pcr^ au Prince, 
Robert Ritchie. — Paric, Fulvar Skip'>vii;h. — Havre dc 
Grace, Mr. de la Motre. — Xuntz, William Patterson. — 
Calais, John Appleton. 

2o Spain and its dominions. 
Madrid, Moses Young. — 4licanr, Robert MoJit- 
gomery. — Barcelona, William Willis. — La Ctiera, 
Augustin Madin. — Havanah, R. Young. — <Corunna, 
Henry Molier. — St. Jndrco,'Lev;is M. O'Brien, — Cadiz 
John Buckley. — Malaga, William Kirkpatrick. — St^ 
Jugo in Cuba, J. Blakcly. — Tenncrijl-, John Culner. 

( 257 ) 

To Portugal U7id lis Dominions'. 
lA^bon^ Thomas Buckley. — FaxjaU John Steel. 

To the Bat avian llepublic. 
Rotterdam^ Joseph ^^arnum. — dmsterdaniy Sylvanus 

To Denmark aiid its Do7ninions. 
Santa Cruzy Henry Cooper. — Copenhag'en, Thomas 
R. Sobye. 

To Prussia. 
Sot ten, Frederick W. Lutz. 

To Germany. 
Hamburgh, J. M. Forbes. — Franconia, Philip Mark. 
Bremen, F. J. Wichelhauser.—^ Trieste, .Wm. Riggin. 
To Svjeden. 
Gottenberg. — Elias Backman. 

To the Italian States. 
Leghome, Thos. Appleton. — -Rome, John B. Satari. 
Xajiles, John ^lathew. — Genoa^ F. H. Walston. 
To the Barbary Potvers. 
Thos. Lear, consul general. 
Algiers, Richard O'Brien.-— 7^^//*, William Faton. 
Trijioli, Joseph C.Cathcart. — Tangier s, James Simpson. 

Consuls and Commissioners of Foreign Po'wers, resident 
in the United States. 
From Great Britain, Anthy. Merry, envoy extraor- 
dinary and minister plenipotentiary, Edward Thorn- 
ton, secretary of legation. — Charleston, (S. C.) Benja- 
min Modie. — Boston, Thoma s Mackdenog'n. — Phila- 
delfJiia, Phineas Bond. — jYorfolk, John Hamilton.— 
JsTevj Foj-iC-, Thomas Baieley. — Baltimore, G<sbviQ\ Wood. 
^ax*annah, John Wallace. 

From the French Re/iublic. 
C. L. Fourcroy, charge des affaires and commissary 
general of commercial relations. — Virginia, Citizen 
Oster. — Maryland, Louis Arcombal.— i'c'W7?5t//x'a«/a l:f 
Delavjare, JsTew Hamfmhirs, Massachusetts and 

Connecticut, M. A. Alexis Giraud. — Rhode Island, J. M. 
Lequinio.— ^Georo-mj Citizen ScAirt. 
From ^i-ain. 
Count de Yrujo,. minister plenipotentiary and en- 
voy extraordiiiary.-— *Pen/t6-7,'/x'a77?a, Chavalier de Fc- 
ornda, Consul General.—.^*''. Hamjishire^ Massachusetts, 

( 268 ) 

Connecticut ^ Vermont -^ J. '^X.ow^hUm.— 'Virginia is^ Ken- 
tucky^ Antonie Argot Villalobos. — jV. ^ S. Carolina, 
J. Murphy. — Rhode Island, John Wisiman. — Maryland 
John Bapt Barnabeau. — Georgia, Manuel Rengil. — ^^. 
York, T. Stoughton, consul. 

From Portugal. 
J. Palyart, Consul general. 
Xeio York, John Abram. — Masocc/rusetts, Richaitl 

From the Batavian Rcjiublic. 
J. H. C. Pleineken, commercial agent. 

From Prussia. 
Baltimore, J. S. Christian Schuttz. 

From Svjcden. 
Consul General — Richard Hodersti*om .—AVw-For^- 45* 
Connecticut, Henry Gahn, Vice-Consul. — A'c-.v-Nam/i- 
.^hirc, ATassac/iusetts Ijf Rhode-Island, Charles F. Deyen, 

Vice-Consul. Vorjbik, and other /lorts in Virginia, ex- 

cejit those on the Potomac, John Cowper. — Charleston, 
(S. C) Joseph Winthrop, — Alexandi^a, Jonathan Swift. 
Alarijland, Pister Collin. — .V. Carolina, John Baitz. 



bajYK of the umted states. 

Open every day, except Sundays, Christmas, and 
the 4lh of July, from 9 in the morning, until 3 in the 
afternoon; — Tuesdays and Fridays are the days of 

P-a7ik of ,Yo-rth Ajuerica. 

Open every day, except Sundays, 1st of Januar)'^, 
Good Friday, Christmas, 5c 4th of July, from 9 to 3 
the afternoon ; — Mondays and Thursdays, are the days 
of Discount. 

Bank of Prnnsylvcnia. 

Open every day, except Sundays, 4th of July, and 
Christmas, from 9 in the morning, until 3 in the after- 
noon ; — Wednesdays and Saturdays are tlie days of 




Peter Muhlenberg, collector William Jackson, surveyor 
John GrafF, deputy collector Joseph Taylor, deputy ditto 

Wm. M'Pherson, naval officer John Graff", weigher 
Wm.Tilton, deputy naval officer. Wm. Thackara, measurer 
Wm. Milnor, guager Samuel Young, harbouriTiaster 

Jonas Simond<i Isaac Milnor Thomas Cash 

Andrew Burkhard James Smith John Cress 

l^eter Ozeas Isaac Roach Benjainin Ashmead 

Andrew Jackson Robert Hopkins Benjamin Thomas 
Mathew Hale Beniamin Laurence Robert Jackson 

David Rose Fredrick Shull Mercer 

Joseph Mort Alexander Boyd PHefFer 

Jv". B Hours of transacting business, are from 9 A M to 3 P M. 


Xathaniel Falconer, master warden 
Paul Cox Robert Ralston Wm.,Davls 

Robert Bethel Charles Penrose Henry Hawkins 

John Dennison, clerk. 

Attendance given frmn 9 A JVI to o P M — On Sr.turdcivs, frovi 9 
A ^Mto IP M. and from 3to3P M. 



Up to 12 feet, at t^venty shillings per foot 
Above 12 feet, at tweRty-five shillings per foot 


Up to 1 2 feet, at fifteen shillings per foot 
Above 1 2 feet, at tv, cnty shillings per foot 
-riJid ten dollars extra from the 20th of Noverriber, until 
the 10th March, inclusive. 


Clement Humphreys, head inspector and measurer of lumber 
Joseph Wetherill Christlieb Bartling Jacob Zigler. 
Wm. Preston Thomas Hamilton 


■Sy law on all Goods^ Wares and Merchandize imported 
into the United States^ from and after the 5oih June, 
1 800, in American shifis or vessels. 
N. B. If imported in foreign Ships or Vessels, an ad- 
dition is made of ten/ier cent, to the amount of duties. 

x\.RMS,fire and side not otherwise enu- 
merated, or parts thereof 15 per cent ad. vl. 
Apparatus, philosophical, specially im 

ported for any seminary of learning free 
Ale, beer, and porter, in casks or bottles 8 cents per gallon 

on value of the bottles 1 2 i -2 per cent 

Artificial flowers, feathers and other 

ornaments for women's head dresses 15 per cent 
Anniseed 15 ditto 

Articles of all kinds, of the growth, 
product or manufacture of the United 
States, spirits excepted free 

Anchors B 12 1-2 percent 

Brass cannon 15 percent 

teutenage and wire free 

Brass, iron or steel locks, hinges, hoes, 

anvils and vises 121-3 percent 

Brass anvil6,&c. and all other manufac- 
tures of brass 15 per cent 
Balls and balsams (see powders, &c.) 15 per cent 
Beer, ale, and porter, in casks or bottles 8 cents per gallon 

on value of the bottles 1 2 i - 2 per cent 

Bricks and tiles 1 5 per cent 

Bonn«ts, hats and caps of every kind 1 5 per cent 
Boots 75 cents per pair 

Books, blank 12 1-2 percent 

Buttons of every kind 15 per cent 

Buckles, shoe and knee 15 per cent 

Brushes 12 1-2 percent 

Bullion C free 

Cannon, of brass 15 per cent 

Carriages, or parts of carriages 30 per cent 

Cards, playing 25 cents per pack 

, wool and cotton 50 cents per dozen 

Cables and tarred cordage 180 cents per cwt. 

■ Cabinet wares 15 per cent 

Caps, hats and bonnets of every kind 15 percent 
Carpets and carpeting 15 per cent 

Catridge paper 15 percent 

Candles, of tallow 2 cents per lb. 

of wax or spermaceti 6 ditto do, 

Gapers 15 percent 

( 271 ) 

Canea, walkWig sticks and whips ii x-2 per cent 

Cambricks 12 i-i per cent 

Cheese 7 cents per pound 

China v/are 15 per cent 

Cinnamon, cloves, currants and comfits 15 ditto 
Chintzes and coloured calicoes or mus- 
lins, and all printed, stainedor colour- 
ed goods or manufactures of cotton, 
or of linen, or of both, or of which 
cotton or linen is the material of chief 
value 121-2 percent 

Cocoa 3 cents per lb. 

Chocolate 3 do. do. 

Clogs and goloshes [sec shoes] 15 cents per pair 

Cordage, tarred 180 cents per cwt. 

aj»d yarn, untarred 325 do. do. 

Cosmetics 15 per cent 

Coal 5 cents per bushel 

Colours [see painters'] 15 per cent 

Copper manufactures 15 do, 

in plates, pigs and bars free 

Compositions for the teeth or gums [see 

dentifrice] 15 percent 

Coffee 5 cents per lb. 

Cotton 3 do. do. 

Cotton or linen manufactures, or of both 
orof which cotton or linen is the mate- 
rial of chief value, being printed, 
stained or coloured, or cotton manu- 
factures not printed, stained or colour- 
ed. 12 1-2 per cent 
Clocks and watches, or parts of either 15 do. 
Coaches, chariots, phsetons, ciiairs, 
chaises, solos, or other carriages or 
parts of either 20 do. 
Cloathing ready made 13 1-2 percent 
Cutlasses, or parts thereof 15 per cent 
Dates and figs D 15 percent 
Dentrifice, powders, tinctures, prepara- 
tions, and compositions, for the teeth 
or gums 15 per cent 
Dolls, dressed and undressed, or parts 

thereof 15 percent 

Drugs, medicinal, except those com- 
monly used for dyeing 15 per cent 
and woods for dyeino^ free 
£AJ*then and stene ware 15 per cent 

( 272 ) 

15 per cent 
15 per cer.t 
15 per cent 




Essences^ [see powders, pastes] 


I'ans, or parts the re..f 

iVatlijrs, and ether ornaments for wo- 
iiien's head dresses. - 

Fringes, com.nonly Vsed by upholster- 
ers, coach-makeisand sadlcrs 

Howcrs, artificial 

Floor-cloths and matts, or parts of ei- 
ther 15 

Fruitsof ail kinds 15 

Furrs of every kind, undressed - frec- 


Class black quart bottles 12 1-2 per cent 

window 15 per cent' 

all other glass and manufactures 

Glauber salts 


Gen-.'v:?, [see spirits] 


Girandoles, or parts thereof 

Goloshoes [see shoes'! 

Gloves and mittens of every kind 

Gold, silver and plated ware 

Gold and silver lace 

Goods, wares and merchandise intended 
to be re-exported to a foreign port or 
place in the same ship or vessel in 
which they shall be imported ; and all 
articles of the growth, product or ma- 
nufacture of the U. States, spirits 
excepted free 

Cjoods, wares and merchandise, not 
herein otherwise particularly enume- 
rated and described, 




Hangers, or parts tliereof 

Hair powder 

Hats, caps and bonsets of every kind 


Hides, raw 


per cent 

aoo cents per cwt. 
li 1-2 percent 



15 cents per pair 
IS per cent 
15 do. 
15 do. 

12 1-2 percent 
15 do. 
12 1-2 do. 

15 do- 

15 do. 

15 do. 

1 00 cents per cwt, 


( 273 ) 


Implements of the trade or profession of 
persons who come to reside in the U. 
States free 

Indigo 15 cents per lb. 

Iron Wire free 

steel or brass locks, hinges, hoes, 
anvils and vises 121-aperceat 

cast, slit or rolled, and all mannfac- 
tures of iron, steel or brass, or of which 
either of those metals is the article of 
chief value, not being otherwise par- 
ticularly enumerated 15 per cent 


Jewellery and paste work 15 per cent 


Lace of gold and silver 15 do. 

Laceand lawns 12 1-2 do. 

Laces, lines, fringes, tassels and trim 
mings, commonly used by upholster- 
ers, coachmakers and saddlers 15 do. 

Lampblack la 1-2 do. 

Lapis caliminaris free 

Leather, tanned and tawed, and all ma- 
nufactures of leather, or of which lea- 
ther is the article of chief value, not 
othenvise particularly enumerated 15 per cent 

Lead and musket ball 1 cent per lb; 

all other manufactures of lead, or 
in which lead is the chief article i cent per lb. 

Lemons and limes 15 per cent 

Linen manufactures, or of which linen 
is the chief value, not printed, stained 
or coloured 12 1-2 per cent 

Linen or cotton manufactures, or of both, 
or of which cotton or linen is the ma- 
terial of chief value, being printed, 
stained or coloured ; or cotton manu- 
factures not printed, stainfed or colour- 
ed 12 1-2 do. 

Looiiing-glasses, or parts thereof 20 per cent 


Manufactures of tin, pewter and copper 15. percent' 

Manufactures of iron, steel or brass, not 

otherwise particularly enumerated 15 do. ' 

Manufactures of leather, not otherwise 
particularly enumerated 15 do^ 

(L 2) 

( 2r4 ) 

Manufactures of lead, not otherwise 

particularly enumerated f cent per lb. 

Manufactures of cotton or linen, or of 
both, printed, stained or coloured, 
or of cotton not printed stained or co- 
loured 12 1-2 percent 

Manufactures of line :, not printed, 

stai ned, or coloured 1 1 i - 2 per cent 

Manufactures of glass (see glass) 

Manufactures of tobacco (see snufTand 

Manufactures of wood (see cabinet wares 
and wood) 

Manufactures of the U. States, spirits 
excepted free 

Mats and floor-cloths, or parts of either 15 percent 

Malt 10 cents per bushel 

Marble, slate, and other stone, bricks, 
tiles, tables, mortars, ai.d other uten^ 
iils of marble or slate ; and ge,.erally 
all stone and earthen ware 15 per cent 

Mace 15 per cent 

Medicinal drugs, except those common- 
ly used in dyeing 15 do. 

Merchandize, goods and wares not herein 
otherwise particularly enumerated and 
described 12 1-2 do*. 

Mittens and gloves of every kind 15 do. 

Millinery ready made 15 do. 

Molasses 5 cents per gallon- 

Muskets and firelocks, with bayonets 

suited to the same 15 per cent 

Muskets and firelocks without bayonets, 
or parts of either 15 per cent 

Mustard in flour 15 do. 

Muslins and Muslinets^ whether print- 
ed, stained, coloured or otherwise 12 1-2 do. 


'Vai's a cents per lb* 

Nankins 12 1-2 per cent 

Nutmegs 15 per cent 


Oranges 15 do* 

Ornaments for women's head dresses »5 do* 

Ojntments,oils and odours (sec powders, 

pastes, &c.) 15 do. 

Olives IS doj 

Oil 15 do. 

( 275 ) 


Paper-hanging* i y per cent 

Paper, writing and wrappiiig iii-ido. 

Paper, sheathing and cartridge 15 do. 

Painters' colours, wliether dry or 
ground in oil, except those commonly 
used in dyeing 15 do. 

Pack thread and twine 4.00 cents per cwt. 

Pasteboard, parchment or vellum 12 1-2 per cent 

Paste work and jewellery 15 per cent 

Phaetons, or parts thereof 20 per cent 

Plaster of Paris free 

Pewter manutactures 15 per cent 

Pewter, old free 

Pepper 6 cents per lb. 

Perfumes 15 per cent 

Pistols, or parts thereof li do. 

Pictures and prints 121-1 per cent 

Pimento 4 cents per lb. 

Printing typ«s 12 1-2 percent 

Pickles of all sorts 15 P^r cent 

Printed, stained or coloured goods or 
manufactures of cotton, or of linen, 
or of both 12 1-2 percent 

Philosophical apparaAis, specially im- 
ported for any seminary of Learning iree 
Porter, beer or ale, in casks or bottles, Scents per gallon 

on value of the bottles la i -2 per cent 

Powder, for hair 15 P^^ cent 

Powder, gun 12 i-i percent 

Powders, pastes, balls, balsams, oint- 
ments, oils, waters, wasiies, tinctures, 
essences, or otlicr preparations or 
compositions, commonly called sweet 
scents, odours, perfumes or cosmetics, 
and all powdersor preparations for the 
teeth or gu ms J 5 P^ r cent 

Plums and prunes 15 do. 

Raisins *5 do- 

Raw hides and skins free 

Rum (see spirits) 

Salt, weighing more than 56 lbs. per 

bushel 20 cents per s6 lb. 

Salt, weighing 56 lbs. per budiel, or 

less io cents per bu&hel 

Salts, glauber a<XJ cents per ewt. 

( 276 ) 

Stained, printed or coloured goods, or ^ 

manufactures of linen 12 1-2. per cent 

Saltpetre free ^ 

Starch 15 percent* 

Sailcloth 12 1-2 percent 

Slat^, stone and stone ware 15 per cent 

Saddles 12 1-2 percent 

Satins, and other wrought silks 12 1-2 do. 

Steel . 100 cents per cvvt. 

Steel, iron or brass locks, hinges, hoes, 

anvils and vises 

all other manufactures of steel 
SheathiniX and cartridge paper 
Sea stores of ships or vessels 
Spermaceti candles 

I2 1-2 per cent 

I5 per cent 

I5 per cent 


6 cents per lb. 

Sweet scents, (see powders, pastes, d:c.) 1$ per cent 

From Grain, 

From other 



Stone and earthen ware 

Spirits distilled in foreign countries, viz. 
("First proof 
j Second do. 
J Third do. 
\ Fourth do. 
I Fifth do. 
i^Sbcth do. 
[' First proof 
I Second do. 
Third do. 
Fourth do. 
Fifth do. 
[_Sixth do. 
Spirits distilled in the U. States, import- 
ed in the same ship or vessel in which 
they had been previously exported 
from the United States, viz, 
r First proof 
I Second do. 
From ) Third do.. 
Molasses. "^ Fourth do. 
Fifth do. 
t_Sixfh do. 
From materi- j" First proof 
ah of the j Second do. 
growth andj Tliird d<;. 
produce of I Fourth do. 
the United ! Fifth do. 
States. LSixtli do. 

2 cents per lb* 

I5 do. 

2 cents per lb. 

28 cents per gallon 



do J 

25 cents per galliMi. 




13 cents per gallon 











7 cents per gallon 











( 277 ) 


Silver and plated ware 

Silver lace 

Skins, raw 

Shoes and slippers of silk 

I centner lb. 

I5 per cent 

I5 per cent 


25 cents per p;*ir 

other shoes and slippers for men 
and women, clogs and o^oloshoes I5 cents per pair 

other shoes and slippers for chil- 
dren lo cents j>er pair 
Swords, cutlasses, or parts of either I5 per cent 
Solos, and other carriages, or parts 


20 per cent 



Sugars brown 

2 1-z cents per 11 

do. white clayed 

3 do. 

do. do. powdered 

3 do. 

do, all other, clayed or powdered ll-2do. 

do. lump 

6 1-a do. 

do. loaf 

9 do. 

do. other refined 

61-2 do. 

Sugar candy 



32 do.. 


Tassels una trimmings commonly 


by upholsterers, coach-makers 



I5 per cent 

Tables of marble, slate and other stone. 

or parts thereof 

I5 per cent 

Tallow candles 

3 cents per lb. 

Teas from China and India 


I2 cents per lb. 

souchong, and other black 

IS do. 

hyson, imperial, gunpowder. 



32 do. 

other green teas 

20 do. 

Teas from Europe 


34 do. 

souchong and other black 

2i do. 

hyson, imperial, gunpowder 



40 do. 

other green teas 

24 do. 

Teas from any other place. 


I7 cents per lb. 

souchong and other black 

27 do. 

hyson, imperial, gunpowder. 



50 do. 

other green teas 

30 do. 

Twine and packthread 

400 cents per cwt 

( irs ) 

Tin mamiCactures • I5 per ccwt 

Tin in pigs or plates free 

Tinctures (see powders, pastes, &c. I5 percent 

Tiles and bricks I5 do. 

Toys, not otherwise enumerated Ij I-3 do. 

Tobacco manufactured (other than 

snuff) lo cents per lb . 

Tools of the trade or profession of per- 
sons who come to reside in the United 
States free 

Types for printing I3 1>2 per cent 


Velvets and vclvcrets la I-2 per cent 


Wares of tin, pewter and copper I5 do. 

earthen or stone I5 do. 

China I5 do. 

gold, silver and plated I5 do. 

Wares, goods, and merchandize of the 
growth produce and manufacture of 
the United States (spirits excepted) free 

Wafers I5 percent 

Waters and washes, (see powders, pastes 

&c.) I5 do. 

Walking sticks, whips and canes la 1-a do. 

Wax candles 6 cents per lb. 

Watches and clocks, or parts of cith«r I5 per cent 

Window glass, I5 do. 

V/ire of brass and iron free 

Wool and cotton cards 50 cents per doaen 

Wool unmanufactured free 

Wood unmanufactured free 

Wood manufactured (exclusive of cabi- 
net wares) I2 I-2 per c cnt 

Wines in casks, bottles or other vessels 

Malmsey, Madeira, and London particu- 
lar Madeira 58 cents per gallon 

All other Madeira wine 50 do. 

All Burgundy, Champaign, Rhenish & 

Tokay wines 45 do. 

All sherry wine 40 do. 

All St. Lucarwine 40 do. 

All claret and other wines not enume- 
rated, when imported in bottles or 
cases 35 do. 

Lisbon, Oporto, and other Portugal 
wines 30 cents per g»ll«f^ 

( 279 ) 

Tcnerlffe, Fayall, Malaga, St. George 

and other Western Islands wine 28 do. 

All other wines, when imported other- 
wise than in bottles or cases 23 do. 


Yarn, untarred i»5 cents per cwt. 

All other goods not before particularly 
enumerated and defcribed I2 I-2 per cent 

Allowances for Drafts made at the Custom- 

On any quantity of i cwt. or 1 1 ilb* i lb. 

On any quantity above 1 cwt. and not exceeding 2 cwt. 2 lb. 
On any quantity above 2 cwt. and not exceeding 3 cwt. 3 lb. 
On any quantity above 3 cwt. and not exceeding locwt. 4 lb. 
On any quantity above 10 cwt. and not exceeding 18 cwt. 7 lb 
On any quantity above 18 cwt. 9 lb. 

For Tare, 
On every whole chest of bohea tea, 70 lb. 

half do. do. 36 lb. 

quarter do. do. 20 lb. 

On every chest of hyson, or other green teas, the gross 

weight of which shall be seventy pounds or upwards, 20 lb. 
On every box of other tea, not less than fifty or more 

than seventy pounds gross, 18 lb. 

If more than seventy and not exceeding eighty lb. 

gross, 20 lb« 

If more than eighty pounds gross, 22 lb. 

Which tares shall include rope, canvas and other coverings. 
On all other boxes of tea, according to the invoice or ac- 
tual weight thereof. 
On coffee, in bags, 
in casks. 
On sugar, other than loaf sugar, 
in casks, 
in boxes, 
in bags or mats 
On cocoa, in casks, 
in bags. 
On piraento, in casks, 
in bags, 
On cheescj in hampers or basket* 

in boxes. 
On candles, in boxes, 
On chocolate, in boxes. 



per cent 





















: 233 ) 

On cotton, In bales, 2 per ceat 

in seroons 6 do. 

On glaiiber salts, in casks 8 do. 

On indigo, in barrels, 12 do. 

in other casks, 15 do. 

in seroons, lo do. 

in bags or matts, 3 dp. 

On nails, in casks, ' 8 do. 

On pepper, in casks, I2 do. 

in bales, 5 do. 

in bags, ■ 2 do. 

On sugar-candy, in boxes lo do. 

On segars, in casks or boxes, IS do. 

On soap, in boxes, . lo do. 

On shot, in cask?, . 3 do. 

On twine, in cask^, I2 do. 

in bales, 3 do. 

On all other goods, according to the invoke thereof, or ac- 
tual weight : — Provided always, that where the original 
invoicesofany of the said articles are produced at thetime 
of making entry for such articles, arid the tare or tares 
appear therein, it shall be lawful for the collector, and na- 
val officer, where there is one, if they see fit, with the con- 
sent of the importer or importers, consignee or consig- 
nees, to estimate the said tare or tares" according to such 
invoice, but if not determined at the time of entry, the 
tare or tares as above shall be granted and allowed. 

AuQxvances for Leakage and Breakage. 

Two per cent allowed ow theguage on all merchandize, pay- 
ing duty by the gallon, contained in casks 

Ten per cent, on all beer, ale and porter in bottles, and five 
percent, on other liquors in bottles, to be deducted from 
the invoice quantity, in lieu of breakage : or it shall be 
lawful to compute the duties on the actual quantity, by 
tale, at the option of the importer, at the time of entry. 


1. No ship or vessel, from foreign ports, or coming by 
sea from any port of the United States, shall be permitted to 
report, make entry or break bulk, till the master shall de- 
liver to the post-mafter all letters under his care, or within 
his power, other than such as are to be delivered at the port 
of entry, or such as are directed to the owner or consignee 
of such ship or vessel : and, on oath or affirmation, to be 
taken of such delivery, the master to receive two cents for 
very letter so delivered. 

( 281 ) 

2 . Goods from foreign ports cannot be unladen but be- 
tween sun-rise and sun-set, without special licence, under 
a penalty of four hundred dollars on tlie master, and every 
other person concerned, disability from holding any office 
under the government of the United States, for seven years, 
and being advertised in the newspapers, with forfeiture of 
the goods : which, if amounting to 400 dollars, will subject 
the vessel and apparel also to forfeiture. 

3. Good--, removed before guaged and weighed, and if 
wines, spirits or teas, before being raarked, without per- 
mission, are forfeited, 

4. Person* giving or offering a bribe, forfeits from two 

hundred to two thousand dollars. Inspectors and officers 

of the revenue cutters, may go on board, examine and search 
vessels, have access to the cabin, and seal packages ; and 

after sun-set, secure hatches, d'c. Perfons in charge of 

vessels, for breaking fastenings, but in the presence of au 
officer, forfeit five hundred dollars. 

5 . Officers may seize within or without their districts : — 
Persons resisting or impeding them forfeit four hundred 

6. The master or commander of any vessel, who shall ob- 
struct or hinder, (or be the cause thereof) any officer of the 
revenue in going on board his ship or vessel, for the purpose 
of carrying into effect any of the revenue laws of the United 
States, forfeits from fifty to five hundred dollars i 

7 . Every owner of a vessel, residing within the limits of 
the U.States, toswear to the register within ninety days aiter 
its being granted, or it becomes void, and the vessel and 
cargo pay foreign tonnage and dut)-. 


( 262 ) 


Of the Strtets^ Lants^ Alleys and Cottrts^ m the City^ 
Southnvarkf JVorthem Liberties tlf Kensingtcm 


.LMOND STREET; from the Delaware to 315 Se- 
cond, between Shippen ft and Cox's alley 
Appletree alley ; from 50 North Fourth, to 35Fifth street 
Apps lane ; from Queen to Bedford, between Mulberry 

and Shackemaxen streets, (Kensington) 
Artillery lane ; from 34.2 North Front, to ^6^ Second street 
Bailly's court; opens next 7 Vernon street 
Ball alley ; from 120 Cedar, to 77 Shippen street 
Ball's alley ; from the Delaware, to 391 North Front street 
Beach street ; from the intersection ot Queen & Penn streets 

running North to Bishop street, (Kensington) 
Bishop street ; from Beach to Queen street, (Kensington) 
Bank street ; from 70 High to 69 Chesnut street 
Bakers alley ; from 55 New, to 70 Vine street 
Becks alley ; from 172 Swanson, to 453 Front street 
Bearstickers court ; from 68 North Sixth street 
Biddies alley ; from 78 High, to 9 Elbow lane 
Burds alley ; from 78 Catherine, to Queen street 
Black horse alley ; from 20 S Front, to 19 Second 
Boltons court ; from 16 S Sixth street 
Brittons alley ; from the Delaware, to 205 N Water street 
Branch street ; from 130 N Third to 59 Fourth street 
Brewers alley; from 190 N Second, to near 113 Fourth street 
Brown street ; from Cherry to Vienna street (Kensington) 
Brown street ; from 414 N Front to York road, between 

Coates street & Poplar lane 
Brooks court ; from 126 N Front street 
Brooks alley ; from 99 Coates street, running North 
Becks street; from 72 Passyunk road, running West 
Bedford street ; from Frankfort road to Hanover 
Branners alley; from Schievelys alley to 180 Vine street 
Blackberry alley; from Walnut to Spruce, and from Pine 

to Lombard, between Eighth and Ninth streets 
Bradfords alley ; from 246 south Seventh, to Eighth street 
Budd street ; from 37 Green, to above Brown, between 

Front and Second street 
Cable lane; from 19 Vine, to Margaretta, between Front 

and Second streets 
CaufFmans court ; from 14 Cherry street 
Charles street j frora335 Callowhill, running north 

( 283 ) 

Charlotte sireet ; from 121 Brown, to Poplar lane, between 

Third and Fourth streets 
Cherry street ; from Qu^een, to the Frankford road (Ken- 
Callowhill street ; from the Dela\vare to SGhuylkill, and 

between Vine street and Peg «s run 
Carpenters street ; from Sixth to Seventh, between High 

and Chesniit streets 
Carpenters street; from Second street road to Passyunk 

road, and between Christian and Prime streets 
Cedar street ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Lombard and Shippen streets 
Catharine street; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, betwee"^ 

Sliippen and Q^een streets 
Chancery lane ; from 15 Coombs alley, to 32 Mulberry st 
Cherry street ; from 74 north Third, to Tenth, and conti- 
nued from Eleventh to the Schuylkill, between MuK 
berry and Sassafras 
Chesnut street ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and be* 

tween High and Walnut streets 
Cedar street ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill between 
Lombard and Slxippen, being the southern boundary of 
the city 
Church alley ; from 20 north Second, to 1 1 Third street 
Christian street ; from the Delaware to Schuykill, and be- 
tween Qn_een and Prime streets 
Clover alley j from 90 suuth Fifth, to 125 Sixth street 
Coates street ; from the Delaware to the Ridge road, and 

between Brown and Green streets 
Coates court; from 31 Cable lane 

Coates alley; from 134. north Front, to 151 Second street 
Coombs alley ; from 44 north Front, to 5 r Second street 
Crab street ; from the old theatre to 2 Oak street 
Cressons alley ; from 96 north Fifth, to 91 Sixth street 
Crown street ; from 155 Sassafras, to above Wood, and be« 

tween Fourth and Fifth streets 
Cypress alley ; from 144 south Third, to 79 Fourth street 
Carters alley; from 66 south Second street, running west 
Coxes alley; from 300 south Front, to 323 south Second st 
Church court ; fronx 69 north Eighth street 
Centre alley ; from i ith to 12th, between Walnut & Locust 
Dock street ; from 138 south Front and 15 Spruce street, to- 

67 fouth Third, between Chesnut and Walnut streets 
Drinkers court ; from 66 Union street 
Drinkers alley ; from 108 north Front, to 119 Second street 
Duke street ; running N & S from Palmer to Wood street 
Peans alley ; from Walnut, running fouth, between nth & 
lath streets 

( 284 ) 

Elfreths alley ; from 9+ north Front, to 105 Second street 
Eighth street (fouth) from 266 High, to Cedar, and between 

Seventh and Ninth streets 
Equality court; from 37 Budd ftreet 
Eighth street (north) ; from 301 High, to above Callowhill 

and betw ^en Seventh and Ninth streets 
Elizabeth street ; from 164. fouth Sixth, to Seventh, between 

Spruce &nd Lombard ftreets 
Elmileys alley ; from 118 fouth Second stree* 
Emlens alley ; from 5 Powell, to Clover alley 
Eleventh street (north) ; from High to Vine, between Tenth 

and Twelth flreets 
Eleventh street (south) ; from High to Cedar, between loth 

and nth flreets 
Elbow lane ; from Bank to Third flreet 
Farmers alley ; from 3a north Sixth to 23 Seventh flrcet 
Farmers row; from 107 fouth Second flreet 
Fayette street; from 53 Philbert, to 260 Mulberry flreet 
Filbert street ; (see Philbert street) 
Fcaris' alley; from 148 north Front flreet 
Fifth street (north); from 197 High to Logan street, and 

between Fourth and Sixth (Ireets 
Fifrh street (fouth) ; from t68 High to Catharine, between 

Fourtli and Sixth streets 
Fitzwaltcr street ; from 32 Passyunk road 
Fullers alley; from Swanson to 403 fouth Front flreet 
Fourth street (north) ; from 155 Higli to the Germantown 

road, and between Third and Fifth streets 
Fourth street (fouth) ; from 12S High, to Carpenters, be- 
tween Third and Fifth flreets 
Frankford road ; from the Upper Bridge, running north 
Franklin court; from 106 High street 
Frombergers court; from 34 north Second flreet 
Front street (fouth) ; frem 14 High to Prime, and between 

Water, Penn, and Second streets 
Front street (north) ; from 21 High, to the interfection of 

the Frankford road &c Marlborough 
Garden street ; from 297 Callowhill flreet 
Gaskill street ; from 238 fouth Second, to 229 Filth, and be- 
tween Lombard and Cedar ftreets 
George street; from 24 Gaskill to 31 German flreet 
Germantown road; from the intersection of Front and 

Maiden flreets 
German street ; from 290 fouth Second to 71 Passyunk 
Gillasses alley; from 136 Lombard, to 189 Cedar flreet 
Goddards alley; from 2 Cable lane, to 211 north Second st 
Grays alley; from 62 south Front, to 79 Second flreet 
Grindstone alley ; from 81 High, to Church alley 

( 285 ) 

Goforth alley; from 67 Dock, to 72 Chefnut ftrcet • 

(^reenleafs court ; from 10 fouth Fourth ftreet 

Green street; from 358 north Front, to above the York road 

Grisels alley ; from 13 Fitzwalter to Little Oak Itreets 

Garrigiies' court; from 213 Sassafras 

Groifs court ; from 57 Race ftreet 

Harmony court; from 76 fouth Third to 47 Fourth street 

Hartungs alley ; from 26 north Second, to 31 Third ftreet 

Hoffmans alley ; from 61 Cherry, to 114 Sassafras ftreet 

Hurst street ; from 146 Lombard, to 191 Cedar ftreets 

High street ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and between 

Mulberry and Chefnut ftreets 
Hopkins court ; from the intersection of the Germantowft 

road and Second ftreet 
Hanover street; from Beech ftreet to Frankfork road (K) 
Hudsons lajie ; from Passyunk road below Catharine ftreet 
Huddles alley ; from the Delaware, to 79 Swanson ftreet 
Hudsons alley ; from 112 Chesmit ftreet to Harmony court 
Hunters court; from north Eleventh, between High and 

Juniper lane ; from St. George to Walnut, between Eleventh 

and Twelfth ftreets 
Juniper alley; from Tenth to Juniper lane, between St, 

George and Walnut ftreets 
James street ; from 

Keys alley ; from 160 north Front to 183 Second ftreet 
Knights court ; from 170 Cherry ftreet 
Kunckle street; from Brewers alley to Peggs run, and be- 
tween Second and Third ftreets 
Laetitia court ; from 30 High ftreet, to Black horfe alley 
Laurel ftreet ; from 39 Spruce ftreet to York court 
Leechs court opens next 156 Spruce ftreet 
Liberty court ; from 9 Artillery lane to 6 Green ftreet 
Lilley alley ; from St. Tammany to 74 Green ftreet 
Little Oak street ; from Fifth to Spaftbrd, between Shippen 

&■ Fitzwalter ftreets 
Little Dock street ; from 50 Spruce to 177 fouth 5'eeond ft 
Locust street ; from 124 fouth Sixth to the Schuykill, and 

between Walnut and Spruce ftreets 
Logan street ; from Old York road, to the Ride between. 

Noble & Green ftreets 
Lombard street ; from 212 fouth Front to th$ Schuylkill, & 

between Pine and Cedar ftreets 
Loxleys alley ; from 115 Mulberry to 20 Cherry ftreet 
Loxleys court ; from 30 Spruce ftreet 
Laurence street ; from 255 Vine to Callowhill, and between 

Seventh and Eighth ftreets 
M'CuUoughs court ; from 144 north Front ftreet 


( 586 ) 

Maiden street ; from the Delaware, to the interfectlon of the 

Germantown road and Front Iheet 
Margaretta street ; from 25$ north Front, to 275 Second ft 
Market lane ; from 9S north Eleventh ftreet 
Mary street ; from 496 foiith Front, to 505 Second ftreet 
Marys alley ; from 27 GillatTes alley, to fouth Sixth ftreet 
Matlacks court ; from 12 Spruce ftreet 

Meade alley; from 90 Swanfon, to 349 fouth Second, and be- 
tween Shippen and Catharine ftreets 
Merrits lane ; from fouth Fourth, to Paftyunk road, and be- 
tween Catharine and Carpenters ftreets 
Mifliins alley ; from 112 fouth Second ftreet 
Moravian alley ; from 77 Mulberry to 70 Saftafras ftreet 
Mulberry court ; from & north Sixth 
Minor ftreet ; from 4 ibuth Fifth, to 3 fouth Sixth ftreet 
Marlborough ftreet ; from the Delaware to Frankford road, 

between Hanover and Shackemuxen ftreets 
Middle alley ; from 168 fouth Sixth, to Seventh ftreet 
New ftreet ; from 158 north Second to near 93 Fourth ftreet 
Nicholfons court ; from 113 Cherry ftreet 
Ninth ftreet (fouth) ; from 112 High to Cedar, and between 

Eighth and Tenth ftreets 
Ninth ftreet (north) ; from 339 High to Vine, and between 

Eighth and Tenth ftreets 
Noble ftreet : from 320 north Front to Fifth, and continued 
above 8th in S. Gardens, betw=een Callowhill & Logan 
Norris alley ; from 68 fouth Front to 87 Second ftreets 
North alley ; from ^^ north Fifth, to 39 Sixth ftreet 
Oak ftreet (N L) a continuation of north Water above Front 
ftreet Bridge, and between the Delaware and Front ftreet 
Oak ftreet (Southwark) ; from 22 Crab, to Pafsyunk road 
Orange ftreet ; trom 7th to &th between Locuft and Spruce 

< ftreets 
Palmer street ; from Qjieen st to Frankfort road (Kens.) 
Pine street ; from the Delaware to ^'chxrylkill, between UnioR 

and LoiTibard streets 
I'enn street (Kens.) ; commonly calkd Point Pleasant, running 

North along the Delaware to Queen st 
Philbert street ; from 24 N Eighth to the Schuylkill, between 

High and Mulberry streets 
Penn street ; from Pine to Almond, between the Delaware & 

south Front st 
Pine alley ; from Ball alley to 235 soutli Fourth street 
Parrams alley ; from i04 Ijwanson to 393 south Front st 
JPassyunk road; from i70 Cedar, running south between Fourth, 
Fifth and Sixth, streets 
Pear street ; frorr. the intersection of i'econd and Dock, to 83 

south Third streets 
Peggs street ; from 290 N Fomt to 299 5'econd streets 

( 287 ) 

Pembertons alley ; from 85 New, to Vine streets 
Pew'terplatter alley ; from i4 N Froi;t, to iT i'ecoiul st 
Pf«;irter's alley ; from 22 Cable lane, to 235 N Second street 
Plumstaeet; frour3?0 south Second to Fifth, between ^hip- 
pen and G<rrniaii srreecs 
Poplar lane j from 468 N Secon^i, to tlie Ridge road 
Powell ftreet ; from too fouth Fitch to Sixth (Ireet 
Prime Itreet ; from the Delaware to Paifyunk road, bellow 

Catharine ftreet 
Profpect alley ; from Fayette to the Schuylkill, between 

Mulberry and Philbert ftreets 
Prune ftreet ; from 112 fouth Fourth, to near 81 Sixth ftreet 
Qiiarry llreet, from 36 Moravian alley to loi N Third ftreet 
Q^een ftreet (Kenfington), from the interfection of Penn & 

Biftiop ftreets, to tlie Frankford road 
Queen ftreet, from the Delaw.^re to Third, and between Ca- 
tharine and Chriftian ftreets 
Randolphs court, from 126 north Second ftreet 
Reads alley ; from 190 Cedar to 5 Small streets 
Relief ftreet ; from 218 fouth Front, to 237 Second fts 
Relief alley ; from 77 Dock ft, to 34 Carters alley 
Riciiardson court ; from 159 Sassafras ftreet 
Roie alley; from St. Tammany, near Third, to Brown sts 
Rowlinfons court ; from 169 N Second ftreet 
Rasberry alley ; from Locust to Spruce^ and between Ninth 

and Tenth ftreets 
Sassafras ftreet ; from the Delaware to the Schuylkill, and 

between Cherry and Vine ftreets 
Shievelys alley; from 141 N Sixth, to Sassafrs alley 
Says alley ; from 41 Brown ftreet 

Salfafras alley ; from 20I Saftafras, to Schievelys alley 
Second street (south) ; from. 52 High to Mary, and between 

Front and Third street^ 
Second street (N) ; from 61 High, to the Germantown road 

and between Front and Third street-: 
Seventh street (south) ; from 228 High, to Fitzwater, and 

between Sixth and Eighth streets 
Seventh street (North) ; from 263 High, to Vine, and be- 
tween Sixth and Eighth streets 
Sheaffs alley ; on the West siJ.e of Eleventh, near Vine ft 
Shepherds court ; from 36 N Third ftreet 
Simmonds court ; from 2I6 N Front ftreet 
Sims alley ; from the Delaware, to 15 south Water ft 
Seventh ftreet (little) ; from Walnut to Locuft, between Se- 
venth and Eighth ftreets 
Sweeds alley ; opens 22 Chriftian ft, nmning fouth 
Shields alley ; from 140 fouth Ninth, to Rasberry alley 
Sanfom ftreet ; from Seventh to Eighth, between Chesnut 
and Walnut ftreets . 

( ses ) 

Shackcmuxen flreet ; from (iween ft to the Frankford road 
Sliippen ftreet ; from 266 oiith Front ft to Pafsyunk road, 

and between Cedar, Almond and German ftreets 
Sixth ftreet (fouth) ; from J92 High, to Pafsyunk road, & 

between Fifth and Seventh ftreets 
Sixth ftreet (north) ; from 233 High, to Vine alley, and 

between Fifth and Seventh ftreets 
Small ftreet ; from 190 south Fifth to Sixth ftreets 
Smith alley ; near 211 soutii Third, to 32 Gaskill ftreets 
Smith' court ; from 172 N Eighth ft 
South alley i from 10 north Fifth, to 7 Sixtli ftreets 
Spaiford ftreet ; from 204. Shippen, to 43 Fitzwaltcr fts 
Spruce ftreet ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Dock and Union ftreets 
Stampers alley ; from ::?08 south Second, to 163 Third street 
Stalls court ; from 213 Sassafras street 
Sizir alley ; from 63 Cherry, to 189 Sassafras st 
Sterling alley ; from i5 Cheny, to 118 Sassafras st 
Strawberry street ; from 58 High, to 55 Chesnut sts 
Jteimnetzs court ; from 93 N Fourth street 
St. Georges street ; from 50 south 5Lxth, to 7th, and from 8th 

to Bread, between Chesnut & Walnut streets 
St. Marys street ; from 220 south 5ixth, to Eighth, tetween 

Lombard and Cedar sti-eets 
St. Johns street ; from 59 Vine to the Germantown road, and 

between N Second & Third streets 
St. Tammany street ; from 3i8 N .Second, to the Germantown 

road above the bridge 
.Jummers court ; from 4i4 south 5'econd street 
Swanson street ; from 10 Cedar, to Prime, and between the De- 
laware and S Front street 
Taaer alley ; from 53 Green street 
Taylors alley ; from 58 S Front, to To Second street 
Tenth street [N] ; from High to Vine, and between Nhith and 

Eleventh streets 
'i'enth street [S] ; from High to Cedar, and between Ninth & 

Eleventh streets 
Tliird street [N] ; from 115 High to the Germantown road, & 

between N Second & Fourth streets 
Third street [S] ; from High to Christian, and between S Se- 
cond ii. Fourth streets 
Turners allev ; from 210 High, to Carpenters streets 
Union street; froin 166 S Front, to 79 Fourth, and between 

Spruce and Pine streets 
Union alley : from 130 Swanson, to 463 south Front streets 
Vernon street ; from 44 Cedar, to 29 Shijjen streets 
Vieur.a street ; from Cherry, to West streets (Kensington) 
Vme street; from the Delaware, to Schuylkill, & between Sas- 
safras and Callo\vh:ll streets 
Wap^goners alley ,- frcrm 135 Cherry, to 252 Sassafras streets 

( 289 ) 

Walnut strer^t ; from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and between 

CheSnut Sc Dock streets 
Warren street ; from Beech, to Qiieen streets [Kensington] 
Water street [Little] ; from Loinbarcl st olley to 7 Cedar st 
"Water street [south] ; from 12 High to Pine, and between the 

Delaware & Front street 
Water street [north] ; from 16 High to ^Villow stand between 

the Delaware & N Front street 
Watkins court ; from 22 Moravian alley 
Weighs alley ; from 221 Cherry, to 334 Sasrifra3 streets 
Wells alley ; from the Delaware to 371. N Fa-ont street 
Wests court ; from 27 Cubic lane 

West street ; from Wood to Hanover streets [Kensington] 
William street; from 347 Callowhill st to Vine alley 
Willings alley ; from 98 south Third to 75 Fourth street 
Wittmans court ; fro^'>"'. 400 N Second street 
Wood street ; from t^.e York to the Rid^-e roads; and between 

Vine & Chllowhill streets 
Wood street ; from Qiieen st near the Point road [Kensing.] 
York road; from the intersection of V'^ine & Fourth streets to the 

Gernnantown road 
York court; from 105 south Third street 
Zane street ; from 32 N Seventh, to Eighth streets 
Wharves [S] runnmg south ; frorn High, a^ong the Delaware 
♦V'harves [N] running north ; from Hig'n> along the Delaw. 

( 290 ) 

Matthew Lawler, Mayor. 
Mos£3 Levy, Recorder. 


Michael Hil!ega<; Jacob Eaker John Inskeep 

Jonathan B.Smith John Barker John C. StoCsl^er 

Alexander Tod Philip S. Physiclc Samuel Carswcil 

Philip Wagner Robert "\\ i.arton John Douglss. 

John Baker Andrew IVrtit T.B.Zantzinger, c*Vi 

Rrb.Pa'r'-erTon, /;re5. Paul Cox Eenjarnin Sar 

George Bartram Pettr S. Duponceau james Sharswood 
Micliael Bright San-iul Elliott Sgr/.uel \, etherill. 

Gny Bryan Stephen Guard ^ John L. Lcib, cUrt. 

Mathew Carev 

Tlios. Leiper, /)re^, Andrew Kennedy John Vallance 
Robert Porter Andrew Leiuau J^hn Goochvhi 

John Harrison John Pur:.lpn Jairies Stuart 

Robert Cochran Wiliiani towell "VVilli?.Tn P.ush 

Alexandev Cook Casijar Rehn Wiliiam Dalzell 

Hugh Henry Ker.ry Sparks VanuxecA 

David Jackson Thomas Tompkins Joseph Scott, clerk. 

George A. Baker, Treasurer Malilon Dickerson, Solicitor 

John Miller, High Constable, 6:> North Fourth street, 

([coXSTABLE'S office 161 CHESNUT STREET.] 

Names Residence Warda 

Breece Charles - 144 Loinbard street - Cedar 

Burkharc Frederick 146 N Fifth street High-street 

Clark John - -73 Dock street - - Dock 

Dumel Thomas - 180 S Fourth street New-Market 

Facundus Jacob Walnut above Seventh Locust 

Forrest ThoiTias St. George near Te^ith street South 

Gass George - 84 Dock street - - V/alnut 

Hunt Richard - 28 S Fourth street - Middle 

Malone John S. 361 Mulberry street South Mulberry 

Rockenburg Samuel 33 S Wat-er street Upper Delaware 

Se'. fert Conrad 50 Sassafras - Lower Delaware 
Springer John, Sassafras opposite Wagners alley N Mulberry 

S towers John - 7 Lxiitia court - . - Chesnut 

Walker Stephen 19 Philbert street - North Ward. 


James Kerr, Peter Kraft, Thomas Willis 


Thomas Bradley, lames Stewart 

( 291 ) 


yusncEs of fHE peace, 

E. Fergii^on, J. Grover, Wm. Rob'mson, senr. >^ ^Vm. Linuard 
Win. Robinson, senr. Notary Public, 330 Soiuh Froiit 

"^ David Cooivibs, 33 German street 
CONSTARI.ES. > Gcorgc Weaver, 40 German street 

3 George Sheed, junr. 319 S 3d street 


jrsTiCES OF THE PEACE — Joiin Huntcr 
co>'STABLE — Joshua Raybold, 53 Fitzwaller street 


yusficES OF The peace, 
Jose])!! Ccpperthv/ait, Peter Brov.-n, Frederick Wolbert, Georjc 

Budd, Samuel Garrigues and Samuel Wheler. 
Samuel Garrigues, Notary Public, corner Front and Callowhill. 
■^ George Cress, 328 N Second street 
1 JaTvies ShiUin^forth, Frankfort road 

CONSTABLES }■ •' , -.r j '\- A^n -Mr- ^ „ 

( Jacob Vanderslice, 360 N Front street 
John Barker, She-rij^ John Dennis, Coroner. 



Peter Muhlenberg, President — George A, Baker, Vice-President 
Johii Greiner, Treasurer John L. Leib, Solicitor 

Dr. John Keehmlc, Caspar Rehn, Secretaries 
Jacob Edenborn, Michael Kitts, Chrs. Kugler, Andrew Leinau, 
John Long, John R. Baker, Overseers. — Jacob Zeller, Deacon, 


Jas. S. Cox, presid. Henry Pratt JchnG. Wachmuth 

Daniel Smith George Latimer Jehu Hollingsworth 

John C. 3tocker Jesse Wain Samuel Coates 

Joseph SjSuj i/ •', /S-aaiueg'^e^k * ; j .Hea»y Nlisoi*. 

Abijah da^^. •'•/.^.y.\ :•,: : :: •• '» •••»; 

Annual election— Second 'I^nafij in^^jimiivj. 

( "->^ ) 

DELMl'ARE Insurance Com^i, rf PHILADELPHIA, 

T. Fitzsiinows, pres. Richard Gcrnou Griffith Evans 

Wm. Buckley Jacob Sperry John Welsh 

John Craig Bohl Bohlen George Curwen 

Stepher. Duiilh Wm. IvrFatien Joseph D. Drinker 

SaiiiUci Meeker Augustine Bousquet F. ilostain. Latlnier Jacob Shoemaker 

Annual election — Second Monday of December. 

UjYIO.y Imurance Company of PHILADELPHIA. 

Joseph Bail, ptcbid. James Vanuxem Lewis Clapier 
\V. T. Smith Richard Dale Wm. M'Mo-^trie 

J.'/nn K. Brovvii John Bohlen Jeseph Samm 

Hugh Caliioun Stephen Girard Daniel Mar.. 



Cha lea Petd", pres. Alexander Henry Andrew Bayard 

Rooeri Hurw< t-d Roberc Vharton Jo:.eph Donath 

Thonras English Ebenezer Large Samuel MiiEin 

John Irskeep Samuel Hodgdoii John Leamy 

Archibald M'Call Samuel Rhoads Thr-iaas W. Francis 

JrsephTagert Jacob Downing James Ash 

Cornelius Comeg) s Godfrey Haga James Read 

John Stille Daniel "\V. Coxe James Taylor 

Jacob C. Wikoff 


S. M. Fisher, pres, A. Kint/ing, jr. Henry Hawkins 

Robert Wain James Smitii Vv'm. J. MKlcr 

Thoirsab M. Willing Josephs, Lewis William Wain 
Jonn aa- »;je John GaiJiner, junr. Joi.nG. Wachmuth 

Joku Ashley 

Annual election — First Monday in January, 

J ail- 


^"-^ ii:^^^7' .-'- : -^